EDIT: Wow, thank you for all your comments and questions today. It's time to relax and get ready for bed, so I need to wrap this up. In general, I do come to reddit almost daily, although I may not always comment.

I love doing AMAs, and plan to continue to do them as often as I can, time permitting. Otherwise, you can find me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/donttrythis), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/therealadamsavage/) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/therealadamsavage/). And for those of you who live in the 40 cities I'll be touring in next year, I hope to see you then.

Thanks again for your time, interest and questions. Love you guys!

Hello again, Reddit! I am unemployed explosives expert Adam Savage, maker, editor-in-chief of Tested.com and former host of MythBusters. It's hard to believe, but MythBusters stopped filming just over a YEAR ago (I know, right?). I wasn't sure how things were going to go once the series ended, but between filming with Tested and helping out the White House on maker initiatives, it turns out that I'm just as busy as ever. If not more so. thankfully, I'm still having a lot of fun.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/804368731228909570

But enough about me. Well, this whole thing is about me, I guess. But it's time to answer questions. Ask me anything!

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angleeeat6142 karma

Your comment on praying to the patron saint of ballistics has been immortalized as a quote in Sid Meier's Civilization 6. Any comment on that? http://i.imgur.com/ngfeK4n.jpg
EDIT: Fixed link.

mistersavage6466 karma

Achievement unlocked?

simsalapim4365 karma


Sincerely, Somebody else than Simone 😎

mistersavage3620 karma

She's a force of nature. Love her and her output. She's just as nice as you hope she is.

mistersavage3866 karma

Your questions are all so good. I'm typing as fast as I can!!!

truewire3308 karma

You've inspired a lot of young people, myself included, to really delve into science and the scientific method, so thank you for helping me discover a passion, first of all!

If you had to add one person (dead or alive) to the Mythbusters team, who do you think would be best suited for the job?

mistersavage3884 karma

Simone Gertz!!

mistersavage2813 karma

By the way, THIS is what I'm wearing to do this AMA right now. It is SO cold in my shop. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/804388890425442304

Sir_VG2487 karma

You recently announced a joint show with Michael from VSauce. How did this venture come about, why did you choose to do it, and what are you most excited about with that venture?

mistersavage2066 karma

I love live shows. I love touring and I love interacting with a live audience. There's stuff that happens in a room with people around that is genuinely electric. Jamie was done touring at the end of 2015, and Michael Stevens and I were mutual fans and started discussing it and it seemed like a natural. Magician Michael Weber, an incredible magic designer and writer is our director.

Ericabneri2360 karma

Hey adam! How is progress going on the martian suit?

mistersavage2603 karma

Slowly. Sorry about that.

Demagine2086 karma

Hey Adam!

I loved the collaboration between you and Alton Brown, since you two were literally my childhood role-models. How was it working with him?

mistersavage2525 karma

Alton is the best. He's hilarious. He's just as funny as you want and a bit darker.

SethReineke1988 karma

Hey, Adam! What are your essential cheap tools that everyone should own, and what are some that you feel need to be higher quality in order to be worth bothering with?

mistersavage3381 karma

Great question! Everyone should have a multi tool. Everyone should have something akin to the iFixit bit kit (to be able to take apart anything). Tools that are shit until you spend $: Air powered rivet gun. Don't waste your time on the $30.00 one. Spot Welder. Nippers: go ahead and invest in a set of Knipex nippers, the last pair you'll ever need.

Athrax1547 karma

Hi Mr. Savage, and greetings from Iceland. As some here surely know, the 'Mythbusters B-Team' has been up to no good and is due for a hopefully spectacular opening with their new show 'White Rabbit Project' on Netflix in just a few days. Have you been involved in any way with the project, even if just in an advisory role? Will we be getting a podcast about the show on tested.com? Are you or Jamie gueststarring in any of the episodes? Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work.

mistersavage2156 karma

We aren't in any of KG&T's show. I really hope they're successful as all getout. Can't wait to watch it.

mrswiftnuts1050 karma

Hey Adam! How are you doing today?

mistersavage1543 karma

Well it was a bit of a rush to start but I'm ok now. I got to the shop a little early and sorted tools so now I feel normal. Thanks for asking

KissMeImHuman866 karma

In-N-Out or Five Guys or something completely different?

mistersavage1664 karma

Favorite burger is a Jardiniere in San Francisco (the owner, Traci Des Jardins is a friend so clear conflict of interest on my part) and lately she's been serving the Impossible Burger (all plant proteins!) which is INSANELY DELICIOUS. Serious. They serve it at the bar. Go try one.

captainfantastic211689 karma

Hi Adam,

Like everybody else, I love tested and the work you're doing to jump start Making. I'm a maker of music (or noise...) and I as wondering who you listen to on your drive to the shop or while you're working or just to decompress? Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to me!

mistersavage1662 karma

I also can't get enough of Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors". Such good pop!! My kids make fun of me and say I have the musical taste of a 14 year old girl. I'm ok with that.

