Hey guys! We're Arin and Danny, we host the Youtube show Game Grumps! Isn't that cool? I mean... I dunno, I thought it was cool.

Arin is also the animator "Egoraptor" who has made such dumb videos as Pokeawesome, and Awesome Reach! Sorry!

Danny is one half of the comedy music group "Ninja Sex Party" Where he and Ninja Brian sing about genitalia! Yay!!

Wee're going to answer you both in text and in VIDEO RESPONSES! HOLY CRAP! That's AMAZING!!


Also we're making video responses as fast as we can. We're compiling them all on the Polaris forums as we go. You can check for them there.

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Geno098205 karma

Sup guys. Huge fan here. Been with Game Grumps since the channel launched and been watching Egoraptor videos ever since the Newgrounds era. I think you’re pretty cool dudes. Never stop being you. Now that I got all that out of the way, onto business. I'll try my best not to overdo the question asking.

For all of the Grumps (Including Barry and Ross. YEAH I SEE YOU STANDING OVER THERE!):

  • I'm going to be starting a Let's Play channel pretty soon that is heavily inspired by my time watching Game Grumps. I've got most everything setup to start recording with one of my bros next week, but I'm still feeling kinda nervous about the whole thing. Any tips/tricks on how to make a successful recording session?

  • Any plans for another Guest Grumps episode?

  • What are some games that you guys recorded, but never uploaded?

For Mr. Egoraptor:

  • So is it safe to say that Zelda Sequelitis has been scrapped at this point? I know a lot of us were looking forward to it, but haven't really heard any updates for quite some time. If it was scrapped, do you have any other Sequelitis episodes planned in the future?

For Mr. Sexbang:

  • How were you invited to join Game Grumps? Did you watch the show at all before joining the crew?

  • I remember you mentioning that 3D games made you sick at one point. Is that still the case? Is that the reason why you didn't play Super Mario Sunshine on the show?

egoraptor480 karma

It's just Dan and me here! Zelda Sequelitis is actually in HEALTHY development! I can't make any promises when it'll be out but it'll be AWESOME when it's out! It's my favorite, but I say that about all my upcoming videos... except Awesome Rising. That video sucks.

I have many sequelitiseseseses coming in the future! I wanna do a Mario one. Whoops did that just slip out.

Zappanale195 karma


egoraptor150 karma

UhOhBuster124 karma

I speak for all the lovelies when I ask, who farts more in the grump room?

pacnb113 karma

Super fuckin' mega-ass question:

Firstly, Arin, what is your favorite Mega Man music track? It better be the Galaxy Man theme.

Secondly, Arin, why don't you drink alcohol? (If this is too personal of a question, don't answer).

Nextly, will you guys do something for all of the fans? I don't want to sound too entitled or whatever, but I would love it if you mo'fuckas pressed every button on the controller like 30 minutes before recording to learn the control of every game you play. Everyone around here always bitches about how you guys ignore tutorials/don't press all the buttons on the fucking controller. I, personally, don't give a shit, because I expect some nonsense from you guys, but I know for sure I'm sick of fans complaining about this and how it correlates with Arin's Sequel-titties.

Also, Arin, do you have any plans for a dramatic animation or series, instead of the usual comedic stuff? How about any plans for your "three girls” characters?

And one for Barry: do you ever get recognized on the street/in daily life?

Lastly, will you guys watch my Game Grumps Animated? <3 I know Danny saw it, but I would love the rest of the Grumps crew to see it too!

alecsteven680 karma

To Arin - How is Game Grumps compared to what you originally thought it was going to be? Did you expect it to get this big?

To Danny - What kind of shampoo do you use? Your hair is awe-inspiring.

DMthePerson80 karma

This blew up super fast. Are you guys sure you can answer all these questions?

egoraptor212 karma

Nope! ;D

Chachajenkins74 karma

Do you guys ever get burned out when recording for the show?

goblingilmartin92273 karma

Danny: Where do you get all the girls for the NSP vids?

Gamier60 karma

Arin, when you dyed the blonde into your hair, did you do it yourself, get Suzy to do it, or get it done professionally? Any problems with your roots?

egoraptor125 karma

I got it done professionally! Toni and Guy did it for me, there's actually a video of it online somewhere of me getting it done for the first time! I have to get my roots redone every so often... it's a pain in the ass but I like it so much, it's worth it imo. I've always wanted it secretly but never had the balls to do it.

Greenskeeper54 karma

Hey Arin and Danny,

Longtime fan, two questions:

  1. I know when Jon was on the show it was mentioned that some games, Like Super Metroid and Conker's Bad Fur Day, were recorded but never made to Youtube for one reason or another. Has there been a game that suffered the same fate with new Game Grumps/Steam Train?

  2. I bought VVVVVV on the 3DS eShop after Ross and Arin's playthrough introduced me to it. Have you heard from any developers that they've seen a sales boost from your playing it?

Thanks for all the laughs.

PokemonMaster61952 karma

Are there any games you want to play on Game Grumps, but haven't been able to for whatever reason?

egoraptor112 karma

All games. Every game. I love games, don't you? RPGs are hard to do, so maybe not a lot of those, but I dunno, I've got a huge wall of games. Every Contra. All super action packed games. Treasure games. Pulseman.

love_otter51 karma

Hey guys, glad you could make it!

First off, Danny, what was it like for you when you first joined Game Grumps and everyone was like "Raaaah fuck the new guy"?

And Arin, getting this one out of the way quick, what's up with Sequelitis? Where they be at?

Jreddnaut33 karma

Hey Grumps. I love the work you do. What are your favorite foods to eat while grumpin’?

DrainBammage1626 karma

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for all the things you've created, Game grumps, NSP, Arin's Cartoons and solo work and even Skyhill have given me more joy than I could ever put into one comment. Just thanks for doing what you do, and just being the absolute boopinest people around.

(you guys totally don’t have to answer all of these)

  1. How many skittles and pretzels are consumed in an average episode?

  2. Danny: what were some things you weren't expecting to have happened since you joined game grumps?

  3. Arin: How much fun was it/ what was it like to work with Chris Oneil? In stuff like lightsaber fightsaber, he just looks like a total blast. Any other people you really want to work with in the future?

  4. Is Ninja Brian secretly, silently in every episode of game grumps?

  5. What are some of your future goals for game grumps? (collaborators, special episodes, guests?)

P.S. Ross, Suzy and Barry, I love you guys too, don’t think I left you out.

Zygrade24 karma

Are you guys going to play Pokemon X and Y when it comes out?

DrKnathan11 karma

I've wanted to thank you guys so much for the amazing 10 months since I've started watching Game Grumps (almost 2 years for NSP!).

As for the Questions... (Pick whatever jumps out at you)

  • What was it like hitting record that very first time on GG? (Mostly for Danny)

  • What is pre-recording Grumps like? (what do you guys do to get the grump on?)

  • Aaand most importantly, what kind of Pretzels were you guys eating in those Mario Sunshine episodes? They sounded incredible.