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I just want to reiterate what wonderful man you are. I know your job was not an easy one- I applaud your high moral standing even more than your service (which is also in high regard). May you and your family find comfort amidst any threats that you endure(d) knowing that many like me are so proud to have a MAN such as yourself fight for what's right. You, are everything that is right in this world. Sacrificing yourself for your country, sacrificing your squad to human morality. You. Are. Awesome.

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Hey Malin, It's awesome to see you pop up here for an AMA! We were in high school together. Was trying to add you on FB, but it appears you are pretty popular! ;) Anyway just thought I'd add a whimsical note to this AMA with a quick memory that makes me laugh.

I had moved out of province just after high school (you had left before that), and for years I wondered what happened to certain people. And you were one that popped up a lot...thanks to Sears!

Back then, you had a pretty long-standing gig in the Sears catalogue. It became familiar to see you in there. For years after, every catalogue I got, I'd think about what you were up to. I'd browse the 'Ladies Wear' - half expecting to see you. (I don't know why i thought you'd STILL be doing that a decade later ?!).
Then one day I'm watching Harold & Kumar...and THERE you are! It was so awesome to see you on the big screen! And I just laughed at myself the next time the catalogue came, and every time I'd see you in a movie, or The Trophy Wife after that.

Anyway, just want to say I'm so proud of you, and I hope you are enjoying motherhood. Congratulations on all your charity work, A bunch if us are always looking out for what you have on the go next!

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I'm sorry you and your family went through that. No sirens. This made me very sad.

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I'm a girl, but yes, I imagine many guys in our class had the beginnings of carpel tunnel syndrome.

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Was interested to hear what this physician had to say about his MS and diet. Quite disappointed how hard it is to even find his answers with all the down voting. Who down votes every answer someone gives in an AMA? You can disagree with it, but if it adds to the conversation (which his answers ARE the other half of the conversation), you're making it really hard for others to read this thread. I guess I'm off to dig through the wall of insults, to search for the minimized red responses.