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I have been an active amBassador since Bass Center 2, and although I don’t feel as intimate of a connection with the recent Bassnectar sound, I’m still highly invested in the surrounding community and social movement. So I have a couple questions I would love to see you dig into—

-What happened to the socio-political meditations and musings during your sets? I understand that Twitter/Facebook have revolutionized the channels available for spreading such a message, but your thoughts on the crazy aspects of global society were really a defining and distinguishing characteristic of your SHOWS for a long, long time. I miss that.

-Do you plan to expand the Amorphous label to other up-and-coming artists?

-What are your ideal pizza toppings?

-Not a question, but I’d love to hear Heads Up 70bpm ORIGINAL Mix on this wham-bam bonkers spring tour. That particular song really captures the force/sound/weight/oddfunk that embodies Bassnectar to me.

EDIT: shameless plug-- if you're looking for some bassy goodness to jam while you're reading through Lorin's answers, I'd be honored for you to take my 808%-Bassnectar-inspired mix for a whirl

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I know that DMT is a common topic that people ask you about-- but I really wanted to ask you about the disinformation that has been spread about it.

A lot of people I have heard speak about DMT reference you, or the Spirit Molecule documentary, or both-- and they mention how it's produced in the pineal gland, and that it's released into the brain when we're born/and when we die, or that we experience it when we dream.

From what I understand, this is all completely conjecture-- truly the only thing we know about DMT is that it's found in our bloodstream, and that we can extract from all kinds of different organisms. And we certainly know that it's one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) and most "spiritual-feeling" psychedelic compounds that we have discovered.

So what I want to ask is--

-Do you think it's a problem that this kind of conjecture is being passed off as fact? Or are you just glad that people are hearing about a gateway to new consciousness that they weren't aware of before?

-Do you plan to take any steps to ensure that people learn the real facts about DMT (and other psychedelics) since you have a significant opportunity to influence many different people's opinions/understanding?

-Do you think DMT may be "our generation's LSD" in some sense?

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"cut up" just means joking/horsing around

of course, with names like Carlos and Bryce, they could have just been chopping out fat lines of some sweet Bolivian marching powder

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Damn. I should have put that question first D:

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What got you into beatboxing? Any specific inspiration, or just figuring out how to make the weirdest sounds possible on your own time?

also, Story Time:

    Two summers ago I ran into you at the Nashville airport (either right before, or right after Bonnaroo). I had been a HUGE fan since Why Shit So Crazy was released (actually all the way back to What About Blowjobs, but that's a different query altogether!) -- it wasn't exactly hard to pick you out of the crowd, but I hollered at you with a wave and with a big smile you came over to say hey.

    I know you were in a hurry, but you stayed to chat with me and my Grammy (who I was rolling through the terminal in her wheelchair). You even waited patiently so we could flag down a stranger to snap a picture. Grammy was somewhat perplexed anout why I was so excited to meet my favorite beatboxing surrealist (this label hardly does you justice) -- but she did comment on what a polite young fella you were!

    Im sure everyone else can ask more poignant questions than myself -- but I just wanted to share the story! I couldn't make it down to the OddBall festival in ATL so I hope we'll get you back in Nashville soon.

EDIT: The best picture ever taken in an airport