I'm an actor, writer, and sometimes director. My friends over at r/themiddleman asked me to do this, so here I am!


Here's some proof in case you think someone might want to pretend to be me: http://imgur.com/4oQZX

Here's my twitter page: www.twitter.com/nataliemorales

Party starts at 6pm est.

edit: 7:44 est- Thanks for all the questions guys. Thread's done. You're awesome. I'll be over on twitter. dumb trolls. I've seen WAYYYY fatter naked chicks.

edit: 8:02est - Actually, I have to go to dinner now, but this was so much fun I may come back and answer some more questions after a few martinis so........

edit: 11pm est. I'm back!

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Thanks for all the questions guys. Thread's done. You're awesome. I'll be over on twitter. dumb trolls. I've seen WAYYYY fatter naked chicks.

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i'm back for a bit. the naked fat chicks are gone.

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Hey! Thanks for doing this. So, The Newsroom is one of my favorite new tv shows. To get specific, the Bin Laden episode got a lot of mixed reviews and press (for the record, I absolutely loved it). What were/are your thoughts on that episode and what was it like filming it?

Unrelated -- if you ever see Aziz, let him know I owe him $5 for his special because his site accidentally gave it to me for free. It's a whole awkward thing.

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Good question. I had a lot of thoughts on that episode. I felt very weird about that day, and reliving it was even weirder. It didn't feel right to me to celebrate. It felt more like a solemn occasion and not a big party, and it made me kind of nauseated to just see cheerleaders doing flips in front of the white house and big frat parties happening cause we killed a guy. A really, really bad guy, sure. But you are celebrating the death of a person. That was just my reaction. It may not be the right one, and I thankfully didn't know anyone affected by 9/11, so I don't judge anyone's feelings or reactions to it, but I was glad to be the one character in this show who wasn't thrilled. That would have been hard for me to play.

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I don't really have a question, I just want to say that The Middleman was and remains one of my favorite shows, and it's a crime that it wasn't recognized for its brilliance while it aired. I would absolutely pitch in $50 to a Middleman Kickstarter movie (or true finale!) fund. Call Javi!

thedevast8or123 karma

Well friggen thank you. I've been trying to convince Javi to write a tv movie for it. I think he may have just come around. Keep bothering him.

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Holy shit! I had no idea that this show actually got even this much development! I actually worked on this! I rigged the creature that appears in the first few minutes of the pilot. I was told the show was shelved and never knew it got picked up beyond that. Can't wait to watch what was made, the bits we saw were super fun.

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well whoever told you that is a jealous scrotumless moron. the show is alive! and thanks for helping to make our butt monster.

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Most celebrities choose their reddit username to be their real name. Why did you choose thedevast8or?

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I think Natalie Morales was taken. Also thedevastat8or is my real name, Natalie Morales is just a stage name.

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If you want to stick around after the AMA, I think you'll fit right in here.

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oh i've been here, buddy, i'm here to stay

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The Middleman is the best show ever. My sis and I quote it all the time. HOW DO WE GET YOU ON DOCTOR WHO?!

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Would you rather fight 100 duck size horses or 1 horse sized duck?

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jesus christ, 100 duck sized horses, one horse sized duck would be terrifying. but also, AWWWW 100 DUCK SIZED HORSES!

Gildish_Chambino39 karma

Thanks for answering. I agree that 100 duck size horses would be very cute.

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You could make a little wagon and have all the horses pull you around! That would be awesome.

thedevast8or76 karma

so awesome

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yes, yes i did know this.

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roughly how many times a day are you mistaken for rosario dawson?

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not too often anymore. i get amanda peet a lot tho.

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Would you be interested in appearing in Joss Whedon's new ABC/Marvel television series S.H.I.E.L.D.? It's set in the Marvel movie universe and may feature tie-ins to their films leading up to The Avengers 2. Characters from the movies could make guest appearances and characters established in the series could make the transition to the silver screen. I'd love to see you play a spy or a superhero on the show. Get your agent on that.

