Hello Reddit! Frank Oz here. I’ve performed characters for SESAME STREET, THE MUPPET SHOW, STAR WARS, SNL, DARK CRYSTAL, etc. And I’ve directed a bunch of feature films. Looking forward to your questions. Also, when you ask your question, I'd love to know where everyone is -- so please tell me where you live. Okay -- Ask Me Anything.

By the way, you can sign up at www.FrankOz.com if my experiences in performing and directing movies are of interest to you.

Proof: https://twitter.com/TheFrankOzJam/status/946441242333741056

Everybody, there's a whole lot more questions but I think I've got to wrap this up now. I wish I could answer everybody. You guys have been great. I hope I shined some light on things you wanted to know. Thanks so much. You can go about your lives now.

EDIT 1/6/18 - OZ CORRECTION: When I did the AMA on Reddit, I was asked where “Wocka Wocka” came from. I said that it was spelled “Whaka Whaka.” I have NO IDEA why I said that! Of COURSE IT’S SPELLED “WOCKA WOCKA”!! What the hell was I thinking?!!! End of “Confessions of a Stoopid Guy."

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mistersavage1989 karma

You directed Derek Delgaudio’s incredible stage show “In and of Itself” show both in its LA run at the Geffen and also for its current off-broadway run. As a storyteller, how is directing a magic show different than a movie? What did you learn working with Derek?

MGT_Team1543 karma

Adam Savage. First of all, I told you never to call me at home. But, since you're saying such nice things about our show, In & Of Itself, I'm going to be nice to you. It's a great question. The show comes from Derek's experiences and mind and heart. But there was no script. So we workshopped it for several months in order to make it a whole entity and subverting the magic to support the story which itself is an internal journey for Derek. To give a quick answer, movies usually have scripts that I work with. With Derek I learned to be open and explore ambiguities when in the past I've always liked making things clear. But now I see that there's a tremendous value in ambiguity.

RaccoonOfKnowledge1407 karma

What is the most emotional character you've ever performed?

MGT_Team3231 karma

Yoda. Because he runs so deep and there is so much gravitas in him.

Therizino1198 karma

Do you recall where "Wocka Wocka" came from? As far as we at the Muppet Wiki can tell, Fozzie said it for the first time in The Muppet Movie. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario.

MGT_Team2079 karma

Hey Ottawa! Hey Muppet Wiki! I remember exactly when Fozzie said "Whaka Whaka" first. In The Muppet Movie script, Fozzie was doing a comedy act on stage where Kermit first saw him, but there was no comedy act written, so I just made one up -- and what you see on screen is what I showed Jim in an empty sound stage about a week before. And he loved it, so I kept it. And it really is a steal from old fashioned burlesque comedians.

paulconx861 karma

Hi Frank, i'm from Vancouver, BC. Just wondering what it was like to come back to the Star Wars franchise after all this time and perform with Mark, and also who came up with the page turner line? That was perfect!

MGT_Team1637 karma

Hey Vancouver, Thanks for writing in. It was a joy and a challenge to come back to perform Yoda. As for Mark, I'll say it over and over if it wasn't for Mark, and his belief in the character, Yoda would not be the Yoda we know. I think Mark did a fantastic job in THE LAST JEDI. As for the pager-turner line, that was Rian, the director and writer. All the dialogue came from him. He is annoyingly talented.

washingtonpost714 karma

Hi Frank! Washington Post here, currently freezing in D.C. Thanks for doing this.

Here's a softball snowball question. In your opinion: Practical effects puppet Yoda or digitized acrobatic flippy floppy Yoda, and why?

MGT_Team901 karma

Hey Post, It all depends on story. In George's story in one of the movies the writer wrote that Yoda would have a huge fight. There was no other choice but to do CG at that point because it couldn't be done any other way. And we're all slaves to the story. So it all depends on story, which type of character is used, CG or real.

MGT_Team643 karma

Hi Reddit! I'd love to know where everyone is, so when you ask a question, could you also let me know where you live?

watchitbub445 karma

Hi Frank - I'm posting from Madrid.

Loved your shot selections and staging in Little Shop of Horrors (the transition from the end of Somewhere That's Green to the next song on the rooftop in one shot - so good).

What were your movie musical inspirations for the staging of the musical numbers? Any chance you might direct another musical someday?

