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I stopped licking poop

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I want to make a video about death. I really admire a friend of mine from college who wrote a great book about working in a crematory. We are afraid of death. Of dying. Of things that are dead. But death is important. It's the most significant thing, in fact. When I die, please film me dying. All of it. And don't stop. Show how my body changes. Where my body is taken. Who the professionals are we trust with our dead. Leave no curious soul's questions about what it looks like and feels like unanswered. I want to interview scientists, authors, pastors, mystics, moms, dads, young people, old people about death. Death is obvious and unavoidable and necessary for life and yet we can't easily study it scientifically. At least not the conscious experience of it. For that matter, what is life? What defines whether something is living? Ought we even ask? Can we even pretend that there's an adequate answer to that question?

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Essentially, I had started to lose the ability to differentiate dreams from reality. For some reason, I was in the room in both.

I dreamt that someone (not anyone I'd ever met, but someone who seemed familiar in the dream) had come into the room and told me I was done. That 72 hours was up. But then I woke up. But I didn't realize that I'd woken up. I saw the door closed and wondered why they'd left and closed the door behind themselves. I figured everyone was just busy or something and that I could come out when I felt like it.

So I opened the door but it was so dark and nothing was moving. I was really confused and anxious about being confused. Who had been in the room? Why was I alone? I had been so certain that I was finished. That I could come out. But no. I was still alone. Always had been.

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I received it. thank you.

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Yes. Stay tuned ;)

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A few times a month. It's awesome! I love giving 'spoilers' about the next video I'm working on (actually I'm just running things by them to see if they find it interesting or if I should take a different approach). Very few (none, I think, really) have ever just STARTED with Hey, Michael, ___ here." It sounds really weird and stilted to talk like that in real life :)

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More importantly: would the planet Saturn float if you placed it in a giant swimming pool?

Not really. Saturn and the pool of water would be attracted to each other by their enormous gravitational-pulls and nothing would do anything one would call "floating."

Also: I write an entire script for every episode, but I don't speak it word for word when I record. I just rehearse a paragraph or so at a time and then say it as I would say it to a friend. There's no teleprompter or anything.

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I have seen your dreams and no, he is much more handsome than that.