Hi Reddit! We’re Jash - a comedy collective launching today at SXSW that’s going to feature original content by all of us - Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, Sarah Silverman and Reggie Watts (plus stuff by our friends). We’ll all be answering your questions for the next hour or so – so AUA!

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UPDATE: Thanks everyone - we have to go onstage at SXSW but thanks for coming by / asking questions and please come check out youtube.com/jash !

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javemport268 karma

For Michael Cera: What's it like being an actor, but also male?

michaelcera_558 karma

I'll take this one, guys.

Frajer192 karma

For everyone what is sex with Matt Damon like?

Sarah_K_Silverman388 karma

it's lemon-y.

Sarah_K_Silverman128 karma


Wootens166 karma

Acknowledge my existance!

Sarah_K_Silverman369 karma


MrMattShirley149 karma

Why Jash? How Jash? When, who, what's Jash?

iamTimHeidecker364 karma

These are questions you should be asking yourself.

stepuncle148 karma

My family is very conservative. What's the best way for me to "come out" to them as a diaper eater?

iamEricWareheim242 karma

Sorry, but I'm about to get a massage.

dallasjr129 karma

Hi all, this one is for Michael but feel free to answer at your will.

Michael, what's your favourite dessert?

michaelcera_402 karma

I'd like to pass it to Tim.

iamTimHeidecker466 karma

Chocolate slop.

Screenage124 karma

Apart from comedy, what else do you all collect?

Sarah_K_Silverman406 karma

I collect animal bones from forest fires.

iamTimHeidecker331 karma


reggiewatts_230 karma

Festival badges. I have just a shoebox just filled with those badges.

Sabored122 karma

Tim and Eric: Have you visited NotTimAndEric yet?

iamTimHeidecker236 karma

Yes, love those guys. God bless 'em.

lildeath115 karma

Are all of y'all into the jazz tobacco? The marijuano?

michaelcera_320 karma

i prefer "jash tobacco."

OneSixteenthSeminole109 karma

Reggie you are awesome. What was the inspiration behind "fuck shit stack"?

reggiewatts_343 karma

I was really annoyed with the vapid content of modern hip-hop videos.

jarrettbraun107 karma

Michael, when you get knocked down, do you get up again?

michaelcera_250 karma

After a while. I ask myself what happened.

vulgar_prophet105 karma

reggie: is michael cera as cute in person as he is on screen?

michaelcera_390 karma

I'll take this one guys.

real-eyes105 karma

For Michael Cera; what is your favorite album at the moment?

michaelcera_253 karma

My ipod broke. I'm trying to get it fixed, received a very costly estimate.

Rly_Do_Not_Want101 karma

What is the sexual energy like in your new comedy collective?

reggiewatts_160 karma

I'd say it's pretty neutral, which is the best possible way it could be for a comedy collective.

michaelcera_318 karma

I can't agree. Sometimes it's deafening.

reggiewatts_232 karma

Michael would say something like that.

djfootmerc100 karma

Tim - my name is Tim too. Do you have any life advice for fellow Tims?

iamTimHeidecker339 karma

Yes. Try adding a silent H after the T.

jarrettbraun92 karma

To All: Do you plan to do a Full House reboot?

iamTimHeidecker128 karma


rrtaylor91 karma

Is there a site where I can submit my resume to join your comedy team? I'm proficient in Microsoft Office and Excel. I can keep records of all your finances while you guys make em laugh! p.m. me for details.

Sarah_K_Silverman81 karma

theripped85 karma

Eric, how did you get hooked up with Beach House? (amazing video by the way).

iamEricWareheim160 karma

mutual admiration. and Maryland blue crabs.

flapperboobs84 karma


Sarah_K_Silverman141 karma

I am one of the few jews with not curly hair.

binladensdustyporn80 karma

I would just like to say I'm totally jazzed about it.

Sarah_K_Silverman213 karma

you're Jashed about it - meatball.

BoomDynamite71 karma

Let's get Jash to the front page

Sarah_K_Silverman108 karma

Thanks Sissy!

mrob273870 karma

What is your opinion on the way twitter is affecting the way jokes are made/distributed?

Sarah_K_Silverman411 karma

Shut up.

Jimothyscrye66 karma

If you guys were to start a band, who would play what instrument?

reggiewatts_246 karma

I would think that Michael is a bass guitar kind of guy. I'd say Sarah would sing. Eric would play lead axe. Tim would play rhythm vox. I would play the mouth or first chair second violin.

michaelcera_321 karma

I'd like to take a stab at working the mix board.

PerryLJackson64 karma

What would you say the difference is between a 'troupe' and a 'collective'?

Sarah_K_Silverman132 karma

A collective is us collecting our different styles, we're not collaborating on everything, we're just collaborating sometimes.

iamTimHeidecker116 karma

We're a network that will make stuff. We're not an improv group.

Tattooth60 karma

Where can I signup for my JISH membership?

iamEricWareheim92 karma

We will link from Jash.com. In legal negotiations, having a HARD time.