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which show has the best catered food? surprising eating habits of co-stars? food.

thedevast8or215 karma

hmm. parks & rec has pretty damn good food. Aziz likes pb&js but he likes them "zz style" which means no crust and cut down the middle. it's pretty dang adorable.

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Loved you on White Collar (wish your character was still on) and P&R, and your great on Newsroom.

-What did you think of the Doctor Who season premier?

thedevast8or72 karma

i loved it!

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I agree with the above post. I absolutely love the Newsroom, hands down the best show on TV.

How is working with Jeff Daniels?

It took me a couple episodes to get over the only real roll I associated him in and that was Dumb & Dumber. I love his role though, thanks for doing the AMA and great job on the show!

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I can't answer any of your questions because I can't stop looking at your user name

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i hope and i hope.

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Hey, Natalie! Huge Middleman fan! One of my favorite things about The Middleman is that Wendy feels like a real person: someone who is an artist but also goes out to kick ass and is never just one thing. Do you find that characters with dimension like that are hard to find/be cast for? Easier/harder because you are a woman/woman of color?

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Yes, those characters are hard to find. Especially harder to find when you're "different". People love stereotypes.

thedevast8or43 karma

also, thanks!

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Hey Dub Dub, did you get to keep any Middleman stuff?

thedevast8or51 karma

yup! i have my robin outfit, my chair back, some id's , the lighter, and some weehawkin stickers.

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What is your all-time favourite moment from "Doctor Who"?

thedevast8or135 karma

don't blink

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Whose decision was it not to come back to white collar yours or the studio.

thedevast8or115 karma

I don't know who's it was specifically. It wasn't mine. Someone told me that people were commenting on the white collar imdb page hating on lo cruz and calling me " agent bug eyes". Maybe that's what it was. I don't know. It happens. But- it was handled VERY poorly. I wrote about it here: http://nataliemorales.tumblr.com/post/682811252/a-completely-totally-100-hypothetical-situation

I loved that cast and crew, but that ep can go suck a dick.

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Give me Olivia Munn's number!!

thedevast8or106 karma

(323) 867-5309

miggy327 karma

Thought you were great in the Newsroom, it's probably my favorite show. Aaron Sorkin is brilliant in my opinion and I guess I'd just like to know what his and your relationship is like with the entire cast and if its closer or not as close as the relationships between the characters. Also are you going to be back for season 2?

thedevast8or54 karma

Thank you. He's a pretty swell guy too, I gotta say. I don't know everyone in the whole cast, but I keep in touch with a lot of them and they're really really great. The last few sundays we all got together at Aaron's house and watched the show. It's tight knit, and everyone's really proud of what they're doing. That's a good thing to be a part of.

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When you google yourself do you get mad at the girl from the Today Show who has the same name?

thedevast8or50 karma

I don't google myself (too much).

thedevast8or225 karma

I mostly search " natalie morales naked" or "natalie morales is super awesome" or "natalie morales should change her name to thedevast8or"

Barry_Woodward26 karma

Now that Netflix has started resurrecting cancelled series like "Arrested Development", has Javier talked about pitching them season two of "The Middleman"?

thedevast8or48 karma

i think if the swell of cult popularity kept increasing, maybe.

eshani1525 karma

Is there a reason why your last couple of love interests have been brown men? (The Newsroom, P&R) Do you prefer the curry spice?

thedevast8or120 karma

it's all part of my plan to be super famous in bollywood

entertainman24 karma

Natalie, what do you think of an episode revolving around this

The idea comes from here. Any chance of throwing the idea around with the other writers?

thedevast8or31 karma

that is brilliant. i think nick would have a better chance of throwing that idea at the writers, but I WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN

JizzNipples23 karma

Not really a question for you. But did anyone else think of Troy McClure after reading the title?

thedevast8or97 karma

that's the point, Mr. or Mrs. JizzNipples.

SurlyJSurly21 karma

Any chance of Middleman coming back in some form?

thedevast8or46 karma

I sure hope so. I think I've convinced Javi to write a tv movie for it. fingers crossed.

elimie20 karma

What is your ideal role to play? What are your plans for the next few years, acting-wise? Your part in Parks was much too brief! Also, is Aziz as fucking adorable as he appears?

thedevast8or64 karma

when you're an actor, there are no plans for the next few years. there's no plan for next week. and yes zz is adorbs.

