Hey guys! We're Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang of Starbomb! Ask us anything about our album Starbomb, how awesome we are, or anything!


We're going to answer you both in text and in VIDEO RESPONSES! HOLY CRAP! That's AMAZING!!


Also we're making video responses as fast as we can. We're compiling them all on the Polaris forums as we go. You can check for them there.

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Vincent_Rubio346 karma

Why "Starbomb"?

egoraptor794 karma

Why "Vincent_Rubio?"


DSPStanky305 karma


egoraptor294 karma

Thanks, DSPStanky.

esquirebob282 karma

Can you please do a song about 'R.A.D.' aka 'Robot Alchemic Drive'? Please? Pretty please?

egoraptor151 karma

I still haven't played that game, and about a billion people have sent us it. I need to find out what this game is...

Also hi Bob!

F3rm1um259 karma

Hey, long time NSP/Game Grumps-fan here! A question for each of you.

-Danny: What is the scar in your eyebrow from?

-Arin: On the next album, will there be Game Grumps-based songs? Like songs about Racist Bassist or World Famous Pugilist Tommy Ray Handley?

-Ninja Brian: Will you star in a Table Flip episode as the cold-blooded murderer you are, to eliminate the losers or the like?

egoraptor183 karma

We answered this in video, coming in a bit! I didn't answer the arin question though...

I don't think any GG songs will be on Starbomb. We wanna try out new ways to comedyify!!

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MrButlerman249 karma

Is there any sexual tension in the band?

egoraptor772 karma

If by sexual tension you mean we constantly touch each others wieners, then no. We EXCESSIVELY touch each others wieners.

blindmansayswat223 karma

First Bo Burnham releases his album the same day as starbomb. Next, he does an AMA the same day starbomb does an AMA. When can we look forward to seeing a good old fashioned starbomb/Burnham rap feud?

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TheSweetestKill182 karma

I said this on Twitter but it bears repeating: The only thing that is going to get the STARBOMB album out of my head is a bullet.

I have two questions:

  • Is there any hope for a full length Mr. Wilson / Dennis the Menace song?

  • Rachel Bloom was amazing in Luigi's Ballad. Will you be collaborating with her on future STARBOMB songs?

Thank you guys so much for an amazing album!

egoraptor165 karma

Hahahaha, there are a lot of people who've made remixes of the Mr. Wilson song, and I think those are amazing!!! I dunno that we could do better. Those kinds of comedy bits are in the moment and for us to kind of expound upon them cheapens them a bit, imo. I'm glad you liked it, though!

ravereadyluigi151 karma

Brian: What's it like having to go between being a theoretical physicist by day and a keyboard playing ninja by night?

Arin: Just how rapidly can you rap? What untapped potential lies within your majestic chins?

Danny: If you stuck your finger in an electrical socket, what would happen to your hair?

egoraptor105 karma

I think the Street Fighter track was as fast as I can go, but I'm willing to push myself. I'll be interested to see if people can figure out what order we recorded the tracks in based on how I improve (it's not by much lol) I think I have a natural slur I never realized until trying to sling phat beats.

Kiowa707111 karma

Arin HanDSOME,

  • Have you ever sang in the past before Starbomb?

Danny Sexbang,

  • How long does it take to write & produce a song?

Ninja Brian,

  • Did Arin’s kiss in the Starbomb video change you?

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superfiedman92 karma

Woo! I've actually got time to prepare a question or two! Here goes-

Arin- You had an interesting path through the internet entertainment world. You obviously had a fanbase at Newgrounds- How'd they feel about your branching out into Youtube? Do you feel like there's a lot of overlap from that community to the Game Grumps community? Surely some people have been following you since MGA.

Danny- How has being on Game Grumps affected your album sales for NSP? Also, how often do you get molested by strangers on the street, begging for the Sexbanging? What percentage of them are girls? And I know you're gonna get a lot of this, but the Wind Waker episode where you shared your story really touched me and changed my outlook, man. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time, and I gotta thank you for that.

Both of yas- Holy fuck STARBOMB rocks! I have been listening on random for a few days now, and Crashervania sticks in my head like woah. Arin your Dracula voice is incredible. Do more of that. Find excuses to do more of that. Anyway, STARBOMB question- If you tour, do what would be your ideal opener band? ALSO KEEP DOING FROLF. PLAY THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN GAME THIS IS SO GREAT.

egoraptor214 karma

It's always been very smooth because I try not to treat fans like fans... The stuff I put out there is just stuff I like to make, so when I do something new, I find people are just supportive of me as a person as opposed to the specifics of my work. I've always been fans of the kinds of people who interact with their audience in really human ways so I try to do that as well, and the response is awesome!!