MGT_Team436 karma

Hey Madrid, Great that you're onboard here. Actually that shot from Audrey's window going all the way up to the top of the rooftop, was not my idea. It was the only shot sequence that Howard Ashman had written in so followed that. It was a very difficult sequence because we didn't have a crane high enough so we had a luma cane put on top of a titan crane. That's how we got the shot. As far as movie musicals go, I remember loving Brigadoon all the way up to the to Rocky Horror show. I am sure I was influenced to some degree but that must be unconscious because I just did what I did. Love to do a future musical; again it all depend on if the quality of the writing is as high as Howard's, and if the songs are as amazing as Howard and Alan's.

suaveitguy437 karma

The performances at Jim Henson's funeral were so touching, your talk and Big Bird's song in particular. Can you describe that day? It is remarkable everyone kept their composure, let alone delivered such great performances.

MGT_Team901 karma

I'm unable to talk about it. Sorry.

MuppetConnoisseur427 karma

You were reportedly developing The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made around the same time Jason Segel was developing his Muppet movie. What are the chances we'll ever see yours see the light of day?

MGT_Team658 karma

Very few people know about The Cheapest Muppet Movie. It was something that Jerry Juhl and Jim originally wrote about 40 years ago. When Dick Cook was head of Disney, he asked me to get involved with a Muppet movie, so because the previous script was dated from being written 40 years ago, I did rewrite it with the help of Jim Lewis. And personally, I love it. And I wish it could be made. But maybe it's time now is gone because it feels like Disney would like to go their own way.

spasmunkey394 karma

I'm from Marin County, CA. Do performers that work with Muppets get shoulder injuries? It looks painful to have your arm up in the air for long periods of time.

MGT_Team666 karma

Hi Marin County, I grew up in Oakland. Shoulder injuries. I know Dave Goelz had to have maybe one or two operations on his shoulder. I don't know about others, but I've had no problems whatsoever. I think because I must be a mutant.

threelittletrees394 karma

Has there been any work that was particularly emotional for you, or really changed you as a person?

MGT_Team1056 karma

I think the answer to your question is that it wasn't a particular piece of work, but it was the years of working with Jim Henson that changed me. His was an open, trusting, collaborative and supportive way of life, and that affected me deeply.

ToughPigsJoe379 karma

Hi Frank! Thanks so much for doing this AMA.

I've heard some of the backstories about your characters that help you figure out who they are offscreen. (I've heard the stories about Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, and Marvin Suggs.) Do you have similar backstories for your Sesame Street characters like Grover, Cookie Monster, or Bert? Or some of your lesser-known characters like George the Janitor or Lefty the Salesman?

MGT_Team521 karma

Hey there. The answer is that I create backstories for my characters when I don't have time to let them develop organically. So Bert developed over many months, even a year, because I had time on SS to do that. But for instance, I didn't have that time with Yoda, I didn't have that much time with Piggy, so I worked on getting specific about their story so that it could become a part of me.

siggeplump345 karma

Hi! I'm Andreas from Sweden.

I love the chemistry between Kermit and Fozzie and I like to think they are great avatars for you and Jim Henson to embody that also reflect your real-life friendship. Is there any particular moment between the two characters that you both shared as a favorite? I am personally very fond of Kermit shouting "Is there no end to this running gag?!?!!" as Fozzie continuously answers the phone with bad puns coming out.

MGT_Team788 karma

Hi Sweden, I guess it's fair to say that in every character that Jim did was a bit of Jim. And every character that I did was a bit of me. So there was indeed a part of the Fozzie/Kermit relationship that was Jim and me. But the character relationships were magnified, exaggerated, through our professional filters and made funny. Jim and I weren't that funny in a room. You know I gotta throw something in here. Go to MuppetGuysTalking.com, will you? Because all of these questions you have, there's going to be more answers there, building up to he release on March 16 to the release of our documentary "Muppet Guys Talking." I know that was a shameless plug, but I have no shame.

dwayne1115284 karma

Hello Frank! Dwayne from Kingsport Tennessee here. Lifelong fan and I just want to Thank you for helping make the Muppets such a huge part of my life. I have heard you talk about the direction the Muppets have gone in recent projects. My question is what do you think Disney and the Muppets need to do now going forward? They have had a movie and a TV show be unsuccessful and I wonder is it because they are truly a thing of the past or do they just need to move in a different direction?

MGT_Team537 karma

Hey Tennessee, I believe Disney really loves the Muppets and they really want to do their best for them. But my answer is not to go in a different direction for them, my answer is to get deeper into the purity of the characters. And that can be done by getting Bill Barretta and Dave Goelz and other performers who know the characters very well. It's the purity of the characters, the purity of intent that connects with people in my opinion.

