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What's the most memorable thing someone has done to get kicked out of a showing? I remember once in middle high school a friend of mine brought a condom and inflated it, then one of us (could've or could've not being me) threw it on the air and the shape of the inflated condom was projected.

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I am no dog expert, but I have heard that great danes actually have delicate bones, so good to hear you take very good care of him. I saw you posted about a doll on his back, I had a boxer in college and we bought him a costume with a cowboy riding on the back and he was so mad, he didnt move.

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Solo queria decirte que como mexicano me siento orgullosisimo de gente que represente a Mexico igual de bien que tu, Iñarritu, Cuarón, tu Charolastra (Gael) y muchos mas.

Quisiera preguntarte lo siguiente:

1) Que crees tu que pudieramos hacer los jovenes para empezar el cambio en nuestro pais y sacarlo adelante?

2) Hay alguna iniciativa que te gustaria ver?

Por ultimo, recuerdo que estabas presente en la corrida de Jose Tomas en Aguascalientes, Que recuerdas de esa tarde y quien es tu torero favorito?


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you're probably not going to see this reply, but I hope you had a good experience with Gael, he is friends with a close friend and he is really chill.

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i don't know if you are still answering questions but...

How did you go about getting the green light from a congressman/Senator to work there? I am currently having conversations with the Minority Whip at the Senate back in my home country (my dad is close friends with him) but we haven't had anything set in stone yet.

What kind of education to you have?