Hey! We're Brian Wecht, Dan Avidan, and Arin Hanson from Starbomb. We released our self titled album last year and it was pretty cool. And now we released a new one and that's also pretty cool. We also have cool music videos that did pretty well maybe.

Our new album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/player-select/id944518742

Here's a music video we just released: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=And-vdjC71E

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/edGgo

We'll be answering as omgitsninjabrian, dannysexbang, and egoraptor. LET'S DO THIS!!

EDIT: HEEYY!!! We gotta go, but thanks to everyone for being so cool!! WE LOVE YOU!! Hope you liked our sass and our album! <3<3<3

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Goodbye18000609 karma

Can you please make "Things Will Never Be The Same (I Put Too Much Ketchup On My Hamburger)" a real song? There are few things in life I think humanity needs to advance and ascend but this is one of them.

egoraptor525 karma

I'll do it.

Primetime22264 karma


egoraptor367 karma

Probably Disgaea so that last episode drags on for days. Or like Mega Man Collection, and play every Mega Man.

SilentBobVG250 karma

Arin, is Danny's raw sexual attraction not extremely distracting and off-putting to work with everyday?

egoraptor594 karma

I use it. You know, they say, "use that!" when you're acting or whatever... if you're angry in real life and doing an angry scene. I just use the sexual energy I feel inside from being around Danny's hot bod to talk over video games. And then I bone him.

DonionRings191 karma

What do your parents think about Starbomb? Do they understand it?

egoraptor483 karma

My parents were the first ones to send me texts about how the album is doing on iTunes. They are super stoked over it!! My mom wishes I sweared less!

pistachiopaul174 karma


egoraptor401 karma

Use it to buy the username "pistachiopaul" from whatever asshole grabbed it before I could.

Zombirate-144 karma

How was it working with guests (Markiplier, Notch) for this album? Both were awesome, by the way. Notch's made me bust a gut laughing. Also #buttsex.

egoraptor262 karma

It was great, Mark is a doll. We actually ended up redoing a lot of our vocals in Smash! because Mark's were way better than ours, haha.

Notch was a funny story. We didn't even have the song written yet, and we were on a super tight deadline, and we thought "hey, I wonder if Notch would be willing to make a cameo," so we came up with a pretty all purpose line for him to record that could easily be taken out if it didn't work out, thinking it would take days before he got back to us, but, like, within the hour after I messaged him we had his recordings. He was pretty into it and handled it like a pro.

razzcarabear122 karma

ALSO is there going to be a 2015 calendar this year? My Game Grumps 2014 calendar is slowly coming to an end. Thank you so much again! ~Cara

egoraptor204 karma

We have a couple ideas.... none of them are final yet, but we really loved doing that and we wanna do another one for this year!!

TinShadowcat106 karma

Hey Guys,

  1. How did writing this album compare with the first one?
  2. Danny: Are you ever going to do a Hot Pepper Gaming?
  3. Are y'all planning on frequenting the /r/gamegrumps sub more often? We've missed you!
  4. Lastly, Arin, how do you feel you've improved your rapping and singing while working with Danny? Any tips for someone rapping as a hobby?


egoraptor142 karma

Writing this album was crazy because we definitely wanted to make it happen the same time as last year. In a way it was awesome, because with all the stress of making the album it was kicking our asses to get it together and come up with good ideas and not lag behind on stuff. In a way it was also hell on earth, but nothing worth doing is ever easy!

I feel like my rapping has super improved a looottt since the first album. I dunno anything about rapping though, I just kinda do it, so I dunno what advice I have for you. Enunciating is a big thing, but also picking lyrics that pop and flow really well.. that's a big part. I like to imagine rapping is sort of like a percussive instrument, but with your mouth, you know?

sirsonicblue102 karma

How many of the new songs will be animated?

egoraptor289 karma

We're aiming to animate every single one throughout the year. It'll be insane but if we pull it off it'll be FUCKING AMAZING.

Deviate8574 karma

Would you consider ever animating something from the 1st album that hasn't received an animation yet? Such as the FF7 song?

egoraptor149 karma

Yes I have had that thought because I had a lot of ideas for some of the earlier songs. Definitely have a great idea for the FF7 one.

Chariflame101 karma

Arin's photos for the new Starbomb shirts are amazing. Are you considering a side career in modelling?

egoraptor229 karma

Thank you. I did my very best and I channel many strange European clothes racks for that.

I will be starting my solo modeling career in February 2056.

Thank you for the question.

