Chris Lilley - Creator and star of Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes, Angry Boys and Ja'mie: Private School Girl.

"Ja'mie: Private School Girl" will air on HBO this Sunday, November 24th at 10:30

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No question, just wanted to say that the scene where Jonah gets dragged from Gumnut Cottage after being expelled in Summer Heights High never fails to bring this burly man to tears. Bravo on creating art that captures the comedy and tragedy of life. Much respect!

ChrisLilley1176 karma

Thanks mate. (ya big poof)

ChrisLilley627 karma

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Reddit chat. We should do this more often. ILY all of you. Seriously. ILYSFM. chris

crazedfortune494 karma

Do you think there's a chance that Jonah could have his own show? (Please say yes)

ChrisLilley843 karma

there's definitely a chance

jordo1825338 karma

As a teacher and a son of two teachers my family was blown away by Summer Heights High by how accurate it was to a modern Australian School setting. Having worked in performing arts schools, Mr G was an extremely accurate portrayal of PA staff. How do you do your research and get those finer details?

ChrisLilley361 karma

I hung out in schools and interviewed teachers and students and parents.

no1partyanthem314 karma

How often do people come up and say: "Puck you"?

ChrisLilley556 karma


ClearEyesxFullHearts266 karma

Hi Chris,

I’m a huge supporter of yours and all of your shows. I wish you nothing but success!

I was always impressed with the young actors on your series. Particularly in Angry Boys with Gran, and even all the kids in Summer Heights High. At times it seems like they aren’t even acting, just reacting to what your character is saying/doing. Is everything always scripted and planned out or is there a lot of improvising as well?

PS. You're quiche.

ChrisLilley349 karma

Thanks. You too. It's all scripted. Occasionally scenes extend beyond the script. It's about creating an environment where the kids feel like its all real and actually happening. And its casting the right people that have the ability to get into the illusion of it.

saintsamn211 karma

Chris huge fan, was a little disappointed when i heard the next show was all about Ja'mie, but after all the promos I can't wait for it to air on HBO. Any Chance that Nathan and Daniel will be making another appearance? I imagine breaking Nathan out of deaf school would be fucking brilliant television.

ChrisLilley363 karma

You should never be disappointed. Daniel and Nathan will definitely be back at some point.

upvote_contraption185 karma

Love all of your shows, but Jonah is my favourite character. Grew up with tons of kids like him, and you absolutely nailed that type of character. Any chance he shows up again down the line?

ChrisLilley200 karma

there's a chance. I like him a lot too

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ChrisLilley325 karma

Ja'mie, Pat Mullins, Ricky Wong

gerryt32419 karma

Aw man Chris Lilley wants to sleep with Ja'mie. What a pedo.

ChrisLilley830 karma

Hahaha. Shut up. You tricked me

asw10429161 karma

Hey Chris, how far has your breakdancing improved since you last portrayed Jonah???

ChrisLilley249 karma

It's so hard. I love it but I'm not that good. Wish I was better

RattyBoom132 karma

How is Gran? I worry about her? Will we get an update on her ..?

ChrisLilley215 karma

She's doing fine. Please don't worry.

MLBM100120 karma

Chris, I am a huge fan. I know everyone asks about Jonah, but I personally would like to know if Mr. G is coming back. He was so deliciously self-centered that I couldn't help but crack up at his craziness. You'e the best!

ChrisLilley172 karma

Mr G could definitely come back

pingy34115 karma

Chris, thank you so much for doing an AMA. I had no idea you existed until I came across Angry Boys last year through HBO on Demand. I laughed myself to tears almost every episode. The way you tap into the emotions of the characters you create is astonishing. It’s hard to believe they don’t actually exist by the time I’m done watching an episode. Here’s my question:

Is your ability to portray your characters with such emotional commitment something you've learned through dedicated practice and study, or is it something you’re “born with”? (I tend to believe you have a special gift, there’s just something about your acting man…thanks again)

ChrisLilley170 karma

I like you a LOT. Glad you enjoyed Angry Boys so much.

Yeah less study and practice and more just committing to something and being brave about it and following through the vision without allowing interference.

thishouseisacircus108 karma

I recently found a Chinaman's hat in my girlfriend's bag, should I confront her?

ChrisLilley191 karma

She's definitely having an affair with a Chinese man. Get onto it

PerryBernini103 karma

PLEASE do a series of Ja'ime at uni, if you don't I'm going to buy a plane ticket from the UK to Aus just to say PUCK YOU. That's how much I want it to happen.

