Hi Reddit, I’m Malin Akerman. I’m an actress and one of the stars of ABC’s hit series Trophy Wife. I also work with Opportunity International and the Half The Sky Movement and its efforts to lift women around the world out of oppression.

Ask me anything and don’t forget to watch Trophy Wife tonight at 9:30 ET/ 8:30 CT on ABC!


EDIT: Thanks for helping me pop my Reddit cherry! You've all been great, make sure to watch Trophy Wife tonight and every Tuesday!

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BobCoupee122 karma

Hi Malin. If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you were Matthew McConaughey, what's the first thing you would do?

TrophyWifeMalin364 karma

Take my shirt off!

abbbe9193 karma

Hi Malin! You moved from Sweden at the age of 2. How Swedish do you actually consider yourself?

TrophyWifeMalin213 karma

When I'm in Sweden, I feel Canadian. When I'm in Canada, I feel Swedish.

Rangbang80 karma

Hej Malin! Egentligen inget att fråga, vill bara se så att din svenska fortfarande sitter som den ska! Lycka till med allt :)

TrophyWifeMalin110 karma

Så klart att det gör ;) Tack tack

holdingmytongue79 karma

Hey Malin, It's awesome to see you pop up here for an AMA! We were in high school together. Was trying to add you on FB, but it appears you are pretty popular! ;) Anyway just thought I'd add a whimsical note to this AMA with a quick memory that makes me laugh.

I had moved out of province just after high school (you had left before that), and for years I wondered what happened to certain people. And you were one that popped up a lot...thanks to Sears!

Back then, you had a pretty long-standing gig in the Sears catalogue. It became familiar to see you in there. For years after, every catalogue I got, I'd think about what you were up to. I'd browse the 'Ladies Wear' - half expecting to see you. (I don't know why i thought you'd STILL be doing that a decade later ?!).
Then one day I'm watching Harold & Kumar...and THERE you are! It was so awesome to see you on the big screen! And I just laughed at myself the next time the catalogue came, and every time I'd see you in a movie, or The Trophy Wife after that.

Anyway, just want to say I'm so proud of you, and I hope you are enjoying motherhood. Congratulations on all your charity work, A bunch if us are always looking out for what you have on the go next!

TrophyWifeMalin90 karma

Oh the Sears catalogue days!!! So glad you came by to say hi…and for the record, I would totally do some more Sears just for the hell of it ;)

karmanaut72 karma

Were you familiar with Watchmen before you got the part in the movie? If so, how do you think the film's portrayal of your character matched Silk Spectre II from the book?

TrophyWifeMalin79 karma

I was not familiar with it…but I think Zack did a great job in bringing her to life. Silk Spectre was quite one dimensional in the novel and Zack gave her a bit more depth.

PuffsPlusArmada67 karma

While filming Wanderlust, during the scenes where Paul Rudd is awkwardly stammering out his "sexy" talk, were you getting a stronger urge to laugh or to slap him?

TrophyWifeMalin107 karma

I was getting the urge to make out with him!! It was waaaaay sexy! Doesn't awkward stammering turn you on?!

masemoney354 karma

Heartbreak Kid style Fuck/Marry/Kill. Choices are Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller and Danny McBride. GO!

TrophyWifeMalin149 karma

Fuck-Jerry Stiller Marry-Danny McBride Kill-Ben Stiller cause he left me on our HONEYMOON!!

thedevast8or54 karma

If you had to say who your favorite person you'd ever met was, would it be Natalie Morales? and if so, what are your favorite things about her?

TrophyWifeMalin66 karma

It would be Natalie Morales! because she aint afraid to let that armpit hair grow long and wild. I love a brave woman!

ayonsk48 karma

Hi Malin, thanks for doing this AMA.

I'm a big fan of Children's Hospital and like to think that the reason it's so great is that the actors themselves are responsible for the personality and development of their characters. Is this true for you and the other actors? If so, do you keep a clown bitch in your day to day life?

