Adam Whitney Savage

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is co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters and Unchained Reaction

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mistersavage20337 karma

I will return to television.

mistersavage13352 karma

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO WORK WITH ADAM SAVAGE? Sincerely, Somebody else than Adam 😎

mistersavage13117 karma

Who the hell knows? Jamie Hyman is a mystery not to be pierced by mere mortals.

mistersavage9134 karma

Dude just hanging out with Michael and shooting the shit is a treasure. Seriously conversing with him is EXACTLY what you imagine it is. He's inquisitive, attentive, curious and has a great sense of humor.

mistersavage9091 karma

Yes! I played in high school and was the DM at my local library in Tarrytown when I was a junior in high school. Actually my first kiss came about DIRECTLY as a result of playing D&D.

mistersavage8158 karma

Fantastic question!!! A great kitchen knife can be grabbed for that much. Too many options. I don't have a definitive answer but I love the thought experiment.

mistersavage6466 karma

Achievement unlocked?

mistersavage6173 karma

Don't worry about that. I promise.

mistersavage5770 karma

On a bar coaster. On a date! (seriously the early aughts were a weird time for me)

mistersavage5135 karma

I always wanted test vinyl record albums versus versus CD vs. MP3 at different compression ratios.Specifically I would be testing these in multiple environments: a car, a bedroom, and an auditorium. Discovery always thought that was too boring.