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I'm glad you're on board with this. I think Reddit is a valuable avenue for a lot of people to discuss illegal activity - from drug use, to prostitution, to immigration status, I see many discussions and dialogues here that make everyone come out for the better, and help many people stay safe and not make bad decisions. So long as the site doesn't become SilkRoad, you're not planning to censor anything like that, do I understand you right?

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HUGE fan here. Closer to the Sun is literally my favorite song ever. How long did it take you to record that in the studio? It's so complex.

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Here in Massachusetts, we're facing a massive blizzard with power outages and I'd love to stock up on some things to read. What are your own "sacred texts"? Your favorite books that you think people should read, and you'd make sure were safe before you lit something on fire?

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I actually have a followup question to this, as such a big fan of Howard Ashman myself. Do you have any fun stories you feel like sharing about him? He was such a fantastic character and contributed to some of the most influential music of my lifetime, it's tragic that the AIDS epidemic took anyone, but his death especially feels like it left a chasm in the musical world.

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The couple years I decided to go vegan, Americone Dream & Phish Food were the things I missed the most. I know for a fact if you did a flavor with coconut or rice milk, I'd stop in my local scoop shop every week. Plus, cocount milk makes amazing milkshakes.