Natalie Morales

starred in the ABC Family television series The Middleman, and had a recurring role on the first season of the USA Network series, White Collar. In 2010, she appeared in the feature films, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and Going the Distance.

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I think Natalie Morales was taken. Also thedevastat8or is my real name, Natalie Morales is just a stage name.

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oh i've been here, buddy, i'm here to stay

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Good question. I had a lot of thoughts on that episode. I felt very weird about that day, and reliving it was even weirder. It didn't feel right to me to celebrate. It felt more like a solemn occasion and not a big party, and it made me kind of nauseated to just see cheerleaders doing flips in front of the white house and big frat parties happening cause we killed a guy. A really, really bad guy, sure. But you are celebrating the death of a person. That was just my reaction. It may not be the right one, and I thankfully didn't know anyone affected by 9/11, so I don't judge anyone's feelings or reactions to it, but I was glad to be the one character in this show who wasn't thrilled. That would have been hard for me to play.

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Hot Karl, can you describe the ideal Queen Bey to your Jewish Hova?

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hmm. parks & rec has pretty damn good food. Aziz likes pb&js but he likes them "zz style" which means no crust and cut down the middle. it's pretty dang adorable.

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yes, yes i did know this.

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I can't answer any of your questions because I can't stop looking at your user name

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