ALRIGHT, I'm done. Thanks to everyone who participated. If you want to ask me anything else, you can tweet at me - @JensenClan88 or keep up to date through my website,

And pick up my book, "Kanye West Owes Me $300," here - you can buy it here -

I'm a writer/comedian now, but in 2000, I was one of LA's biggest battle rappers and ended up with a million dollar recording contract at Interscope. I recorded tracks w/ Redman, Fabolous, DJ Quik, Mya, DJ Clue, and a young Kanye West. And he owes me money. I just released a book about the experience (spoiler: I didn't blow up).

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flamingglobes1470 karma

Is 'The Real Slim Shady' about you?

jensenkarp1345 karma

the fish in the sea line always felt personal, but I think it's a line in general about Interscope signing a few of us, especially Bubba who had a hit with Ugly right before that.

DartagnanRomances180 karma

If it had come down to it, do you think you could have taken him in a battle?

jensenkarp363 karma

he woulda had me, but I woulda got close

ADIDASects42 karma

You seen what Bubba looks like now? Google it.

jensenkarp61 karma

he's the man

boston_shua1397 karma

What do you plan to do with the money when you collect? Have you thought of pressuring Mark Zuckerberg to give Kanye that money?

jensenkarp2002 karma

I'm going to buy one of his weird burlap ponchos.

boston_shua788 karma

You should cut out a penis hole so you never have to take it off

jensenkarp1368 karma

cuts out a penis hole immediately

dereklipkin717 karma

Have you ever been approached to do "Drunk History"? Because a drunk hip-hop history would be amazing.

jensenkarp943 karma

I actually think I'd suck on the show. I'd get drunk and then barf then sleep.

MikkelDiskerud598 karma

What am I supposed to do with this Nike Fuelband?

jensenkarp1397 karma

jerk off and brag on social media with the stats

ajs427193 karma

I just ran .2 miles with my Fuelband!

jensenkarp350 karma

shake it around and lie

STRTO_Danklord9001129 karma

You are officially my favorite person now, u/jensenkarp

jensenkarp151 karma


jensenkarp415 karma

Hello Reddit. I am ready to answer whatever questions you have or just willing to tell you "Fuck your dreams." Either way, happy to be here.

JC537181 karma

What was it like working with Kanye? Was his ego as big then?

jensenkarp909 karma

Honestly, he was mostly pretty chill. I never saw a crazy "ego" per se, but he was also the kind of guy that would force a waitress to listen to him rap, even if she clearly wasn't all that into hearing him. Back then it was more of a determination than an ego. He believed he would be the biggest rapper and literally no one else did.

anotherdrtysocialist195 karma

He had just got done reading "The Secret" huh?

jensenkarp320 karma

would make more sense than what actually happened I bet

TwoTinyTrees374 karma

Did you ever vomit spaghetti on your sweater during a rap battle?

jensenkarp726 karma

naw, but my knees were always weak.

etamaros332 karma

Hey Jensen. I wonder - Is Will Smith a good rapper? Also, What about his music?


For those who don't know Jensen and never heard him speak - he is EASILY one of the greatest story-tellers i have ever heard. It should translate well into book form.

jensenkarp602 karma

Will Smith WAS a good rapper, yes. His first album Rock The House is kinda the jam. And obviously Parents Just Don't Understand and Summertime. But listen, he isn't Rakim. But yes, he can rap, which is how I judge all rappers, even beyond songs. He has flow. He makes fun music and anyone judging if they think he sould've fit into the Rawkus roster is just kind of a jerk. Thank you for the kind words as well.

dereklipkin129 karma

Do you think that, as many folks have suggested, Rakim wrote "Summertime"?

jensenkarp230 karma

naw. they've been pretty honest about that stuff with Nas, so I assume he probably got help at times, but it always seems like he could write

JDSstroud182 karma

I've always defended will smith as being one of the best clean rappers ever, think about it, his flow and content was on point without swearing, dropping that n bomb or any other cheesy shit. I don't know if he ever did have someone write for him but still. I put him on a level with ll cool j.

jensenkarp317 karma

LL in his prime would eat him alive, but I mostly agree

FattyCorpuscle313 karma

Will you charge him interest on the $300 he owes you?

jensenkarp708 karma

few yeezys we will call it even

TimePanda276 karma

Will the sock report ever come back? The podcast is incomplete without it. Also, how's Greg Escalante doing? I haven't heard much about him in a while and I thought you might know him.

