Hey guys! I'm the future bandleader of The Late Late Show on CBS this March. But I'm still totally in love with Scott Aukerman and CBB. I enjoy healthy versions of things that are bad for you. And I'm a Montanan. And I really love innovative, locally-sourced, technical fabrics.

I'm in Montana. Victoria's helping me out over the phone in New York. AMA!


Update Thanks everybody for all the awesome questions. Sorry I couldn't get to everybody. But I plan on doing this a lot more regularly and awesome, because you guys are great and I love your questions.

So there.

Deal with that!

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burtxn590 karma

What was the inspiration behind "Fuck Shit Stack"?

reggiewatts_1142 karma

It was a response to all of the dumb pop / hip-hop videos that never seemed to get any better, or responsible.

Sandwitchking1991570 karma

Reggie, why is shit so crazy?

reggiewatts_1480 karma

Because no one will stop picking sides and fighting wars.

mrsrkevin466 karma

Was it difficult driving to the Earwolf Studio just to sing the CBB theme song before every show?

reggiewatts_593 karma

It's never too difficult to do something so important as that.

Ableyoungthug397 karma

Reggie, you always seem to be playing it cool but what's something you do that you dislike about yourself?

reggiewatts_761 karma

Yes. I'm an emotional eater. And I don't like that.

Ableyoungthug250 karma

Favorite food to eat when you emotional?

reggiewatts_589 karma


hear_now178 karma

a particular chain/type?

reggiewatts_544 karma

I actually like eating at a small, local fast food joint. Like Ford's Drive-In in Great Falls, Montana.

BraveLilCoaster368 karma

What was it like performing at Madison Square Garden with LCD Soundsystem?

reggiewatts_560 karma

One of the best experiences of my life. It was a huge honor to be a part of what I think is one of the greatest bands of the century.

royalewithsleaze335 karma

Indica or Sativa?

reggiewatts_782 karma

Sativa. For sure.

robertwhitmer289 karma

Were you close at all with Harris Wittels?

I loved him on the CBB podcast and his brilliant writing work. He will surely be missed.

reggiewatts_377 karma

Yeah, I only met him a few times, but I had a really great time with him. He was very easy to be with. And just had a beautiful, subtle, casual, comedic mind. I'll miss him.

humanoiid285 karma

How do you know if you're fucking?

reggiewatts_537 karma

It's something that you feel.

No one can teach you.

Frajer265 karma

Are you going to train Kid Cudi on how to be Scott's best friend and cohost?

reggiewatts_390 karma


But only as he needs.

Because he is a Cudi, after all.

endruxkembri234 karma

Hey Reggie! Love your stuff. How much of the looped stuff you do at talks/gigs is improvised?

reggiewatts_612 karma

All of it.

claytondufresne193 karma

I met you at the Apple Store in the Beverly Center, and you said you'd teach me how to use the Line 6 Delay pedal. Okay, you didn't, but could you teach me or point me in the right direction of utilizing it to the best of its abilities?

reggiewatts_398 karma

Yeah. Never deviate from the 6 o'clock position on the leftmost mode-dial.

wizardandgiant163 karma

Reggie, you are a beautiful human person and a wonderful talent. Do you like any comics or picture books? If so, do you have any favourites?

reggiewatts_160 karma

I haven't really been on the comic scene for a while. But I would say Lale Westvind is a pretty incredible outsider comic / talent.

reggaetonsoundboard141 karma

Dear Reggie,

How does it feel to be departing Comedy Bang Bang and moving on to the Late Late Show? (I know I am going to love Kid Cudi, but as of now, I am having a hard time imagining CBB without you!)

reggiewatts_159 karma

It's a very uncertain future, and it feels a little strange. But I believe that this change will be good, because we've had so many teachers of Scott & I already, so this will be a good new chemical direction.

ezoj123139 karma

Did you get to meet Bill Nye when you did this?

reggiewatts_177 karma

No, actually. It was a separate module, filmed at its own location. So I never did. Which I regret.

LoganShelton132 karma

least favorite dinosaur?

reggiewatts_288 karma

I would say pterodactyls. Because they never existed. I think they got reclassified.

fleehallett126 karma

How much would it cost to get you to record me a 1-minute intro theme a la CBB and Harris' Phone Corner?

reggiewatts_238 karma

It would cost you... $2.36.

dcfc821125 karma

How do you juggle work and family?

reggiewatts_265 karma

You have to build up a lot of strength. And then invest in a company that's working on advanced exo-suits.

