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Why is your face like a butt. I mean honestly have you seen it

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Hold on gimme a second I'm raping a blonde girl at a party (totally not calling this bitch)

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Well, you know how everyday I palm your greasy head and act like you're 4 years old and I go "hey how you doin sport!?"

I use that.

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Whenever I look at your stupid face my face gets so stupid as a motor response it just stays like that, stupid.

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Thanks I love you too... but you know, no homo.

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Look man a woman is many parts not the least of which is her uhm BRAIN jeez!!!! Get a life dude!!!!!!!

Butts though.

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Get Flash or Toonboom and look up some tutorials on Youtube and START. And don't ever stop. If you stop you're done, that's fucking IT. Don't stop. DON'T STOP. KEEP DOING IT. Animation takes a long fucking time and I didn't end up answering questions from fans on Reddit overnight. It took years. And even now I'm not at the point I want to be at. GO. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

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Why "Vincent_Rubio?"