jensenkarp235 karma

Well, I have no idea who Greg is, but I do hope soon to stop by and just check in on the socks and those girls now that they have Seeso money. I assume the sock game would have to see some upgrade? Look for a cameo down the road, M'boogie.

adaM69West249 karma

What's your take on the whole Roman Reigns situation?

jensenkarp273 karma

the people you "hate" make you tune in as much as the people you love. It's all business baby.

thedevast8or225 karma

Hot Karl, can you describe the ideal Queen Bey to your Jewish Hova?

jensenkarp461 karma

vintage Natalie Portman

jensenkarp981 karma

I have been texted to remind people I mean Mars Attacks Portman, not child Portman. Thank you.

silenc3x233 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Leon the Professional Portman.

jensenkarp296 karma


dollface_killa146 karma

Haha! You have good friends!

jensenkarp161 karma


KeepEmCrossed168 karma

Hey Jensen, thanks for doing this. I'm about 1/3 thru the book already and it's got me lolling on the subway every morning/afternoon. I've been purchasing art from Gallery 1988 for years, so I'd like to know how did you get into the art curating game?

jensenkarp312 karma

thank you so much for reading the book. When I left my rap career, I had this dough that kinda felt like blood money. I didn't want to just throw it out and buy more comic books. So, a friend I had met at USC, Katie, she worked at a stuffy art gallery in LA and the owner treated me like a piece of shit. Katie and I got to talking and realized if a gallery actually catered to our generation, people who were spending $300 on sneakers and $500 on handbags, then they'd want to hang unique cool stuff on their walls too. That's where the idea started. It's now 13 years later and that type of approach, especially focusing on pop culture, has never been done before, and now it's everywhere. We're happy about it. Thanks again.

SerIlyn59 karma

Thank you for G1988, you guys put out a ton of great stuff (the LOST series introduced me to the whole world of screen printed posters). Between you guys and Mondo my walls are almost completely full.

Are you planning on doing another show with Mark Englert anytime soon? His 12x36 landscapes fit perfectly above my doorways (one of the few places I have left).

Katie is awesome as well, quick random story about her: A while back I had been going to a bunch of your openings when I worked up the street and bought a fair number of things, but never really hung out and got to know you guys. Anyway, I came in after several months of not dropping in and Katie said hi to my by name. Never really had a conversation, but she had checked me out a couple of times. Somehow she both recognized me from a while back and made the connection with my name. It really made me feel like I was a valued customer. I should try and make it back over for an opening again soon.

Thanks and Fight On! (fellow Trojan).

jensenkarp64 karma

Mark lives in Poland now and keeps himself pretty busy. Not sure he's looking to take up a lot of his time for a solo, but he has an open door policy at G1988 and he knows that.

Katie is the best and has been one of my best friends for almost 15 years now.


mrshatnertoyou160 karma

I know nothing about you excluding the blurb paragraph above. What would be the one thing that you would want a complete stranger to know about you?

jensenkarp498 karma

I'm nice to animals.

emcg0211109 karma

If you could change one element of the Spielberg film "Hook" what would it be?

jensenkarp190 karma

theres a shit cameo in it. That's what I would change.

shadytrex33 karma

Link for the curious.

(I assume this is the right scene)

jensenkarp76 karma


silenc3x3 karma

fuck phil collins

jensenkarp11 karma


yo_chill102 karma

Hey Jensen, fuck your dreams. As a long time listener of your podcast, I feel like I kind of developed a theory and I wanted to ask you about it.

It feels like you've really sort of blown up in the last few years and have been super involved in a lot of projects I personally think are amazing (documentaries, tons of writing gigs, obviously this book). My question is, did you start to really grind harder and take on more stuff after you found out about your brain tumors? Or is that just a dumb and not true theory.

jensenkarp142 karma

thank you for listening. I absolutely did start to try and get out there more after the tumors. I had a career based on being behind the scenes (the gallery, LOST, producing comedy) and after the tumors, I knew there were things I wanted to do and that I wouldn't hide from them anymore. The book being a big example, which is why my diagnosis is the intro. When you face your mortality, a lot of motivation suddenly appeared. Thank you again

Regal_Crescent77 karma

Which other 80s/90s groups would you like to see a "Straight Outta Compton" type biopic written about? (Wu-tang, UGK, 2 Live Crew, Outkast, etc)

Regal_Crescent60 karma

Do you solely hate Phil Collins for his acting career, or do you hate his music as well?

jensenkarp122 karma

listen, I hate what he did to Hook. Not even his "acting career." Just what he did to that lovable kids movie in such a short amount of time on screen. It's also affected my feelings towards his music, but I don't know what came first. A real chicken vs the egg situation.

locdogjr54 karma

Do you have beef with the Rosenthals? Why haven't you been on their podcast yet?

