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Hey Alyssa,

My dad is a huge fan of your show, Charmed. He watches the reruns on TNT every morning. However, my mom teases him for watching it. She says he is losing his man card.

What price of advice/message do you have for my dad? His name is Mike btw

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How often do you get recognized in public?

Have you ever attended a live screening of The Room?

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Who is the most overrated person in history?

My picks are Freud, Columbus, and Nostrodamus

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What was it like on the set of Kuso?

Is it true that you told Eddie Hazel to play one half of Maggot Brain like his momma died, and the other half like he found out his momma was still alive? Some of my friends say this backstory is a myth, but i'm not so sure.

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If you could be on another game show besides Jeopardy, what would it be and why?