Hi Reddit, Reggie Watts here. I did an AMA with the Jash team recently - here's the link - and wanted to come back and take more of your questions solo. I'm here and ready, so ask away!

EDIT @ 2:38 - thanks for all the great questions guys, this has been a lot of fun. I see that a lot of people really like "Fuck Shit Stack" so I'd love to get your thoughts on "If you're Fucking" - it's an incredibly helpful video. LINK I'll see you all real soon.

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planx_constant1111 karma

Will you ever perform Jamaican dance hall music under the name "Reggae Witts"?

reggiewatts_1505 karma

I think i'll have to now.

wontusis637 karma

I remember seeing you on Bill Nye as a child, but not knowing it was you until you tweeted the clip a few weeks ago. Thank you for enhancing my youth, full-circle

reggiewatts_928 karma

Thank YOU! That's a huge deal. For those who haven't seen it: It's a Cave Thing.

Lioncraig5594 karma

Hey there, I have some fuck and some shit. What would you recommend I do with it?

reggiewatts_977 karma

I would store it.

xanax_anaxa377 karma

In a glass bowl?

reggiewatts_716 karma

A glass bowl is definitely the way to do it.

k3vk3vk3vin530 karma

I am going to my fifth Bonnaroo this year, and I know you are a Roo veteran as well. One of the only things I dislike about the festival is the difficulty (or at least inconvenience) of getting into the comedy tent to see comedy acts. You have to miss out on so many other Roo goodies just sitting there for hours in the hot sun waiting to get in. My two-part question for you is…

1.) If you were a festival goer, how many hours would you be willing to wait in the hot sun to get into the comedy tent to see Reggie Watts?

2.) Will you join my friends and I at our campsite for some late night shenanigans?

reggiewatts_960 karma

1.) To see me, I'd definitely go somewhere where it's cool and comfortable. You can see me another time when it's easier to see me.

2.) You know, if it flows with the Universe, then yes. You can PM me more details.

Galileo5442 karma

When I first heard your music, I was immediately struck by your incredible vocal talent (range, control, self-harmonizing, everything) and your understanding of music theory and structure, which seemed to give you the ability to make genuinely good music by improvising.

Do you have plans of releasing songs/videos of songs of you doing more melodic and vocal work? I could listen to songs like Rainbows for years on end.

Much love!

EDIT: Another video of the kind of stuff I'm talking about for other people who are interested.

reggiewatts_546 karma

Yes, the plan is to do some straight-up music stuff this year and release it this year. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to check out my new stuff.

Thank you very much for your kind words, that is very sweet of you.

Gorillaz2189378 karma

Your golf sweater you wore on Conan, where can I get it?

reggiewatts_621 karma

I don't even know how I got it. I think I got it at a thrift store in Great Falls, Montana.

Mehworth1006 karma

That's probably where you got it. With Great Falls come great sweaters.

reggiewatts_662 karma

That's awesome.

bootsandbrick373 karma

I'm hesitant of us becoming friends. Now it's your turn to convince me.

reggiewatts_675 karma

OK, let's be friends.

vishal2100372 karma

Can you mail me some of your hair?

reggiewatts_1526 karma

I would, but it's holographic, so there's nothing to send.

appendix12358 karma

What was it like working with Scott ackurman? Is there a season 2 of comedy bang bang coming?

reggiewatts_555 karma

Yes, we're halfway through filming season 2 of Comedy Bang Bang. Scott is one of the smartest, funniest guys I know and it's a pleasure to work with him. We goof around and make bad puns to each other a lot.

BrainzLA340 karma

Dear Reggie,

Your big-ass hair rubbed against my face at the Hot Tub Comedy show in L.A. a few weeks ago. It was one of the best moments of my life. You are awesome.

reggiewatts_438 karma

I'm glad that such happenstance things can cause so much joy.

oregonduk305 karma

Hey Reggie, am I fucking?

reggiewatts_429 karma

Most definitely.

joffsie267 karma

Reggie, After such a positive experience on tour with Conan, have you still had any contact with him or his team?

reggiewatts_477 karma

Yes, I performed with them in Austin - I'm on the show semi-regularly and we're a bunch of forever friends.

Girrzimm237 karma

if your afro were to fight ?uestlove's afro, who would win?

reggiewatts_653 karma

Well, I don't think that would happen as both of them are anti-fighting.

fabbby228 karma

I have your pen.... do you miss your pen?

reggiewatts_368 karma

I don't, unfortunately.

Befoul205 karma

Why are you my favorite?

reggiewatts_729 karma

Because you're a great person and I reflect that in you, possibly?

