I'm stuntwoman/actress producer/director Zoë Bell. I doubled Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vols 1 and 2, and Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok. I have done my own stunts in Death Proof, Raze, Hawaii Five-0, Whip It, CSI Miami and more. This year I directed two commercial campaigns. I have two TV shows and three features in development for next year!

Proof: https://twitter.com/TheRealZoeBell/status/944260845609000960

This is my first AMA. Ask me anything!

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Ordengar_3858 karma

Did you enjoy doing voice acting for Fallout New Vegas? How different was that for you than doing a more traditional role?

TheRealZoeBell3984 karma

Loved it - would love to do more actually.

bookon2973 karma

What stunts have you turned down as too dangerous?

TheRealZoeBell5254 karma

I haven't. Effectively there's always a way to make it doable.

TonCharles902493 karma

Though it's definitely an unpopular opinion, Death Proof remains one of my favorite Tarantino flicks! What was your favorite scene to film in the movie? Thanks, Zoe!

TheRealZoeBell1840 karma

Hmmm..... I loved shooting the Res Dogs, around the table scene. It was my first real taste as an actor, of bouncing off other actors. It is just like when a fight goes right.

mistersavage2029 karma

Have you ever stabbed anyone with a movie prop?

TheRealZoeBell3753 karma

Only in my down time

deathmouse1918 karma

Can you tell us more about your character in Django? It felt like there was more to that character that was left on the cutting room floor.

TheRealZoeBell2506 karma

Tracker Peg. We had a whole backstory for her and the other Trackers - kind of a fucked up love story actually. And there was a big fight but we never shoot it.

PointMan5284911514 karma

Hi Zoe! I've heard lots of people clamoring/wishing for more awards recognition for stunt teams and the work they on set (I know SAG has recently added a category like this), but some think it will encourage more accidents due to increasingly dangerous stunts. What is your stance on this, as someone directly involved in the industry?

TheRealZoeBell3015 karma

We already risk life and limb at times, that happens without awards being present. I used to be pretty reserved about it all - I love the hidden wonder, movie magic of it all and was happy to not have the spot light on our side of the biz. However, these day the behind the scenes are so exposed that's gone out the window and o be honest with so many other categories getting recognition - its painful that stunts isn't among them. So many movies would stand naked and soulless with the action removed. Its not just about risking life and limb its about the magic the stunt department brings to movies.

ArchDucky1359 karma

What was it like on the hood of the car in Death Proof?

TheRealZoeBell2240 karma

Breezey, at times buggy.

astrofed1242 karma

would you like to be cast more as an actress, or do you like primarily being working as a stuntwoman?

TheRealZoeBell1897 karma

Definitely. Before Thor, I hadn't been a stunt double in 8 years. I love it all but acting (doing my own stunts of course) and most recently directing are taking precedence.

Em_Adespoton1016 karma

Have you ever been asked to double for someone who you did not resemble in any way, shape or form? If so, did you take the job? What was involved in trying to mimic the main actress/actor?

TheRealZoeBell3335 karma

I once had to double nz actor Kevin Smith who played Ares, god of war on Xena. I was required to wear a fake beard and mustache and strap my tits down. I still have pics. I make kind of a hot guy.

crtownsend16768 karma

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

TheRealZoeBell2022 karma

To be able to belt out a tune like Adele.

Or fly. Seems like it might feel the same.

okfineillsayit651 karma

Hi, Zoe! How does one find their way to working in a stunt team? Like.. what would the requirements be, besides "be in great physical shape and maybe a little crazy"?

TheRealZoeBell1036 karma

Either having extensive experience in one thing - martial arts, gymnastics, motocross etc etc or a little in a couple is really helpful.

Being a good listener, a quick study and intuitive also makes it much easier for someone to hire you and then hire you again.

WombatJack557 karma

Hi Zoe! Never been in time for an AMA before! I love your work in QT's films! What is he like as a director, and what was the most fun you had on a film of his?

TheRealZoeBell1125 karma

Me either - my first time!

QT is awesome, like a very tall, very brilliant kid in a candy store. A passionate, excitable, mischievous, meticulous, vivacious kid in a candy store. He's truly one of a kind.

Served_In_Bleach531 karma

Was Cate Blanchett as fun to work with as she was on screen?

TheRealZoeBell870 karma

A straight up legend. Instant fav

crtownsend16472 karma

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

TheRealZoeBell1678 karma

Holy crap.... playing god much? Um.... We must all take responsibility for what happens in our lives. Always ask, what could I do differently to get a more ideal outcome.

Or always spread butter ALL the way to the edges of the toast.

clousemouse335 karma

Working on Death Proof, did you find it, I guess, more fun, since you were able to act AND do stunt work? You were such a BADASS in that film!