Go_Kauffy228 karma

I'd really like to know something about the genesis of What About Bob?. It's one of my own all-time favorite comedies, though not "universally loved". Did it seem risky to make a film that's going to contain at least one very unlikable lead character, knowing it will depend on the the viewer as to which character it is?

MGT_Team308 karma

Hi. Well I'm glad you liked What About Bob?. It was an amazing experience to shoot. I never worry about people being likable. Sometimes unlikeable characters have tremendous value. With What About Bob? I feel it worked not because one was likable and one was not, but rather one character was very rigid and uptight and the other character was very loosey-goosey; and that may not allow a good friendship, but it sure allowed for a lot of comedy.

jaf27224 karma

Hi. What was it like working with Alan Tudyk on Death at a Funeral? I love his performance in that film.

MGT_Team405 karma

Alan Tudyk. Alan Tudyk. Alan Tudyk. What can I say about Alan Tudyk because I have so much to say? So let's just say this. He's absolutely brilliant and I love him.

aurackel224 karma

Hi, Laura from Chicago. Frank, you are my hero and Miss Piggy is my spirit animal. From the bottom of my heart - thank you for my childhood! Who was your greatest influence growing up?

MGT_Team311 karma

Hey Chicago, Thanks for the kind words. Like any young boy my influence was my father first of all, then my influence was on watching television entertainers, mostly comedy entertainers from Jerry Lewis to Abbott and Costello, etc. Those were influential in my show business desires. And then I when was 19, I joined the Muppets, and then my influence was Jim Henson. And his influence is far-reaching.

scarecroe218 karma

Hi Frank! Scott from New England here.

An old interview with Ken Plume on IGN claims that your full name was/is Richard Frank Oznowicz. The shortening of your name to Oz is pretty well-documented, but I've never seen the "Richard" part corroborated elsewhere. As an administrator for Muppet Wiki, I'd like to be able to make sure we're being factual. Is it true; is Richard your birth/legal first name?

Thanks so much for everything!

MGT_Team383 karma

Hi New England & Muppet Wiki! Yeah that's weird. I've heard that before. Have no idea where that came from. My legal name is Frank Richard Oznowicz. I asked my parents why they gave me the middle name of Richard thinking it was probably from an uncle they loved very much. They said, "It just sounded nice."

Ilikewaterandjuice191 karma

Hi Frank, Ottawa Canada here.

What was it like to work on The Blues Brothers?

MGT_Team315 karma

Hello Ottowa again. The Blues Brothers. Wow. It was very unusual only because - number one - I'm not an actor, but John is a friend and he asked me to be in it. And the reason I was is to experience the fear of actors in front of a camera. I think all directors should do that. But the experience and the other reason it was unusual is that we actually shot it at Joliet prison in the summer heat. And I saw these poor prisoners in their tiny cells, and I'll never forget that. And of course, the good side of it was that I new John Belushi from SNL, so it was fun to work with him and it's always fun to work with John.

Chtorrr168 karma

Hi Frank!

I'm in San Francisco.

What is your favorite dessert?

MGT_Team337 karma

Hey San Francisco, Favorite dessert? You got a lot of time? I LOVE desserts and I have to watch it. But if we're talking priorities, probably like a hot fudge sundae with everything. Also, put a few cookies in there. Chocolate sprinkles...make sure there is whipped cream, a big dish underneath to catch the spills....I'd better stop now; you get the idea.

endersandman161 karma

Hi Frank! From Virginia.

If you had to pull off a heist using a team of only Muppet performers who would you choose and why?

MGT_Team670 karma

Hey Virginia, I think you have a very odd idea of who we are. I wouldn't choose a team of Muppet performers to cook hot dogs. You don't know these people.

Merari01160 karma

Hi mr. Oz, greetings from the Netherlands!

I am a great fan of the movie Dark Crystal.

Do you maybe have an amusing or interesting anecdote to share from working on it?

MGT_Team249 karma

Hi Netherlands, My dad was Dutch and born in Amsterdam, so I feel very comfortable talking with you. The Dark Crystal was such a huge project that along with Jim, I was so focused every day trying to make the day and because I have a lousy memory, I can't think of anything. But I will say this...it was Jim's vision. I just helped Jim direct his movie.

MGT_Team158 karma

Hi guys, so it's AMA time. I'm really looking forward to these questions. Let's do it.

