Hello Reddit! I am Michael Stevens, creator of Vsauce and host of Vsauce1, a YouTube channel where I make videos that dive into whatever topic has most recently excited or confused me and share some of the awesomest things people have said, done, found, forgotten, or seen. I'm about to go on tour with Adam Savage, have a new show on YouTube Red, a subscription box full of my favorite experiments and brain-tickling toys, and am currently really in love with circles. Since I love questions and answering them, AMA!

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EDIT: I'm going to go home for dinner now but I'll be back in a few hours (around 9pm PST Jan 26) to keep answering. So keep asking! Thanks for all your questions so far. Thanks for supporting educational videos. And as always, thanks for watching! See you all back here soon!!

I'm back! Answering more now!

OK! Getting ready for bed now. I'll check again in the morning and answer a few more! THANK YOU for your time and for all your great questions. Thanks for supporting educational videos! And as always, thanks for watching.

I'm back for one more round! AMA!

Okay, I'm actually finished now. Got to get back to work on my next episode! I really appreciate all of your questions. Thanks again for your support and for being curious and thoughtful. And as always, thanks for watching.

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suckmypussyho3718 karma

Is iDubbbz your son?

Michael_Stevens5262 karma


plsdontkillme5062821 karma

Can I pm you a picture of my cat?

Michael_Stevens2992 karma


plsdontkillme5062268 karma

ok cool

Michael_Stevens3491 karma

I received it. thank you.

ninjalemur2520 karma

What made you switch from "pooplicker" to v-sauce?

Michael_Stevens6503 karma

I stopped licking poop

thelosthamster2458 karma

Hey Michael! In episode 1 of Mind Field there was a scene when you woke up and appeared quite disoriented and confused, so confused that you needed to open the door to the test chamber to confirm your reality. I'm dying to know what were you dreaming about?

Michael_Stevens4762 karma

Essentially, I had started to lose the ability to differentiate dreams from reality. For some reason, I was in the room in both.

I dreamt that someone (not anyone I'd ever met, but someone who seemed familiar in the dream) had come into the room and told me I was done. That 72 hours was up. But then I woke up. But I didn't realize that I'd woken up. I saw the door closed and wondered why they'd left and closed the door behind themselves. I figured everyone was just busy or something and that I could come out when I felt like it.

So I opened the door but it was so dark and nothing was moving. I was really confused and anxious about being confused. Who had been in the room? Why was I alone? I had been so certain that I was finished. That I could come out. But no. I was still alone. Always had been.

10tonheadofwetsand1964 karma

How often do you get recognized as "the Vsauce guy" in public? Do people ever introduce themselves as "HEEEY. _____ here!"?

Michael_Stevens2434 karma

A few times a month. It's awesome! I love giving 'spoilers' about the next video I'm working on (actually I'm just running things by them to see if they find it interesting or if I should take a different approach). Very few (none, I think, really) have ever just STARTED with Hey, Michael, ___ here." It sounds really weird and stilted to talk like that in real life :)

10tonheadofwetsand352 karma

Thank you for taking my question, but I liked your first answer better. ;)

Michael_Stevens1409 karma

hahaha, okay so that was caused by me having multiple tabs of this AMA open. Oh well, DOUBLE ANSWER! How embarrassing would it have been if they'd contradicted each other?

Michael_Stevens1444 karma

A few times a month. Depends on where I go. Public places like museums and restaurants are more common than like, when I'm commuting or on a subway or something where people are all busy and rushing around.

Everyone who's said hi has always been so nice about it. If you've recognized me in public and said, "hi," thanks for being so respectful. Oh, and of course, thanks for watching. It's so great to meet the actual flesh-and-blood that's out there watching. Since I'm always working on my next video, I usually start giving them spoilers as to what it'll be about and my favorite things about it.

chochomaster1590 karma

What's one video you wanted to make but couldn't?