TrophyWifeMalin57 karma

Hell yeah I do…I've got my blow up clown bitch in my closet! I take him out from day to day just to slap him around a little…or I just call Rob Corrdry. On another note, yeah, we have a lot of liberty and collaboration when it comse to creating our characters…although the writers get most of the credit for writing the most amazing scripts.

d-fever46 karma

Please tell us something crazy about working with Nicolas Cage!

TrophyWifeMalin157 karma

He is the King of New Orleans and took me to his favorite bar there called The Dungeon!! Nothing but metal music and goth creatures. It was amazing. http://2.media.todaysbigthing.cvcdn.com/76/26/258ee4e087a9069f8b887715e1180f0a.gif

actuallylindsay41 karma

Malin, have you ever turned down a role that you later regretted? If so, what was the role?

TrophyWifeMalin79 karma

Yes. Not that I was offered this role, but had the chance to read The Hangover and decided to pass on the opportunity to go in for an audition. I preferred the male roles in the movie…something like Bridesmaids would have been awesome.

g8rade39 karma

Hey Malin!! What is your most hilarious story from harold and kumar? Did you eat any white castle on the set?

TrophyWifeMalin78 karma

I had to lick Freakshow's (Chris Meloni) boils on our first day of shooting. Good way to ease into a role ;) and we shot in Canada, where they don't have white castle! Can you believe it?!

jeshface34 karma

HI, Malin! One thing I truly love about Trophy Wife is that it's primarily female driven and unfortunately that's such a rarity in sitcoms-- or television itself, these days. It's wonderful to see strong female characters who aren't perceived as bitches or sex objects. How would you describe your fellow female co-stars? And with a second season, what scenarios would you like to see the show take on?

TrophyWifeMalin39 karma

Yeah, Cate Blanchett said it well in her acceptance speech, so I am so happy to be on a show with such powerful actresses. Marcia Gay Harden is an Oscar winning force to be reckoned with and surprisingly funny! Michaela Watkins is what I like to refer to as comedy gold! I would love to take Trophy Wife on the road for some family vacation episodes...

arabianmistress32 karma


TrophyWifeMalin60 karma

I sometimes interact with them if they're nice. But if I'm with my child, I prefer to be left alone.

g8rade32 karma

Malin, what does Ben Stiller smell like?

TrophyWifeMalin64 karma

A mix of Pine Cones and new car smell…that's if he hasn't had any mexican food.

Mithrandirthegrey31 karma

What are your other talents besides acting? Something goofy?

TrophyWifeMalin109 karma

I can Travolitfy names better than Travolta himself!

p41m3770kr4w13r29 karma

What is your favorite food?

TrophyWifeMalin79 karma

Nutella!! Personally, I think it should be it's own food group.

4LeafTayback28 karma

Hi Malin! Loved you in Entourage. How was it working with the cast, and how beautiful is Emmanuelle Chriqui in real life?

TrophyWifeMalin58 karma

Emmanuelle Chriqui is not human she is so beautiful!! On the inside and out! and I got to kiss her!!! Yes!!

blade31626 karma

Hey Malin! I'm a big fan of Bradley Whitford. Is he as funny away from the camera as he is on screen?

TrophyWifeMalin35 karma

I'm officially Bradley's biggest fan after working with him. He is the biggest ham! So friggin funny. The best part is that when he is interviewed so many people mistakenly call him Bradley Cooper and he never corrects them…he just rolls with it.

CapAnson25 karma

Hi Malin! No question really.. just hi.

TrophyWifeMalin52 karma

Well Helloooooo!

LovesScience22 karma

Hi Malin, What is your worst impulse buy?

TrophyWifeMalin36 karma

a leather leopard print bean bag

crivicus17 karma

Hi Malin, thanks for doing this AMA!