Schabizzle627 karma

Hi Adam!

I want to start off by thanking you, Mythbusters was a huge part of my childhood and it introduced me into the wonderful world of engineering. It helped me decide that I wanted to pursue a career in civil engineering, and now in my third year as a CE student I couldn't be happier with my decision. So thank you so much for that, and also for participating in this AMA today!

So my question for you is, is there any myth that you wanted to do but didn't have the right technology? If so, do you think it'll ever be possible to test it?


mistersavage1345 karma

I've started tweeting myths I wish I could have gotten to. Under the hashtag #mythsiwouldstillliketotest. Like the roomba that went over someone's dog's poop and covered THE WHOLE HOUSE WITH A POOPOCALYPSE. We would totally have tested which type of stool would yield the worst scenario. Also cat vomit.

_junkrat_here627 karma

I'm about to take my last physics test of the semester. Any words of advice?

mistersavage1746 karma


midgeknits623 karma

Hi Adam! My 3 year old son is a humongous fan of yours. He's bright and very interested in science and engineering.

Christmas is coming and I was wondering what toys you had as a kid that helped foster your lifetime love of science. Or if there are any toys on the market today that you would recommend?


mistersavage2406 karma


SoYoungSoHigh612 karma

Hi Adam, Can't remember if you've ever answered this before but have you ever worked with the "slow-mo guys"? They've dona a lot of really cool stuff filming things in super slow motion. The company they are apart of is also doing a really cool series called immersion, trying out things from video games in real life and seeing how easy/difficult they are.

mistersavage1021 karma

I haven't yet, but I love their work. Hoping to do something with them some day.

Looki187574 karma

Do you still get to hang out with Jamie?

mistersavage1741 karma

I don't see Jamie much since we stopped filming. But we still do appearances together on occasion; we did one in Connecticut last this month. Otherwise, I'm really busy working on Tested.com and my new tour and Jamie is very happy being out of the public eye, working on secret projects with mysterious clients -- pretty much what you'd expect from the Hyneman. He and I still talk about the same things when we're together: Tools we just found out about. Technologies were both interested in (drones, high torque motors) and projects we are working on. Been having that convo with him in one form or another since 1994.

sozimdrunk510 karma

Dear Mr Savage af

Is there any way someone can make a hobby/job out of explosives without a bunch of qualifications and such?

Now before anyone thinks I'm mental and/or a terrorist, I'm a tinkerer. I like building stuff, dissasembling stuff, reverse engineering stuff and inventing stuff. Ever since I put a can of hairspray on a bonfire and got a huge fireball I've also been intrigued by explosives. Now obviously I don't make bombs in my spare time, closest I got was took the innards of a bunch of boxes of fun snaps, put them in a sandwich bag and sealed it. That made a loud bang.

I'd love to play with bombs and seeing what is and isn't explosive, responsibly of course, and if there's any hobbies surrounding bombmaking.

So is there any avenues I can take without retraining that you know of, or am I already on a watch list by the grace of this comment?

Yours most faithfully

Soz im drunk

mistersavage973 karma

This is the best. Homeland security is on it's way.

Allybrarian480 karma


mistersavage955 karma

Make sure you have some sewing machines! Everyone should learn how to sew. It's liberating. Also leatherwork has a low cost of entry and high reward for effort. As for models, that is exactly what the Nation of Makers (I'm a board member)is about: sharing playbooks and models that work! https://www.whitehouse.gov/nation-of-makers More on that soon!

Messiah87411 karma

What's the coolest piece of science fiction you could see becoming a reality in the next 5-10 years?

mistersavage851 karma

Driverless cars.

Gnarslogge381 karma

Have you ever worn Jamie's hat?

mistersavage1182 karma

I've held it. That's enough for me.

