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Patriots or Seahawks?

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After your spacewalk and #LiveFromSpace guesting, what are you doing now while waiting for new missions?

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Thank you Dr. Chiao for the IAMA and i have 10 curious questions to ask about the past and the future?

  1. What would have been the first module to launch for the Space Station Freedom (USOS) if it did not join with the Mir2 (ROS) as ISS?
  2. Today, can the USOS and ROS of the ISS orbit independently of each other in current configurations?
  3. Why is there a long delay in the NAUKA module, which was suppose to have been up even before the end of the last decade, and why is there a need for the OKA T free flying platform?
  4. How would the ISS be deorbited upon reaching its full utilization age in 2024 or 2028? Is there a posible cooperation utilizing the SLS/ORION/ARRM together with the Russian OPSEK for a BEO missions to Mars?
  5. Is Bigelow Aerospace BA330 up for launch this decade and is NASA formulating missions utilizing it to replace the ISS for space laboratory requirement, and have joint cooperation in the Tiangong (Tianhe, Wentian, Xuntian, Tianzhou, Shenzhou) before deorbit?
  6. Is it not posible to have a Space Launch System utlizing a modern built F1 engines, with a Delta IV or Falcon Heavy configurations to make it simple as the Chinese Long March is just upgrading its present system from CZ5 to CZ9?
  7. Is SpaceX really ahead in the Commercial Crew Program or Blue Origin, Boeing and SNC have surprises that will launch Astronauts next year ahead of not breaking the Apollo-Shuttle gap record in 1stQ of 2017?
  8. Will you return to space if the space ships are teeming by decades end and a Planetary Expressway (Earth Lunar Asteroids Mars Orbital Stations and Terrestrial Bases that have Reusable Shuttles and Landers) is available for everyone?
  9. With the present discoveries of Exoplanets, and the realities that they are very far away wherein physical travel is impossible, but is telepresence technology possible wherein humans will send signal that will mobilize the targeted planet natural resources to build equipments for a faster two way communications for exploration?
  10. I came to the know of Mr. Miles O’Brien medical condition in your tweet, and was surprised to see in his tweet that he had an haircut from my country prior that unfortunate incident. Related to it, does NASA have the capability now to provide Mr. O’Brien a prosthetic arm controlable just like a real one?

Thank you

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Are you considering providing the helmet with computerized user interface?

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Just wondering does NASA use Office at the ISS?