ChrisLilley157 karma

How good would it be? And I'm confused by your threat. Is that good or bad?

Jamiyma101 karma

I adore Summer Heights High. I can't tell you how many times I've re-watched the Mr. G scenes. And so many scenes were just things of beauty (like Jonah learning to read). Did you have any difficulties or pushback when bringing your brilliant comedy to the (very p.c.) U.S.?

ChrisLilley124 karma

I just decide what I want to do and the networks in various countries back me. There are no difficulties. People just love funny and unique things.

baddog9697 karma

do you think Jonah Takalua will be making a return in the future?

ChrisLilley159 karma

Good chance.

awesomeman46291 karma

What made your decision to bring back Ja'mie and make her the central character, instead of you playing Multiple?

ChrisLilley246 karma

She's too good. I wanted to see more of her

spicoli0989 karma

You have 3 hours to do your 3 favorite things. What are they?

ChrisLilley353 karma

I'll get blocked from here if I honestly answer this..

peepeemargaret86 karma

to me one of my favorite moments was jonah's rap in Summer Heights High. Was that free-style or scripted?

ChrisLilley309 karma

You mean the one in the Polynesian Pathways classroom? "I;ve got a Tongan dick and its really quite big"?? That was freestyle

BuffySummers2279 karma

Hi Chris,

I maintain that SHH is the funniest show ever created and you're a brilliant actor. It took me and my friends a few episodes to realize that it was the same person playing all three characters. I'm just wondering who was your favourite character on SHH, besides the ones you portrayed?

ChrisLilley162 karma

Toby. He was the coolest kid to work with. And he made me laugh during takes a LOT. And favourite animal. Celine.

cassie_roll78 karma

You're a legend sir. What character would you say you are most like (if any)? And do you ever do sneaky nuts in real life?

ChrisLilley315 karma

I am different to all of them but probably most like Nathan Sims in real life. And yes I get a lot of requests to do sneaky nuts and I always do it. Yolo

ken_p_ben78 karma

Chris, I am literally going to starve myself unless you respond to me.

ChrisLilley226 karma

Please eat

Murraydc9177 karma

I've slowly been able to convince my mother to think that Jonah, Mr. G, and Ja'mie are all different people. She thinks Ja'mie is by far the ugliest high school girl ever, thanks for showing me how much of a jerk my mom is. Chances of Jonah and Mr. G getting another show?

ChrisLilley162 karma

Your Mum's not very clever is she?

porchguitar73 karma

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

ChrisLilley169 karma

Oi Oi Oi

thebrando2870 karma

Is Ja'mie based off any specific person you know? Or a combination of girls in your past?

Either way you play the character insanely well and I'm a huge fan.

ChrisLilley193 karma

Thanks. It was entirely based on you. Jks. Nah I made her up

bestdavidever59 karma

some of my favorite parts of WCBH and SHH are the original songs. Any plans to do an original musical?

Also, was there any backlash to doing blackface in America, where it's viewed as very offensive?

ChrisLilley103 karma

No backlash. Americans love comedy and get it. Thanks re songs. I love writing music and would be keen to keep doing it.

lexstuger59 karma

Sup ya big poofta, you're a legend sir! I'm a huge fan of your work, SHH is one of my favorite shows. Hope I get the chance to meet you someday! Can't wait to see the new series Sunday. Who has been your favorite character that you have portrayed?

ChrisLilley114 karma

Daniel and Nathan Sims

boredandlazy159 karma

MUCH love from Ireland! My friends and I all adore your work. From We Can Be Heroes to Angry Boys. I just wanted to ask if you went back in time and knew Pat Mullins would be so popular and so loved as she is, would you have killed her off? Far and away my favourite character of yours :)

So much I want to say. Really, really love your work and I'm so looking forward to Private School Girl (Ja'mie is my second favourite character after Pat). Wishing you much success!

ChrisLilley102 karma

Pat died and that weirdly seemed out of my hands. I always knew thats what would happen. So no regrets. BUT I heard there's some home video footage of her early rolling career that could surface at some point

ticklemepink12759 karma

Hey Chris,

New fan here, just marathoned all of the shows on HBO Go recently and LOVED IT.

We know what the critics and fans think of the different characters that you play, but how do your family and friends react when they see you play characters like Ja'mie? Is it awkward for you to have them watch your shows?