Michael_Stevens5204 karma

I want to make a video about death. I really admire a friend of mine from college who wrote a great book about working in a crematory. We are afraid of death. Of dying. Of things that are dead. But death is important. It's the most significant thing, in fact. When I die, please film me dying. All of it. And don't stop. Show how my body changes. Where my body is taken. Who the professionals are we trust with our dead. Leave no curious soul's questions about what it looks like and feels like unanswered. I want to interview scientists, authors, pastors, mystics, moms, dads, young people, old people about death. Death is obvious and unavoidable and necessary for life and yet we can't easily study it scientifically. At least not the conscious experience of it. For that matter, what is life? What defines whether something is living? Ought we even ask? Can we even pretend that there's an adequate answer to that question?

thomaskyd554 karma

May I recommend the first pages of My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgard? It's a similarly beautiful mediation on society's relationship with the body.

Michael_Stevens578 karma

Thank you for that recommendation!

Abysswalker_81449 karma

Did you recover without any mental problems after the 3-day isolation?

Michael_Stevens2032 karma

Surprisingly, yes, I did. I stayed up really late the night I got out talking about the experience with my wife. Slept well. The next day I was very clear and happy. FYI: this is the video we're talking about.

LD_curb358 karma

Why did you open the door?

Michael_Stevens797 karma

thanks for linking that answer!

NimbleMC1312 karma

can you tell me 3 spit facts?

Michael_Stevens1742 karma

Its population is 2,816

It's a popular spring break destination

It has a warm humid subtropical climate

ThirdMonkey1153 karma

What is your favorite question you ever answered?

animaginaryminefield262 karma

What was your favorite question you never answered?

Michael_Stevens781 karma

I still don't think we've got a good understanding of the Zipf mystery

IxtabGuideMe189 karma

What is the answer you never questioned?

Michael_Stevens493 karma

most of them. I accept so much. There just isn't time to investigate everything. We need to trust others and those who teach and observe the world have a gigantic responsibility to be honest and objective.

Saucetweet1135 karma

How many people are involved in vsause 1,2,3 with editing and production?

Michael_Stevens1889 karma

There are six of us now:

Me, Kevin, and Jake.

Eric, who helps with 3D graphics, production, editing, etc.

Hannah, who writes, researches, and edits DONG

and Alisha, who coordinates everything (especially the Curiosity Box) and keeps the company running smoothly

xtobiasx1106 karma

How do you come up with video ideas?

Michael_Stevens1547 karma

Ideas come from things I've read or heard or seen, people I've met ... anything that makes me confused or surprised and then turns out to be a challenge to wrap my head around is something I want to make a video about.


Ideas come from things I've read or heard or seen, people I've met

So for the video about butts, which ass was your muse?

Michael_Stevens1862 karma

my own

11trobo1007 karma

You say you're in love with circles, why? They're pointless IMO

Michael_Stevens1294 karma

I've been hanging aROUND a lot of circles lately. And playing with them and thinking about them a lot. Spheres too. So simple and important and useful in geometry.

Blobthe15889 karma

Have you noticed any long-term changes after being in the isolation room for three days?

Michael_Stevens1545 karma

I learned to meditate better. And panic less.

In the room, whenever I wasn't sleeping or pacing I was watching memories play in my head like movies. Things that really happened ... but then they'd take on a life of their own. Waking dreams.

I think (just guessing here) that that process is good for your brain. Perhaps it's its way of sorting things out. Arranging experiences. Very interesting.

jaaaay_875 karma

are you a tits man or a ass man?

Michael_Stevens1771 karma

the human bottom is magnificent

TheFrankMedia846 karma

Hi Michael,

There is one thing, you've said that has stuck with me since I saw the video of you doing a Ted Talks.

"The trick to education is to teach people in such a way that they don't realize they're learning until it's too late" - Herald Egerton

Is that your mantra when you release a new video on Vsauce now/after you made the Ted Talks, or has it always been what you were trying to do?

EDIT: Rephrased the question so it makes more sense to the answer I got from Michael.

Michael_Stevens652 karma

It's always been my mantra. Even before I heard it articulated so clearly. At first, it wasn't about accidentally teaching, it was just about the fact that being funny or asking weird questions (aka good video topics and titles and thumbnails) brought more people in.

