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^This guy fucks

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Glad to see Harambe is watching over Fry.

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I gave you gold. There is something to be said about desperation, and the forms it can take, and what it can drive people to do.

My brother took his own life this past week. He had been diagnosed with manic-depression a couple of years ago. He was in a different sort of desperate situation - despite all of my family's attempts to help him throughout his young adult life, whether through therapy, medication, or financial support, he seemed to have a shroud about him. During his most difficult moments of depression, just getting out of bed and maintaining clean hygiene was a monumental achievement. I will always have doubts as to why he went through with his plan, but I can't help but wonder if I could have done something else to reach out to him and wrangle his desperation to the ground. He would have turned 27 tomorrow.

I suppose it is weird that I am telling all of this to a stranger on Reddit. I could have told any of my family or friends in person and gotten a more personal response, but I felt the need to say it for posterity. I could have said it on Facebook, but...I know the responses I get here will be more open and honest. Thank you for the analogy, and for helping me write out how I feel about this shitty situation I'm in.

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in Comic Sans

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I was told
There would be dank memes