Hello fellow redditors! I'm Natalie Morales, NOT OF THE TODAY SHOW and not only is that a catchy title to my ama, but it's also true! I'm on a new show called "Trophy Wife" that's on ABC tuesday nights at 9:30pm. They are using my ridiculously hot bod*** to attract more viewers tomorrow night. Please don't disappoint them.

***this may be a statement my mom made about herself when looking at an old picture and not actually about me whatsoever. My "abs" are just shaped fat.

Ask me anything about Trophy Wife, Cool Stuff, The Middleman, Parks & Rec, Newsroom, More Cool Stuff, Acting, Directing, Geometry, Subtext, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Having a Voice You Hate Listening To, or Being Told I'm Going To Be Mostly Naked On TV 3 Days Before I Have To Shoot It.

I'll start answering at 8pm est. Have at it!

My twitter page for proofs and also because I'M NOT ON THE TODAY SHOW: www.twitter.com/nataliemorales

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BELOVING242 karma

Hey Nat I am going all Diane on u. NO idea what reddit is, but the idea of missing ur naked bod prompted me to make an account from the PLANE! So here i am in the clouds...thinking of u! S u on the screen tamale!

thedevast8or48 karma


rmiriam1235 karma

Think you could take the Today Show Natalie Morales in a cage fight? If so, what would your strategy be?

thedevast8or33 karma

dude! have you seen that woman? She like, swims and stuff. And she runs marathons. She would whoop me.

kultakala25 karma

Sock, sock shoe, shoe, or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?

thedevast8or24 karma

the latter. and. seriously, that's your question?

adbhg24 karma


thedevast8or99 karma

Horse sized ones?

ArthurDigbyS14 karma

Seriously - was Aaron Sorkin poaching from Parks & Rec? He got you, Allison Becker, Paul Schneider, Kathryn Hahn...

thedevast8or16 karma

Absolutely. He's a big fan of the show.

Frajer13 karma

What was your favorite behind the scenes moment on Parks and Recreation?

thedevast8or25 karma

I took this great picture that I should frame some day of Chris Pratt in an all leather motorcycle get up posing super fierce with a goat.

Dreyesbo12 karma

First of all, the picture of you in your Wikipedia article is cool as fuck.

Second, shows find a while to find themselves. What would you say is the biggest difference between what we've seen of Trophy Wife so far, and what you're shooting now? (Episode 7 or 8, I guess?)

thedevast8or11 karma

thank you. I didn't put it there, so I thank whoever did.

Very true. I think what you've seen of trophy wife so far has been mostly expositional. It is a crazy feat to introduce that many people, their backstories, what they're about and have a story and have it be funny in 22 minutes. Seriously. I think our pilot does an incredible job of that- however in the coming episodes you'll start to see more about the characters, and be let in on inside jokes, and things can get a little looser and crazier once the audience knows who everyone is.

gdaybloke11 karma

Is it true that while on filming The Middleman, you actually found Ida's stash of MiddleMushrooms?

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ariberk19 karma

who's the hottest writer on the staff?

thedevast8or20 karma

i'm gonna guess whichever staff writer wrote this question

thedevast8or11 karma

or, actually. Ari wrote this. Duh.

Tell Lindsey she's the hottest.

thedevast8or11 karma

she knows it too

gdaybloke8 karma

Are there any roles you turned down for whatever reason, and now regret doing so?

thedevast8or35 karma

No thankfully. Although there have been roles I've auditioned for and didn't get and regretted that for the casting director.


Mudron8 karma

Any chance we'll see you on Parks and Rec and/or The Newsroom again?

thedevast8or8 karma

I would very much like that. Who knows?

jdbarry7 karma

How close is your personality to that of your character in newsroom? You seemed very relaxed and carefree when interacting with all the characters. I feel like that has to be a pretty awesome experience working with that group of people!

thedevast8or18 karma

I must be a very good actor then because I was NOT relaxed and carefree around Jeff Daniels & Aaron Sorkin! I am such a huge fan!!! It was super awesome.