StupidUsername12358 karma

Reggie has incredible hair. How much does it all weigh?

reggiewatts_153 karma

Less than you might think. And no, I can't use it as a pillow.

Think_About_Garfield57 karma

Excited for this. Tim & Eric how is the new adult swim show coming along?

iamTimHeidecker156 karma

It's coming along great. We're shooting the pilot next week.

UserPending56 karma

This looks like it'll be a lot of fun to watch and for you all to make. You all being from somewhat different realms of comedy, how did this all come together? Who's Idea was this?

iamTimHeidecker113 karma

The idea of us all being from very different realms of comedy made it all make sense.

Borain55 karma

Hey Tim, are you still up for lunch in Ormond Beach some day?

iamTimHeidecker156 karma

No, I don't do lunch but my father lives there. And is probably available for lunch if you keep it on the early side.

shoontz55 karma

Tim is the tip of your finger OK?

iamTimHeidecker133 karma

Yes it grew back.

juststayfocused52 karma

I realize you can't answer ALL my questions but: Preferred internet provider?

michaelcera_296 karma


reggiewatts_76 karma


dutchoven3252 karma

Any shoutouts to corporate sponsors? (The most supportive ones)

michaelcera_234 karma

Mountain Dew Quickfart.

iamTimHeidecker180 karma

Safe Light Repairs.

iamEricWareheim199 karma


reggiewatts_102 karma

K-tel records and ISPEP.

Swirlyman51 karma

For Tim & Eric, what would you call your genre of comedy? I can see Eric as being deadpan, but Tim I couldn't say.

iamTimHeidecker271 karma

Spa comedy.

shrekpiss43 karma

How often can we expect new content from you guys?

reggiewatts_143 karma

From me every day. Every day a new video guaranteed.

iamTimHeidecker142 karma

You're not going to be barraged with shit. We prefer quality over quantity. Jash.com.

UserPending42 karma

What is your biggest pet peeve?

reggiewatts_234 karma

66 pounds.

ShartParty39 karma

Why can't I see my hands?

reggiewatts_138 karma

We don't answer Carlos Castaneda references.

freshandsilky38 karma

Fan mail address? I'd like to send the Jash team a couple boxes of premium diapers.

iamTimHeidecker58 karma

We're strictly online. We don't have an address.

JTIZNIPS38 karma

Question for all:

Who smells better, Tim or Eric?

Sarah_K_Silverman152 karma

Tim and Eric both smell better than Tim & Eric.

michaelcera_152 karma

In the morning, I can say that Tim smells pleasantly unfouled.

Ax3lface33 karma

What is the 2nd best website on the net?

iamEricWareheim213 karma


reggiewatts_97 karma


davebees27 karma

are you gonna be making music together or just jokes

reggiewatts_138 karma

I'm just going to be jashin' the whole time.

darkness_dragon27 karma

do you guys ever get rowdy on set?

Sarah_K_Silverman85 karma

Nope, we're pros.

reggiewatts_98 karma

We're stone cold pros.

BreadnCircus25 karma

If you all went on a camping trip, what would you bring? Where would you go?

iamEricWareheim72 karma

Yosemite. Found diapers. Mountain Dew Kickback!

gregregatron21 karma

What is Buh?

iamTimHeidecker53 karma

Buh is a subsidiary of jash featuring content created by friends and family of the Jash team.

[deleted]21 karma

I just want to say, I love everyone's work. I want to single out Reggie and ask how would you give advice for someone who wants to get started in a similar style of art as yourself. Like equipment to get started and what to look for in an audience? To all of you, what is the one major connection that bound you to start JASH?

reggiewatts_66 karma

You should start by not worrying about the equipment. Just hang out in the scene that you want to be a part of, make friends and then try to get up as much as you can and go from there.

jarrettbraun21 karma

Reggie, how can I get that hair?

reggiewatts_112 karma

Come find me.

Eriktbrown18 karma

Do you guys (JASH) ever plan on doing live shows or touring or anything like that?

iamTimHeidecker97 karma

We'll be touring online.

thatslayerchick17 karma

Where can I see Piss Cup Live in the near future?

iamTimHeidecker60 karma

They are playing at Slops tomorrow night.

ccmaguire15 karma

Especially for Reggie, but everyone, where do you go if you are in NYC for a night?

Sarah_K_Silverman31 karma

B&H Dairy on second ave. between St. Marks and Seventh.

reggiewatts_31 karma

Night Hawk Cinemas.

grimcake12 karma

How did Jash become one?

reggiewatts_68 karma

If you read ancient greek mythology, you should be able to figure that out.

DaintySload5 karma

Windy city heat 2? It needs to happen

iamTimHeidecker12 karma

I agree with this.

Nygnug4 karma

Would you rather have 100 strawberry-sized pineapples, or 1 pineapple-sized strawberry?

michaelcera_24 karma

Who eats man-made fruit anymore?

Sarah_K_Silverman27 karma

Moutain Dew DOES Fruit. Fruit! 5% of the fruit is fruit.