1998GC151 karma

Hi there Mr. Oz. 19 year old life long fan living in Sherwood Park, Alberta. First I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. My best friend tragically passed at the age of 18 in 2016. His favourite film was The Indian in the Cupboard. That hour and a half of escape he was able to get each time he watched that film really meant a lot to him as he had a tough childhood. Thank you for that. What’s funny is that my best friend and I were just like Bert (my best friend) and Ernie (me). I can watch Bert and Ernie and see exchanges that were exactly word for word like my friend and I could have had.

My first question is that IMDb credits you as playing Miss Piggy in 2007 for the Children In Need fundraising special. You had already retired from The Muppets by then. Did you do Miss Piggy as a one time thing for that special? Or is IMDb giving you a false credit?

Did you do any on set preforming at all for Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets From Space? Thanks again Mr. Oz!

MGT_Team183 karma

Hi Alberta, Thanks for writing in, and I'm very touched by what you said about Indian in the Cupboard. Regarding the 2007 Piggy appearance that was not me, and regarding Treasure Island I came in for a few days and all that stuff that Piggy did was me. Which is weird for a 6'2" guy to say. As for Muppets From Space, I was just there for 2 days and I did Piggy there.

JohanneN98140 karma

Hi Mr. Oz! I'm from Denmark. So, I’m a very shy person and I’m currently trying to get into the animation industry. I wanna do creative work, but I’m afraid that my introversions and insecurities will limit my opportunities. I heard that you used to be a shy person, when you were younger, yet you still got up and performed (brilliantly I might add). How did you overcome shyness?

MGT_Team347 karma

Hey Denmark, Thanks for writing. I overcame the shyness when I was a kid by hiding behind the puppets. I'm still shy when it comes to large crowds or even people that I don't know. And you're right, I was not only shy, but I also had very low self esteem for many years. I was lucky to have a mentor in Jim Henson who gave me opportunities and supported me. That's the real answer. But there're are not that many Jim Hensons around. And lastly, if you really are really shy, fake it. There's an old adage which i used earlier on performing to combat my shyness which is if you can't be good, be loud. I don't know how that translates to animation, but introversion can be a gift sometimes. Don't run away from it. I'm sure if you keep on doing it something is going to happen.

NintendoGuy1995112 karma

Hello Frank! What job would Grover be the best at? I'm from Texas.

MGT_Team368 karma

Hey Texas, I think Grover would be best if there was a job for hugging.

JohanneN98110 karma

Was Miss Piggy’s voice hard on your vocal cords? Specifically, the singing? I'm from Denmark.

MGT_Team262 karma

Hey Denmark again, Piggy's voice wasn't that hard. For some reason I had this very high range I was able to do. I have no idea how that happened. But I could reach very high and there were no problems. The voice that was hard on me was Cookie Monster. That was one that can rip your throat out if you're not careful. But I've been careful.

MattBaster105 karma

After his identity reveal in Empire, Yoda spoke about half of his lines using perfect language mechanics, but even the ‘backwards’ lines seamlessly blended in and served the character well. In every screen appearance since, nearly all of Yoda’s lines are intentionally and distractingly written ‘backwards.’ Were you ever concerned that Yoda became a parody of himself, or did you welcome this deliberate ‘backwards’ direction with nearly all of his dialogue?

Edit: Los Angeles!

MGT_Team155 karma

Hello LA, I would get bored of what you called his backward talking if there was not a real, serious reason behind it. And there is a real, serious reason for his talking like that. But there are a lot of questions waiting. I'll probably answer that at www.FrankOz.com when the time comes.

SillySully77794 karma

Ryan From Wheeling, WV here - First off, I just want to say I read a number of interviews with you prior to this (I didn't want to ask the same questions you've been asked before). Just to let everyone know - DONT ASK HIM TO DO ANY VOICES! (It probably wouldn't translate in written format anyhow) buuuuuut have you ever done it to make someone laugh? Or impress a girl? Or surprise a kid?

MGT_Team274 karma

Hi Wheeling, WV, by the way I want to say to everyone this is so great you are writing in. Thanks! The answer is no, I never do voices for anyone. But here's a sad story, in my 20's I was performing Cookie Monster in the second or third year of SS, and I was very lonely because I was very shy with girls. And then a friend of mine said what he did was go into singles bars and do Cookie's voice to impress the girls. And I'm thinking, "something's wrong here."

verso89 karma

Hi Frank! I'm in Portland (the Oregon one, slightly less frozen here).

Whether it's part of performing or not, what's a small/simple thing that gives you joy?