Lucifurnace197 karma

who would you most like to collaborate with?

reggiewatts_597 karma

I would like to collaborate with...I don't know, maybe Jack White would be fun? Robert Glasper. Or Michael Mayer from Kompact Records.

rhinofinger276 karma

Oh my god, please collaborate with Jack White. I don't even know how that would work, but I get the feeling listening to it would give me an awesomeness-induced stroke.

You two are kinda my favorites right now.

reggiewatts_274 karma

Oh it's really sweet to hear that. It would be an honor to work with Jack, he's a very complicated person who's capable of almost anything.

grumbythump185 karma

I met you a few weeks ago. We talked about living on the same streets in the East Village for a while (3rd and b). You were super cool and you remembered my address. I regret not inviting you over to kick it that same night. Thanks for being dope.

reggiewatts_237 karma

Yea, thanks man! I remember!

HurpaDurpDeeDurp149 karma

Where did you get the inspiration for some of the weirder lines in your songs? Fuck shit stack in particular, your lyrics are just whack sometimes.

reggiewatts_368 karma

Yeah, I have no idea really. They just happen in the moment, whatever the dumbest shit is, that's what happens. For the inspiration for my latest video "If you're Fucking, You're Fucking" - the inspiration was just how dumb it is. The idea of how dumb it is to have a song that addresses a question that no one would ever ask...

Pizza_bagel140 karma

Any plans to continue collaborating with James Murphy of LCD? It was a treat to see you in "Shut Up and Play the Hits."

reggiewatts_179 karma

Yea, James and I have talked about doing something together but he's such a busy guy it will happen when it happens naturally.

thecreativeocelot136 karma

Hey Reggie, just wanted to say you're the best at fusing music and comedy and I love it when you improvise your made up language. That shit's the bomb.

reggiewatts_154 karma

That's sweet - I love doing it!

solventstencils125 karma

SO how do you REALLY feel about Mountain Dew Kickstart?

reggiewatts_559 karma

I think it's definitely a drink.

JakNoLa120 karma


Who are "The Gatekeepers" that you refer to, with their nefarious intents? Who were/are some of your most influential teachers in life? What are some of your favorite and most profoundly wise books? Thank you for speaking so fluently in the beautiful language of Human.

reggiewatts_205 karma

Haha this is amazing. Thank you for being so nice. The Gatekeepers - they're basically the people in charge of letting things into the various distribution networks, like TV, film, radio, curators, anybody that has the ability to say yes or no to something being a part of a network. For influential teachers, I would say my piano teacher Mrs. Riesenberg; Linda Lydiard, my violin teacher; Jay Clayton, my jazz voice teacher; and the Universe. For favorite books, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters; The Alchemist; The Tao of Physics; and Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution.

Jawknee100 karma

Reggie, I think you're the cat's pajamas. Question is, if I had a really cool song called "Daddy's Money" coming out soon, would you do a verse on it?

reggiewatts_164 karma

Maybe... PM me details?

NeilRB99 karma

tell the truth. what. planet. are. you. from.

reggiewatts_253 karma

A planet called Zalzar.

DasAlbatross95 karma

How much preparation goes into a performance? The way you can flow through the songs is amazing. Do you put together pieces or lyrics or is it all on the fly?

You are a genius, sir.

reggiewatts_255 karma

Oh, thank you! It's all on the fly. I can't remember anything, so it has to be that way.

RedditTooAddictive92 karma

Are you high right now ?

reggiewatts_226 karma

Not yet...

0_x92 karma

How was your experience on TedTalks?

reggiewatts_163 karma

It was great, it was amazing. It was kind of a life goal of mind to do it, and it was incredible to be around so many amazing people.

e46e46e4675 karma

which 90s rnb singer does your hair taste most like?

reggiewatts_128 karma

Angie Stone.

thisisobscure71 karma

Hey Reggie, huge fan here and am glad you're doing this AMA! You my friend are a musical/lyrical genius. Any pointers or tips for those of us who would like to improve our improv skills?

reggiewatts_238 karma

Yes, just don't be afraid to do really dumb shit.

Obuier69 karma

Just dropped by to say hi :D Also, pancakes or waffles?

reggiewatts_185 karma

Pancakes. Blueberry flapjacks, specifically, with a little bit of syrup.

dearlife68 karma

Can you do me a favor and give a shout out to my shithead ex boyfriend who never helped to pay rent/bills and mooched off me while being perpetually high for a year? He loves you.

I love you, too, he just loves you more.