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anything jack white does is okay by me. he could play a comb with a hair stuck in it and i'd love it.

Nacho_MtotheC18 karma

Not so much of a question, but kudos on the Newsroom. I'm currently hooked on the fucking show. You did a awesome job on the Bin Laden episode!

Regards from Costa Rica!

thedevast8or30 karma

i love costa rica! spent a lot of time there as a kid. have family friends over there. pura vida!

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Is there any scene in particular from Parks and Rec that you enjoyed shooting the most?

edit: not necessarily just regarding the content of the scene, but also including things like cast interaction, etc.

thedevast8or62 karma

i didn't shoot them, i wasn't in them- but my all time favorite p&r moments are when everyone's drunk at the snake hole and "get on your feet"

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Sands of Zanzibar! Hi Natalie! I am a huge fan of the Middleman, I wish there was more, but you all put out a killer show!

Who (other than Dub Dub, of course) is your favorite super hero, male or female? What hero would you want to play, gender-swapped is okay?

Thank you and keep being awesome!

thedevast8or27 karma

that's a really hard question! I honestly have always wanted to give catwoman a fair shot. Although I don't think hathaway did a terrible job at it.

rmorgan9315 karma

I read somewhere that there was supposed to be more of you on The Newsroom - particularly the bin Laden episode. True? What happened? Are you gonna be on it in Season 2?

thedevast8or36 karma

Actually there was a lot cut out of the first episode I was in, which was the 4th episode. The bin laden episode didn't cut that much. This happens a lot in tv... Sorkin is brilliant and sometimes the episodes come out to be a little too long, so they have to cut things. When cutting for time, they usually cut in favor of the more important characters. It sucks sometimes, (especially when you have a 3 page fucking badass sorkin monologue that you're really proud of that is GONE) but usually it ends up being better as a whole episode and it's just kinda part of the deal. I really hope to be on season 2. no idea yet. we'll see.

AbyssalBison15 karma

Of your more recent shows which have you enjoyed working on the most and why? Also is the guy that plays neil as man pretty in person as he is on tv (no homo)?

thedevast8or54 karma

I can honestly say I've loved working on every show I've been on. They've been a lot of fun. But my favorite, of course, was The Middleman. and which Neal do you mean? Matt Bomer Neal or Dev Patel Neal? They're both pretty damn hot. (super homo)

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thedevast8or57 karma

gotta say, i'm really digging dirty martinis these days. I just started liking olives. I hated them all my life, and one day, I just had to try one and i liked it. So now, I really love an icy cold dirty martini.

raidafan14 karma

Any memorable moments shooting scenes with Aziz and the P&R crew? Seems like a really fun cast to be around.

thedevast8or80 karma

ron fucking swanson eating a bacon covered turkey leg

Pottersville13 karma

How do you feel about this early stage of your career? Y'know, before your run as a Doctor Who companion, which was before you became America's Sweetheart and won all those Academy Awards?

thedevast8or36 karma

progress is slow, but i'm in it for the long haul.

bigjerm13 karma

what made you want to pursue acting?

thedevast8or54 karma

making people laugh. cubans are natural born entertainers. even the shyest of cubans will tell you the lamest story in the most compelling way. It's just how we're built. I wanted to be a lawyer. But, I took a drama class freshman year in high school, and my teacher and peers were so influential and I had such a fantastic time that I decided there was no other thing for me to do. I don't enjoy anything more than making someone laugh.

rexdriver9913 karma

Assuming you've seen Dumb and Dumber was it hard when you were first shooting The Newsroom to be around Jeff Daniels with out quoting Dumb and Dumber in your head and laughing. Also how is he in person? Does he joke around off camera or is he serious? thanks!

thedevast8or31 karma

Believe it or not, no. He so OWNS Will McAvoy that you totally forget Dumb and Dumber. But he's awesome, especially with any kind of physical comedy. It was really hard for me not to laugh watching him get water thrown in his face over and over.

evildrew12 karma

Since no one else asked, favorite episode of 'The Middleman'?

thedevast8or22 karma

8- The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation.

