UPDATE: I am getting ready for my interview with JJ Abrams and Andy Cruz at SF's City Arts & Lectures tonight, so I have to go. I'll try to pop back later tonight if I can. Otherwise, thank you SO much for all your questions and support, and I hope to see some of you in person at Brain Candy Live or one of the upcoming comic-cons! In the meantime, take a listen to the podcasts I just did for Syfy, and let me know on Twitter (@donttrythis) what you think: http://www.syfy.com/tags/origin-stories

Thanks, everyone!

ORIGINAL TEXT: Since MythBusters stopped filming two years ago (right?!) I've logged almost 175,000 flight miles and visited and filmed on the sets of multiple blockbuster films (including Ghost in the Shell, Alien Covenant, The Expanse, Blade Runner), AND built a bucket list suit of armor to cosplay in (in England!). I also launched a live stage show called Brain Candy with Vsauce's Michael Stevens and a Maker Tour series on Tested.com.

And then of course I just released 15 podcast interviews with some of your FAVORITE figures from science fiction, including Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith and Jonathan Frakes, for Syfy.

But enough about me. It's time for you to talk about what's on YOUR mind. Go for it.

Proof: https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/908358448663863296

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Breedwell10783 karma

Do you think you'll ever return to television? Maybe not Mythbusters 2.0 but the same ballpark?

mistersavage20337 karma

I will return to television.

Deeg675810 karma

Hey, Adam. Do you think Jamie secretly misses seeing you regularly and just won't admit it publicly?

mistersavage13117 karma

Who the hell knows? Jamie Hyman is a mystery not to be pierced by mere mortals.

Troggie423786 karma

I like to imagine Jamie sitting by a fireplace of his own construction, drinking a fine scotch out of a cup made from a repurposed diesel engine piston and puffing on a self-lighting pipe he made out of leftover fighting robot parts. Suddenly, but slowly, he pulls out his wallet where he has a small photo of Adam. He removes the photo, stares at it for about four and a half seconds, sighs quietly, and places it back inside, continuing his contemplation.

mistersavage1135 karma

That is the closest thing to Mythbusters slashfic I'll ever read.

bl1ndvision5766 karma

What's something someone can buy for under $50 that will change their life (for the better)?

mistersavage8158 karma

Fantastic question!!! A great kitchen knife can be grabbed for that much. Too many options. I don't have a definitive answer but I love the thought experiment.

ThesaGamer5406 karma

What was your favorite thing you did while working with Michael from Vsauce?

mistersavage9134 karma

Dude just hanging out with Michael and shooting the shit is a treasure. Seriously conversing with him is EXACTLY what you imagine it is. He's inquisitive, attentive, curious and has a great sense of humor.

babybopp3350 karma

just hanging with Michael and shooting the shit is a treasure.


demevalos1761 karma

seems like a cool dude, nice to have confirmation

mistersavage2757 karma

The coolest.

camren_rooke4187 karma

Do you or HAVE you ever played DnD or the like? If so what is your most favorite character?

Bonus internet points for a scan of your character sheet.

Also, thanks a helluva bunch for Mythbusters and Tested.

mistersavage9091 karma

Yes! I played in high school and was the DM at my local library in Tarrytown when I was a junior in high school. Actually my first kiss came about DIRECTLY as a result of playing D&D.

ItsADnDMonsterNow2351 karma

OMG OMG OMG Adam Savage is talking about DnD on reddit! [geeks out]

Lord Savage, The Builder

Medium humanoid (human), neutral good

Armor Class 11 (14 with mage armor)
Hit Points 72 (16d8)
Speed 30 ft.

12 (+1) 12 (+1) 10 (+0) 18 (+4) 14 (+2) 16 (+3)

Saving Throws Int +8, Wis +6
Skills Arcana +8, History +8, Perception +6, Performance +7
Senses passive Perception 16
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Gnomish
Challenge 10 (5,900 XP)

Arcane Recovery (1/Day). When Lord Savage finishes a short rest, he can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal to or less than 8, and none of the slots can be 6th level or higher.

Durable Summons. Any creature that Lord Savage summons or creates with a conjuration spell has 30 temporary hit points.

Focused Conjuration. While he is concentrating on a conjuration spell, Lord Savage's concentration can't be broken as a result of taking damage.

