Hey guys, this is Ross O'Donovan! I'm the animator over at youtube.com/RubberNinja and one of the co-hosts from youtube.com/GameGrumps. Please ask me anything!

I will be responding with both text and video comments! We'll be collecting all the video responses at their forums here.

PROOF: http://i.imgur.com/jRAXM1T.jpg

Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

EDIT: Shooting video responses now! Will keep responding with text comments as well!

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egoraptor1170 karma

Why is your face like a butt. I mean honestly have you seen it

RubberNinja824 karma

Why is YOUR face like a bigger butt. I mean honestly have YOU seen it?

egoraptor609 karma

How COULD I Ross, if my face was a butt I wouldn't have eyes to see it with IDIOT #idiot

RubberNinja574 karma

You don't even NEED a butt for a face, you're already full of SHIT!! #hashtag

jrgolden42567 karma

Ross, over on /r/Gamegrumps yesterday you said you might post the unused Steam Train opening if enough people wanted you to during the AMA. Can we please see it?

_ProJared_349 karma

How much do you love ProJared and how often do you think about his butt?

RubberNinja343 karma

ProJared has a butt of exquisite quality and shape (also often).

RubberNinja283 karma

For some reason the description isn't showing for some people.. Not sure why that is. Just posting here in case it's not showing:

Hey guys, this is Ross O'Donovan! I'm the animator over at youtube.com/RubberNinja and one of the co-hosts from youtube.com/GameGrumps. Please ask me anything!

I will be responding with both text and video comments via PolarisGo.com! We'll be collecting all the video responses at their forums here.

PROOF: http://i.imgur.com/jRAXM1T.jpg

Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

Keating500220 karma

How do you drink that much milk that fast

RubberNinja527 karma

I open my mouth and it goes in.

ClassroomAquatic201 karma

Howdy Ross, we're the dev team for Classroom Aquatic! We heard you mention us on your Flight Delayed podcast right after MAGFest this year, and would be overjoyed if you tried out our game :) Whatcha think? Wanna cheat off of some dolphins?

RubberNinja228 karma

I REALLY wanted to play, but the line was so big when I was there! I'd love to play it on the show.. We ain't got no occulus though ):

ClassroomAquatic255 karma

Well, we do! Mind if we set you up with a kit for a demo?

RubberNinja59 karma

Contact me at rubberross AT gmail DOT com and we'll see if we can set something up :)

esquirebob188 karma

Who's your favorite Sonic character?

Not for any particular reason or anything.... Just wondering I swear...

RubberNinja355 karma


timstm175 karma

No question, just wanted to let you know (although it's neither the first nor the last time you've heard it) that you, /u/egoraptor, /u/DannySexbang, and /u/razzbarry make 30 minutes of my crappy days rock, every day. Love you guys!

RubberNinja351 karma


NeonStingray170 karma

Are you guys gonna finish Ride to hell? It's my favorite series.

RubberNinja273 karma

Yes! We plan to, unfortunately it gives Arin VERY bad motion sickness. So sometimes it gets pushed aside if we need to film a lot of content because Arin literally needs to lay down after 5 episodes.

AnusTasteBuds45 karma

The way you move the mouse makes me sick, too. I can only watch like one episode at a time. Arin is a trooper.

RubberNinja62 karma

Its because we have to play on a couch.. Not great for mouse movements unfortunately!

charizar8888166 karma

Hello Ross, will ever see the return of Chinigan?

RubberNinja416 karma

I hope to see him Winigan.

killroyoneal132 karma

Ross, if you got in a boxing match with Arin, do you think you could take him?

RubberNinja393 karma

I've got the moves, he's got the beast like size, chins and weight. I wouldn't last long.

gmart711128 karma

Top 3 animes, GO!

RubberNinja377 karma

Anything Studio Ghibli

Gurren Lagann

Dragon Ball Z

Bunston78125 karma

What is your favorite Steam Train moment?

RubberNinja310 karma

The Beej.

Fuzzyketchup122 karma

What is your favorite Ninja Sex Party song and why?

RubberNinja266 karma

If We Were Gay. It was the first one I saw and it has a special place in my heart.