Thanks, and I can't wait for Private School Girl!!

ChrisLilley193 karma

They LOVE it. My Mum wears a Ja'mie T-shirt. And sends me photos of "dicktations" that she's finds.

PerryBernini58 karma

At what age did you feel comfortable enough to dress up as women and laugh about it?Takes a lot of confidence in your sexuality and humor!

ChrisLilley106 karma

I was always up for it. From a really really young age. My parents and brothers and sister thought it was hilarious. I had one wig growing up that i was obsessed with. I used to play women in high school too and everyone loved it.

Waffle_pancake45 karma

You make me laugh so much. Keep doing what you do :)

ChrisLilley94 karma

Thanks waffle

BrokerDealer44 karma

When's the ******* video going to leak?

Edit: Removed spoiler

ChrisLilley68 karma

Spoiler Alert.

(You're going to see it soon)

chlamydiot42 karma

How do you feel about the fact that people (admittedly including myself) have illegally downloaded your shows? I will be watching JPSG on HBO but I couldn't wait and needed to check it out before it aired. Sorry Chris!

ChrisLilley197 karma

It's illegal. You will be hearing from the police shortly.

ChrisLilley218 karma

jks. But just buy it. Otherwise I can't keep making shows!

julss82741 karma

I am a huge fan. You are one of the top 5 people I would like to meet and so I wanted to know if you ever do meet and greets in the states? I would love to go. I hope you see this. You're awesome. Thanks for being you!

ChrisLilley92 karma

I'm in Los Angeles at the moment. I have been doing meet and greets in San Francisco, Nashville, Washington DC and NYC. I would love you to come to one next time.

sorange1141 karma

You, as Ja'mie, play the most spot-on, perfect high school mean girl, than any portrayal in any movie or TV show that exists. How do you do it?

ChrisLilley67 karma

Thank you. ILYSFM. I have no idea. It freaks me out just as much as you.

jeb22340 karma

What would Ja'mie say is her greatest fault?

ChrisLilley237 karma

small tits

babybabylemon39 karma

Hey Chris, Firstly I have to say I'm a HUGE fan. You need to come to Canada soon, there's a lot of us fans over here :) I was wondering if you were ever thinking of spinning off any other characters from We Can Be Heroes? Phil was my favourite!

ChrisLilley107 karma

I love all the characters and would gladly spin them all off. (that sounds weird)

bbnolegs38 karma

There's a lot of stuff you can do with deaf guys

ChrisLilley48 karma

Hahahaha. I like you

tiptsy38 karma

There are so many hilarious, quotes from Angry Boys that me and my sister use all the time. Especially the scene where S.Mouse is singing with his girlfriend and calls her singing shiiitttt. Will we see more from those characters again?

ChrisLilley67 karma

S.mouse is one of my favourite characters ever. So yes there's a good chance he'll be back.

Mofns_n_Gurps36 karma

Chris, what's it like now that you aren't only well known in Australia, but now all over the world? Did you ever expect for your shows to become successful?

ChrisLilley100 karma

I never had any concept that the shows would be so far reaching. It blows my mind that people so far away love them so much. I was just in Nashville and hundreds of students turned up for a signing. They were so excited and knew the shows backwards. Some even dressed up as the characters. It is seriously the coolest thing in the world. I feel very lucky

Tootypoot33 karma

Hi Chris! Love your shows! I saw a making of clip from Summer Heights High and it seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun working together. My question is how often do you have to cut because people laugh during scenes?

ChrisLilley92 karma

This happens a LOT. And is really tricky. I am usually the biggest culprit for laughing. But somehow I make it seem like its someone else's fault if I laugh.

LennySnarks33 karma

Ja'mie seems much meaner in PSG, was that deliberate or are we just seeing more of her personality?

Is Celine's doggie wheelchair temporary or permanent?

ChrisLilley86 karma

Ja'mie has always been a bitch. She's just more herself in front of the camera these days.

And yes Celine has sustained a permanent injury

Thenervemann30 karma

Ok whats the scariest insect/ thing that you have encountered in Australia. All I see on here is these crazy pictures of monsters.

ChrisLilley114 karma

blue bottle on the balls

stilljaxx30 karma

Will Jonah or Mr. G make an appearance on Ja'mie's new show? Will you spin them off as well?