Beef season with Eric and Jeff?

jensenkarp73 karma

no beef at all. We all are just literally doing our own shit. I've been to NY probably 6 times in the years we haven't done the show and I believe we recorded 3 of those times. Skyping that show, and ANY podcast, makes me hate the art form, but nothing but love for those guys.

SLIP_IT_IN_HER50 karma

Did kanye ever invite you to enjoy banana pudding with him?

Edit: for those who haven't seen, there's a video on YouTube of the dude from die antword talking about making music with kanye, only kanye was more focused on watching porn and eating banana pudding Kim made.

jensenkarp58 karma

never banana pudding. But we did once go to a 50s diner together, which seems like a fact I shouldn't ignore.

SLIP_IT_IN_HER13 karma

Thanks for the reply! I think this will be a very interesting AMA. I'm interested in hearing about your book as well. Are stories about kanye going to be the main focus? What made you decide to go with that title?

jensenkarp34 karma

its out now! Just one chapter about Kanye, the rest are chronological stories about my time in the business trying to record an album. Kanye was just one stop. The title makes me laugh and let's the audience know weird industry stories are inside.

ILoveToEatLobster41 karma

Your last name share's its self with that of a fish. Thoughts?

jensenkarp84 karma

fish is Carp. I am Karp. My eventual wife will make sure that distinction is understood

ftp_88 karma

I heard that Kanye likes fishsticks....

jensenkarp117 karma

heard same thing

billlwoo40 karma

Has kanye reached at any point during the writing or promotion process of this book?

jensenkarp63 karma

he has not. I heard one thing second hand, but can't confirm

wahoos_other_leg33 karma

Big fan Jensen, how are you dealing with having so many projects while balancing your Obsessive Thoughts Disorder? Also could you talk a little bit about how Ali influenced your life?

jensenkarp54 karma

I deal with OTD and my work load by compartmentalizing each task. I break them out time wise. I know I have 4 things to do today, so they go onto the schedule. It shows me when I'll have free time too. And then keeping track of what I am pushing off also not just letting it float around my head because that causes stress and obsession. But above all else, I treat obsession with running. It saved my life

Ali was the symbol of determination and having a voice for me. My father taught me about him at a young age and I admired what he stood for. I wanted to feel the same way about myself.

br0connor25 karma

Will you ever re-release the calligraphy Fuck Your Dreams shirts?

jensenkarp28 karma

hm. not sure. get that beef season jawn though

the_short_viking8 karma

You from Philly?

ConshohockenPA8 karma

First thing I thought too.

jensenkarp22 karma

no but a big fan of Freeway

dereklipkin24 karma

How in the world did you come up with "Space Invaders"? (Arguable my fav HK track.)

jensenkarp44 karma

ha. was just a dumb story I wanted to write and I thought being raped by the alien was so NOT hip-hop that it was sort of progressive. It was also INSANE. But yeah. just the normal Fire In The Sky story, with more rape.

throwaway0156165022 karma

what happened with your ex-girl, meghan? sounds like she wronged you hardcore.

jensenkarp54 karma

I address this below a bit, but not my story to tell. I wish everyone the best, and telling other peoples stories never help anyone

keiko45222 karma

What happened to your contract?

jensenkarp57 karma

I was told that Interscope could not really any of my music, after a year of recording, because of "scheduling conflicts," at that time I asked for my release. They granted it. The rumors and details are in the book and too long for this.

connr-crmaclb109 karma

oldest trick in the book.

buy up the new talent that can eat into the market share of your companies existing artist(s), then force the new talent to be shelved, removing the threat to your existing artists sales and popularity.

happened to a friend of mine at Atlantic

jensenkarp63 karma

I wouldn't be the first

dereklipkin21 karma

Were there any emcees you had the opportunity to work with, but for some reason, the collab just did not happen?

jensenkarp37 karma

I almost worked with Beanie Sigel and NORE. Those would've been awesome. Neither worked out. Also, I did end up on a remix with Mr. Eon, but back then I always wanted a song with The High & Mighty. Oh, also Mike Shinoda passed on working with me in 2000, which is so funny cause now we have a song we released last week -

King_Stojakovic17 karma

Hey, I heard you on J.J. Redick's podcast. You guys mostly spoke about rap (which was cool) but I feel deprived of serious basketball conversation.

