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ClunkingBuckets240 karma

Uhm, quite big. Y'know the normal sized doggie bags they have so you can pick up after your dogs? He takes about 2 or 3 of them.

ClunkingBuckets180 karma

Most people: "Holy crap/shit/fuck/jesus/crimini!"

I think the funniest was when we were in New York walking to Central Park, some guy stops dead when he sees Zeus and deadpans, "Holy fuck."

My dad's favorite is when some little kid saw Zeus and said, "Holy crap, look at that dog," while pointing at him and jumping up and down.

ClunkingBuckets180 karma

Neither; he would probably want to play with the horse sized duck, and would run away from the 50 duck sized horses!

ClunkingBuckets179 karma

Yes we did and he was awesome.

ClunkingBuckets146 karma

Not really. We got Zeus for a family pet--we never had any intention of breeding him when we got him.