Helenius341 karma

If you are editor-in-chief, wouldn't that count as a job?

mistersavage999 karma

You're right, but I like saying that I'm unemployed.

nothumbnails308 karma

Do you still frequent reddit after that whole fiasco with people making fun of your fan that takes a picture with you every year?

mistersavage1282 karma

Yes. Sigh. Reddit, like the web in general, is a mix of the high and low, the good and bad. When it's bad it feels like middle school at it's worst. I think the general tone of discourse on the reddit that I see is getting better rather than worse. That keeps me coming. I also spent lots of time on Metafilter as a salve to reddit's baser instincts. Seriously who makes fun of a 13 year old girl? Remember being 13? It sucked ass for all of us. Why make it worse?

N1I2N3299 karma

Hi Adam,

I recently discovered my college has it's own makerspace and club complete with 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a wood working shop. The only thing that it's missing is: makers!

What would be the best way to get people interested in a makerspace?

mistersavage413 karma

That's THE question! The best way is to show them obsessive builds by others. Wake that part of the brain up that says "I've always wanted X, maybe I could make it MYSELF!". Also- sharing the build log/methods goes a long way to helping people understand that it's not beyond them to problem-solve.

bytes311289 karma

Mr. Savage, are you going to Silicon Valley Comic Con next year?

mistersavage369 karma

YES! I'll be there. Can't wait.

Snaeblooc263 karma

Hi Adam! You talked on the Still Untitled podcast about saying, "I HAVE NO BUSINESS MAKING THINGS!!!" to yourself. Are there any specific methods you want to share about boosting your self-esteem or confidence, both short- and long-term?

mistersavage497 karma

Well, the first step is was to understand that it's just part of the mechanism. That is: that feeling shitty about doing what I do will occur from time to time but doesn't define me. Then it's about pushing past the lack of desire to do anything about it.

How does one do THAT? For me with any project there's a list of, let's say, 10 things at any given point I know should happen. When I'm feeling really down that might descend to only one thing. Or even half a thing. That is: I can't really see how to proceed and my usual intuition is in the toilet. So I gingerly proceed with that half-a-thing until things start to normalize. Or I go home and recoup and just be ok with not feeling awesome. That's ok too. It's a huge question you're actually asking and it's somewhat of a disservice for me to try and answer in a couple of paragraphs but that's what works for me. Hope it helps.

GageNott242 karma

What was the scariest thing you ever did on Mythbusters?

mistersavage477 karma

The second Underwater Car stsunt

SherrickM224 karma

Hello Adam,

I am looking to get into creating/making, but over the years I've been doing things that could fit under making, or hobbyism, I've had tons of fun, but never really gotten all that good at anything or creative enough to come up with something really undone before. Now that my two daughters are getting older (three and six) and have both been to the NY Maker Faire, and love science and making things and such, I'm looking to get back in. What kind of resources can you recommend to a 37 year old father that can also potentially be useful in some way to the girls? We do have a Pi, and some of the "toy" making/enginnering stuff.

mistersavage400 karma

CARDBOARD! You can make literally anything out of cardboard. Ask them their ideal costume and help them make it so!

ajmkortus222 karma

On Still Untitled you mentioned the idea for Adam's Bookclub. Maybe you meant this as a joke, but I am legit excited for this idea. Mainly because your interests are interesting to me and your recommendations have never failed me. Is there a chance this will become something for real?

mistersavage476 karma

I just figured out how I want to do the Adam Savage Book Club and details will be coming soon!!

jclishman217 karma

Can we get a hint or two as to what we can expect from your Brain Candy tour?

mistersavage442 karma

A two hour bombastic variety show using all the tools of the theater and stage magic to illustrate cool science, hosted by a pair of better-than-average explainers. With craptons of audience participation. I can't WAIT to hit the road. We're writing it right now and it's awesome. (braincandylive.com)

mistersavage159 karma

I see a lot of questions about Jamie, so I'll answer here and hope more people see it. I haven't seen Jamie much since we stopped filming. But we still do appearances together on occasion; we did one in Connecticut last month.

Look. He was even smiling: https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/794678181273997313

Otherwise, I'm really busy working on Tested.com, my new tour Brain Candy and other projects. And Jamie is very happy being out of the public eye, working on secret projects with mysterious clients -- pretty much what you'd expect from the Hyneman.