BlackBearz110 karma

Reggie, I love listening to your inspiring and at times sexually gratifying mouth sounds. My question is this, can I hire you for a sensual evening of back rubs and using your hair as a personal pillow? Also, how're you today?

reggiewatts_134 karma

That could be possible, if the circumstances were right.

I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking.

CG121105 karma

Reggie, I'm in Portland, and I've become a huge fan of yours over the last couple years. How can I see you perform live? I can never find any tour dates or anything.

reggiewatts_139 karma

I'm working on making my site better, but usually there are dates announced on Twitter, and apparently on Facebook (at times). https://www.facebook.com/reggie.watts

whathaveicreated101 karma

Hey Reggie! Ex-Montanan, current Seattleite here. Did you grow up knowing you'd leave Montana or did you ever think you'd be a lifer?

reggiewatts_190 karma

I always knew I was going to leave Montana. But I also knew that I would return to Montana.

whathaveicreated55 karma

What's your return plan? Also, how much do you love/loathe Montana winters?

reggiewatts_299 karma

Hehe. I fly into Montana usually for 4-5 days every few months to see my mom and hang out with some friends I grew up with. I love Montana winters. I love really extreme weather, and intense blizzards and snowstorms and really cold temperatures, because it's fun to know how to survive in those conditions and feel comfortable.

shokker88 karma

Who are your biggest comedic and musical influences?

reggiewatts_200 karma

George Carlin, Gilda Radner, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder, Eddie Murphy, John Dore, and Kate Berlant.

jak55187 karma

Hey Reggie! Do you think your role on CBS will be similar to what you have been doing on Comedy Bang Bang? Are you going to have a band, or is it still just going to be you, your keyboard, and your pedals?

reggiewatts_191 karma

It'll be a little different, in that it's a real version of what I was doing on CBB, which was a fake version of the real version. So I will be doing a version of myself that is sincere, but also weird.

Yes, I'll have a 5 piece band. Drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and myself.

tomysamoa85 karma

Hey Reggie, is there a thing you would give your 'fro for?

reggiewatts_359 karma

If someone was able to figure out free, renewable, unlimited energy for all humans to use, whenever they needed it - I would trade my hair for that.

johnbeltrano84 karma

If I ask you to play at my wedding, would you go? I'd pay for everything. I don't even have a girlfriend yet, so take your time to think about it.

reggiewatts_185 karma

You never know what the future holds.

But I think the fact that you can see it means that it has a higher chance of actually happening.

the_Lau173 karma

What does your real voice sound like?

reggiewatts_432 karma

It sounds like a mixture of a Boston egg cream on a warm summer night, and an eagle looking for prey.

adoggman70 karma

You make improv music seem so effortless. Did it always come this way to you or did you have to work for it?

reggiewatts_118 karma

It came pretty easily. But I studied a lot of music, which helped.

no_turn_unstoned70 karma

What is your favorite food and why is it Scott Aukerman?

reggiewatts_134 karma

Well, Scott is a lot of things. But I don't think of him as food. I think of him as a necessity for humankind.

nycity169565 karma

In wake of the terrible news yesterday, would you mind sharing your best Harris Wittels story, or perhaps your favorite moment with him?

reggiewatts_165 karma

I guess my favorite moment was - well, hanging out with him on CBB was really great, and like I said before, he was really easy to hang out with, immediately. But my favorite moment that I had was honestly thinking that Scott was saying "Harris Wittel's Foam Corner" instead of "Harris Wittel's Phone Corner." So I was just imagining a corner with tons of pieces of foam, and spray-on foam, and knowing that that corner belonged to Harris.

tyrant8964 karma

I really loved your original Legend score. Would you ever consider doing that kind of thing again? I would love to hear you score something like Akira or Blade Runner. Also, I just love you so much. Thank you for everything. I saw you at Largo last year and your prince/prints song still gets stuck in my head.