MGT_Team154 karma

Hi Portland. What gives me joy in the large picture is making things come alive -- that could be puppets, that could be scenes, that could be moments, that could be when talking to someone in real life. And the more down to earth answer is being with my wife, spending time with my wife and knowing that my kids are healthy and can manage their lives.

Qu1nlan80 karma

Here in Massachusetts, we're facing a massive blizzard with power outages and I'd love to stock up on some things to read. What are your own "sacred texts"? Your favorite books that you think people should read, and you'd make sure were safe before you lit something on fire?

MGT_Team128 karma

Hi Massachusetts! Yeah, that storm is hitting us but not as bad as you up there. There are a lot of books but I will narrow it down...I guess the complete works of Emily Dickinson, for a great page turning read, if you haven't seen THE GODFATHER, the novel of it is great. I also like reading historical novels, Steven Pressfield's GATES OF FIRE, which is great...I don't want to take to much time here but my favorites are historical novels, learning history through characters.

suaveitguy74 karma

Where do you stand on the firing of Steve Whitmire?

MGT_Team130 karma

I'm just very sad about what happened with Steve. I'm not privy to the reasons. I'm not part of Disney. As I understand it, the reasons had nothing to do with performing. When Steve was on the set he was always a joy to work with. So it saddens me that something outside of performing caused this to happen. It just saddens me, that's all.

ginger62173 karma

Hi Frank! Lifelong fan from NJ here! What do you think was the hardest project you've ever worked on, performing or directing?

MGT_Team148 karma

Hi NJ, The hardest project that I worked on was the project that I actually both performed and directed, and that was DARK CRYSTAL. And as I said before, I helped Jim direct his vision of DARK CRYSTAL. Besides working in that capacity, I also performed Aughra and the Chamberlain and, like Jim, who also performed, it was hard, sweaty heavy work and at the same time having an eye out as one of the directors to see how the scene was going.

BaymaxandTianaFan56 karma

How do you feel about the legacy you've helped create? Is it ever surreal to see how much people love the Muppets, Dark Crystal, etc.?

MGT_Team128 karma

This is a question that's difficult to answer. I can't grasp the idea of a large number of people being so affected by my work and the work of others in Muppets. It is surreal to think of it, because all I did is put my nose to the grindstone, had a lot of fun with my fellow performers and never thought about it going beyond that. My wife has told me for a long time that I seem to affect people positively, and I still can't grasp that because I just am who I am.

aquanaut54 karma

Phoenician here. How was it working at SNL their first season?

MGT_Team89 karma

Hi Phoenician. Are you saying there's a place called Phoenicia? I better let that ride. Ok. It was so exciting being in the first year of Saturday Night Live and to get to know all the original performers and work in an atmosphere of electricity that happens when you're doing a live show. So that part was an absolute privilege and joy. But as the show went on, it was clear that our style of comedy which was punchy and energetic did not fit the Not Ready For Primetime Players. Their comedy was more a Second City kind of laid back comedy. So it was difficult for the SNL writers to write for a type of comedy that didn't fit the show. But personally, we are friends with everybody and after SNL's first year, we got The Muppet Show, so everything turned out fine.

ZacharyNathanson54 karma

Hey Frank

I'm from Houston, TX. I would like to ask you about Labyrinth. It's been two years since we've lost the Thin White Duke. What were your fondest memories about working on that film and with the late great David Bowie as the Goblin King?

MGT_Team75 karma

Hi Houston, I wish I could answer that. But I never met the brilliant Bowie. I really didn't work on Labyrinth.

quietasashadow49 karma

Hi Frank!

Do you ever find yourself applying the wisdom of Master Yoda to your own life?

"We are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of all masters," really struck me when I heard it. Even though I'm not a parent nor have I ever been a mentor, I couldn't help but think back on growing up and understanding that it's okay to separate oneself from the teachings and practices of one's family. To take what I have learned and not be afraid of becoming my own independent self and find my own meaning in life. Anyways, thanks for all the work you do and may the force be with you! (I'm from Florida.)

MGT_Team79 karma

Hi Florida, Thanks for chiming in. I'm very lucky that I have amazing writers from George and Larry all the way to Rian. They write those amazing words. And "We are what they grow beyond" -- I knew when I first read it was a rich thought. I don't associate myself with Yoda's wisdom. My life experiences have created different wisdom in me. But I love what Yoda says.

Witty-User_name47 karma

A question from Florida, Like Mark Hamill, did you agree/disagree with the way your character was used in The Last Jedi?