We still talk about the same things when we're together: Tools we just found out about. Technologies were both interested in (drones, high torque motors) and projects we are working on. Been having that convo with him in one form or another since 1994.

MyNameIsntRickDotCom156 karma

Hey Adam, What do you miss most about Mythbusters?

mistersavage341 karma

My crew! And also the driving myths.

isotope65142 karma

Hi Adam, I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for the past three years, and your Tested builds and videos, as well as your TED talks, have inspired me to develop new interests in making and exploring. Even though I am physically limited by my illness, your creativity is electric and you have instilled in me a deep sense of hope and excitement for learning despite my current situation. Thank you for what you do.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy in myself, that I am not well-versed in art, cinema, culture, etc. On your podcast you have talked about giving your children a well-rounded film education and you have mentioned the process you went through as a teenager discovering new things. To a 19 year old just entering adulthood, what advice do you have? What are some books, films, and experiences that set you on the path of exploration?

mistersavage273 karma

You've got more time than youthink. I'm glad you find solace and inspiration in my videos. Keep paying attention to the stuff you find yourself obsessed with. Read everything. At your age I was plowing through Vonnegut, Camus, Ellison, LeGuin, Heinlein, Kafka, Kundera, Marquez, Stanislaw Lem and others.

Brick_Train136 karma

Hi Adam, I'm a huge fan. The idea of writing something you might actually see is slightly intimidating. Thank you for the enthusiasm you bring to all of your projects and all of the knowledge that you have shared with the maker community through Tested.

My question is how do you balance your creative projects when you aren't working or on tour with being a husband and father? My wife and I have a 18 month old. She has a busy schedule do to her career, so we try to all be together whenever she is free. On weekends when she has work, I watch our son. While I love spending time with both of them, I also can't help but feel like I don't have time for many creative projects. I know as my son gets older I can start getting him involved in projects with me, but for now I feel like my workshop is gathering dust.

mistersavage202 karma

Yeah, that happens. The balance between work and home and family is really tough. It gets easier when the kids get older to be sure. For me, sample size of 1, I find it works best when I don't think of the shop as "stealing time". The consciousness around the shop work is vital to maintaining the balance.

nihad15123 karma

Did you want to make things for a living as a kid? (I mean was that the job you had in mind back then?)

mistersavage346 karma

Oh yes. first job I wanted was to design for Lego. I was 8

justinerwin120 karma

Hey Adam,

What's something about you that we don't know?

Thanks! I loved Mythbusters growing up and I can't wait to show it to my kids one day.

mistersavage207 karma

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Philadelphia Story.

emmanbryll105 karma

How was it working for Micheal Stevens?

mistersavage285 karma

Love working with Michael. He talks just like he does in the videos, so that when he's handing you a coffee or talking over lunch, you half expect to do a VERY DEEP DIVE into what it's all about. I love the collaboration.

Fuufy102 karma

Hey Adam! I'm glad I got to catch this AMA!

I'm a pretty big fan of anime and manga, and I've been presenting (game shows and discussion) at PA conventions for about five years now. I think it's super cool to see celebrities and public figures from the US show an interest in that kind of stuff (especially positive role models like yourself)!

My question is this: what is your favorite anime and why?

I've seen on your twitter and Facebook that you're a fan of Miyazaki, but I've always wondered if there was more!

Thanks so much for being so cool!

mistersavage282 karma

I love Akira. Metropolis. Ghost in the Shell.

Pyrosmog99 karma

Hi Adam,

I often find my self working on multiple projects at once, sadly some end up on the shelf for a while. Does this happen to you? What do you do to alleviate it?

mistersavage238 karma

I have a whole wall of uncompleted projects. That's the nature of things. It's ok. I get to everything eventually. My Alien space suit took 10 years.

BillytheMagicToilet95 karma

Hi, Adam!

I see that you're a Hayao Miyazaki fan from some of your comic-con cosplay (No-Face and Totoro). Which Miyazaki movie is your favorite?

mistersavage300 karma

Spirited Away. Holy shit I love that movie.

kraptastic7976 karma

Mr. Savage, what is the feeling you get from blowing something up that you worked so hard building/creating for Mythbusters? What was the highest amount of explosives used (terms of poundage) on the show?

mistersavage159 karma

Last ep. 5001lbs of ANFO. Big boom

SherrickM57 karma

What's in your CD Player/MP3 player/Music Device today?

mistersavage171 karma

Listening to a lot of the Milk Carton Kids and Decemberists. Also Sara Bareilles.