TheRealZoeBell353 karma

Yep - I loved it!

crtownsend16328 karma

Who is your favorite Marvel character?

TheRealZoeBell740 karma


But I have been told Im more like Tony Stark

bumblesski291 karma

Were you ever asked to do something you thought to dangerous? And the obligatory war stories, have you been hurt?

TheRealZoeBell681 karma

If ever I haven't trusted the set up - I hope I am surrounded by professionals that are wise and cool enough to have that discussion 0 often it just takes minor tweaks to taylor the gag to the person performing it.

Twice I have had serious injuries, once I thought I was invincible and didn't trust my boss and those wiser and more experienced,. The second time, I didn't trust my instinct and question my boss when I should have.

crtownsend16237 karma

As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?

TheRealZoeBell812 karma


merry722220 karma

Are there any folks in the industry (actors, directors , cinematographers,etc ) that you'd love to work with or just really admire ?

TheRealZoeBell503 karma

Heaps. Catherine Hadwick, Kathryn Bigalow, Paul Fieg, more with Rosario Dawson, Heidi Moneymaker, KT Tunstall, more with Taika, more with QT, Dennis Villeneuve (sp?), Dante Harper, Emily Blunt, Chad Stahelski, Dave Chappelle..... shit this could take the full hour.

Sleepy3135214 karma

Do you find anything in your line of work really boring?

TheRealZoeBell578 karma

Yes. There is a lot of waiting time spent on set, so many different departments needing time to set up , reset etc, time you cant really be doing anything else. Its boring but the nature of the beast.

That and dealing with ego's, that boring also.

Javeloz211 karma

Has there ever been a stunt that really made you nervous before doing?

TheRealZoeBell389 karma

Most of them. Even if its not dangerous - theres always performance anxiety!

Frajer206 karma

What got you interested in stunt work?

TheRealZoeBell414 karma

Meeting people who were making a living out of flying, flipping and kicking! I was already doing all that and the thought of getting paid and having it bean all day everyday thing......? Whats not to get excited about!

Herbie555195 karma

I'm a proud Dad to an 8-year-old Roller Derby player. She was inspired by seeing Derby played locally, but has also recently seen Whip It. She had her first 10-point jam just this last week!

What advice can you give someone her age on developing resilience, bravery, or further bad-assery?

TheRealZoeBell258 karma

Thats awesome! I mean, it seems like shes on the right track!

Check in with heraelf on the reg, is she loving what she is doing, who she is surrounded by, is she loving the effect she is having on others - if not what can she do to make it so - as much as poss a soften as poss!

U5efull192 karma

Do you have any recommendations on foods to eat when recovering from injuries?

TheRealZoeBell842 karma

Not sure I would call this a recommendation but my boyfriend just reminded me that on Kill Bll after I was injured, they kept me through the end. In Mexico, to drown my injury sorrows, when everyone left for work (at 7am) and I couldn't go, I would put on my togs (bathing suit) and my vacuum sealed plastic arm cast protector, jump in the pool and order chicken quesadillas and a recurring jug of margaritas. Not sure it helped my wrist but im convinced it made me feel better.

RCDuke184 karma

What was your favorite or most exhilarating stunt you've done so far?

TheRealZoeBell450 karma

So many different type so exhilarating but I imagine the type you are asking about relates to the scale and fear factors. In that case - Catwoman, 22 story decelerator with a quick release and two full body wraps.

That was and still is the highest work I have done. I loved it.

marcusredfun174 karma

What's your method of choice for cleaning red wine stains out of a carpet?

TheRealZoeBell345 karma

Water and half a thing of salt

Lokismoke154 karma

During the Hateful Eight, were you on set when Kurt destroyed the priceless Martin Guitar?


If so, what was that like on set and what happened when the crew realized they destroyed the wrong guitar?

TheRealZoeBell12 karma

I wasnt there for that!

WreckerCrew122 karma

Loved the stunt work in Death Proof! That roof scene was insane. You really need for acting roles. And not so short like Hateful Eight.

TheRealZoeBell97 karma

Thank you!

banjowashisnameo112 karma

SO how can Lucy Lawless fly when Xena cannot?

TheRealZoeBell143 karma

Don't know what you mean. We all have the fairy dust!

Saieed94 karma

How does it make you feel knowing that Deathproof is my favorite film?

Seriously, I love that movie and your stunt work is insane.

TheRealZoeBell133 karma

It makes me feel great.

carchasemovies76 karma

Hi, Zoe! Huge fan of your work. Is there anything you're doing that's upcoming that you're really excited about? Thanks :)

TheRealZoeBell201 karma

Thanks very much! I have just started directing this year - stoked! Keep an eye out first quarter of next year for a little number that I directed with Rosario Dawson as my lead! Also I have three features and two TV shows, one scripted one not, that I hope to get a fire under next year. I would love any and all support I can get - so fingers crossed! Thanks!

