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BrainzLA340 karma

Dear Reggie,

Your big-ass hair rubbed against my face at the Hot Tub Comedy show in L.A. a few weeks ago. It was one of the best moments of my life. You are awesome.

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oh, we're judging you and i think we have all come to the conclusion you're really cool.

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Dear Sarah Michelle Gellar,

My girlfriend said she wouldn't let me name our kid Buffy if we have a daughter. Can you convince her otherwise? Something to the effect of

"Dear Rebecca,

Please let Brian name your daughter Buffy.


That would really help. Or if you also think it's a bad idea, I'll do whatever you tell me to do.

Love, Brian

A Fan Who Would Cry If I Ever Met You

BrainzLA6 karma

Dear Slink! YOUR ACTING IS DEVINE. My friends and I all loved the show right off the bat. We get together on Thursdays, fire up our projector and laugh our asses off. I've been obsessed with Black Jesus since those shorts that were put out AGES ago. They were usually only a couple of minutes long? I can't find them anywhere! Any clue if those will ever resurface?

Also, do you guys do any improvisation with your lines? You just seem so in touch with the character!

p.s. Prayin for season 2!!

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Hey hannibal! I love you. I feel so fortunate to have seen you do big shows and little shows.

I want to apologize for pointing at you one night nearly half a year ago. I went with some friends to JC Coccoli's Monday night show in L.A., and we were really hoping you would show up. You didn't show up, and the show finished, so we went outside to smoke. We started talking about you, and, in the middle of our conversation, YOU SHOWED UP!!! So I pointed at you in disbelief. I told you I was a fan and you thanked me. So, maybe, you didn't notice I pointed. Sorry either way.

Also, thanks for letting my girlfriend kiss you: http://i.imgur.com/BTZoYsg.jpg

And thanks for walking with her arm in arm up to the Punchline in SF when we saw you perform in Nov. 2012. They asked if she was with you and you said yes. And she regrets bailing on you to this day. LOVE YOU, MAN!!