I guess I just think back to being 12 and meeting celebs who are dicks, and thinking "I never want to be that."

That got really deep really fast. In conclusion I farted.

Artealol89 karma

You first teased Starbomb a LONG time ago. Since then, has Starbomb changed from your initial vision for the project?

I know that the original teaser had Dan, ego, and brian as tron-like characters. What happened to that?

egoraptor85 karma

I don't think it changed much when we first thought of making it a band... my immediate response to turning it into a band was "OMFG CAN I DESIGN DAFT PUNK TRON SENTAI HEROES COSTUMES FOR US" to which the response was "sure i guess"

It's funny, the original concept for the first song was for it to be suuuper raunchy... and then we ended up writing a couple non-raunchy songs so I guess that changed a little bit!

Ushankaclock87 karma

Will you ever appear wearing those tron-esque Starbomb costumes? I think you'll all look pretty fabulamazing

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Volcanopyre75 karma

  1. Why are the songs so short?

  2. How long until the next album?

  3. Why is this album so fucking awesome?

  4. Why are you guys so fucking awesome?

egoraptor199 karma

We just don't like filler... We feel like each song is packed in tight with comedy and sick jams so we don't wanna bloat it with long periods of lameness.

ReeveArmstrong67 karma

  1. Will you guys tour the album?
  2. If you're touring, will you go outside the US?
  3. Are you going to release any radio friendly singles? (I want to hear you on the radio!)

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MazPA60 karma

Hey Arin & Danny! 1. What is the most interesting / funny / crazy thing that happened to you in the last week? 2. Briefs or boxers?

egoraptor123 karma

The craziest thing that happened to me last week was that I got to sleep. That was NUTS.

Boxer briefs, they cradle my nuts.



egoraptor99 karma

I actually collect arcade machines! I have maybe uh.... 10 machines? If I could have my dream machine though, it would be the newest Tank! Tank! Tank! or the giant Pacman VS cabinet! Or maybe uh... there's this game I played in Japan that's like a VS. 3rd person shooter with two guns that magnet connect to each other for super moves... that shit was amazing.

pepincity53 karma

When will you buy a bigger couch?

egoraptor83 karma

In about a month I think!

Wait why? Do you have a problem with the size of our couch? It's..... intimate.

CKEden53 karma

I'm a big fan, thanks for all the laughs! I've been very ill, and live in near constant pain, but I can always count on you guys to give me a laugh. A few questions if you don't mind:

  1. Both of you: If you could have a piece of art from a professional video game concept artist, what would it be of?
  2. Danny: I have joints/hands like you do, if it's not too personal, do you have Marfan's or Ehlers Danlos (I have Ehlers Danlos myself)? If it is too personal, don't worry about it. Oh, and you have an awesome voice sir.
  3. Egoraptor: I graduated with a degree in animation, and personally love 2d animation. Think you might ever want to work on something feature length? I'm looking forward to the next Starbomb music video!
  4. Danny: Would you count the band Boston as an influence on your music/vocal style?

I love the album, and I'm so glad I can depend on GG for some awesome content! Rock on guys!

egoraptor42 karma

Jesus man I'm sorry about your illness. We'll definitely keep making the funny, so I hope it keeps making you laugh!

If I could have a piece of art from a video game concept artist... it'd probably be like something from the guy who did the art for Mr. Driller. I adore it so much. And after that maybe the guy who did the art for Mega Man Battle Network. And then Gitarooman.

I would love to work on something feature length if I had the right time and money. But life takes you places you don't expect, so who knows if I ever will or if I will tomorrow... I wanna do a lot of things and I just kinda seize whatever opportunity I have to be creative.

Austingozz47 karma

Do you have any more music videos planned for starbomb? And will they be like Ninja sex party music videos or will they be animated by Arin? Ps love you guys and the album :D

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JoeReviewer27 karma

Danny and Arin: Sometimes when fans come to meet you or just run into you they might say or do stupid or weird things. What are some things people can do or not do to make the situation as least awkward for both parties as possible?

egoraptor31 karma

Haroids26 karma

How hard was it to balance between Game Grumps/Steam Train and working on Starbomb?

egoraptor36 karma

DLogMcGuinness22 karma

Hey guys,

I've always been the type of person who wanted to do it all: writing songs, writing stories, animating, art in general, and so on, but excuses always got in the way. I never seem to be able to get inspired enough to work on any of it; I always have so much that I want to do at once that I just don't do any of it. I've been looking for inspiration everywhere, but nothing has really struck me has truly inspiring, but for some reason, something about Starbomb clicked for me. I've been a fan of both of you guys for awhile, and I wanted to ask you about your sources of inspiration. How do you get inspired, and what advice do you have for somebody struggling to find it? Do you just let it come or do you actively seek it out? What are your methods for "unleashing the beast" when it comes to you?

Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the solid work.

egoraptor26 karma


Hey sexy people! I can't believe how much you guys have grown. I've been a fan of Ninja Sex Party since finding them on a very disturbing website, while searching for a man named "Dr. Beans", and I've been in love ever since. ANYWHO, what was the overall feeling in the studio? I know it was a pretty drawn out album, so what was it like behind the scenes?

ALSO, Are you guys gonna collaborate with Psychicpebbles/OneyNG for any music videos in the future?

egoraptor26 karma

NvaderGir19 karma

Hey guys!

This is a question for Arin:

I've been watching DanceOn and was wondering if you're going to incorporate any new moves in a new NinjaSexParty video anytime soon? :P

I pre-ordered the album on Rodeo Arcade and can't wait until it arrives! :D Happy for you guys :)

egoraptor28 karma

deadpool90217 karma

Hi Arin and Danny! I'm a big fan of all of your work, and I can safely say that Starbomb is awesome. My question is: What is the story behind the name "Starbomb", and were there any other names you both contemplated (If so, could you tell us some)?

egoraptor28 karma

silvercranes14 karma

to danny: when did you realize you wanted to become a musician?

egoraptor17 karma

gorillazbmx614 karma

Why is Brian so awesome? He is both a Ninja and a top level theoretical physicist and a maker of sweet tasty jams. That just blows my mind.

egoraptor18 karma

It blows our mind too. It also blows our mind how he hasn't killed us yet. I mean... he's had the chance.

jdawg899014 karma

Which song(s) are you guys most proud of?

egoraptor22 karma

gorillazbmx613 karma

What was the toughest part about keeping StarBomb secret?

egoraptor22 karma

Joshykinz97913 karma

Hey guys! Love the album, you did an amazing job! I wanted to ask how you chose which games you wanted to parody, and why?

egoraptor17 karma

mac_da_g12 karma

Any chances of an Endless Ocean inspired song featuring Hayley Westenra (chick who sang prayer) on the next album?

egoraptor17 karma

Shawnyall11 karma

Huge fan of all of you guys, both individually and as a group.

Arin: What was your favorite song to sing on the album?

Mr. Sexbang: How close are you and Ninja Bryan?

Both of you: When are the physical copies of the CDs expected to arrive? (For the SoCal area, anyway.)

[Edit: Someone's going through the thread and downvoting all the comments. What's up with that?]

egoraptor19 karma

My favorite song to do was probably the Sonic one... i reeeeally wanted to do a RATM inspired vocal track from the beginning so to finally get to do it was fucking liberating haha.

Stephiburger10 karma

What were some song ideas that were scrapped in production?

egoraptor14 karma

Izmotion10 karma

Hai guys! So, who is mixing/mastering the album!? And how do you guys do the creative process, I suppose you create the lyrics before anything else, and then have the rest of the song follow that?

egoraptor18 karma

glaivethruster9 karma

what's your favorite star? and what's your favorite bomb?

egoraptor15 karma

mpgiii9 karma

Hey guys! So I remix the Grumps and I have a few questions for you all.

-When did you guys originally come up for the idea for Starbomb? -Will you guys be releasing acapellas for your Starbomb tracks? I'm planning on remixing Crashervania, and it'd be really helpful to have that. -How many albums do you guys plan on making under the name "Starbomb"?

egoraptor14 karma

notjoshhomme7 karma

I spent all day trying to come up with a question, only to realize all I wanted was for one of you to notice me. I love love loooove your work though!!!

egoraptor8 karma

Darksardine7 karma

Since you can see Arin working on the Luigi's Ballad cartoon in the Pacific Rim sketch from months ago (before Danny was even a grump) I was wondering: How long in the making is Starbomb exactly?

When can we expect the next album? Have you started work on it yet?

What advice/feedback will be carried over into the next album?

Love the album, can't wait for more. :D

egoraptor10 karma

RiversBromo7 karma

Hey Arin, I'm a Floridian planning on moving to SoCal in a couple months. I want to know if you ever find yourself missing Florida, and have you ever wanted to move back?

egoraptor18 karma

UnusalNipster4 karma

For Both: Will you be taking feedback from your fans and applying to album #2, or do you pretty much know what you're doing for it already?

For Arin: How long did Luigi's Ballad take you to animate? It is absolutely gorgeous and I can tell you put so much work into it.

For Danny: When did you realize you had the voice of an angel?

I love you guys!

egoraptor6 karma