I've got a new special on Netflix called Spatial (out now) and I'm also the leader of the house band for The Late Late Show with James Corden. I'm also doing a lot of stuff in the VR space at https://altvr.com. A friend is helping me out today. Let's attempt to communicate.


Thanks everybody for being a part of this, and I hope to see you and hear from you in the future.

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pilluwed164 karma

Reggie, how do you balance work and family?

reggiewatts_353 karma

Very carefully, using a specific set of weights.

Reign_Wilson144 karma

How much of your TED Talk was improvised? It's the most fascinating and hilarious 10 minutes a human can experience. Thanks for doing this!

reggiewatts_234 karma

All of it was improvised.

dfuego131 karma

What percentage of your rants on stage are improvised vs pre-thought? And of your music? Thanks, you rock!

reggiewatts_221 karma

100% are improvised.

IgnacioVarga89 karma

wait... do you mean to say that all of your non-musical material is generally improvised from scratch?

reggiewatts_185 karma


fearmeloveme98 karma

Hey Reggie! How was working with stand-in band member Lady Gaga on the Late Late Show?

reggiewatts_150 karma

She was refreshingly down-to-earth, and very caring of other human beings.

I_am_mightyawesome92 karma

Do you want your pen back? I have it.

reggiewatts_172 karma

No, you can hold onto that.

I finally got around to getting another pen.

I_am_mightyawesome87 karma

I'll keep it safe, bruv.

reggiewatts_116 karma

Thank you.

M00SE_77 karma

How did you write such profound lyrics on Fuck Shit Stack?

reggiewatts_109 karma

It was a slow progression. The words just wrote themselves over time.

Demon_of_Pizza77 karma


reggiewatts_160 karma

Hmmm. I guess I'd lose my ability to taste food. That would help with weight loss.

BabiesGotTheBends74 karma

What's your all-time favorite Scotty Auks moment?

reggiewatts_147 karma

I guess there was one moment where he looked at someone and said "Who dat?"

That was pretty great.

eggdrum70 karma

What is your character class/alignment?

(ty for the laughs)

reggiewatts_206 karma

I usually play half-elf half-human rangers as Chaotic Good.

ScottTK65 karma

Favorite word?

Do you use beard oil?

Any vocal warm-up/exercise routine?

reggiewatts_130 karma

I guess one of them would be "obsequious."

I try to use beard oil, but I don't get the point.

And just sing all day long, then you'll always be ready.

Malcolm_Y61 karma

What are your thoughts about doing an AMA on the same day as Denzel Washington?

reggiewatts_121 karma

I have no comment at this time.

lulaalt55 karma

What has been your biggest "I have to get the fuck out of here as soon as possible" life moment?

reggiewatts_98 karma

Probably leaving Great Falls, Montana, at age eighteen. I was having a little bit of trouble with the law... so I had to leave. To Seattle. Immediately.

BabiesGotTheBends54 karma

What's your favorite Radiohead album?

reggiewatts_133 karma

OK Computer.

phamp1148 karma

In 1806, did you think that people might have been a little bit different than the way they are today?

reggiewatts_82 karma

I think that they were definitely very different. But also, there were many, many similarities.

WyrdPleigh48 karma

What's your most startling/jaw dropping experience on psychedelics?

reggiewatts_146 karma

Probably listening to "No Quarter" on really pure LSD in 1991 in my family's basement in Seattle.

LumpyCarini47 karma

Your last ama introduced me to Tram and Jellyfish. What artists have you been listening to lately?

reggiewatts_69 karma

Marconi Union. Any album.

SirMuzzadder47 karma


What came first, the music or the comedy? when did you decide to blend the two and what's the hardest part of doing so?

curiously, a musician people keep telling to do stand up

reggiewatts_74 karma

I guess I never really saw them as two different things? So one just kind of flowed into the other at different times.

SirMuzzadder26 karma

hey thanks Reg-meister!

P.S the new special is great. v inspiring (especially that bit about doing things with love) :)

reggiewatts_45 karma

Thanks! It's really important.