EDIT: get's? Apostrophe-S!? Get it together man!

reggiewatts_168 karma

Hahaha. Thank you for all the sweet comments and compliments. Yes, I was thinking about scoring a film again, but I was thinking about maybe scoring something like MEAN GIRLS.

oatmealfoot57 karma

What got you into beatboxing? Any specific inspiration, or just figuring out how to make the weirdest sounds possible on your own time?

also, Story Time:

    Two summers ago I ran into you at the Nashville airport (either right before, or right after Bonnaroo). I had been a HUGE fan since Why Shit So Crazy was released (actually all the way back to What About Blowjobs, but that's a different query altogether!) -- it wasn't exactly hard to pick you out of the crowd, but I hollered at you with a wave and with a big smile you came over to say hey.

    I know you were in a hurry, but you stayed to chat with me and my Grammy (who I was rolling through the terminal in her wheelchair). You even waited patiently so we could flag down a stranger to snap a picture. Grammy was somewhat perplexed anout why I was so excited to meet my favorite beatboxing surrealist (this label hardly does you justice) -- but she did comment on what a polite young fella you were!

    Im sure everyone else can ask more poignant questions than myself -- but I just wanted to share the story! I couldn't make it down to the OddBall festival in ATL so I hope we'll get you back in Nashville soon.

EDIT: The best picture ever taken in an airport

reggiewatts_106 karma

I was inspired greatly by Michael Winslow, from POLICE ACADEMY, and beatboxing in general from the early 80's. And I loved mimicking weird sounds, and making new sounds. So it was a combination of culture, and the need to actually make weird sounds.

Awww. That is incredibly sweet. Yeah, well, if someone's willing to take time to say something nice about you, then you should take time back to listen to what they have to say.

cuddlepuppys52 karma

What's it like to work with Jimmy Fallon?

reggiewatts_153 karma

I've only worked with James Fallon once. But I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by his authenticity.

hear_now50 karma

First and foremost, I (redundantly) just wanted to thank you for being hilarious, and for doing what you do.

Will The Late Late Show's schedule still be conducive to you doing stand-up tours?

reggiewatts_83 karma

I'll still be able to do standup locally, and some gigs occasionally out of town on weekends, but not as much straight touring. But then again, I never really did that. So I don't think much will change, actually.

tommuller1350 karma

What advice would you give to a bald man...with no hair...?

reggiewatts_150 karma

Be lucky that you don't have to work very hard at looking super badass.

Snoochers42 karma

The song (and music video) you did with Flight Facilities is awesome! And that Kid Cudi vid makes me happy. Any plans for more groovy music releases or collaborations? I guess what I'm saying is I want an album and more music and videos of you dancing and now I sound like a stalker...

reggiewatts_53 karma


First of all, that's an amazing comment / question.

Secondly, yes, there will be a lot more stuff coming out in the future. Now that I'll be in LA, I'll have a lot of time to make more things to put up online.

Grizzlam40 karma

In light of Heidegger's recently released personal notes, should we even teach Being and Time anymore?

reggiewatts_107 karma

I think we're going to be dealing with being, and time, and the awareness of being able to discuss being and time, for as long as we're aware.

have_d_will_travel38 karma

Could you elaborate your autotune comment on Twitter? Is it never a tool for expression or did you mean it's always a mask for terrible vocals?

reggiewatts_158 karma

I mean to say that autotune was created as a tool for the studio. To make corrections to various vocal takes. But since Cher, it came into the mainstream as a vocal effect. However, the effect is so overwhelming that it puts me into doubt as to whether the person or the performer using it is a good singer or not. And I think it's more important to be able to hear an actually talented voice than an effect that hides any of that value.

crayonammo37 karma

Who's your favorite member of animal collective?

reggiewatts_143 karma

I would say: the elk.

kawaiidan36 karma

Reggie, I have a vinyl pressing of your recording from Third Man Live. I managed to get the last one in stock on amazon. It's one of my most prized possessions.

My question is, what was it like working with Jack White?

reggiewatts_80 karma

Jack White is an amazingly mysterious yet playful person. He was just an amazing host, and a really amazing resource for musical history.

lukeyrads34 karma

When you come to the UK in April will you be doing any sightseeing? Judging by your calming vines I would say there's a lot of the country you would enjoy :) Also, thank you for that Ted talk you did, it was wonderful to watch.

reggiewatts_47 karma

Wow, that's very sweet.