VeryLittle816 karma

What's the most exciting thing you've done with Adam Savage?

Michael_Stevens1615 karma

The brachistochrone was a dream come true. There was NO way I could have built something like that in any reasonable amount of time with any reasonable amount of quality. It took Adam about 2 seconds to know what to do and where to find everything we needed in his shop.

Besides that, we just spent the last couple days diving really deep into our upcoming live show, Brain Candy. Seeing the pieces all falling together and the mechanisms being built is really thrilling.

Besides even THAT, it's his stories about things he's built, people he's met, ideas he's had. The guy's about a million times smarter than me so hanging out is like free experience/knowledge/idea-osmosis. If that makes sense.

senguz782 karma

Education and degrees?

Michael_Stevens1660 karma

Bachelors in English Literature and bachelors in Neuropsychology.

Both from the University of Chicago.

imadepoopies749 karma

What's Adam Savage like off camera? I always imagine he's just as enthusiastic all day long as he is while shooting

Michael_Stevens1124 karma

That's exactly right. He's contagiously enthusiastic -- but also very thoughtful. Not sure where he gets the energy. It's crazy.

mistersavage713 karma

What do you think about other youtubers and online makers of video borrowing your vocal style? I feel like I hear it everywhere.

Michael_Stevens681 karma

I haven't noticed this. Hmm... perhaps it's like how we enjoy/don't mind the smell of our own farts dislike other people's? I'm probably too close to my own voice to really understand it or know it.

My vocal style on Vsauce is pretty much just how I talk in real life (Would you agree, Adam? If you others want proof come to Brain Candy and say, "hi!").

I'd be interested to see if there's any research on what kinds of cadences/accents/etc. keep people's attention the best. Or leave them with the most comprehension or retention.

Wish I could say I already knew and was using that knowledge on Vsauce, but I'm just talking to the camera the way I'd talk to you if you ran into me on the street and asked me to talk about infinity or books or juvenoia or whatever :)

gobcity691 karma

Hey, I met you one time in a mall right before closing time and you were on the phone with your bank. My question is: Why were you on the phone with your bank in a mall right before closing?

Michael_Stevens1006 karma

My credit card had been declined while I was trying to get a gift for my wife (sunglasses). It was very annoying. Hope I wasn't a huge grump!

lowercase_thoughts615 karma

what are your favourite songs right now?

Michael_Stevens1669 karma

And to be honest, vaporwave. I mean, what's going on when I listen to it? It's like the past trying to get ahold of me. It's like the past but easier to analyze and take seriously. It's like being a kid again with the brain of an adult. Or not. I don't know yet but it really helps me write and edit and think.

Elcatech744 karma

it's sad that a lot of people don't take vaporwave seriously. It has such a great surreal dreamy vibe, and it's a really creative genre.

Michael_Stevens705 karma


Michael_Stevens371 karma

Just wanted to add one more thing. I discovered the sound by stumbling on a channel called b0dyg0d years ago. I have no idea who it is or who made the songs, but the way they're stretched, the way they repeat the same phrase over and over again like a chant, the melancholy ... I love it. I made a playlist of it all so I could just let it play. For the last few years I've used that playlist when writing.

Michael_Stevens466 karma

at this very moment I'm really digging "Mood" by Porches

MashTaco606 karma

Where did you meet Jake, and Kevin? And what was your motivation to create Vsauce 2 and 3?

P.S. Love your videos! So far loving the mine field series.

Michael_Stevens1364 karma

I met Kevin because I was a fan of Jerry Bloop. I contacted him about working with Vsauce (which was 'gaming' 'comedy' at the time). He's incredibly talented and a top-notch researcher. Want something? He'll find it.

As for Jake, Vsauce gets a tax break for hiring felons.

JUST KIDDING. That was a goof. Jake started working at YouTube and sat next to me and started helping me edit episodes of DONG. It became clear that he would be a great fit for something we really wanted to do: cover the science and ideas and questions behind fictional creations. Thus, Vsauce3 was born.