And I would say I'm not that close in personality to Kaylee. She'd have to be a total weirdo to date Dev Patel.

mylilponyranger7 karma

Trophy wife looks pretty funny from the promos. How naked do they make you when shooting? They always make me wear socks.

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DeathAngelsSHADO_Mk26 karma

Hi, Natalie,

Big Middlefan. Such a little gem of a show, with so much heart. I think you're really talented and really made Wendy great and all that. Yadda yadda yadda (hey, I mentioned the bisque).

Anyway, I don't want to bring you down, but I was wondering if you kept up with Matt and what you thought about his situation. Did you read the essay he wrote about going to community college after his acting opportunities dried up? link

If so, did it influence your thoughts on your trials of being an actor? Do you have "contingency plans" or does that jinx your acting-career efforts?

Sorry if this is a bummer; I promise to watch mostly-naked you tomorrow and give the show a chance. And of course I wish you much continued success!!

thedevast8or9 karma

Thanks for the middlelove. I had not read that essay. I don't think you need to feel bad for Matt. I think he's happy and he's doing what he wants to do. He's helping people. And he'll be back at our reunion!

However, you asked some interesting questions. I've always felt that for me- having a back up plan was kind of like a prenup. Setting yourself up for failure. Not that it's not smart, in both cases probably, but there's nothing romantic about it.

There's nothing I'd rather do than what I'm doing. And I fought very, very hard to get to do it. And I'll continue to.

zofox26 karma

So, how exited are you that new middleman comic is happening.

If this does well enough do you think they might try to pull a veronica mars and fund a second season, or has the time for that past?

P.S I'm sorry I walked right past you at sdcc while wearing my middleman shirt and you said something to me, but I was completely oblivious until my friend pointed out it was you.

thedevast8or15 karma

SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I love that show and the people so much. It's really awesome. I'm so grateful to the fans that made that happen. i don't think it will ever have a second season. But maybe, if it becomes a little bit bigger of a cult hit... a movie? fingers crossed.

p.s. YOU SHALL REGRET THIS FOREVERnah its ok, i'll catch you at the next one

Mikeclarke945 karma

How are you today?

thedevast8or20 karma

Pretty good. Call time for work was 4:30 am which was ROUGH. But being on the Trophy Wife set is a hell of a good time. And now I'm eating a sandwich while on reddit which is pretty much like every other evening of my life.

nullibicity3 karma

As a fan of yours since The Middleman and a fan of Trophy Wife (the best new comedy this season? probably), I hope your exposure is super successful and integral to the plot. What's the stupidest celebrity question you've been asked? Is it this one?

thedevast8or8 karma

My exposure is not necessarily integral to the plot, but it is integral to my character. I'm not a fan of gratuitous nudity unless it's for comedy. Then nudity is AWESOME. I love naked people running. There's almost nothing funnier than a penis when a man who it belongs to is running.

And no, I've been asked much, much dumber questions. So many I can't remember. The interviewer can usually tell my by face and silence that they're a moron and then it doesn't go well from there.

thedevast8or2 karma

Also thanks for the TrophyWife love!!! We're very glad you like it.

GassedlikeaSyrian3 karma

Can you describe what mostly naked is?

thedevast8or11 karma

Only if you promise to watch.

GassedlikeaSyrian7 karma

Better make it good, and type slowly...

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Themusicmademedoit3 karma


You're smokin hot.

  • Charles

thedevast8or6 karma


I don't know you. But you have good taste.

(diamond) Natalie

jorgerunfast2 karma

Hey! I also think you're smokin hot!

thedevast8or2 karma


wderekm3 karma

  1. Pick a family member that you would most likely choose to tag-along with in the case of a zombie apocalypse and explain why.

  2. If you could be part of the cast for any Super Hero movie currently being made, or not yet made, what Hero would it be.

  3. Why haven't you shouted out your insanely handsome and single brother Will yet?

thedevast8or7 karma

  1. Norita
  2. the story of my life

Syrun3 karma


thedevast8or10 karma

I think people are too uncomfortable with naked bodies.

I also think people take advantage of actors who are comfortable with being naked on screen.

Ultimately, I don't think it matters in the big scope of things.

