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Do you have a crush on Joe Rogan?

I have a clip of you giving him some bashful bedroom eyes: http://i.imgur.com/DWKuTE6.gif

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In 1985 you played the character Joey Nathan in a series called Hometown. I truly missed this series when it got canceled. I loved it and I loved the premise of it.

As we regain contact with those with whom we grew up in this Facebook age, I can see us confronting all sorts of issues that we thought were cut and dried as teenagers (gosh, do they have the moral high ground.) That's exactly what these people were confronting: issues that had arisen that they never thought could happen to them, failing to meet expectations, changing potential, coming to terms with life as it happened rather than as you dreamed it to be. They were learning to live with the realization that potential was something you had in college, reality was now.

Clearly I was very impacted by this series, but Would you say you were really impacted by the moral lessons in this series as well?

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Was it fun to hang out on set with the guys from workaholics when you played Travis Rockne?

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Have you ever messed up a shoot and had to eat something gross a second time to get the footage right?

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Nobody does. It just shows up.