Gardenhose_enema481 karma

Do you think a brightly lit room is more difficult to spend 72 hours in than a pitch black room?

Michael_Stevens792 karma

I don't know, but I really want to try a dark room. It's not a fun thing, though. It's not a carnival ride. It's a serious adventure into your head.

samhinkieforever384 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Michael_Stevens599 karma

It's a sandwich. But not a sandwich sandwich.

ebonmourn217 karma

If you burn bread is it burnt bread or burnt toast?

Michael_Stevens586 karma

In my opinion, it is burnt bread which is a kind of toast. Or at least, on the toast spectrum. I suppose this makes "burnt toast" a tautology, though. Hmm... how much of a 'well made' piece of toast is actually 'burned'? What is burning? A certain reaction between carbon in the bread and oxygen in the air? I would need to learn more about the physics of 'toasting' to be confident.

INeedAHoagie354 karma

Well, not sure I'll get a reply but I figure it's worth a shot: Hey Michael! A few years ago, I stumbled across Vsauce by accident, and have been watching you religiously ever since. I have 2 questions!

1) As a Nuclear Engineering student, I get to take a lot of fun classes. Is there a class on any particular subject matter you would suggest that every college student should take?

2) If I one day had the money to compensate you for a day off and fly you out here, would you like to join me for tea, a friendly discussion, and maybe a game of cards? :-)

EDIT: Wow! This is now my highest rated comment, by a longshot... thanks, guys!! And a huge shout-out to Michael for being so kind and open to answering questions.

Michael_Stevens371 karma

(1) Psychology (2) Of course

quackityhq343 karma

Love your videos so much, how long does it take to film a single Mind Field episode? And how long does it take to be released after it is recorded?

Michael_Stevens467 karma

Mind Field was filmed in one month. September of 2016. Before that, there were months of planning, talking, writing, researching, experts to reach out to, ideas to have and then scrap (or fall in love with).

Editing took a couple months. Unlike my regular videos (which I edit myself -- though often with the 3D graphics help of the talented Eric Langlay), Mind Field had a team of people (great talented ones) working with me in post-production. That was VITAL. So much footage and so many camera angles and episodes... it was a lot of work to mold it all together into the story I wanted to tell.

jonnybarco326 karma

What is the script writing process like? How are you able to jump from one idea to the next so seamlessly to explain a concept that emcompasses everything you're talking about in a video? Greetings from Colombia, translator here but big fan! :D

Michael_Stevens447 karma

Basically, I start with a topic or question and then I begin gathering books, articles, experts I can email/call/meet/tweet at/etc.

Then I start jotting down everything about the topic that surprises me or that I don't understand. Then I start figuring out what needs to be dove into deeper and explained. And how. I try my best to blend it all together, but in the end it's just the highlights of what I've been up to for the last few weeks. It's like meeting a friend and asking what they've been doing.

I will say that as a result, I think my information-finding and -synthesizing skills have really improved. If I had to say what one skill is most worth exercising and working on, it's your ability to ask questions more articulately and find answers more efficiently. Step one is to admit when you don't understand something. If you're not 100% satisfied that you could explain it to someone else, keep reading. Eventually you'll find someone who's explain it or approached the topic in a way that helps you. Keep looking.

MrTim700313 karma

Dog or a Cat person?

Michael_Stevens679 karma

Both have my respect and admiration but the cat is subjectively my favorite. I have two: Elsie and Corn.

Oscar_P297 karma

Hey Michael Stevens from Vsauce, How do you know that you exist?

Michael_Stevens646 karma

I don't. I believe I do. But I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that I know I do.

EricRuthGames288 karma

Why the hell didn't you make the title of this "Vsauce. Michael here. What is an AMA?"

Michael_Stevens388 karma

Because you all aren't Vsauce. You're reddit. Though I agree that "What is an AMA" would have been nice :)

nayocum284 karma

What video was your favorite to do the research for?

Michael_Stevens468 karma

"How to Count Past Infinity"

I got to talk with Hugh Woodin. A legend. He's got sizes of infinity named after him! He was so good at helping me understand the topic.