DiazDragCostuming57 karma

Hello from the Rocket City, Adam!


With such a hectic life from the traveling and constantly being pulled in several directions, how do you find a good balance of home and work? The desire to have a strong home life and a successful work life can be so demanding, what are some tips for people to help keep a proper balance?


During your Tested video "Adam Savage's One Day Builds: NASA Spacesuit Parts!" a few mistakes happened during your build, but what you said at the end of the video really hit home with me. (Video Link: https://youtu.be/7JrCejRYGAM?t=55m31s)

You discussed a maker's "slump" and how it can truly rattle you to the core. I wanted to thank you for those kind words as I myself have been in that position- but it's taken years to realize that it's simply ok to mess up and I'm not a failure haha! Thank you for showing me that these things happen to the best of us, and it's all about moving forward <3

-Tony D. Huntsville, AL

mistersavage71 karma

I love the videos we've been putting out lately more than ever (joey's editing and camera work!) and I'm so glad that coda resonated. it's really important to share with each other our uncertainty and ambivalence when it occurs. The impostor complex happens to all of us all the time.

walrustoothbrush45 karma

Hey Adam! Im a big fan of your one day builds on tested. I think it's because I see a lot of myself in the way you work. One problem that I frequently have is getting caught up in the energy of building so much that organization goes completely out the window. Any tips for keeping the enthusiasm while also being organized?

mistersavage109 karma

It's a battle between present me and future me. Present me would like to go home without sweeping up. Future me knows that he'll thank past me for cleaning up and leaving the shop ready for the next morning. It's an ongoing conversation. I also LOVE organizing. I spend at least an hour a day doing it. even in my house if not in my shop.

futilehabit26 karma

Hi Adam! The maker community tends to be very inclusive and supportive of certain rights (ex: to repair and modify things that you own). Do you have any suggestions as to how the maker community can organize to be more politically involved but while staying non-partisan?

mistersavage60 karma

We don't have to be partisan to understand that we OWN the things we buy and should be able to modify them. Promote that idea. Live that idea. Improve your toys and share what you've done.

kdanger19 karma

Hi Adam! What is your favorite beer?

mistersavage53 karma

I don't drink anymore, but when I did, it was Sierra Nevada.

iflanzy9 karma

How adorable is Norm's puppy? And can you post more pictures of him?

mistersavage22 karma

Norm and Danica's puppy Ripley is the cute singularity.

Bioshutt5 karma

Dear Adam Savage Are you ever going to do a pepakura build like a suit halo Spartan armor or some iron man armor? - Adam Shuttleworth

mistersavage9 karma

I love pepakura but I haven't tried it yet. I love the IM cardboard and foam builds.

GibsonJunkie4 karma

Hey Adam, longtime fan here.

My question is what are your recommendations on making things when you only have a small amount of desk space to work with. For something like building models it's enough space, but I'm wanting to get into airbrushing, and finish up a costume that requires more space than I have available. Any tips?

Quick edit: Been looking for a few resin kits around the internet for blade runner or DL-44's and can't seem to find many leads. Any recommended places to look?

mistersavage11 karma

I asked people to tweet their small makerspaces recently and we put up a gallery on tested: http://www.tested.com/art/makers/573466-photo-gallery-creative-workspaces-testedcom-community/ Inspiring small spaces.

Paulingtons3 karma

Hi Adam, greetings from a very cold UK!

My question is, how do you think improvements in virtual reality could impact on your work? Would you ever wish to "zone in" to a virtual reality space of a project you are working on and physically manipulate the object(s) in real time?

Also, if you haven't already, watch the new series of Black Mirror on Netflix. I feel it's something you'd likely enjoy.

mistersavage3 karma

I'm very interested in Augmented Reality. I have watched Black Mirror. it's hit and miss for me. Uneven acting, writing, but when it's good (season 3 ep 1) it's destabilizingly good.

hfeuger3 karma

Hey Adam! Big fan of Tested and your one day builds. Speaking of which how is you dog pillow bed doing? Do they still love it?

mistersavage5 karma

Thank you. Yes, they still use it and love it!

RussianZack2 karma

Hey Adam, big fan of all your work!

What is your drink of choice?

mistersavage3 karma

Bunderburg Diet Ginger Beer.