I hope to do some sightseeing. But I have a feeling it'll be a quick trip. So I will do my best to experience as much as I can.

2paclovesbubblebaths32 karma

What's your go to munchie?

reggiewatts_76 karma

Go-to munchie, wow!

Goji berries.

IAmBecomeGay25 karma

Do you plan on working with Scott Aukermam on anything else in the future? You guys make a really great team on CBB. I'd love to see you get back together despite you leaving the show.

Also you should call him Todd Soccermom on an episode of CBB.

reggiewatts_79 karma

Yeah! I keep telling Scott we need to make a movie.

travisdufflebag22 karma


I get the feeling that you're pretty well-read/wise. Who are your biggest intellectual influences?

Also, you're great! I've enjoyed everything I've seen you do! Thanks for keeping it interesting.

reggiewatts_66 karma

Thank you and thank you. I haven't read a book since 1998. BUT I do read a lot of research and articles, and listen to people, and absorb as much as I can from everything around me, wherever I go.

HolleradoBand19 karma

Reggie, back when you were arranging the music for 'Louie', were there ever live-drums on any of the recordings? If so, who was the drummer who played on them?

reggiewatts_27 karma

The drummer who played on them is Matt Kilmer. And he went on to become the music director for seasons 2-now. He's amazing and I couldn't've made that music without him and his band.

Donaldsonian19 karma

Reggie! You are by far my favorite comic and live performer of all time. We met in Denver one time, I think it was me, my 2 friends and 4 other people at the show. Here is a picture of us:http://imgur.com/GSlL5nj

My question: What is up with the long painted finger nail? You always seem to have it.

Please keep doing what you are doing. I love it!

Oh, and good luck on your new show, I have a feeling it is the beginning of some big things for you.

reggiewatts_39 karma

Thanks for the well-wishes. The painted nail is just a hobby, really, that I've had since I was a teenager, that I kinda stole from Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller.

Funk9518 karma

Really loved some of your work with Soulive and the boys at Royal Family Records. Any chance you'll be working with them again?

reggiewatts_22 karma

I just jammed with Eric the other day, but who knows? No plans, but they're still part of the family, so anything's possible.

TechnoWaffleParty17 karma

Is there a good chance of seeing you getting strange n' funky on a TED stage in the future?

reggiewatts_25 karma

I certainly hope so. I love the audience at TED. They're a very interesting crew of people.

polyevolver17 karma

Would you put your hand in my cookie Jar ;)??????

reggiewatts_55 karma

Absolutely. But I would do it very carefully.

MeOfCourse5714 karma

Hello Reggie, thank you for doing this ama, I'm a big fan. My question to you is, what is in your opinion the perfect sandwich?

reggiewatts_53 karma

Probably... a lettuce-wrapped turkey burger, free range turkey burger, made with Kore Kitchen's special mustard, ketchup, and mayo.

Tiegur114 karma

Heyo, I know you're a pretty good pianist, structurally at least. What are some of you biggest influences musically? (Jazz,soul,funk,rnb influences primarily)

reggiewatts_34 karma

All of those that you mentioned. But also: synth pop from the 80's, pretty much all electronic music genres... and top 40 ballads and pop songs.

elislider13 karma

Reggie, love your stuff, seen you a few times, including opening for Conan in Eugene OR.

Will you (or did you?) ever do a real track of "Big Ass Purse"? That has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard of yours and the only recording I have is from my shitty phone in the audience.

Keep on rocking the sick 'fro.

edit: evidence!

reggiewatts_21 karma

Ha! Yes, there is a version that I did for the Conan writer's show maybe 4 years ago, or something like that. So you can check out that version. I never recorded it, formally.

peter13c12 karma

Do you have or have you had a pet(s)? If so, what animal(s) and what is/was its name?

reggiewatts_33 karma

I haven't had a pet since 1990. But I did have a parakeet, named "Beaky."

swisskabob12 karma

How much of your success do you attribute to the amazing growth rate of the hair on your head/face? Also, at what point do you get it cut/trimmed if ever?

reggiewatts_36 karma

I would assign 21% of my success to my hair. And never.

trigunned11 karma

Please define nnovative, locally-sourced, technical fabrics. What is that? (very intrigued to know).

reggiewatts_40 karma


They are technically-created and engineered fabrics, made from the inspiration that nature provides. Such as new school hiking pants, or breathable waterproof shells.

taylorguitar138 karma

What was your style when you first started doing live/public performances? I feel like people's initial reactions had to be interesting

reggiewatts_15 karma

Very similar to the style I have now, just a little bit more uncertain (if you could imagine).