ChrisLilley67 karma

No they are not in the Ja'mie show. But they'll be back at some stage

remote_production30 karma

Recently rewatched SHH yesterday (all of it...I'm unemployed. Just wanted to say thanks for making an amazing show that helped me through a tough day

ChrisLilley73 karma

No problem mate. Glad it helped you out. Good luck getting a job. (if you want one)

justicesquad30 karma

Hey Chris, Thanks for doing this! How do you think your Aussie Characters were received in the US, and Vice versa ( did Australians get S.mouse, for example)?

ChrisLilley97 karma

They love the Aussie ones. I'm in LA at the moment and I get Americans dudes yelling out "Nathan" at me.

NoffCity29 karma

You did a character of a Japanese mother and a black rapper. Is there a character you wouldn't do?

ChrisLilley61 karma

If its funny I'll do it. I don't like to give myself limitations

Gingetastico26 karma

I saw S.Mouse in London. Many an elbow were slapped.

ChrisLilley33 karma

How good was it? Most fun show I have ever done. London rocks

BeanHead0124 karma


ChrisLilley58 karma

They're just inspiring uplifting songs that get you in the mood. I spose it's become a trademark. They're pretty catchy. My favourite is Angry Boys Theme

Pixulated22 karma

Hi Chris, massive supporter! Love every character you have created. What's been the funniest moment on set throughout your career and why? Legend sir!

ChrisLilley42 karma

There's been a lot. For Ja'mie it was probably the fart scene in JPSG or the squeeky boobs scene in SHH

bbnolegs20 karma

Big fan of all your work! Just wanted to say that I first saw angry boys then went on to find out you had done previous shows that were just as good?? Showed my fiance and friends who also now love it (especially angry boys) and the s.mouse quote when he's talking to lasquisha "I call dat shit" is one of our most recited lines to everything. Can't wait to see the new show! Mucka mucka mucka!

ChrisLilley22 karma

You are great. I love everything about this message.

spookyball20 karma

Hey Chris!

I love every show you've done. You're a comedic legend in my book.

Which of your characters do you think is most like you in real life?

Phil Olivetti was always one of my favorites. I just love his desperation for fame. Not that I'm implying that you're like Phil. You're probably more of a Mr. G.

ChrisLilley50 karma

People assume I'm like Mr G but I'm actually quite different. I feel like I disappoint people because I'm not that flamboyant. I'm more of a low key Nathan Sims type vibe. I'm definitely not Phil. He's a dickhead

carly_j20 karma

Chris! Let's party tonight in LA!

ChrisLilley49 karma

where we going?

Johns425019 karma

I put the entire Summer Heights High albumn on repeat for my Friday mornings! Is public school in Australia really as much of a drag as Ja'mie makes it out to be - or she just really just that quiche and superior?

ChrisLilley42 karma

Public Schools rock! Yeah Ja'mie is spinning it like that. She's full of shit. And I love that you played the entire album. How good are the remixes of the musical songs?

pirate_in_the_puddin17 karma

Oh snaps. Chris my wife and I love your HBO shows. Seriously. And she hates everything on television.

Any chance of you returning to HBO soon?

Ever need an extra for a show I would probably eat dookie to do it.

Much love Chris!

ChrisLilley34 karma

Good chance. New show starts this Sunday night.

noweh16 karma

I love your show! I enjoy how much it pushes the envelope. My question is, how do you over come your fear or justify airing offensive material? You seem to succeed every time.

ChrisLilley69 karma

Thanks. It's not offensive. It's just funny.

fawaffle15 karma

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your amazing work several kids from my school do sneaky nuts in pictures now.

ChrisLilley29 karma

hahahahahaha. Sorry

mark010812 karma

Chris, quick question! (By the way love all of your work)

Any chance you could do a live tour with you characters?!

To see that in the UK would be amazing!

Keep up the good work! :D

ChrisLilley17 karma

Yeah cool. Could work but the make up and costume changes would take a while

heyhermano2312 karma

are you as into guinea pigs as gran? if you could raise any animal as gran did what would it be? give me your best, most adorable animal name.

(big fan, thanks for this AMA!!!)

ChrisLilley26 karma

I'm secretly a little bit scared of guinea pigs. They're a bit too ratty for my liking

rckbikes12 karma

Hey Chris, big fan. Do you base a lot of your characters on real people? If so, have they noticed?