Can you make up for it by discussing your prediction of the Finals and if that has changed over the course of the series? Should Lebron be posting up more?

jensenkarp23 karma

Warriors in 6, Cavs HAD to win one at home and honestly, the entire playoff run is lopsided cause I feel like dudes have stopped playing when they're down 20. its weird, right?

Lebron should be more aggressive, which felt right in game 3. I also continue to believe that Love should've left. He's a weird fit on the team outside of his football passes which are perfect for Lebron, but spacing wise - ehhhh.

But maybe this is my fault?

P-rhyme14 karma

Hey! Heard you on Hollywood Babble-On. Fun stuff! My question: being the battle-rap dude of the 2000's, what are your opinion on the battle scene as of today?

Btw, any book distrubutors in sweden or do I have to rely on internet bookshops?

jensenkarp11 karma

I love what's happening now in battles. I mean, it's different, sure. We had to freestyle, they have weeks to write stuff. No beat also helps for punchlines. But they're all incredible writers and good showmen. It's also been WWE - esque, now they've just stepped it up to resemble. I think it's cool.

I don't know about distribution, but I was told it was going to be everywhere!

suaveitguy13 karma

Is your life dope?

jensenkarp24 karma

recently, yes. I've had my troubles though. But I would actually say right now - I feel my "dopest"

Ill_sexyourendo29 karma

but do you do dope shit?

jensenkarp18 karma


pizzaismyhomeboy13 karma

Will you admit on record that Bubba Sparxxx's first 2 albums were legit classics???

jensenkarp22 karma

first album - good second album - GREAT

ouisilvousplait10 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do this! How did the book deal come about? What was it like going through the process of publishing it?

jensenkarp17 karma

I was given the suggestion by my manager years ago and shrugged it off, then a few things - which I mention in the book - let me start to talk about Hot Karl more, and then I finally said - OK, a book sounds fine. I wrote a proposal, an intro, 3 chapters and a plan on how to market it - and my management company sold it weeks later cause they're like business animals. Writing it was tedious, but I had a greta editor and friends to soundboard off, so it all worked out. But yeah, GRINDING.

GoddammitCricket10 karma

Hey /u/jensenkarp

I only know you through your twitter. I actually had no idea you were/are(?) a rapper, or had anything to do with Gallery 1988, or wrote for the WWE(!), or had brain tumors (sorry man). What a great/crazy life!

  • Will all this be in the book or is it mainly about your history being signed to Interscope?

I'll be buying the book either way tonight through Apple Books (or iBooks, whatever it's called), do you get less money that way as opposed to Amazon/book stores?

jensenkarp16 karma

this book is actually just about my rap career. Same mind frame as everything else, but just that specific time. I don't know the difference in what I get, but I appreciate that. You get it however you want. ENJOY!

jamiedee9 karma

How was writing for WWE?

jensenkarp13 karma

It was not for me. I spent 6 months there in 2005 and quit, mostly because of the travel. It also wasn't the healthiest writer's room, but it was a dream come true in many ways

GrinGrimmingGhost7 karma

Do you ever plan on dropping the details on that crazy New Clothes situation from 2013ish where you said lawyers were getting involved? I think you said you would once the hullabaloo died down a bit but then just never got around to talking about it. Can we expect a Very Special Episode any time soon with deets?

jensenkarp17 karma

Naw, there's no need to bring others down, even with my truths. I cope in my way about it and that seems healthiest.

cardinals19965 karma

What movie do you consider the greatest of all-time and why is it The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas?

jensenkarp7 karma

Listen, my favorite movie isn't much better. It's the Tom Hanks comedy The Burbs. We have Corey Feldman, Viva Rock had Stephen Baldwin. So glass houses can't throw stones.