TreeTickler90 karma

Will Em-One ever get a cameo?

egoraptor192 karma

We actually did a thing with Em-One a while ago.... I wanna get it out pretty soon... it kicks ass. :)

arykon90 karma

How is Danny so hot?

egoraptor330 karma

It's really becoming a problem my AC bill is through the roof.

bluesonicfusion80 karma

Who do you main in the Smash Bros. video games?

egoraptor178 karma

Pikachu baby. But now Bowser in Smash 4 since they made him amazing. I played Bowser a lot in Brawl because I WANTED him to be good so bad. I miss Wolf as well, he was my 2nd main. I also love using Pac-Man

groovygarrett64 karma

What do you guys perceive as the main difference between Starbomb 1 and 2?

Also thought I'd let Arin know I've been a fan since Freshman year of high school and he's partially influenced me to pursue comedy and voice acting...I'm about to graduate college.

egoraptor221 karma

We made an effort to not put any dick jokes in Player Select. Both as a challenge and also as a playful "fuck you" to everyone that criticized the first album saying it was nothing but dick jokes. I mean, it was, but it wasn't a crutch, it's just 'cause we like dick jokes.

Personally I wrote a lot more lyrics so I injected a different flow into some of the rapping bits, particularly Hero of Rhyme and Robots in Need of Disguise. I know Brian probably has a lot to say about what changed with the music composition.

Pibbface63 karma

Also, Arin, did you expect the reactions you got to your Zelda Sequelitus video? There are definitely some controversial thoughts in there.

egoraptor205 karma

I expected it, and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I expected.

In retrospect I think I get it, though. Looking back on the Sequelitis episodes before it, you can sort of point to those as a video about something else. The Mega Man video is about Mega Man, sure, but it's also about tutorials, so you can say "hey, check out this video about tutorials." With the Zelda episode, it's about Ludonarrative dissonance, but it also gives equal time to how waiting is a problem, how 2D to 3D requires major changes, etc etc, so the video is mostly just about Ocarina, and in that way it just comes off as spiteful. Instead of it being a video about something USING Ocarina as an example, it's just a video about why Ocarina isn't so great, which is abrasive to people who like Ocarina, and doesn't serve a huge purpose if it's not doing a good job teaching something that can be used to make better games.

awayfromdesk59 karma

Arin, how do you see your success in the internet/videogame industry as its evolved in the last 6 years?

Danny, when is your 80's covers album releasing?

egoraptor236 karma

It's weird because I feel like the attitude on the internet has changed so much over time. I think a lot of people were super excited to get any sort of entertainment online years ago, and now that it's so oversaturated there's a lot more scrutiny on everything you make.

I feel like the same goes for how many eyes are on you. When you have, like, 100k followers people see you as an artist and an underdog, but when you're at 2mil you're sort of part of some machine even though you're doing exactly the same thing you were at 100k.

SQUEEpower58 karma

How is that Starbomb performance/tour idea coming along? Looked like you enjoyed your perfomance at Nerd HQ, I'm sure an appearance at other conventions would be amazing! See you at MAGfest! (hinthinthint) New album is amazing and I'm loving all the tracks so far. Simple Plot of MGS has a great beat.

egoraptor117 karma

We are absolutely trying to make it happen! We just really want it to be an amazing show, so we're seeing what we can do to find the right venues and the right way to perform. We want the Starbomb shows to feel pretty big and gratuitous and that is pretty difficult for an independent band to pull off. BUT WE WILL.

t3hkender50 karma

Arin: You mentioned you're animating a video for one of the songs. Which one?

Danny: Would you be willing to share the full list of rejected NSP song titles and rejected names for Starbomb? That would be pretty much the best thing.

Brian: Can you recommend a good book to ease me into string theory? Also please wait for me to finish reading it before you kill me.

egoraptor117 karma

I am animating the Pokerap. I'm super stoked on it and I'm already really proud of what I've done so far. Feels good to be balls deep in an animation again, it is sincerely a passion of mine.

sonicobsessed241 karma

Arin, when or how did you learn to/ familiarize yourself with Rap?

egoraptor89 karma

I dunno I just kinda have heard rap throughout my life and tried to mimic a flow and a sound I liked. I like Eminem and I like Rage Against the Machine's sound. I like a lot of that shitty 90's pop stuff that would just get tossed in at the bridge.

tSRDazz39 karma

Arin why don't you do more voice overs for VGFacts videos because you love Dazz so much? And Dan. Dan should do some too. Brian can but... Might be a bit awkward.

egoraptor75 karma

I would love to! You know I love me some Dazz.

Macaluso10037 karma

Any chances of Game Grumps doing anything with The Yogscast? Or Jesse Cox or Dodger? I mean Arin met Sips so you've got an in already!

egoraptor55 karma

We like all those people so there's always a chance we'll do some neat stuff together!