However, you probably won't see me do full nudity until my mom dies. Cause that would make her very, very mad.

Pyrites19 karma

BREAKING NEWS: Actress Natalie Morales of NOT THE TODAY SHOW unwittingly takes out hit on own mother.

thedevast8or7 karma

dammit. oops

djrocca3 karma

You liked the Fables comics?! ROCK ON!! \m/ Did you know Telltale Games just dropped a game for the series? I love it (and I'm not getting paid to pimp it sadly, I just love the game)

Also since this is about Trophy Wife (as much as I adore MM and you in it) what it is like working with this cast and do we get to see more of you? (besides the apparent almost naked, that's not what I mean)

thedevast8or6 karma


The cast in this show is unreal. Malin Akerman is the most absurdly gorgeous human being, inside & out. Bradley Whitford & Marcia Gay Harden are like actor superheroes. I can't believe I get to say stupid stuff with them. Michaela Watkins makes me laugh so hard my ribs hurt. Ryan Lee & Bailee Madison are- not kidding- two of the most talented and hysterical kid actors I've ever encountered. Albert Tsai is a prodigy. We don't know in what yet, but he will own us all someday.

You will definitely get to see more of me as the show progresses. Tomorrow night is a big episode for my character.

TripleSkeet2 karma

By mostly naked, are we talking nipples here?

thedevast8or7 karma

Blurred nipples. yeaaah boooyyyy

seesoccer2 karma

Favorite "villain" on The Middleman?

thedevast8or2 karma

Todd Stashwick.

gdaybloke2 karma

Have you ever had to subtly drop references to your work on the Pimp My Ride game?

thedevast8or3 karma

haha, no not had to. Willfully done so, yes. That may be my favorite weird thing i've done, and I've done a lot of weird things.

adityapstar2 karma

Hey Natalie! What was it like acting with Aziz Ansari? How is his personality different than Tom Haverford?

thedevast8or6 karma

Aziz is a nice dude. He's much more reserved and quiet than Tom.

ArthurDigbyS2 karma

Pick one TV show from the 70s that you wish you could star in

thedevast8or12 karma


MentalStampede2 karma

Hi. Liked you in The Middleman. Liked you in Parks n' Rec. LOVED you in this AMA!!!

And WTF is up with The Today Show? I Googled your name a couple weeks ago (for completely not stalky and creepy reasons) and it was all Today Show this and Today Show that. And I feel bad because when I saw the title of this AMA I was thinking "Why is the Today Show lady going to be naked on the Today Show?" So, sorry about that. I'd rather see you mostly naked than her. Again, not creepy.

thedevast8or6 karma

It's alright. We have the same name. It's an ebb and flow of morales information.

But you're here and it was the right morales!

oneder_woman2 karma

Hi Natalie. I just want to thank you for all of the entertainment you have provided over the last few years. You always choose such interesting roles/shows to be part of. My question is: what show or role would you most love to be a part of?

thedevast8or6 karma

Aw, that is so nice!

I really really like what I'm a part of right now. Trophy Wife is a super place to work , with really great material to work with. I'm not bullshitting you. I go to work with a smile on my face and leave with a smile on my face. It rules.

MachinedRancor2 karma

Yo wendy watson...whos the man

for real though such a huge fan loved middleman (also newsroom, TAH) i still remember this one scene where you ran through comics your character digged. Got to know are you into the comics by any chance? if so which

thanks for ama and continue the awesome!

thedevast8or3 karma

Yeah MM!

I haven't had time to really pursue my love of comics lately. A few years ago I was super into Fables, (obvs) and I do really like my friend Todd Stashwick (who was a guest star on The Middleman)'s "The Devil Inside"

MiddleFred1 karma

Okay, here's a really geeky question about The Middleman and the aforementioned scene where Wendy rattles off the list of comics she's into. "The Pilot Episode Sanction" is as close an adaptation from a print source as I've ever seen. And yet Wendy's list of comics is one of the few things they changed, for no on screen reason I can fathom. Did Natalie get to personalize the list, or had Javier's tastes changed in the time between, or were you even aware the list changed? :D

thedevast8or2 karma

If I remember correctly the comic books were written by some of Javi's friends. Or maybe we were just supporting other Viper comics. One of the two.