GrinGrimmingGhost4 karma

You've gone on record saying you're not a huge fan of groups like Atmosphere on the whole. But if you had to name a handful, what "underground"/backpack/conscious/whatever rappers do you enjoy?

jensenkarp11 karma

It's not that I don't like Atmopshere, it just never really spoke to me. I was way more into East Coast at the time I would've clung to Slug. But I liked God Likes Ugly and his appearances on other things. I mean, I've always loved RA The Rugged Man, and most of the Rawkus / Eastern Conference dudes back then (Copywrite, Cage, High and Mighty, Monch, etc). Conscious rappers? Dead Prez, Talib, PE

mikeputerbaugh2 karma

You still got that Brita?

jensenkarp7 karma

NAW, threw that shit out. Back to the fridge door and signs of lead. FYD

shanquan2 karma

What's been more fun? Your rap career or comedy? Would you fuse the two skills like lil dicky?

jensenkarp8 karma

comedy has been way more fun. I'm 36 so Im done in the rap game, but I like what Dicky is doing, but for me, it was a better move to choose between the two

evarei2 karma

With Celebrity Rap battle doing well, are there any other writing gigs that you can speak of? Maybe a movie or something

jensenkarp9 karma

no movies yet, but I am writing the ESPYs this year with our host John Cena and also the Alternative Press Awards in Ohio. AND, I'm on a Rob Riggle pilot talk show for TBS, which will be very exciting

MikkelDiskerud2 karma

What is the history behind the Zsa Zsa Gabor bit?

jensenkarp4 karma

It was born out of a twitter joke on new years like 6 years ago. Every new outlet said she was going to die, so I tweeted something about wishing her a happy last new years eve. Dumb thing. But the next year, the press said it again, so I did a different joke. Then that year she had a leg removed. And she made it to another year. And it has legit NOT STOPPED and I'm truly concerned she is immortal. And so many celebrities dying before her - IT FEELS WEIRD

GrinGrimmingGhost2 karma

I plan on going to Skylight tonight to buy your book and get it signed, but I notice that info on their site is pretty limited: do you know if I should get there like way early to line up or is it more like a chill stroll-in-whenever event? Is there a ticket or RSVP process I need? Most importantly, will MattyBoom be on hand for pictures?

jensenkarp6 karma

Oh, that's awesome! See you there. You should be good. Get there at 7 and hang out. No ticket or RSVP. Matty will be there and he will take pictures and complain about millennials.

supershawninspace2 karma

I randomly heard you twice in the last two days on the High and Mighty and Doughboys podcasts. I'm listening to the Yoshinoya episode as I'm typing this. Follow up... Did you shit your pants again after eating Yoshinoya? You're hilarious. You made a new fan this week.

jensenkarp3 karma

first, thank you so much. Secondly, no, I actually had a normal experience at Yoshinoya this time around. maybe I'm immune now?

cathyp8532 karma

Thanks so much for doing this! What's your opinion on big white rappers these days/the cultural appropriation debates?

jensenkarp11 karma

I think it's hard to put your foot down when it's so far gone. My entire rap career was based on being myself and NOT appropriating the culture, and honestly, it was my biggest drawback with listeners in 2000. No one was really down to hear the truth. But nowadays, there's an entire sub genre of rappers creating white pop rap. I think the lines are insanely blurred. But does it feel weird that a music born out of certain cultural limitations is now being taken in full by a different culture without much reaching back or acknowledgment? YUP.

cathyp8533 karma

Thanks for answering! That's really interesting, my general thoughts feel similar. Going to buy the book, can't wait to read it!

jensenkarp3 karma

thank you!

BigCountryDH2 karma

Is Gallery 1988 gonna do anymore wrestling collections?

jensenkarp4 karma

yup! One is coming up!

FreakshowAsylum2 karma

Will you ever go back to rapping?

jensenkarp3 karma

I've released a few things this month for the book, but rapping for reals? no

PMAPlayStoreGiftCard1 karma

What was your favorite moment or experience going through the process of writing a book?

jensenkarp2 karma

I mean, I hope it's tonight. I have a release party here in LA with a lot of the people I mention in the book coming (some I haven't really seen in 10 years). Also a lot of friends from high school. It's a nice closure after thinking about all of them for 2 years while writing

billlwoo1 karma

What was the first DVD you ever purchased?

jensenkarp10 karma

The Game, Michael Douglas movie.

KneeDrop1T1 karma

Mr. Beef Correspondant, what's your favorite celebrity beef of all time, and what beef would you like to see the most?

jensenkarp2 karma

I love Alec Baldwin vs paparazzi. He has SOOOOO much hatred for them, he can't control himself. He goes into Beast Mode and just his tone makes me laugh. I would like to see Ron Howard beef. Someone who just seems so sweet - have him go insane one day.