Cow_ghost34 karma

2 Things!

  1. Arin(Ego prince)! after playing both Sonic '06 and Sonic Boom, which one is worse?

2.When, if ever, Does Ninja Brian Smile?

p.s. Danny you are my inspiration both mentally and musically so thank you

egoraptor60 karma

Sonic Boom is more enjoyable if you're just looking at it as a game and not by its shortcomings, but Sonic Boom is WAY fucking buggier.

gman80633 karma

Is there any game you have disavowed? Something so junk that you never want to play it on the show? In the other hand, any game that you love but you think playing in the show would ruin it?


egoraptor85 karma

A lot of talky or thinky games are a bad idea. Stuff that's too complicated. Stuff that has a lot of the same thing.. over and oovvveer. Except Pokemon Pokemon rules.

Ric_Pendragon32 karma

For Brian: How do you get your singing voice to be so godly? It's beautiful tone seems so impossible to us mortals!

For Danny: My friend wants to know, how can he get his hair to be as epic as yours?

For Arin: How do you feel about Sprite animations? As a brilliant 2D animator, I would like to know your opinion on other forms of animation.

P.S. If I were to make a Sprite Animation for a Starbomb song, would that be cool?

And finally (too many questions?) Are you ever gunna come to the UK to perform or do a Comic Con?

egoraptor74 karma

I LOVE sprite animation. it's actually how I learned how to animate! my first animations were flipbooks but those were stick figures and stuff... trying to emulate Mega Man sprite animations was where I really learned about moving forms and shapes around. I would love to get back into doing sprite animation because it's so super relaxing and fun for me.


this was one of my favorites

FlightyFlare31 karma

Favorite song off the new album? Also, how much did that fart sound effect cost?

Loved the album guys. Top shelf!

egoraptor78 karma

My favorite is a tossup of Robots in Need of Disguise and Mortal Kombat High... the Pokerap though.. ugh I love that one. I DUNNO. STOP. I JUST LIKE THE ALBUM. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE HUH

Featherstar4730 karma

What was your favorite song to work on with Player Select, and the first album? Love you guys, new album is great! <3

egoraptor122 karma

I loved doing Metal Gear because there was a great moment in the booth that made me super happy. I did some difficult line and then Dan just went "dude. Arin. You are GOOD at rapping!" I had a little happy emotion party.

GamingGoddess3229 karma

Hey guys! My name is Lisa. Never been to an AMA before, but anyways. I love Starbomb and I just listened to the 2nd album last night. My fav song so far is Mortal Kombat High. o^

So my question, what was your favorite song to sing and also, did you guys have any trouble coming up with lyrics or etc? (Since you kinda had to rush so much to get it out in time.)

Thank you and I love you guys! <3 I hope I can meet you all one day. You always make me happy and make me smile.

egoraptor48 karma

Coming up with concepts was pretty hard, because the idea would be good, but then it wouldn't translate into telling it in a song form. So there were a couple songs that changed plot because we just couldn't come up with a good one. Zelda was particularly hard... the original concept was... jesus I literally just asked Dan if he remembered what the original concept was and we both don't even remember... but we spent days trying to make it work and we couldn't.

We had an idea for an Assassin's Creed song and couldn't make that work either... it really comes down to execution and since we were under such a time crunch it really was a matter of cutting our losses and starting over on something else from the ground up, instead of letting it stew and having a revelation down the road.

egoraptor45 karma


It was about how the world was in peril but Link was more interested in doing sidequests like catching pigs and cutting grass.

RhysIsFused27 karma

Would you rather have a weaponized penis or the powers of superman at 25% power?

egoraptor88 karma

What the fuck even obviously the superman powers who the hell would rather have a weaponized penis that could maybe blow up a girl (or guy) from the inside while you're having a great time?

KnucklestheEnchilada26 karma

Would you say it's harder or easier to write comedy music? Also just wanted to inform you that I can't hear City Escape without thinking of you guys.

egoraptor46 karma

The only experience I have is writing comedy, but I can say at least doing a thought experiment that writing comedy is sort of a different muscle, because it's less about the emotion or the message and it's more about setting up and selling a joke. There are a lot of similarities in how you can use flow and musical elements to accentuate the emotions or jokes.

Brian is particularly amazing at this because when I hear his instrumentals, they are super good and also funny. Like there are comedy beats in the music itself.

KMA10k24 karma

How's that eleven-hundred-dollar mold-ridden E.T. cartridge?

egoraptor70 karma

Best purchase I ever made. I'm putting it into a glass display next to a ROB so the crash of video games and the subsequent revival of video games can be displayed together.