kbmueller2 karma

Who are the best little brothers in the world?

thedevast8or7 karma

awwwwww my little mushroom haircuts!

seesoccer2 karma

Would you ever consider doing fan run conventions like Dragon*Con (Atlanta) especially with the revival of The Middleman comics and insuing cast reunion at the table read?

thedevast8or3 karma

I would sooooooooo love to go to Dragon Con. I've yet to be able too. Soon.

drvideogamez2 karma

What happened with Boldly Going Nowhere?

thedevast8or12 karma

It went boldly nowhere. Too bad. FANTASTIC script. I would love to work in any capacity with the always sunny guys again. They are fuckin treasures.

grandmasterfunk2 karma

I think I missed the Q&A, but I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying Trophy Wife. Along with Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, those are the only shows I find myself looking forward to watching. The entire cast is really talented!

thedevast8or1 karma


insert_funny2 karma

Have you and your imposter crossed paths anywhere other than misdirected Twitter mentions? Also, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

thedevast8or15 karma

We've spoken before about maybe doing something with our weird situation, but it's kinda like that episode of Friends where joey has the hand twin. Not much to do " Hey! We have the same name.. heh. he. hee."

I type the same way strong bad types. what what the email.

d20situation2 karma


Favorite lines from The Middleman? Best part about kissing Brendan Hines? And do you ever get cries of "ART CRAWL" when people see you out and about?


thedevast8or5 karma


yes. I and I love when people yell that at me.

There are lots of favorites but definitely at the top of that list was "Oooooh, Imma get my buffy on!"

Brendan Hines has terrible breath. It was awful to kiss him.

johnnygoette2 karma

What's it like working with Matt Lauer?

OK for real though, will you be my trophy wife? You may also have to be my sugar momma seeing as you make much more money than I. Essentially, can I be the Kevin Federline to your Britney Spears?

thedevast8or9 karma

Well, I don't know. Let's get this show picked up for a second season and then we can talk about it. I may be your federline after all if that doesn't happen.

heylad2 karma

Hi Nat. Thoroughly enjoyed talking to you, and the rest of The Middleman cast, at C2E2 in Chicago a couple of years ago. Would you be up for doing a new Middleman movie (maybe even straight-to-DVD) if it could be completely crowd-funded? Think Javi would go for this?

thedevast8or7 karma

Yes and yes. Although that would be expensive and we have like 37 (super awesome) fans

Hydrogenw203s2 karma


I've always thought you were a very talented actress. I was mad about what happened to your character on White Collar (though I can only imagine how you felt).

I haven't seen this new show but I'm gonna check it out. My only real question : I remember you saying on twitter that you'd love to guest star on the Americans when they get into the Cuban side of things. As much as I want this new show to work out (I do) how much does it complicate things if you were asked to guest on the Americans? I think you'd be great in it. In a perfect world, hopefully both things happen.

thedevast8or4 karma

Thanks! It shouldn't complicate things much. When you are contracted as a "regular" on a show, there are clauses where you are allowed to do a certain number of guest star appearances. So, yeah. Americans. Call me.

EyebrowMarxistWays1 karma


thedevast8or2 karma

nah, we can talk about it. just not much to talk about.

generalpathogen1 karma

Love you on Parks and ADORE Middleman!

Given the success of the crowd funding...web series? Thoughts?

thedevast8or2 karma

Of the middleman? No. Probably not. Maybe a movie down the line? I'm just thankful we get to do anything at all.

foreverklass1 karma

I've been keeping up with Trophy Wife :) So I was wondering, what's the cast like to work with? What are the kids like? Albert Tsai seems adorable!