Fuqwon12 karma

Have you ever met the other Natalie Morales? Was it awkward?

thedevast8or43 karma

no. i've talked to her on twitter. i can't wait to meet her. i've been trying to convince her to do some sort of april fools thing. we'll see what happens.

pris-010 karma

I know the thread's done, I'm just hoping you'll see this and know that I love you and the middleman and I think you're just awesome. Just awesome.

thedevast8or21 karma

you're awesome man. you're awesome.

okbutwat9 karma

Some performers have taken up Tumblr as a means to get their work and ideas out there - do you think sites like this will eventually be as big as Twitter for this purpose? (I heard about this through your Tumblr FYI.) Paul Scheer in particular seems a big proponent of Tumblr, as he discussed in an episode of the Wolf Den. What about video sites like YouTube and Funny or Die, or podcasts? Would your career be different had these media tools not been available to you?

Edit: Do you think it puts a pressure on performers to create more content more often, and does that make it easier or more challenging to "make it" in the business?

PS I am a big fan! And obviously a comedy nerd...

thedevast8or23 karma

I love tumblr. I don't really know about the forecast of what will be popular on the internet but i definitely think it's a cool set up. I like vimeo. It just looks and performs way better than other sites. I don't think my career would be that different, except I think my love of doctor who wouldn't be as easy to profess, and hopefully that love will get me on that show someday. I think people that try too hard, in all arenas- internet or content or just being a person- I think you can smell that a mile away. So yeah, I guess there's pressure there, but I think the people that are more successful are just the people that take it easy.

AstronautOnFire9 karma

Hi Natalie, thanks for doing this. I just wanted to ask you what your favorite role you have played is and why? Also any chance for more appearances on Parks and Rec? Also also, the Middleman was a really great show and it made me sad when I heard it was canceled.

*edit: I accidentally a word

thedevast8or15 karma

wendy watson... i think there's a chance. I hope there's a chance. We'll see.

da3mon_019 karma

Hey Natalie!

I loved the Middleman, shame its cancelled, I am still hoping they make an episodic videogame a la Sam & Max, The Walking Dead, written by Javi ofc :)

As it was based on a graphic novel, have you got any favorites?

thedevast8or19 karma

you know, i've always had a soft spot for Fables and dead@17. I also like my friend Todd Stashwick's Devil Inside.

Also , thanks for the middlelove.

kairsh8 karma

Oh, man, I fucking loved the Middleman!! I was devestated when it was canceled.

Was the cast and crew as fun behind the scenes as Ioke to assume they were? (I assumed they are totally ridiculously fun)

What do you personally believe cause it be canceled? It was incredibly well-written, and, unless my memory fails me, besides the giant tentacle monster in the first episode, it didn't seem to be too effects heavy.

Also, there's a middleman subreddit? I know what I'm joining!

thedevast8or21 karma

thanks! it got cancelled cause no one watched it. no one really knew it was on or what it was. We were on at 10 pm AFTER the 700 club. Not a great lead in. And they never re-ran us. Not one episode got rerun. So, not much of a chance. But, it's a weird little show and we were glad to be able to do what we did. The fact that The Middleman even got picked up is shocking.

Barry_Woodward8 karma

Are you a fan of screwball comedies and, if so, what are some of your favorites? I'd recommend: "The Awful Truth", "Bachelor Mother", "Bringing Up Baby", "The Devil And Miss Jones", "His Girl Friday", "It Happened One Night", "It's A Wonderful World", "The Lady Eve", "The Philadelphia Story" and "Some Like It Hot".

thedevast8or27 karma

philadelphia story is one of my all time favorites.

are you a fan of silent comedies? particularly buster keaton? I'd recommend " Sherlock Jr" " The General" and "The Cameraman"

atticusquinn8 karma


thedevast8or19 karma

That whole cast is SUCH a blast. Chris Chalk is the most amazing, hysterical person in the world. I think we may have been born on the same planet in outer space. Dev is the sweetest, most charming guy in town.