ChrisLilley79 karma

They are never based on real people. But I have a lot of people come up and claim that the characters are based on them. (despite me having never met them). A lot of girls like to think they are the real Ja'mie. (not sure why you'd claim that...)

aprilfritter11 karma

Chris besides being so talented, what else do you like to do especially in your spare/down time?

ChrisLilley31 karma

I have no spare time. All I do is work on these shows. And watch tv.

andyislegend11 karma

Hey Chris, huge fan here. My question is..while watching Angry Boys I couldn't help but think Jonah would have been perfect for that show. Was there any reason Jonah wasn't involved or you just didn't think it was right for his character?

Thanks for doing this AMA! Looking forward to more of your projects!

ChrisLilley24 karma

I have no idea why he wasn't in it. It just wasn't his show.

But don't worry. He'll be back at some stage

I_will_deck_u_son11 karma

Couple of questions for your genius self:

  1. What was your favourite scene to film in Summer Heights High? Surely the "[Bec], why don't you just go the fuck back to China" scene with Ja'mie has got to be up there.

  2. Who would win in a Battle Royale style fight: Mr G, Nathan, Gran, fugly girl Ashley, Ricky Wong or Jen Okazaki?

  3. When will us Brits be able to see Ja'mie private School Girl? If BBC Three haven't picked it up yet I will start writing a strongly worded letter immediately.

  4. Can I come hang out with you for New Years?

Cheers for being a smartarse Aussie!

ChrisLilley16 karma

Oh yeah the girls mediation scene was REALLY fun to film. We kept laughing. And the Mr G drama class stuff was fun.

Jen Okazaki would definitely win. She has martial arts skills

March 2014 on BBC3

Yes. But I live in Australia so probs not

PerryBernini8 karma

My teacher when I was 15 used to let us watch episodes of Summer Heights High in English class, granted we didn't do as well as anticipated come exam time, but it was brilliant at the time!

Just wanted to ask, who is your favorite character to play? And do you have any specific inspirations for Ja'ime's character?

ChrisLilley14 karma

My favourites to play are Daniel and Nathan Sims

mscandle7 karma

Chris Lilley- big fan! What scene took the longest to get through due to bloopers/laughing?

ChrisLilley20 karma

The fart scene in Ja'mie Ep 4. I was mostly responsible for the laughing


Do you think oriental folk are quiche?

ChrisLilley10 karma


Sweezee7 karma

Did you puck Katy perry?

ChrisLilley24 karma

puck u miss

pretty--witty6 karma

HEY! Big fan, love all the characters, but how did you learn to completely NAIL what a character like Ja'mie would be like? I personally grew up with girls similar to Ja'mie and find it so hilarious to see it replicated. I feel like teenage girls may have experienced this type of person moreso than their male counterparts, and I just find it so funny because I can relate to that experience first hand. Did you have a muse for her or something?!

ChrisLilley9 karma

Ummm. I've just seen a lot of Ja'mie's around. They're everywhere

SpruceWayne6 karma

You've probably been asked this a few times already, but do you have any plans on doing another Angry Boys series? PS - Thanks for forever changing the way I greet people named "Nathan"!! You're going up on my Legends wall.

ChrisLilley8 karma

I LOVED Angry Boys so would love to revisit it. Or maybe some of the characters in a different kind of show. Dunno. So many possibilities

imamfmonster5 karma

Teach me to slap my elbow Chris!

ChrisLilley27 karma

step 1 put your arm in front step 2 get your elbow ready step 3 slap it hard

chlamydiot5 karma

Ever since my roommate and I started watching JPSG, he starts every morning by yelling "ILY" in his best Ja'mie voice while making Illy espresso. So um thanks I guess.

PS. All of your shows are amazing! Thank you for brightening up my life 30 minutes at a time!

ChrisLilley7 karma

I love this message so much. ILY

ItsScubaSteve5 karma

Is there a reason you didn't base this series on Ja'mie going and getting a job/working, rather than her just being back at school?

ChrisLilley29 karma

She looks hotter in a school uniform

mranquinn4 karma

any chance you'll come to the UK soon? i am in love with all of your work and your multi-roling ability never ceases to amaze me. puck you, you quiche bitch x

ChrisLilley13 karma

Thanks. UK visit next year for the launch of Ja'mie!

traintrainnumber94 karma

Chris, no question here but just wanted you to know that my now wife and I first bonded over Summer Heights High when we first started dating. It's one of the cornerstones of our relationship, we even watched it the night I proposed! Thanks so much for some amazing memories, next time you're in Los Angeles you should let us take you out for a beer!