Licic44 karma

Reggie, have you ever considered for a second, shaving your head just to see what it felt like? I'm asking for a friend

reggiewatts_70 karma

I've done that twice before in my life. And yes, it has been really amazing. I might do it again at some point in the next year or so.

Ted_Geoghegan39 karma

What was your favorite hangout at The Holiday Village Mall?

Sincerely, someone else who escaped Great Falls, Montana at age 18.

reggiewatts_65 karma

The Blademaster. It's a knife store, full of knives and daggers and fantasy weapons. It still exists.

Ted_Geoghegan35 karma

Sure. It was right next to Sherlock's Home. Respect.

reggiewatts_67 karma

Yeah! Sherlock's Home was a knick knack gift shop. It had like, pipes and shit.

KeithLangford36 karma

How many instruments can you play? (and which)

reggiewatts_58 karma

I guess I can play two instruments. I play piano and violin.

h2omanjace33 karma

Do you happen to have the intro speech you gave for Devo while you were on tour transcribed? It was the most accurate description of Devo I have ever heard and I only wish I had a recording of it.

reggiewatts_48 karma

No, I don't have a recording of that, or a transcript. I was just riffing. But maybe someone out there did record that show? Just let me know what date it was. And maybe we can find it.

HotdogBoatshoes28 karma

Reggie!!!! Huge fan! I love your style and sound. Who would you say were your biggest musical influences growing up??

reggiewatts_57 karma

Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley. And James Brown.

HotdogBoatshoes23 karma

Thanks for the reply! And I gotta ask.. How cool was performing with LCD Soundsystem, and how do you feel about their reunion?

reggiewatts_35 karma

It was amazing. And a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with them onstage. They're some of my favorite musicians on the planet. The reunion was a little surprising. I really thought they were going to stick to their guns and never play again. Which I think would have been better in the long run. But I understand why they wanted to do that.

PSIFPA27 karma

How'd you join the Late Late Show? Did you leave Bang Bang to move to that show?

reggiewatts_55 karma

No, it was a coincidence. I quit Bang Bang and then got the offer for The Late Late Show.

Cuban_Reuben26 karma

Favorite sandwich?

reggiewatts_46 karma

That's so hard. Probably a sliced turkey vegenaise with a little mustard on gluten-free rice bread.

Cuban_Reuben16 karma

I'm liking your style Reg. What kind of mustard we talking?

reggiewatts_46 karma

Probably a nice stoneground mustard. Not too much. And evenly spread.

reggiewatts_32 karma

I'm not sure. It just appeared in my wardrobe somehow.

killertrashpanda25 karma

What are the chances you go to electric forest again sometime in the future?

reggiewatts_27 karma

I don't know. But I had a good time last time. I hope to come back someday.

R0TTENART22 karma

Yo Reggie!

You are an amazing person. If I were to ask you to do my little bar show in Brooklyn, is that something that would be likely to happen? And how would I make it happen if I couldn't offer money?

I just realized I'm an idiot and this show is not in Brooklyn. Will this make it more or less likely?

reggiewatts_40 karma

Hahaha! If I were in New York, and I had the time, I'd love to stop by.

R0TTENART14 karma

I will make time any time you have time, my man. First Mondays at Phoenix Bar, 13th and A. "Intimates: a small comedy show"

I will continue to love everything you do!

reggiewatts_36 karma

If you hear that I'm in town, bug me again on Twitter.

mountainwalker20 karma

Hey Reggie, love your stuff, keep it up, man.

Can you recommend a good entry level looper for live work? What's your favorite one to use?

reggiewatts_33 karma

Check out the Ditto Looper. It's really cool.

cosmiccraze15 karma

Hey Reggie! What was your favorite ep of CBB to shoot? Thanks!

reggiewatts_38 karma

I guess the Cop Swap episode.

DeleteTheTapes15 karma

Favorite music making gizmos and gadgets of late?

reggiewatts_22 karma

I guess the Eventide H9 Harmonizer.

Seeeab14 karma

Can i get your recipe for bahama mamas?

reggiewatts_38 karma


HeyImGilly13 karma

Reggie, you're hilarious. Unlike most comedians, you have a very eccentric style that makes you stand out. Is there a point in your life that you can pinpoint that led you to doing what you do as opposed to just regular stand-up?

reggiewatts_20 karma

Hmm. No, not really. I just listened to my intuition and always had a desire to perform.

