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is a French-American comedian and musician. His shows are mostly improvised and consist of stream of consciousness stand-up in various shifting personae, mixed with loop pedal–based a cappella compositions.

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reggiewatts_1526 karma

I would, but it's holographic, so there's nothing to send.

reggiewatts_1505 karma

I think i'll have to now.

reggiewatts_1480 karma

Because no one will stop picking sides and fighting wars.

reggiewatts_1142 karma

It was a response to all of the dumb pop / hip-hop videos that never seemed to get any better, or responsible.

reggiewatts_977 karma

I would store it.

reggiewatts_960 karma

1.) To see me, I'd definitely go somewhere where it's cool and comfortable. You can see me another time when it's easier to see me.

2.) You know, if it flows with the Universe, then yes. You can PM me more details.

reggiewatts_928 karma

Thank YOU! That's a huge deal. For those who haven't seen it: It's a Cave Thing.

reggiewatts_782 karma

Sativa. For sure.

reggiewatts_761 karma

Yes. I'm an emotional eater. And I don't like that.

reggiewatts_729 karma

Because you're a great person and I reflect that in you, possibly?