I got really irritated when you were last on the Talking Dead. I felt like you couldn't get a word out without being interrupted.

reggiewatts_174 karma

Well, first of all, here's a big shoutout to your not-very-helpful ex-boyfriend. Hopefully he'll come to his senses later in life, realize his mistakes, and make it up to you somehow.

And about The Talking Dead, it was an honor to be on the show, even if I had gotten to say nothing, being next to those guys was enough for me.

beepboopblorp63 karma

How big is your record collection? Your favorite record?

reggiewatts_211 karma

If you're speaking of actual records, my actual record collection is about 13 records. And if you're speaking of music including MP3s, a couple thousand. My favorite record would have to be the Go-Between's "16 Lovers Lane" or "The Glove" or Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" and anything by Boards of Canada plus the Memory House EP.

heyitsryan60 karma

Where do you get your amazing sweaters and how many of them do you have in your collection?

reggiewatts_130 karma

Oh, I don't know - maybe 9 sweaters? I haven't really counted. I get them all over, sometimes they are given to me from warddrobe, sometimes they are gifted to me, sometimes I run into them. The most interesting way I've gotten a sweater - I got a bunch of sweaters from a Playboy shoot when I was interviewed for the magazine.

mstrorbit57 karma


reggiewatts_141 karma

It was confused at first, and then I think they were enjoying themselves, and then afterwards I had a lot of great conversations with people. I think they were expecting a serious talk from someone, and then they realized that that wasn't going to happen, and they let themselves enjoy it.

airportstyle53 karma

What is your favourite industrial album?

reggiewatts_101 karma

That is so hard - I think Nitzer Ebb, "That Total Age."

droctopu552 karma

I remember a late-night loft party where you sang and flew a remote-control UFO around the room.

Do you have any plans to work with other unidentified flying objects, or at least collaborating with aliens?

Keep up the good work. We're all counting on you.

reggiewatts_96 karma

Yes, I look forward to working with many more aliens along the way.

General_Juicebox43 karma

hey reggie, im a big fan and you are one bad ass mother fucker. ive got a couple of questions:

What music are you listening to?

whose the nicest guy in showbiz?

whats your favorite style of martial arts (or kung fu movie)?

whats your favorite instrument to play?

if first i take some fuck, then i take some shit, and i put them together, what do i get?

reggiewatts_106 karma

Thanks man!

1) What music am I listening to - well I have been listening to Blue Foundation, or Cocteau Twins, "Four Calendar Cafe."

2) The nicest guy in showbiz might be Conan O'Brien.

3) I did like Kung Fu movies growing up, I liked "Couching Tigers, Hidden Boyfriend" - but I might have gotten the title wrong.

4) I guess if it's not my voice, a synthesizer.

ThatFigures42 karma

My son didn't take out the recycling before he went to school this morning. I'm pretty annoyed about it. Any advice on how to deal with it when I get home later?

reggiewatts_111 karma

Tell him he should remember to take out the recycling because it will make him feel better, it will make him feel good in the end.

terra82339 karma

how have you iterated on the gear (pedals, loopers, keyboards, etc) since you've started? and what about your current set-up is particuarly awesome?

reggiewatts_79 karma

There's not a lot of building, it just started out with one pedal and now i have 3 pedals. The keyboard is something that I've always used; for the most part, I've always used the same keyboard but now i also use an OP-1.
I like that my setup is small and compact and lo-fi and that there's no laptop anywhere in sight.

bigduckman38 karma

What's your favorite kind of dog?

How did you learn how to do all of this cool stuff?

Did you have musical training or is it all natural talent?

reggiewatts_118 karma

My favorite kind of dog is a nice dog.

I studied classical piano for 11 years, and classical violin for 8 years, and did 2.5 years of jazz voice training. So a combination of both?

sasquattchie32 karma

Reggie, I have always wanted to learn how to make noises with my mouth. Can you make an instructional video on how to do that?

reggiewatts_144 karma

I would, but then you wouldn't get to discover it on your own like I did!

thombudsman30 karma

What's the worst thing you can say about Scott Aukerman?

reggiewatts_136 karma

The worst thing about him is that he is unfortunately unable to walk through walls.

piersanterp29 karma

I was wondering, what are your favorite effects pedals?

reggiewatts_73 karma

The Line 6 DL4, and the EHX 45000!


Hi Reggie! First off I'm a huge fan ever since I saw Fuck Shit Stack, but it wasn't until I watched your Humor in music at PopTech, that I realized how amazingly talented you are.