Thereminz13 karma


What's the most rare/unique gear you have at home?

Like something you leave at home that you don't want messed up on stage

reggiewatts_22 karma


8UEV6Z12 karma

Reggie, first off you are amazing. I drove to Cincinnati to see you at MPMF & you blew my mind with your talent! What's your best life advice for a girl going through her quarter life crisis? What's your favorite food? Also Why did I see you in a photo on instagram with Travis Stever?

P.S. I love you

reggiewatts_30 karma

Just always remain curious. And self-educating. Don't be afraid to do things you're scared of, but be safe and smart about your decisions.


And I don't remember why. I love you too.

raditsetiawan11 karma

Yo Reggie! Been a fan since i saw you in the late late show! So how it feels to work with Corden?

And the important question, did you get high everytime you're shooting for the show?

reggiewatts_28 karma

I've only gotten high once...or no, twice, during the show as an experiment. But usually I like to do them straight so I'm aware of things that need to happen.

James is a really nice guy. He's super professional and very funny.

acyamancan10 karma

What would your story arc be if you were a doctor who character?

reggiewatts_19 karma

I would only survive one episode. But I would do my best to be a person.

LeslieVernon10 karma

Hey Reggie, How would you describe most of your DnD characters or your overall play style?

reggiewatts_25 karma

My characters are usually rangers, and I like to play with just basic dice and paper. No figurines or graph paper. I like to keep it in my head.

JSpinnler10 karma


Just recently got introduced to you by @midnight. I would love to see more of your stuff. What should I watch/listen to first?

reggiewatts_28 karma

Check out the new special on Netflix.

HappyPotato179 karma

Who are some of your biggest influences?

reggiewatts_25 karma

Siouxsie and the Banshees. Depeche Mode. Nitzer Ebb.

xtrafluffy2ply8 karma

Hey Reggie, can't wait to see you in Missoula on saturday; You're like the cooler older brother to everyone from Great Falls who went off to do things in the world. If I see ya i'll buy you a drink or something. I've been getting into funk lately, so I'm wondering what's your favorite funk/soul album? Also any current artists you're listening to?

reggiewatts_15 karma

Shuggie Otis, Freedom Flight. And then I ran into a new artist, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, and he has a song called "The Game."

chewp9118 karma

When you're in altspace do you have to move the headset to play music, or can you do it without seeing your instruments now?

reggiewatts_12 karma

I've done it without being able to see my instruments, literally, but there is a passthrough camera that gives me a vague outline of my gear.

Zan_H6 karma

What are your thoughts on oatmeal cookies?

reggiewatts_15 karma

As long as they're low in sugar and made with all-natural ingredients, they're okay.

TisTheWindAndNothing6 karma

Reggie, what's the best piece of music EVER written?

Love your TED talk (congratulations! ).

reggiewatts_9 karma

Thank you. And there are so many. There are so many factors to consider. But "Lush Life" by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane.

Introvetero5 karma

How do you keep your hair so primed and ready for the world?

reggiewatts_14 karma

I go see a professional.

continuousBaBa4 karma

Hi Reggie! Favorite country and/or western artist?

reggiewatts_15 karma

Probably Hank Williams.

kingofthechill694 karma

Hi Reggie! Big fan! Since no one has asked, I will: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

reggiewatts_9 karma

Probably the smaller horses.

arlencanhang4 karma

Do you ever sleep with socks on?

Would you say that you wear matching socks more often than not?

reggiewatts_15 karma

Sometimes. But I've gotten into the habit of not wearing my socks. I think it's better for your sleep (and your feet).

More often.

Karf4 karma

Reggie, besides Altspace, what are your favorite VR/Vive experiences? You down with the shooting galleries, or are you more of a "Look at this whale float by" man?

reggiewatts_9 karma

I like exploration simulations. Like The Lab.

[deleted]3 karma


reggiewatts_6 karma

That sounds familiar. I'd have to see a picture. And thanks.

