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I have always loved the color palettes of you films! How did you come up with colors for pacific rim? i.e. the beautiful blue from inside of the kaujis

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What are your thoughts on Gareth Evan's new Godzilla film?

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How can I convince my friends that Jurassic World is gonna be great?

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First of all I just want to say thank you for these films. As someone who grew up with action movies being my bread and butter. The John Wick world has captured my attention. My and dad have seen John Wick 2 probably 15 times on HBO after the theater. It never gets old and we are seeing Parabellem in IMAX this weekend!

Was there any contemplation about casting or at least reaching out to Jackie Chan for a role in Chapter 2 or 3?

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Is there another genre of film would you love to tackle as a director? The western vibes are great in both John Wick films.