StroHersh106 karma

Hi Ross!! Are you going to be doing anything with Starbomb? I know your rhythm is legendarily atrocious, but maybe animating a music video?

RubberNinja126 karma

No plans! But I really LOVE the Pokemon song.

darkchrome85 karma

Hey Ross,

A few times on Steam Train, you've mentioned that many people do not know about or associate you as an animator at all. Does it bother you that some ignore the hard work you've spent a decade perfecting in favor of being known as "That guy who does Steam Train"?

Also, your favorite ice cream flavor. I need to know.

newbzoors77 karma

Hey Ross! Glad to see you're getting your own AMA!

As for my question, do you think that Arin has had any influence on your animating style?

RubberNinja153 karma

I find that all my close friends influence me and I'm sure we all influence each other in some way shape or form. We've been in it together for so long. Early on I even helped Arin get his head around Flash as he was coming from a pixel animation background. So yeah WE ALL LEARN COOL SHIT TOGETHER HANG OUT HUG AND KISS.

eodude74 karma

Boobs or butt?

RubberNinja172 karma


insanityFTW74 karma

Hey Ross, if I remember correctly, you mentioned once on a Steam Train episode that you once taught kids and students about animation, like motion tweening and stuff. I was wondering if you had ever thought about making an flash animation tutorial series concerning those mechanics. I still haven't grasped the concept, and I feel you would be a perfect candidate to do something like that because I can see from your (great) animations that you have a lot of experience with these tools.

arachnophobia-kid70 karma

Hey Ross! It's my birthday! But it's been a pretty depressing day honestly, I'm going through a very rough time but I'm glad to come home and find that you're doing an AMA. Thanks for being awesome Ross.

I just wondered if you'd do me the honour of saying something nice to me to help me through the dark times.

RubberNinja208 karma

Turn on the light switch, that will turn on the lights and turn off the dark times.

P.S. Smile!

redditorsass980267 karma

How did you and Holly get on Friend Zone?

RubberNinja263 karma

No friend zoning here, I MARRIED her.

BadBlocks65 karma

What has been your favorite moment on steam train so far?

RubberNinja194 karma

Batman call.

SethTheChozo56 karma

Ross, what are your opinions on Gavin Ofree from Rooster Teeth?

RubberNinja108 karma

I don't know him personally. But I hear myself compared to him a lot, I'm sure we would get along great, as we'd relate.. Probably hug it out.

cobaltgear53 karma

Hey Ross! I was wondering if you could share the story of how you met and came to marry Holly?

Austinatorr50 karma

How about the Gameoverse reboot huh Ross? Great job on everything you ever did in life btw

RubberNinja69 karma

I'm carefully planning it out right now. Don't hold your breath!!

ObamasInPajamas47 karma

Do you think the age of Lets Players (and other game play videos) have changed Video Gaming?

RubberNinja121 karma

People use to think it was lazy to sit around and play video games.. NOW we can be lazy and sit around and watch OTHER people play video games!

RubberNinja42 karma

Someone's question seemed to be deleted. They asked "How did you learn to chug milk so fast?" Video response!

alecsteven641 karma

Hi Ross! What is your favorite Pokemon from each generation?

theAverageGam3r40 karma

How do you maintain such a youthful appearance?!

hyliancheese40 karma

What is it like to record Steam Train? Do you find it fun or not?

RubberNinja81 karma

It's super fun. I love hanging out with all my Grumps.

CobraSwagG38 karma

Do you ski or snowboard? If yes what tricks can you do?

RubberNinja89 karma

I really hadn't seen proper snow till this year.. But I did try skateboarding. I was the kid who could kick flip.

conmann9731 karma

What are your favourite retro games?

RubberNinja65 karma

TROG, Windjammers, Metal Slug, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island and Harvest Moon on SNES.

-Tspeiro30 karma

Hey Ross, TSPEIRO here. If I were to make another remix for you, what kind of song would you like me to make/what source material would you like to hear in it?

RubberNinja38 karma

Oh maaaaaan! I don't know! SURPRISE ME!

Nostrophus30 karma

Ross, Arin has mentioned a few times that when you're losing in a competitive game, you decide to throw the game on someone's favor. I was wondering why you did this, and if there was any specific reason?