TaraOShea7 karma

Why is Han Solo better than Indy, in 15 words or less? Also, if you could change one thing from "Star Wars" to make it better, what would it be? (And you can't say "NO PREQUELS! ALSO, HAN SHOT FIRST!" because that's totally a given because, well... YES.)

thedevast8or28 karma

" I love you" " I know" and i hate the emperors face

apathymonger7 karma

Anything coming up we can see you in? I love your work.

thedevast8or11 karma

thanks. i don't really know just yet. you can keep up with me via twitter. i usually am pretty good about updating there. www.twitter.com/nataliemorales

Fehndrix6 karma

What do you miss the most about your experience on The Middleman?

thedevast8or14 karma

getting to do ridiculous amazing things every day with ridiculous amazing people.

dumbguy56896 karma

What happened with White Collar? I was just getting into the grove with you on Season 1 and then you were gone? I was curious to see if there would be a love interest play out with the way your character was obviously jealous of Caffery's interaction with other women.

thedevast8or35 karma

i answered this already dumb guy

dumbguy56898 karma

My apologies for not reading more carefully...I read over everything looking for this explanation and somehow missed that.

Um gratz on this getting 4Chan's attention I guess?

thedevast8or16 karma


ciccopiccolo6 karma


Seriously though, Middleman was awesome

thedevast8or20 karma


dacha6 karma

Would you consider starring in another web series & do you have ambitions to write a film or TV series?

thedevast8or16 karma

yes, and yes. I'm actually formulating a web series right now. It should be up soon.

StreakyChimp5 karma

Would you rather date Neal Caffrey or Tom Haverford? Matt Bomer (let's pretend he's straight) or Aziz Ansari? Also do you have a copy of this picture? Because I would totally have asked for a copy of that.

thedevast8or11 karma

come on. are you serious? definitely neal caffrey and definitely matt bomer. have you SEEN that man? And I should totally ask for a copy of that. You're right.

gdaybloke5 karma

  • If I was ever lucky enough to meet you in person, would I be able to get away with calling you Dubby? Just once?
  • Favourite Dr Who companion from the recent series?
  • Your thoughts on Poutine?

thedevast8or29 karma

  • obviously
  • loved van gogh
  • i'm a vegetarian but veg poutine would be awesome

natsouko5 karma

Canada salutes you !

thedevast8or8 karma

I salute you back!

mburkhardt5 karma

Saw you on a YouTube movie recently playing the girlfriend of someone who invented a time machine. Was this before, during or after The Middleman (one of my all-time favorite shows, btw)

thedevast8or12 karma

it was right after. that was... um... an... interesting... thing i did.

elimie4 karma

What kind of things do you write? A favorite genre?

And just for fun: what's your favorite song to dance like an idiot to?

thedevast8or22 karma

I have a convertible and I promise you today I drove down the 101 blasting the dirty dancing soundtrack and it was the best thing i've done in a while.

Wrexis4 karma

I loaned a friend of mine the Middleman boxset, he marathoned the entire thing in a day and I think he shed a tear when I told him there is no season 2.

Aside from acting is there anything else you'd like to do in the industry? Script writing, directing etc.

thedevast8or14 karma

yes and yes.

and thank you for doing that. keep passing it around.

Barry_Woodward4 karma

What directors would you most like to work with?

thedevast8or14 karma

lots. currently having a coen brothers moment.

DeathAngelsSHADO4 karma

Hi. The Middleman was wonderful - I continue to spread the word and live in hope that you'll come back to save the world (again) so that I won't have to.

Anyway, as for a (tardy) question, what did you think of Brit Morgan's rather savage turn on True Blood? Any aspirations for that kind of cable-show mayhem of your own?

thedevast8or13 karma

Brit has always been a werewolf. That was typecasting.

That would be fun, although I don't know that I'd dig having to be naked and bloody with like a ton of bush on true blood

hideparker3 karma

if you had the chance to create your own television show, what would you want it to be about?

thedevast8or14 karma

i can't tell you, its too awesome and someone will steal it