PeerUbu7 karma

Hey Reggie! I recently got a littlebits Korg synth. Aside from being a spokesperson, did you have any input in the product? Also, any tips for getting good sounds out of it?

reggiewatts_18 karma

I messed with them for a little while, and promoted them because I think they're great for learning how synthesis works, but I don't use them in my performances. I would say just look at something like the OP1 by Teenage Engineering.

eggdrum7 karma

Hi Reggie! First of all, thank you for doing what you do! You are a main source of inspiration for my comedy and musical endeavors!

  1. Have you ever considered playing with Maktub again? Or another project that's more "serious"?

  2. If you rolled out a D&D character, what would you play?

reggiewatts_15 karma

1.) Absolutely. Now that I have a band for the Late Late Show, who knows? It might just become my real, actual band.

2.) I would play a Ranger, half-elf, half-human.

gentlyjackjones7 karma

Whatchu mean healthy bad? Gluten free donuts? Black bean burgers? De La Soul?

reggiewatts_19 karma


You mean like Xevia? Or synthetic alcohol? These German guys were working on it a few years ago, but I don't know what happened to it. Because in STAR TREK, they have something called "synthahol," or maybe NEXT GENERATION, and I was mentioning that because I don't like alcohol, it tastes like poison to me, and it sounded like something really cool - "synthetic alcohol" somehow would make it biologically more safe.

But I meant like Xenia soda, or raw Cacao treats, a raw Cacao truffle, or Kombucha instead of beer, hehe.

thedevast8or6 karma

Dear Reginald,

Who is your favorite actress of all time and why is it Natalie Morales? Thank you,

Natalie Morales (not of the today show)

reggiewatts_6 karma


It'll always be Natalie Morales of MIDDLEMAN!

Schles4 karma

Is there any significant, possibly academic meaning for Fuck Shit Stack?

reggiewatts_37 karma

Yes. One of its interpretations, or inspirations (for me) is that as long as you can say a lot of profanity, then that is the equivalent of all the work that goes into any hit pop / hip-hop tracks.

jaredinho4 karma

What was your first experience with drugs?

reggiewatts_19 karma

16 years old. Marijuana. But I didn't get high until my third time.

flyppr3 karma

Reggie, you often wear extravagant sweaters during performances. is there a story behind it and do you have a favourite one?

reggiewatts_7 karma

I like sweaters because they make me feel like I have some type of protective field around me.

I was probably greatly influenced by Bill Cosby, later on in my life, but come to mention it, I was wearing sweaters when I was 4 years old, as well as suspenders.

ladyinredddddd2 karma

Hey, Reggie. What's your fave DIY project? Any tips you'd like to share or not like to share?

reggiewatts_5 karma

I would say putting together photographic equipment. Just take your time, and be careful.

kawabi862 karma

As a natural hair enthusiast, what product do you use for the quaff? Also, what clef did you learn first, bass or treble? (Please say bass!)

reggiewatts_12 karma

Oh gosh, I don't use any products.

I'm gonna have to say both.

reggiewatts_15 karma

I learned piano, so you kinda had to learn both.

ntalattad2 karma

What are some bands that you're currently into?

reggiewatts_7 karma

I am currently into... Wild Nothing, Hugo Largo, The Presets...MAZE...and Gui Boratto.

ExAstrisAdAstra1 karma

Reggie! What was your first interaction with a loop machine?

reggiewatts_2 karma

Not sure. But it would've been around when the Line 6 DL4 first came out, in 1997 I believe.

crankbunny1 karma

Dear Reggie. You are stuck alone on a deserted island with one record for just the weekend - which album would that be? Go!

reggiewatts_6 karma


Wow. I guess Cocteau Twins, "Four Calendar Cafe."

Shaka_Waka0 karma

Dear Mr. Reggie. What's your favourite kind of chutney?

reggiewatts_5 karma


I'm not a chutney expert. But I would say the sweeter chutney.