Spellcasting. Lord Savage is a 16th-level spellcaster. His spellcasting ability is Intelligence, and he uses a +2 arcane focus (spell save DC 16, +10 to hit with spell attacks). Lord Savage has the following wizard spells prepared:

  • Cantrips (at will): create bonfire, mage hand, mending, prestidigitation, shocking grasp
  • 1st level (4 slots): catapult, grease, mage armor, magic missile, shield
  • 2nd level (3 slots): cloud of daggers, flaming sphere, pyrotechnics
  • 3rd level (3 slots): fireball, fly, haste
  • 4th level (3 slots): fabricate, leomund's secret chest, stone shape
  • 5th level (2 slots): animate objects, conjure elemental
  • 6th level (1 slot): circle of death, contingency
  • 7th level (1 slot): Mordenkainen’s Sword
  • 8th level (1 slot): incendiary cloud


+2 Tinker's Staff. Melee Weapon Attack +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d6 + 3) bludgeoning damage, or 7 (1d8 + 3) bludgeoning damage if wielded with two hands. If the target is a construct, it must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by Lord Savage for 1 minute, ignoring any charm immunity the target possesses. While charmed, a construct must obey Lord Savage's exact commands. A charmed creature can repeat its save each time it is forced to deal damage to a friendly creature, as well as each time Lord Savage deals damage to it.

Minor Conjuration. Lord Savage conjures up an inanimate object in his hand or on the ground in an unoccupied space that he can see within 10 feet of him. This object can be no larger than 3 feet on a side and weigh no more than 10 pounds, and its form must be that of a nonmagical object that he has seen. The object is visibly magical, radiating dim light out to 5 feet. The object disappears after 1 hour, when Lord Savage uses this feature again, or if it takes any damage.

Benign Transposition (Recharges After a Short or Long Rest). Lord Savage teleports up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that he can see. Alternatively, he can choose a space within range that is occupied by a Small or Medium creature. If that creature is willing, both he and it teleport, swapping places.


Edit: Fixed proficiency bonus miscalculation. Added charm immunity circumvention on Tinker's Staff.

mistersavage1165 karma

This is the BEST

JudgeHoltman4091 karma

Discovery has promoted the hell out of your show, and it has a huge fan and fanart base.

What's the strangest place you've seen your likeness?

mistersavage5770 karma

On a bar coaster. On a date! (seriously the early aughts were a weird time for me)

Slick_Slack3278 karma

What is the proudest myth you busted?

P.S: how is brain candy live?

mistersavage3216 karma

You're going to ask me how is spring candy live? I'm going to tell you which the finest two hours of stage performance you can find in America today! (that's me overselling it again)

mistersavage2902 karma

Whoops, dictation error. Not spring candy BRAIN candy.

The_11th_Hour_Over3203 karma

Hey Adam, I've always loved following everything you do, from Mythbusters to watching your builds on Tested. What recommendations do you have for someone who likes to build things, but has minimal tools?

mistersavage4830 karma

start with paper and cardboard. Move to other more advance materials as your comfort level increases. You can do amazing things with minimal tools. Google "Cardboard Armor".

fucktard_3062 karma

Hey Adam!
Best road trip you've ever done?

mistersavage4543 karma

Drove cross country with my boys Thing1 and Thing2 last summer. 14 days of awesome. Devil's tower. Rushmore. We had a blast. I love road trips.

Mr_Cinnabunns2546 karma

What is your favortie Ghibli film, and why? I'm guessing by the No Face behind you it's Spirited Away.

mistersavage2556 karma


busydoinnothin2311 karma

What the hell are we going to do about San Francisco?

mistersavage3383 karma

Good grief I don't know. I've been a Mission boy for much of my 27 years in SF and so much change. How many eyeglass stores does Valencia street need?

mistersavage2088 karma

These questions are great folks! Keep em coming!

DesignEnginerd1164 karma

How do we know it's really you, and not someone in the Mythbusters' Adam Savage mask?!

mistersavage2010 karma

Noone else would want to wear that sweaty thing...

damn_jexy1890 karma

Hey Adam ..  How excite are you for the new HellBoy movie ? I saw the picture of David Harbour yesterday and I instantly thought of you and your love for Hellboy.

Also .. bigfan on tested .. I watch your oneday built as a form of meditation.

mistersavage2432 karma

I'm super excited, but it is a provisional excitement. I love Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy movies with such a deep abiding passion, that I can't imagine anything else living up to that. But I'm open to something new and different, and David Harbour is a fantastic choice to play HP.

jobodanque1735 karma

What's your best and worst dad joke?

mistersavage1928 karma

See, this is the worst thing about turning 50, is that all the jokes that appear in my head in the standard joke feet I have running all the time have become data jokes! It's awful! I haven't quite sYesuccumbed to quote that's what she said", but I can't help feeling it's not far off.

mistersavage1796 karma

edit. Joke FEED. I'm Experimenting with dictation software's for some of these answers yes go ahead and just put that right there, and that's why some of my misspellings maybe

babybopp1359 karma

Adam ....