ChrisLilley15 karma

I would like that. And I would also like you to name your first born child after me

lodi_dodi4903 karma

Hi Chris - long-time fan here! I've probably seen the first episode of SHH about a million times from introducing so many people to it.

I love all the music and theme songs included in your shows - who is responsible for that? Do you have a hand in the music composition? Can you please have Jonah make a guest rap appearance in the next show?

ChrisLilley4 karma

I write the songs within the shows and the Theme music and closing credit music for all the shows and some other stuff.

datleaguedoe3 karma

Chris I'm a huge fan! Me and my friends constantly quote all of your shows! What has been your favorite show to make so far?

ChrisLilley6 karma

Angry Boys was my favourite

Crash9113 karma

Chris, your characters are hilarious. I love all of them. Do you have a political agenda at all?

ChrisLilley6 karma

No but thanks

aprilfritter3 karma

Chris I love you. When are you visiting Canada? Specifically vancouver ahem.

ChrisLilley4 karma

I would LOVE to come to Vancouver. Too many good places in Canada and not enough time. Gotta keep making TV shows!!

phil0sophy3 karma

Hey Chris!

I love all of your shows, I'm stoked that the US is finally picking up on how hilariously awesome you are. Question, how long do you work on the music for your shows? Do you have a team of people helping you out, or do you mostly work alone? The opening titles are always amazing and the songs you have throughout the episodes are incredible. Thanks!

ChrisLilley8 karma

I write all the songs that are featured within the shows. (Mr G the musical, S.mouse, Ja'mie's song etc). These are done by myself and in a home studio. And then I write the Theme music and some key music within the series. I work with an arranger to put it all together (Byrony Marks or John Foreman) and we record in a larger studio with professional musicians.

maeverley3 karma

Hi, Chris. First of all, thank you for all of the joy you have brought into my life with your shows. You are so unbelievably quiche- one might say you're the king of quiche.

I wanted to ask a couple things. First, was there any real life inspiration for your characters Jonah and Mr. G? I have wondered that since I saw Summer Heights High. Was there, perhaps, a zany drama teacher you encountered during your years in school?

Also, after Ja'mie: Private School Girl is done, do you think you'll ever write her into any other shows, or is this an official goodbye to Ja'mie as a character?

Thanks, Maeve Jane Riley

ChrisLilley9 karma

There's never specific real life inspiration. The characters are all fictional. But they are based on types of people that are out there.

There's never a goodbye to the characters. They always come back!

kab_2 karma

Ja'mie Private School girl seems really different so far because of the single story line. Do you enjoy just focusing on one character rather than doing multiple?

ChrisLilley3 karma

Yeah its been fun doing one character. It was tricky to work out the pace and structure of the episodes but you get to see more of her than ever before so thats gotta be a good thing

suryzz2 karma

Hi Chris, do you approach your shows differently now to cater to your international audience. Has it affected your content creating process?

ChrisLilley4 karma

No nothing has changed. I'm still just making shows that I think are funny. I don't find there is much difference between fans across all the countries that air the shows.

lykeomg2themax2 karma

Chris, wondering where you started your career? Were there other TV shows you had been on before SHH? What was the process like to get the go ahead and backing to produce SHH?

ChrisLilley4 karma

Umm. Big question. Yes I was in a few sketch comedy shows in Australia before my first series We Can Be Heroes. And I started out doing stand up comedy.

crazedfortune2 karma

Will any of your shows be on Netflix or free American networks?

ChrisLilley7 karma

Nup. On HBO

seanpark01072 karma

Hi Chris, I'm a huge quiche fan and I really love your shows. You've already mentioned your favourite show to film, and favourite characters to play, but do you have a favourite scene from all of your shows? Also, looking back on your shows, do you wish you had done/shot something differently? You're awesome.

ChrisLilley4 karma

Umm. My favourite scene would probably be something from Angry Boys. Probably the wedding scene when Steve and Kerry get married and Daniel raps for them.

No I wouldn't change anything. It all just happens and then that's how it is.

irish6752 karma

Chris I just want to thank you for everything! My brothers and I quote Summer Heights High all the time! PUCK YOU MISS

ChrisLilley8 karma

Puck you sir

BondGirl202 karma

Did you choreograph Ja'mie's dance routine yourself?

ChrisLilley5 karma

Yes. It's a contemporary/stripper style fusion