WhereIsNormalcy3 karma

Who's your favorite comedian?

reggiewatts_17 karma

Rory Scovel.

phamp113 karma

How do you feel your role on the Late Late show compare with Comedy Bang Bang? While I love seeing you on both, sometimes I wish you had more freedom on the Late Late show to get weird. Do you feel like you can't get as weird on CBS?

reggiewatts_8 karma

Well, I'm not the main star of the show, and the show is a talk show. So there isn't a lot of time for too much extra stuff. I never worry about it. I make time for my own projects that allow for bigger ideas.

Lomanman3 karma

If you had to strike a pose, could you describe it to me?

reggiewatts_17 karma

Arms akimbo.

RadiantViper3 karma

What's your favorite science fiction film of all time?

reggiewatts_12 karma

The one that had the most impact and stimulated my imagination was The Empire Strikes Back.

_amnesiac3 karma

Who is your favorite muppet?

reggiewatts_19 karma


KnowledgeNate2 karma

Hey Reggie,

I'm trying to lose weight. It's been a lifelong problem. Any tips?

reggiewatts_22 karma

If you can afford it, try to find a great trainer to work out with. Work out three to four times a week. And reduce the amount of food you are eating. Try to get rid of things high in fat, salt and sugar. And talk to someone who knows about nutrition, and try your hardest to stick with it. Also, tell your friends and family to help you and encourage you.

itsmurmurr2 karma

Would you describe the best meal of your life for us?

reggiewatts_5 karma

I'd have to say the best meal would be a toss-up between Grace in Chicago and Providence in Los Angeles. They're both Michelin-starred restaurants. One is seafood. Providence has amazing truffle selections, and excellent caviar. Grace is very inventive, incredibly flavorful food. You have to try it.

pervysage16082 karma

How was your time in Seattle like? Did you like the city overall?

reggiewatts_7 karma

The city used to be really amazing and produced a lot of incredible music. Since leaving, I don't think it's gotten any better, and I think the tech industry is ruining the city's ability to support the arts.

portchester74922 karma

Have you ever been in an improv troupe or do you fly solo dolo?

reggiewatts_3 karma

I've done sketch comedies but not improv in a group.

ozrkmtnzoot2 karma

Hi Reggie, longtime fan and avid beatboxer. How did you discover beat boxing?

reggiewatts_18 karma

I think I first discovered it through The Fat Boys in a movie. Probably Disorderlies.

Scarbane2 karma

Why is James such a pussy when it comes to playing Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts?
Don't you think he'll die of heart failure brought on by obesity if he keeps eating everything on the table?

reggiewatts_3 karma

First of all, thank you so much for being concerned about his health. And second of all, I'm not sure. He seems to be a pretty healthy, resilient person, so I think he knows what he's doing. He's a professional after all.

Ramrod3122 karma

What's your favorite beer?

reggiewatts_6 karma

I don't drink beer. But if I had to, I'd go with something really dark. Like Murphy's.

ladyyuck2 karma

What is your favorite rendition of a Christmas/Holiday song?

reggiewatts_3 karma

I don't know if I have one! I'm sure Johnny Hartman sang one, and whatever he sang was great.

rod_kickass2 karma

Who would win in a fight Scott Aukerman or James Corden? Also what is the best breakfast cereal?

reggiewatts_9 karma

James would win in a fight. But would probably concede, because he's a gentleman.

Bran flakes. Organic bran flakes.

ontopic1 karma

Who is a grosser eater? James Corbin or Hot Saucerman Scott Aukerman?

reggiewatts_2 karma

Probably James Corbin.

pipsdontsqueak1 karma

Hey Reggie, what's your favorite dinosaur?

reggiewatts_2 karma


technicalityNDBO1 karma

You get to go back in history and re-do the theme song to ANY TV show. Which do you chose?

reggiewatts_5 karma

I guess I would probably redo the theme song for Small Wonder.

BEANandCHEE1 karma

Hey Brosef! I loved Spatial! Do you ever plan on doing larger tours? Albuquerque......

reggiewatts_5 karma

I hope to one day. But I don't have a ton of time these days.