I also spoke with David Eisenbud. Both of them were so eager to help and importantly: they were patient with me as I tried to better learn and understand the topic. I am so appreciative of their time.

MontyTheMountain283 karma

Hey Micheal! So one things that's always bamboozled me in your videos was that weird noise/song that recurres in your videos. It happens at 1:34 in your most recent video ( The Brachistochrone ) What's it's name? And origin?

Michael_Stevens426 karma

Arnuxas283 karma

Hey, Michael

What was the scariest thing you've ever done in your life?

Michael_Stevens662 karma

Running the nocebo demonstration for Mind Field. The episode isn't out yet, but that was the most uncomfortable I've been. However, the results were very very powerful and the participants were incredibly helpful and understanding of the test's significance. We took extreme care to debrief everyone and keep everyone safe.

In a few words, the nocebo effect is when 'nothing' produces a detrimental effect. The detrimental effect we were able to cause in people who thought what we were doing was serious and dangerous (it was, in reality, almost comically trivial) was a real testament to the power of imagination and the fragility of our conception of what's real.

To everyone who participated, I thank you. And science thanks you.

LittleAdventurer-204 karma

I'll make an assumption that you are introverted, here. How do you recharge?

Michael_Stevens366 karma

Watching documentaries, reading, solving disentanglement puzzles ... sometimes the best is pacing around one of our studios alone talking out loud to myself. It's not always even coherent, but there's no audience. For some reason it's really relaxing and recharging. Takes the stress away. What do I talk about? Usually I talk through some problem or issue I'm having (like venting but to no one). OR I attempt to explain something that I'm trying to get better at explaining for a script.

samwilkinsqpr195 karma

What is the favourite video that you've made so far?

Michael_Stevens424 karma

In a way, my favorite is always just my newest because I'm so close to it and so freshly obsessed with that topic. But when I sit back and reflect, "If" is on the top list. Along with "The Banach–Tarski Paradox" and "Cruel Bombs"

Haziqmeley161 karma

Why do you like to jump for intro?

Michael_Stevens320 karma

mainly just to avoid jump cuts (i.e. if I have to stop and start over I'll just 'pop in')

It also helps keeps my energy up.

suriranyar160 karma

3 Questions:

Favourite snacks/food?

Favourite movies/tv shows of the 21st century

If you could choose one aspect of science to learn about further, what would it be and why?

Michael_Stevens266 karma

Supreme tacos. I love sour cream.

Louis Theroux's Extreme Love: Dementia

Theoretical physics. But first, math. Lots and lots of math. I want to go back to college and study mathematics.

JackEvereds154 karma

Why did you decide to be humorous and scientific? Even if you claim to not be the "Bill Nye of Youtube", is it possible you took inspiration from him?

Michael_Stevens242 karma

Bill Nye really inspired me. He was the first voice I heard that was educational AND funny. And in a clever, dry, sometimes ironic way that I always thought was cool (not lame and socially ostracizing). Especially as a kid. Even the kids who made fun of 'smart kids' or learning or reading or chess club or whatever always LOVED when Bill Nye was shown in the classroom. Beakman's World was also really influential. Paul Zaloom could be a rapid-fire goof that entertained you and then ... yep ... you'd realize you just learned a lot and were fired up to learn more.

dudebro__142 karma

Hi Michael,

I am probably your biggest fan. I want to thank you for doing what you do. You have made the biggest contribution to my core of my personality. You have sent the hardest of the goosebumps down my spine. I am left in awe after your videos, Michael. They have defined me as a person. You make the nerds inside all of us be more proud. I have watched your videos so many times and made all of my family and friend forcefully watch it.

Thank you so much. I love you.

I’d like to ask you,

  • What would you rather do if you were not a YouTuber?
  • If you were to stick one field of interest to focus on like Mathematics, Language, Physics. Which would it be?
  • Do you think in the future, would we explore the virtual world or would we venture out into space?

You can choose to answer any of the questions but please acknowledge this.

Thanks for reading.

Michael_Stevens195 karma

Thanks for watching!

If I wasn't a youtuber I'd probably be a teacher who did some theater acting on the side.