MGT_Team113 karma

Hi Florida, For me it was not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, it was a matter of did I feel that the writing was true for Yoda.

jaf2746 karma

Hi. I'm in Scotland. What are some of your favourite films/tv shows and why?

MGT_Team91 karma

Hi Scotland, Great to have you on board here. You ask a wide-ranging question. I was speaking to a director once and he was saying "what are your favorite 10 films?" and nobody could answer because people kept adding more and more films. And that's kind of how I feel I love so many films and such great tv shows. I'd have to start with Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil. Orson Welles is my favorite director.

jar_of_red36 karma

What do you think makes a great director? How do you go about telling a story and making the best film you can make?

MGT_Team69 karma

Wow. That is a very loaded question. The only way I can answer you is by saying one has to have a strong, clear vision; hire talented people who work hard; have a great script; and keep your eye on the prize, which is the completion of the movie. Actually, on www.FrankOz.com, I'll be talking about experiences and stories about the dozen films I've shot, but I better not take the time to do that now. Thanks.

ebrhale35 karma

Hi Frank, from Dunedin, New Zealand. Thank you for so much brilliant entertainment over the years. 2 questions, from me and my family: How do you balance individual vision with the teamwork? What's your favourite Miss Piggy Song? (Ours is 'Never Before' :) )

MGT_Team96 karma

Hey New Zealand, this is so great that I'm getting questions from way outside the US. I love it. The vision and teamwork question is wonderful, but the answer would be long, having to do with subtleties and nuances and instinct. And such so just the short version is that I hire a team and that team is there to support my vision. And I could never fulfill my vision without that team. Regarding the favorite Miss Piggy song, it's difficult for me to judge when she's such a lousy singer. But I will tell you something that not many people know. "Never Before and Never Again" Jim first asked Johnny Mathis to record it. And he did. And it was beautiful. But it wasn't funny. So it was a rare time where this guy who can't sing his way out of a paper bag took over from Johnny Mathis. Bizarre.

SillySully77726 karma

You've recently joined Twitter, what do you think?

MGT_Team75 karma

Twitter. Yes I did recently join. Please help me. I am spending far too much time. How do people do this? I've got to pull back, although it makes me feel bad if I do because I like answering people's questions so maybe I'll just pull back a little bit...but I didn't realize that the joy of Twitter for me would be having a way to express myself personally to fans. I love that part.

peachepie24 karma

Greetings Mr.Oz, Rob C here , vacationing in Panama, ( but live in NJ). One question two parts:

Q : If the movie succeeds the way you and everyone hopes it does,could you see a sersis on this with other muppeteers on Netflix/Amazon etc where u have a 60 min episodes with others or even those that are working in the industry now? Part 2 - CAn you please do meet n greets ( photos only with ur cast at MGT premieres as u it would mean the world to so many.

Thanks , RC

MGT_Team58 karma

First of all NJ, you picked a great time to be in Panama. It is freezing here. To answer your question regarding our documentary Muppet Guys Talking, yes there is a possibility of more people from Muppets talking that were not on camera this time, including other puppeteers, writers who worked with Jim and especially the workshop people who made the puppets. I think it'd be great for them to share their stories, too, But this time, it was the original Muppet originator/performers of the characters, and I knew we had plenty of stories with them. As far as photo ops and signatures, we are not releasing it theatrically; we're releasing it March 16 on the internet. Thanks for asking.

spasmunkey20 karma

From Marin County, CA. At what age did you know you wanted to work in show biz?

MGT_Team43 karma

Hey Marin again. I never knew I wanted to work in show biz. I never thought I was talented enough. I was doing puppet shows from 12 years old to 18 years old in the San Francisco Bay Area to make some extra money and have fun. But then I stopped at 18, and aimed towards journalism because it was time for me to think how I was going to make a living and there was no way on earth I was going to make a living doing puppets. Then, when I was 19 in school Jim Henson who had seen my work previously asked me if I wanted to come part time for 6 months to work with him when the Muppets consisted only of him, Donald Sahlin and Jerry Juhl. So for me, it wasn't a desire. It was the planets lining up and giving me a rare opportunity.

porrvision19 karma

Have you tried Hare Krishna, or do you personally identify with any other spiritual philosophy?

Peace and gratitude, from Peter in Seattle.

MGT_Team81 karma

Hare Krishna? What the hell are you talking about? Is this because I'm bald?

As far as your question on spirituality, the only thing that I come close to identifying with is Buddhism, because it makes sense to me.