I was wondering how much of those songs and your routine during that performance was previously written, or did you improvise most of it? Thanks!

reggiewatts_48 karma

I improvise all of it, and thank you very much!

iamscully22 karma

Can I have one of your sweaters please?

reggiewatts_75 karma

Sure, when I'm done with it.

ma_c18 karma

Have you ever done any painting or visual art? I'd be curious to see what it looked like.

reggiewatts_57 karma

Yes, in highschool I was in AP art. I specialized in graphite and lithography. It's not anywhere online really. But that might change.

Lomax31118 karma

hey reggie, just wanted to know if you have any pets? if so what kind

reggiewatts_136 karma

I don't have any pets. I have 2 plants. I don't know what kind of plants they are, they're green and they hang out.

Ron_Donald17 karma

What current/new musicians/bands do you think will stand the test of time?

reggiewatts_70 karma

In new music - I'd say Feist, Van Hunt, TV on the Radio, Kendrick Lamar.

pkjay15 karma

You seem to really know a lot about electronic music, from your musings on dubstep and moist beats to that warehouse beat you make with your throat sometimes. I was wondering what your relationship has been with it in your music-making and listening careers? Do you like to go to electronic shows and clubs often? Thanks and much love

reggiewatts_41 karma

Yea, I used to go to electronic / dance clubs very very often - I don't as much anymore, but I did go last week and it was amazing to hear some tech-house again - and so I draw a lot of inspiration from electronic music, always. The club i went to was called Output in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

roofkelly13 karma

Hey Reggie! I am big fan. I was just wondering what's the funniest movie(s) you have ever seen?

reggiewatts_61 karma

I would say THE WRONG GUY (it's a David Foley movie) and WANDERLUST and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

56076812 karma

I am a big fan of your music, your beatboxing-type stuff in particular. I'd just like to know where you get inspiration.

reggiewatts_26 karma

I get it from music my friends listen to, things i hear on the radio, really anywhere i hear music and machines.

myfriendm12 karma

Hey Reggie, very excited about Jash. What can we expect to see from you? Solo stuff or will there be interaction with the other fine Jash folks?

reggiewatts_16 karma

Yes, there is going to be a combination of stuff I want to do and stuff that I end up doing collectively with the other members of Jash. Check out If You're Fucking!

oojamaflipper12 karma

will you be playing any british festivals this year? i cant help but think glastonbury would suit you down to the ground. such a magical place, such a glorious wizard. _^

reggiewatts_22 karma

Yeah, I will be but I don't know which they are. I'll keep you guys posted.

consequent_shrugs11 karma

is there someone who you've always been an an admirer of who has in these years past become an admirer of you? like joe pesci maybe?

reggiewatts_26 karma

Yea... Ken Marino. I was always a big fan of his, STELLA SHORTS, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, THE STATE - anything he has been on, he has been nothing short of knocking it out of the park - I've never seen him do a not-good job ever. He's just a genius. I don't know what it is, he plays a dick but he has such a huge heart and you can always feel that. He's amazing.

ShogunPhone9 karma

Do you have a nickname for the little green machine you use?

reggiewatts_23 karma

It's called the Lime 6.

DeuceLoosely8 karma

I absolutely love your ability to combine ridiculously funny and unconventional humor with serious musical talent. that bit with the never-quite-right microphone stand gets me every and every damn time.

Based on some of your performances and your uncanny ability to channel UK MCs in all their cheeky glory, I have to assume that you're at least familiar with dubstep, drum & bass and bass music in general (how else would you know that Skrillex was the one artist that ruined dubstep.)

so, are you really a fan of the genre? what are your favorite types of music for general purpose listening and/or sweater shopping?

also, thank you for being you and bringing this style of humor to the masses.

reggiewatts_28 karma

Haha - yeah I'm a big fan of UK electronic music, and was a huge D&B fan in the 90s - I still am, and I like also like dubstep but all great music gets assimilated into the mainstream. Dubstep can be really great, and it's just frustrating when all music genres eventually get absorbed into the mainstream, but you gotta keep fighting for the underground and not get too frustrated.

Cant_Afford_iPhone3 karma

Has another other stacks been effective for you other then the ole fuck-shit?

Also, you are awesome.

reggiewatts_8 karma

Stacked records have been pretty effective.

FartaLoose3 karma

Just came here to say hi! My gf and I love you, we saw you perform at glasslands in brooklyn a few months back. You're awe insipiring.

ALso, do you ever play with thumbjam (iphone app). What's your favorite iphone app?

reggiewatts_8 karma

I do play with thumbjam - my favorite iphone app is probably everyday looper. And thank you very much for your you-ness!

mynickname862 karma

I'm sure your already answered this, but what is the music that is the best to prepare yourself for a gig?

reggiewatts_3 karma

Front 242 is pretty good to listen to, or Nitzer Ebb.