Mathematics. Specifically set theory.

Both. BUT: the virtual worlds we create and explore will be richer and more popular and easier to navigate. Of course, if faster than light travel is possible in some form maybe they'll be nearer to equal....

aman601130 karma

Is there going to be a mind field season 2?

Michael_Stevens191 karma

I sure hope so. I have more than enough ideas (and bigger & better ones now that I have the experience of season 1 and have met the people I know I need to make it possible). Now that I've had a taste, I'm hungry to show more and do more. Be even more ambitious. No matter what, I will find a way to document the studies I want to do next.

King_Lethargy108 karma

I've really enjoyed the recent Youtube collaborations with people such as Adam Savage and DubbbzTV. If you could make a collab video with anyone on Youtube right now, who would it be?

Michael_Stevens362 karma

I really want to collab with 3Blue1Brown. We're actually already talking over email. Shout out to Henry from Minute Physics for introducing us!

Oh, and I also want to get e-doops on Vsauce.

amirsaboury92 karma

how many languages do you speak?

Michael_Stevens202 karma

just one, unfortunately. I keep saying I'm going to learn Spanish, but I haven't yet. It's a real disadvantage to only know one language. I'm definitely going to give my kids (none yet) as many opportunities to learn other languages as possible!!

Dimi642490 karma

Hey Michael, do you plan on writing a book?

Michael_Stevens155 karma

Yes. I have the treatment. It's the book I've always wanted to write (well, at least since I made "Our Narrow Slice".

It's an idea that works best as a book. Not as a video. I would only do a book if that were the case. But it's not something I can throw together in a few weeks. Perhaps while on the road with Brain Candy ...

Jevanius88 karma

Hey Michael big fan of all your work. How would you say is the best way to approach learning new things? I always find it so daunting jumping into something I know nothing about.

Michael_Stevens186 karma

honestly, wikipedia. It's a great jumping-off point and so full of hyperlinked connections. And sources to learn more and go deeper.

PerodicallySarcastic85 karma

How bad was that isolation chamber, like did it really mess with you as much ad the video showed?

Michael_Stevens219 karma

More. Unfortunately we couldn't record my thoughts and how scrambled they were. And I can't now, with a clear head and voice, get across just how lethargic but nonetheless panicked and lonely I was. Being separated from the Earth's cycles and any feedback as to my sense of time was disorienting. I felt perhaps like animals feel (or don't. we don't know. But I wish we did). I had no idea how long ago things had happened or how far away the future was. every moment was the same. I believe that a life like that is one in which death is much less scary.

omnomnomnoodlez82 karma

Hi, Michael, Drayke here. Were you friends with Adam Savage before showing up on Tested? Or did you become good friends afterwords?

Michael_Stevens156 karma

Brain Candy has turned us into friends. Before we'd ever met, I heard that he was looking for a touring partner. I was obviously interested but didn't expect anything. A couple months later I got a text from him asking to chat. We talked on the phone and went over our backgrounds, out goals, and it became obvious that our styles and approaches would fit really well together. We can both talk about things and tell stories, but Adam can BUILD things and ENGINEER things and MAKE things. It's a great combo :)

ThePrideofKC81 karma

First of all, you make fantastic content. But that's obvious and everyone here knows that. As a fellow Blue Valley High School alum, I wanted to know, what is your favorite memory of your time there or just something about it you remember fondly? Cheers.

Michael_Stevens81 karma

My best memory was pretty much every forensics tournament. I did informative speaking and oration. I especially loved the stakes at national-qualifying tournaments. I highly recommend participating in speaking competitions. Articulation and writing and preforming in front of people are VERY powerful skills to hone.

mittermayr68 karma

Michael, my girlfriend is a massive fan and when we moved to London a few years ago (Angel). We went to the VUE nearby and you were in the queue in front of us, or so I thought. My girlfriend was too nervous to say hi, and I was too worried about interfering with your date night, so we kept to ourselves. Since then, we've always wondered if it was you after all. You hang out in Islington?