Also, did were you dead set on acting as a career from an early age? What made you determined to make acting work? If you hadn't gotten into acting, what else do you think you would have become? Thanks for your time!

thedevast8or10 karma

I answered the top part of your question in another comment so i'll answer the bottom half-

No. From a young age I wanted very badly to be an astronaut. Not in the way that every kid's like " oh yeah space, astronaut suits, i'm gonna change my mind tomorrow" but like- serious. I had fresh piles of astronomy books from the library every other day. I made my mom take me to Kennedy Space Center for my birthday, I ordered astronaut food and ate it often to "train myself".
Then my math teacher in middle school was awful and didn't help me when I most needed it. ( Undiagnosed dyslexia can be really tough in math and so can teachers who don't enjoy being teachers) They made me hate math. Math is pretty essential to being an astronaut. So then I wanted to be a lawyer. I almost went to a magnet program high school for law, but didn't get in due to a lottery mix up last minute.

Freshman year of high school I signed up for a drama class because photography was taken and that was the only other elective.

My teacher and my classmates and friends from that year changed my life forever.

SJKim1 karma

You have perfect teeth and eyebrows. That's all. Oh! And do people auto attic ally assume you're Natalie from the today show? Like when you're on the phone or ordering food or idfk..you get the point!

SJKim1 karma

Damn auto correct automatically*

thedevast8or3 karma

That's very nice and also very inaccurate. and no. luckily I think it's a common name all around, not just with the two of us.

radioshaq1151 karma

Natalie! I discovered The Middleman earlier this year and it quickly became one of my favorite television shows ever.

Uh, I should probably ask you a question but I can't really think of one. So, thanks for everything Dubbie. I guess can you tell us a funny story that we haven't heard about life on the Middleset?

thedevast8or4 karma

That robin scene was a combination most embarrassing/proudest moments of my life. The crew couldn't stop laughing AT me.

pinkfreude1 karma

Well, with all the frivolity around beautiful people and celebrity someone has to ask:

1) What are you going to do for a living when you get older?

2) Do you feel that your work adds anything to society?

thedevast8or2 karma

  1. I would love to continue acting until I'm ancient. Fact is, right before I got Middleman I almost quit acting, and I said to myself "I'll come back when I'm 65. I can be that foul mouthed old lady actor". As far as for a living, hopefully I will be able to save enough money to be able to do whatever I want when I'm old without having to work if I don't want to. I love to paint, I love to write,I love to play music and I love to direct. I love a lot of things. Why limit myself?

  2. I ask myself that before I do anything, really. If I make someone smile with something I've done- even if it's just for a second- it's worth it for me. If I make someone feel something or see something differently- it's all worth it for me. I just want to spend my life making things beautiful and making beautiful things. And yeah, I think there's a place for that among us.

Projectorinski1 karma

Hi Natalie!

Think I missed the AMA, but just wanted to say MM is one of my favorite shows and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the table read in May.


thedevast8or1 karma

Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

hlsi1 karma

What is Malin Ackerman like? I've always liked her.

thedevast8or1 karma

She's honestly wonderful. Giving, charming, funny, smart, gorgeous and a great actor.

Orafferty1 karma

Are you Spanish? You have beautiful skin tone.

thedevast8or1 karma

No, I am not from spain. My family is Cuban.

blarghusmaximus1 karma

Kendall represent! Have you been to the falls lately?

thedevast8or1 karma

ha! no, it's been a while. Although my mom's really excited about the Trader Joe's they're opening soon.

Shaysdays1 karma

The Middleman is one of my favorite shows!

If you could have any prop/scenario from it exist in real life, which would it be?

thedevast8or1 karma

I actually do have a lot of really cool ones. The rest, Javi is basically raffling off here: www.o2stk.com

lonewolfandpub1 karma

Second favorite thing about being on Parks and Rec?

thedevast8or5 karma

hmm. interesting. second best....

not actually being on parks and rec and them using a picture of me with a moustache drawn on it and stink squiggles. That was an honor.

detectivedawg1 karma


thedevast8or3 karma

Jeff is super sweet, super professional, and much sillier than Will McAvoy.

And I don't know. I'd like to.

hanni901 karma

would you have sex with an asian guy?

thedevast8or11 karma

Why would someone's race ever stop me from having sex with them? That's dumb.

ArthurDigbyS1 karma

If you had to switch lives with a man for a week - who would it be?

thedevast8or6 karma

David Duchovny

[deleted]1 karma


thedevast8or4 karma

I've never been to Brazil? Why are you asking about brazil? DO YOU THINK I'M ON THE TODAY SHOW? ? ??


