Hey there reddit, first off let's start with some proof: http://imgur.com/oKW0d

If you don't know me, I'm Jon Jafari AKA 'JonTron'. This is my YouTube channel: http://www.YouTube.com/JonTronShow

I've loved reddit for a long long time (I am addicted and visit nearly every day XD! You guys have helped me gain a lot of viewers, so I figured this was fitting.

I'd flirted with the idea of doing an AMA in the past but it's always seemed like a weird thing to me. Recently people have been asking me to do one, and I also got an actual AMA request in this section so WHAT THE HECK HEY!! HUH! Wow.

So yeah, I'll be here answering questions until I GET BORED or until I find out that nobody asked any questions...in which case I will be pretending to answer questions.


EDIT!!!: Thanks for all the questions guys, I have to go record some lines before it gets too late and people will get mad at me for yelling. I will come back later and answer more questions <33333, keep asking EM!

EDIT 2!!!: I'm editing this at 10:14 PST, I see that this reddit has gotten quite a few upvotes O_O. I'll go ahead and start answering questions again in just a bit here SO KEEP ASKING IF YOU WANT :D

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