Michael_Stevens105 karma

I used to live in Islington! I now live in LA. Do you remember what movie you saw? If it was during the day it could have been when I saw Mad Max: Fury Road there.

dinonid12366 karma

Whaaazzaaap? Sice you mentioned circles, I have to ask what your opinion on tau τ is. Are you in favor of it replacing pi or acting alongside it, or is it just silly?

Michael_Stevens100 karma

it's an uphill battle. I'm fine with pi but yes, I prefer tau.

I owe my opinions on the matter to Vi Hart, of course



Mrxcman9264 karma

How concerned were you when Adam Savage was messing with your glasses?

Michael_Stevens80 karma

Not concerned at all. He's a pro. If he'd been nervous I would have had second thoughts, though :)

iuliu60 karma

While shooting Mindfield, did you ever have to skip a test subject because they recognised you?

Michael_Stevens127 karma

We didn't have to. I could always just be myself. I think only a couple recognized me and it didn't make a difference. They just understood that I was doing a study. But they didn't necessarily know what was REALLY being studied. That's the part that matters.

RandomRedditor4448 karma

Can you give us a hint about an upcoming Vsauce video? (Not Mind Field)

Michael_Stevens125 karma

shadows that burn

weirdbraxto46 karma

Where did the inspiration for the name 'vsauce' come from?

SharkkingX43 karma

Will the Bearded-Nun ever return?



Michael_Stevens56 karma

Yes. But stronger.

Seriously though, Mark Douglas and I have been kicking around a really cool idea (not the Bearded Nun, sadly) that I hope to get back on top of because I really think it's gold. And really needed today and really different but better in certain ways that what I'm already doing. Stay tuned...

ShadeTheCat230 karma

hey michael what kind of soup do u like?

Michael_Stevens79 karma

clam chowder and potato.

Thafnine21 karma

Hey Michael! Loving your Mind Field series on YouTube Red! I just wanted to know, how was it staying in the small bright room for three days straight? Did you think about anything in particular?

Also what was it like working with iDubbbz, Maxmoefoe and Filthy Frank for Human Cake?

EDIT: a word

Michael_Stevens62 karma

At first, the room was very fun. It was a novel experience.

But as I became more aware that I was detached from time -- that I didn;t know how fast it was moving -- I got sad. Lifeless. I felt really slow. But I was never bored.

Re: Human Cake, we didn't really work together. They just found me and pestered me and wouldn't listen to my facts. So.

experimentgr14 karma

Do you like to collect things? Did you have any collections when you were younger?

Michael_Stevens35 karma

I have a very large novelty pen collection. Not nice, fancy pens, but funny ones shaped like forks and Godzilla and ears of corn and stuff like that.

thegryphonator11 karma

Am I wrong to think that several of the concepts you explore are actually linked? The hope being that your viewers might connect the dots to a bigger idea that can't be explained yet still be understood?

Michael_Stevens21 karma

I think the biggest link is just the important realization that what we know is DWARFED by what we don't know. It's hubris to feel like we're even close to knowing much about what the heck all this is. Or that we'll ever know. In fact, as our circle of knowledge grows, its dark circumference of unknowns only gets larger. Science isn't about finding truth, it's about reducing uncertainty. Luckily, it's pretty darn good at that. And that's good enough for me.

_7u74 karma

Why did you study psychology?

Michael_Stevens6 karma

Because I thought I was bad at math. That's the honest fact. But now that I've learned more and talked to more mathematicians I've learned that it just takes time. But is OH so worth it. I don't know if it's more difficult for me than for others, but with time, you can grasp anything.

thomasbce3 karma

Did you participate in Scav Hunt at U Chicago?

Thanks for the AMA!

Michael_Stevens3 karma

YES I DID. It was wonderful. So creative. So challenging. So much teamwork. Some of my best (and weirdest) memories. It really brings out the hard work and talents of those who know (and don't).

Thewhiteguccimane2 karma

What do you like to do in your free time?

Michael_Stevens2 karma

Honestly, I really like solving puzzles. Like this one.

So much respect for the mind and craftsmanship required to make these.