Now for my really really important question :-P

If you could have any animal (including mythological animals etc) as a pet what would it be?

TrophyWifeMalin62 karma

a kitten sized Falcor…if you don't know who Falcor is then you haven't lived! Watch Neverending Story.

oldsoulhumor17 karma

My wife and I are a big fan of yours, and the show Trophy Wife. Can you tell us a little about how the show came together and how you got involved?

TrophyWifeMalin35 karma

when I first saw the title of the show I said "Hell no! I do NOT want to play a vapid Trophy Wife", but after reading the script I realized that it was a tongue and cheek title and I absolutely loved it. From then on it was all about finding the right cast…and I feel like we hit a home run with our hilarious actors!

AlfCock15 karma

Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years, and Saved by the Bell are all starting reboots, you're offered the roles of Topanga, Winnie Cooper and Kelly Kapowski; which role do you take?

TrophyWifeMalin26 karma

I haven't seen Boy meets world (don't judge) so I would have to go with Kelly Kapowski…just seemed like she had a lot more fun.

LovesScience14 karma

Hey Malin, what's the worst nickname you've had?

TrophyWifeMalin32 karma

Mullet. Someone actually thought that was my name…and I let them run with it.

timelf13 karma

What is on your playlist currently?

TrophyWifeMalin59 karma

Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Pharrell, Broken Bells, Johnny Cash

bluest_blue11 karma

Malin! I was just browsing reddit and stumbled across this! Who's your favorite stand-in on the TW?? Is it perhaps the smallest one with the largest beer appetite? ;) also as a more legitimate question: what's a storyline you want to see for season 2? Miss you! xx, H

TrophyWifeMalin13 karma

Well of course my favorite is anyone with the largest beer appetite! Miss you too little mamma. Storyline for season 2… the Harrison family gets an appetite for travel and travels to the most exotic places in the world… you like?!

stpeter2011 karma

Hey Malin! One of my favorite movies of yours is Happythankyoumoreplease. How did you get involved with that film and what was it like diving into the physical insecurities of the character?

TrophyWifeMalin16 karma

So happy you enjoyed the movie! It was one of my personal favorites. I was totally game about diving into a character who was exploring the difficulties of being a bald woman in a society that puts so much emphasis on looks. It was a beautiful and challenging experience.

Universu8 karma

What can you say about Half the Sky and Nicholas Kristof?

TrophyWifeMalin14 karma

It's an amazing movement with wonderful leaders at it's helm…such as Nick Kristof. I love that he is all bout empowering women and ending the horrific truth that is sex slavery and oppression.

Mithrandirthegrey8 karma

200th comment! Say something MALIN!

TrophyWifeMalin29 karma

something MALIN!

FunnyDude0075 karma

Hey Malin, which way(s) would you say you are like or unlike your character on Trophy Wife? Curious to hear how you are pulling in your personal style (or not) into the character. You are hilarious on the show, btw.

TrophyWifeMalin6 karma

Thanks. I certainly do pull in a bit of my personal style…I mean, a former bartender, with a lust for life and a crazy best friend. Check. And I have certainly found myself in awkward situations where I felt completely inadequate just being there, which always makes for good comedic moments.

valor_eee3 karma

Hi Malin!

I really enjoyed your part in Rock of Ages as Constance. I thought you were a perfect choice for her. What was it like working with Tom Cruise?

TrophyWifeMalin10 karma

Thanks. It was friggin amazing working with TC. I mean, he was Maverick from Top Gun and I got to stick my tongue in his ear!!!

Alcoholicmacaroni1 karma

Do you like me?

TrophyWifeMalin5 karma

I think you're great

SIXsteamyhippos1 karma

What location was your most favorite that you visited while filming? I would think it would have been Bora Bora.. that place looked gorgeous in "Couples Retreat".

P.s. My dad says "Hi". He loves you.

TrophyWifeMalin2 karma

You said it! It was friggin paradise! Hi dad ;)