Niskyah46 karma

What’s your favorite movie? (Or top 3)

TheRealZoeBell336 karma

I deeply dislike favourite questions! I find they make my mind go numb and start emanating a constant dull ringing sound.

crtownsend1646 karma

Do you have any pets? If so, can we see pics??

TheRealZoeBell218 karma

We arent allowed at the place we stay. (sad face) But my first ever Cat's name was Negative. Mum thought it was a great name because it was black and white.

It had a bad attitude.

diveintothe933 karma

Hello Zoe!

How does it feel to know you can kick ass and to do so in such well received projects and films?

TheRealZoeBell51 karma

Pretty awesome

coryrenton32 karma

what's something that most audiences don't notice but stunt people do in watching stunts in movies?

TheRealZoeBell51 karma

New techniques. I am often rewinding stuff when Im blown away to see if its done practically or not

Mister_A_N_Other29 karma

I loved you work, special Death Proof & Raze and I gotta you done awesome acting and producing and you did directing of Apocalypse Steven Hansen, would you do directing if you could or acting you main thing.

TheRealZoeBell63 karma

I figure I am a big enough girl that I can do both!

LupineSowingCow26 karma

What's your favorite color?

TheRealZoeBell102 karma

It used to be blue - but I think that was just cause t was reserved for the boys. Now I like sunny oranges.

GeeZeR_FroG24 karma

Hi Zoe! Huge fan! What is your favorite flavor of milkshake?

TheRealZoeBell78 karma

Would have to be chocolate. Preferably with little chunks of choco!

wlydayart22 karma

Can you talk about your experiences with Harvey Weinstein?

TheRealZoeBell95 karma

Mine were never sexual just unpleasant.

Fuck that guy and the lives he has tarnished.

LayingPipeSince198520 karma

Hiya Zoe!

Fell in love with the Kiwi accent when I saw you in Death Proof. Was wondering besides clashing knuckles and moving fast, what do you do on your off time? Stuff for fun just for you?

Thank you for running an AMA

TheRealZoeBell11 karma


Bwa ha ha ha!!

Burgertr0n8 karma

Hi Zoe I’m a big fan! I love the movies you have done for Quentin Tarantino and I was wondering just how real the “ship’s mast” game is from death proof. That chase scene is one of my all time favorites in film and it looks so real? Were you really on that hood with only belts to hold onto?

TheRealZoeBell22 karma

I really was on that hood, we really were going that fast and its one of my favourites too

YouSaid_ButFuck6 karma

What's your 1RM on bench, squat and DL?

TheRealZoeBell19 karma

That's gibberish to me!

JacobAllTrades1 karma

What is the hardest thing about being a stunt double?

TheRealZoeBell2 karma

For me it's the injuries. I have been doing it so ling and my body has been so good to me, but I have put it through the wringer and this injuries are starting to come home to roost.

Mirwolfor1 karma

Hi and thanks!

What advice would you have for people who want to get into the industry?

TheRealZoeBell3 karma

Develop other skills and thing in life that fulfill you and satisfy you at the same time. 1) You wont be dependant on this unpredictable, temperamental industry to be fulfilled - thats a terrible idea 2) it might be the thing that sets you apart - makes you different, gives you something extra to offer

WickedSushi1 karma

What are your favorite action films?

Were you considered tomboyish growing up?

TheRealZoeBell1 karma

I hate favorite questions but Lethal Weapons.

And yes, in my teenage years I was.

theflamingskull1 karma

How do you feel about stuntmen receiving Oscars?

TheRealZoeBell2 karma

THe same I feel about stunt woman receiving Oscars - its only fair.

krystynlo1 karma

Do you have a preference between acting, directing, producing and performing stunts? What made you start directing and producing, or has it been an evolution from doing stunt work?

TheRealZoeBell1 karma

It's more dependent on the gig. The more creatively involved I am the more I tend to enjoy myself. That and I love being physical - flying, fighting and flipping but to be honest the eating shit part of stunts is becoming less and less interesting to me. I'm getting fussy in my old age.

LadyDragonDog751 karma

Hi and good morning from Wellington NZ! What are your Christmas plans?

TheRealZoeBell3 karma

Chilling here in LA with my man and a couple of friends. LA is awesome and quiet this time of year. Ansd going home to NZ in feb for the Bells chrissy!

TSMasochism-1 karma

Isn't it Xena: Warrior Princess?

TheRealZoeBell3 karma

Yes, are you referring to a spelling mustake?