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Bo, there seem to be a lot of speculation that Make Happy (especially the ending) hinted that you're potentially putting stand-up to bed for a while. Is there any truth to this speculation?

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Hey, Adam! What are your essential cheap tools that everyone should own, and what are some that you feel need to be higher quality in order to be worth bothering with?

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Do you have any thoughts on subscription services such as Blue Apron which ship pre-portioned ingredients and invite customers to cook their own meals at home with minimal preperation or prior cooking knowledge? Are they ultimately helpful for the home-cooking industry, or are they just a passing gimmick?

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It's gotta be. Look at his other responses, and it looks like he's using voice-to-text for most of them.

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I saw a trailer for that the other day and thought to myself how much that monkey looked like Annie's Boobs. At the time I just wrote it off as not being a very good judge of recognizing monkey faces, as it was probably a different monkey, but now I realize that I'm actually a master monkey identifier!