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Ok, my friend did an experiment in a class of hers where she put a sheet of paper on a scale and took its weight, then crumpled it into a tight ball and took its weight again. It read more the second time. I said that when it was flat it must have been similar to when you filled a balloon with air and it would feel lighter than the deflated balloon because it was displacing air, and she was adamantly convinced that somehow crumpling the paper increased its mass and weight somehow (her words).

What would be the exact explanation so I can finally put this argument to bed?

Edit: Fucking hell, y'all care more about this than I do

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Ok, so I need to buy a really sensitive scale, and possibly a vacuum chamber. Got it

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On a scale of 1 to Unicorns, how high were you?

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Obviously you need to release the full reading, women all over are dying to hear it!