DeathAngelsSHADO_Mk21 karma

Maybe because you're slated to be in the movie Rio 2? Of course, since it's animated, you probably won't go there.

thedevast8or2 karma

Nope. Not in that movie, that I know of?

jorgerunfast1 karma

If you could be anywhere in the world for 2 hours, with any person, in any setting, who, when, what, and where would it be?

thedevast8or3 karma

Is this the jorge i think it is? If it is, I'm sad you wouldn't know the answer to that question anymore.

BrundleBee1 karma

If "mostly naked" is just a ploy to get people to tune in...okay, yeah, it will probably get me to tune in. I've seen a few episodes; I think the cast is great, but the writing up to this point has been a little rocky; it wants to have a Modern Family vibe, but hasn't found the sweet spot yet.

Edit: Oh, right, a question. Google image search reveals a tattoo on your wrist, so--how many tattoos, what of, and where?

thedevast8or6 karma

I think you should really give this show a chance. It just keeps getting better and better. The episode tomorrow- I almost choked laughing at some of the lines when I read the script.

I have a few tattoos. I wont tell you all of them cause some things are meant for only lovers and my cat to see, but I have the little prince on my left forearm and some waves on my wrist. I used to surf a lot. Then hurricane katrina hit miami while i was in the ocean soooooo yeahhhhh ptsd.

AnAntichrist1 karma

I feel like this is just like that one South Park episode where they say shit a bunch to attract viewers.

thedevast8or4 karma

except we can't say shit on broadcast television.

total bummer.

normdugare1 karma

I'm having surgery in Portland next week. What are the odds of getting Matt Keeslar as my nurse?

thedevast8or2 karma

damn. that's a great question. I don't know. i hope you do. and if you do, please tell me about it.

MiddleFred1 karma

Best of luck on your surgery! I have round two of what should have been a minor procedure and is spiraling out of control (you know it's not going to be good when they ask for your lawyer's contact just in case) tomorrow afternoon, so if you don't get any Buster Keaton photos for awhile, Natalie, know that I would if I could. :)

thedevast8or2 karma

good luck to both of you!!

drvideogamez1 karma

Did you pick up any cool fighting moves from Mark Dacascos?

thedevast8or2 karma

Oh man. I wish I did. That guy was too good and too fast. WU HAN THUMB OF DEATH!

smith1 karma

Hey, is IMDB lying about you being in Freeloaders? I could have sworn I've seen that film but I don't remember you in it and now I feel cheated.

thedevast8or4 karma

I haven't seen it, but I heard I got cut.

freuden1 karma

Do you ever still hang out with Reggie Watts?

Also, I just got back from Los Angeles (had to go for some family stuff) and you were one of the main people I wanted to accidentally run in to. I didn't get to. I'm sad. Ever had anyone tell you in person how great you were on the Today Show? I'm guessing maybe as a joke only.

thedevast8or2 karma

yes. reggie is very close to my heart.

next time you're in LA we'll stage a run in.

Squigley_q1 karma

If you could have any superpower you want, what would it be and why?

thedevast8or4 karma

I guess if I can only pick one, it'd be flying. I hate traffic. And I like being other places. And I have dreams I can fly all the time, so i'd probably be good at it.

drvideogamez1 karma

  1. What was your favorite Halloween costume you wore when you were a kid?

  2. What are some of your favorite SpOoky movies?

  3. Do you still own that Robin costume?!

thedevast8or3 karma

1.As a kid, I gotta say-My mom may have failed me in the costume department. The only halloween pictures I have I'm in some weird dutch traditional outfit (what even is that). As an adult- my best friend and I always dress up together. The last 3 years it's been Salt n' Pepa, Elizabeth Berkley & Gina Gerson in Showgirls, and Slash & Axl Rose. ( I was Salt, Liz & Slash, respectively).

  1. I never liked scary movies. I get too invested and then I can't sleep. Although I love Carrie and The Shining.

  2. Hell yes I still own that Robin costume.