ShitHeadPete25 karma

if you were offered a sponsor ship by deltaco what would you have be your slogan for them be?

RubberNinja66 karma

Feed me.

Crunchy_Nut25 karma

Hi Ross,

Perth fan here!

Have you watched any of the current FireRed playthrough by Arin and Danny? If so, are you also ripping out your hair at the decisions Arin makes... its so hard to watch. :(

RubberNinja83 karma


ZeroZeiner22 karma

'Sup Ross. How many FPS do you use when you do your animations?

RubberNinja36 karma

25 or 30. More so 30 now.

t3nga22 karma

can you still speak in your accent?

RubberNinja44 karma

Actually I can.. But even I feel like it's fake and dumb. But it's pretty spot on.

sabretewth22 karma

Have you ever been to Ireland? If so, what was the craic?

RubberNinja46 karma

Yes! All my family live in Dublin. Last time I was there was in 2005 I believe. I hope to go back soon!

SoloWing121 karma

Hey Ross since Arin and Danny are doing Pokemon right now, which starter do you choose? Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander?

RubberNinja55 karma

Squirtle DUH

CraftingMan20 karma

Also, let's go nerdy and ask: What character do you want most for SBB4?

RubberNinja36 karma

Kirby.. OH WAIT.

jklaryn20 karma

So Ross, you're a big Who fan. What are your thoughts and expectation so far on Capaldi, and also what would you say would be your favorite episode of Doctor Who since it's resurrection?

RubberNinja34 karma

I have high hopes for Capaldi!! Also all of them minus a few bad ones.

Mudsy20 karma

What inspires you to keep improving on your animations?

RubberNinja54 karma

My friends!

jorgsparce18 karma

How's it going man? For my question; what Pokemon did you use on your team when you played X and/or Y version? Thanks

zeelsama18 karma

Ross! How many times have you cosplayed? You know, with your wife being a prop and costume making extraordinaire.

megasonicfan17 karma

Ross, you've been doing Steam Train for awhile now, so I think there's enough episodes for you to choose from. Which one is your favorite?

RubberNinja35 karma

Batman call and probably something from Skyrim.

lordjackal16 karma

If you had all the resources in the world, what's the dream project you'd create?

RubberNinja33 karma

My own animated TV show or video game.

BeltedYapper15 karma

Where would you be if you didn't take up animation?

RubberNinja30 karma

I'd probably chased after being a paleontologist.. Or a graphics designer.

SilverBallsOnMyChest12 karma

Hey Ross, what is easily the WORST game by means of least amount of enjoyment you have played on Steam Train?

RubberNinja19 karma

Duke Nukem 2. But at least it brought out some kind of emotion..

Electrified_Neon12 karma

Hey Ross, what's your favorite video game soundtrack and why?

RubberNinja20 karma

I love the Skyrim, Tiny Brains, Starbound and Minecraft soundtracks. Mass Effect 1 has pretty great music as well.. Mass Effect 2 had some great songs.

Th31stHunter12 karma

Hey Ross, I wanted to say that you and Arin are two of my biggest inspirations and why I am pursuing a career in animation. I also wanted to ask you:

1) When and why did you decide that you wanted to become an animator?

2) Do you have any advice for future animators?

3) What's your favorite indie game?

Beahyt11 karma

Hey Ross. I was curios, I know Arin has dabbled with it so I was curious: have you ever attempted game design?

NOpieMAN10 karma

favorite dbz character?

shufflingpython10 karma

I GOT A REDDIT ACCOUNT JUST TO ASK YOU ... what's the craziest thing you've ever done?

rawwws10 karma

Ross any plans to play Starbound on Steam Train or Steam Rolled once it's out of beta?

Banjo-Daxter10 karma

Can we get Grant Imahara on Guest Grumps, please?

RubberNinja20 karma

Holly is actually really good friends with Grant (they met on the set of the guild)! I know him pretty well also, he's a great dude! Not sure if he's familiar with Grumps honestly, but that'd be up to Arin and Dan not me!

kroweski9 karma

Hey Ross, how did you get into Shaolin martial arts? Also, how has the art of Shaolin influenced your animating ability?

Wommbatts9 karma

Third nipple? Yes this is the question.