Regal_Crescent1 karma

If you were to be tasked with writing/producing a Broadway HipHopera in the style of Hamilton, and you could choose it to be about anyone, what underrepresented historical character would you base it on?

jensenkarp2 karma

Honestly, Bill Clinton

Regal_Crescent1 karma

Soundtrack feat Sister Souljah?

jensenkarp2 karma

And a few Too $hort songs

openedtuna1 karma

In your time at the WWE what was the your writing contribution that you are most proud of?

jensenkarp3 karma

My stuff with Goldust and Snitsky. It was where I was able to work out my comedy chops and those dudes were just into being weirder and weirder. Was a blank canvas for me and that made me love the job. But that was the only thing

Regal_Crescent2 karma

Was Snitsky really that creepily into feet or was that kayfabe?

jensenkarp3 karma

he was into feet!

Hammicide1 karma

Jensen, was Matt always one half of a man?

jensenkarp3 karma

no, when we were younger he was 3/4

Narwhail0r1 karma

How was working with Mike Shinoda? Dope song by the way.

jensenkarp2 karma

we've been friends for years and grew up a town away from each other. We always knew of each other, as there were like 3 rappers total. He's just a great friend and a great collaborator. You just deliver him what you have and he makes the magic.

Regal_Crescent1 karma

Favorite Non-De La Soul Prince Paul project: Gravediggaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, or Stetsasonic?

jensenkarp2 karma


Regal_Crescent1 karma

I worked at a college radio station with a decent cd library in the mid-2000s and after being disappointed with RZA's Bobby Digital solo stuff, I found and played a Gravediggaz album. I can only imagine what any elderly residents of Upper Michigan thought when flipping through the channels on the radio and hearing 1-800 Suicide.

jensenkarp2 karma

probably hit too close to home

adrianmeyer1 karma

Love the show, listener since day one. What do you think about the LCD Soundsystem reunion? You guys don't really go into the indie genre much anymore on the podcast.

P.S. Tell Matt I Love him and I really like the book. Proud of you man

jensenkarp2 karma

I wasn't a huge LCD fan, but I get it. But no, I wasn't freaking. Recently I haven't been on top of it. I will tell Matty and thank you so much!

puns-n-roses1 karma

Does book season marked the end of each season are we not hongry anymore?

jensenkarp2 karma

it will definitely slow down, but we will always be HONGRY

dereklipkin1 karma

Other than me, how many people do you think have all the Hot Karl B-Sides in their iTunes Libraries? And of that group, how many, like me, have perfect tags on each track?

jensenkarp1 karma

honestly, I would guess 20

GrinGrimmingGhost1 karma

As someone whose Twitter persona seems to often be a little bit more sardonic and acidic than the "normal" you, can you think of some examples where you've had guilt or remorse or felt you went too hard on someone trying to get a joke out? Have you ever apologized for a tweet?

jensenkarp4 karma

I have never apologized for a tweet, but I look back with a little regret about the Chet Haze stuff. Since then, it's come out that he struggles with addiction and his mom got cancer soon after our spat. He was also a kid. I don't know, it's still funny, but it wasn't my brightest moment. I've ALSO grown up

dereklipkin0 karma

Who made the original "SFV" beat? That track goes.

jensenkarp1 karma

The original was by a guy named Space Boy Boogie X. He also did Caliente Karlito. Dude was from the valley and came up with Styles of Beyond. He could also rap. Yeah, dude had bangers.

samwise09120 karma

On a personal level, what is your favorite movie of all time?

jensenkarp5 karma

my favorite movie is The Burbs

ballinlikewat-2 karma

Did you ever smash Lexi Belle?!

jensenkarp4 karma

no I never smashed my cousin

ElPlywood-3 karma

So 17 seconds of googling reveals you claim he owes you $300 for a car you got for him for a ride home one night.

What attempts in the following days did you make to get your $300?

Why didn't you just tack it onto his studio bill?

Why haven't you taken him to small claims court?

jensenkarp4 karma

also google where to buy the book

SteveT38-4 karma

In other words, pay for my answers because apparently I don't really want people to ask me anything. I just want the shameless promotion.

jensenkarp5 karma

I've literally responded to everything. Ask me a question Steve

ElPlywood-8 karma

Are your hands sore from desperately holding onto Kanye's coattails as you milk this tiny event?

jensenkarp2 karma

no, not sore. but I do think it's adorable you think I billed him.