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Hi Adam,

I recently discovered my college has it's own makerspace and club complete with 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a wood working shop. The only thing that it's missing is: makers!

What would be the best way to get people interested in a makerspace?

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Girl Talk!

I'm a fan and seen you at several festivals and they're always fun and you always seem super pumped to play.

Any particular shows that stand out? Any good stories off the top of your head?

Have you ever received any hate from musicians for sampling any of their music?

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Do you still eat cat food?

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Wow, I thought my comment would have been buried for sounding negative. I have watched a lot of your pieces on Youtube but have never lived in Detroit. If you ever run out of pieces on corruption you might want to come back to NY or better yet NJ.

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Hi all! Here's a few random questions:

Rob: Do you know how to play any instruments or did you learn any from making this CD?

Trent: Are you looking forward to touring again? How much new gear did you have to purchase after auctioning off a lot of it after the final NIN tour?

Trent: What is your opinion on your lineup for the upcoming NIN tour? Is there anyone you wish you could include on the tour but could not?

All: Are you folks allowed to tell venues to allow open camera policies or is that predetermined by the venue? I am seeing you all in Denver and was hoping to capture some footage, but the venue is not allowing any cameras/recording devices.

I don't want you to feel left out... so F*ck Yeah Atticus Ross!