Are you day drinking?

mistersavage1377 karma

I'm not. I'm trying to type really fast and not being assiduous about my spelling and grammar.

mistersavage3079 karma

Also: I don't drink. Gave it up a few years ago as part of stress management (along with meditation and getting 7 hours of sleep every night) and when I realized that in your 40's hangovers last for 3 days.

DarthMunchies1648 karma

Do you have any particular regrets from your days on TV? Any kind of nagging thing you never managed to find a way to get to?

mistersavage5135 karma

I always wanted test vinyl record albums versus versus CD vs. MP3 at different compression ratios.Specifically I would be testing these in multiple environments: a car, a bedroom, and an auditorium. Discovery always thought that was too boring.

ThePolymathlete1621 karma

Hey Adam - I'm a long time Tested premium member and a Trekkie who's seen every episode/movie ever made.

I think I remember the left arm front instrument panel on your TOS Captain's chair being mounted upside down in the original video's final unveil. The three sphere lights should be towards the front. Did you ever notice this?


Sorry for being a stickler for detail.

mistersavage885 karma

I didn't! Turning that panel around NOW. (shit, the wire is just 1/2" not long enough. Ah well, now I know what I'm doing tomorrow)

strogo10101610 karma

Where and when did you met Jamie Hyneman?

mistersavage3110 karma

On a Russian tramp steamer in the Panama canal.

Violentgoth1562 karma

Hello Adam, long time fan. What do think about the furure of exosuits or exo-frames to help people with disabilities move around or help replace heavy machinery?

mistersavage1559 karma

I love this idea so much.

Anymtoro1522 karma

How is the pressure of working on YouTube now vs how it was working for Discovery on Mythbusters?

mistersavage2854 karma

Pressure? What pressure? It's been a dreamy couple of years working solely on tested.com

Fatlimey1375 karma

Tested.com is great at presenting the world of Matter, but presenting stories about the world of Bits and Code is still a tough sell. I've really enjoyed the Thermal Detonator builds but the electronics and software parts were essentially removed. How can Tested.com bring the excitement of Code to makers?

mistersavage1365 karma

That is great feedback! The answer is that we're always trying, and we will continue to. I really appreciate the question.

Invocalyptic1367 karma

Hey Adam, I've loved Mythbusters ever since I was a kid, thank you for so many great shows. We all know you're a massive film fan, but how do you feel about video games? What're your favourites?

mistersavage2180 karma

I think video games are absolutely beautiful, but I do not play them. That's actually a lie, I play one video game:Millipede. I have an arcade Millipede in my shop and I played everyday

LDWoodworth384 karma

What's that high scoreboard look like?

swordgeek567 karma


UndeadCaesar713 karma






mistersavage658 karma


AlexisDemetra1161 karma

Adam! Hi!! So sad that OG Mythbusters is off the air, but loving all the things you've done since then! Thanks for continuing to explore your curiosity in the name of science!

My question-- what experiment from Mythbusters (no matter how big or small) shocked you the most? One you were almost 100% certain would go one way and when it went the opposite you almost couldn't believe it.

Thanks for doing this!!

mistersavage1605 karma

Golf Ball Car. Insane.

TheOlRedditWhileIPoo1147 karma

If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood who would it be?

mistersavage1993 karma

Chris Hemsworth or the Rock.

fpp2002836 karma

Mrs. Donttrythis must be the most understanding partner in the world. I would love to have the life you have, but if I spent as much time in the shop or travelling as you do, my wife would cut my nuts off. She already complains if I spend an afternoon on a project in my shop. Kudos to you, and how do you get away with it? ;)

mistersavage1328 karma

I spend a large amount of time with my wife and family. Balance between that and work makes all the difference. Many weekends we do NOTHING and barely leave the house save to walk Maggie and Huxley (our rescue dogs)

AnEpicFuckUp793 karma

Is Jonathan Frakes as laid back as Riker?

Are you working on any cool replicas at the moment?

mistersavage1004 karma

He's the coolest dude ever. And you just want to hear him keep telling stories in that beautiful voice of his.

I'm ALWAYS working on replicas. Just finished one last week!

mydogbuddha780 karma

With a last name of Savage, what were some of your childhood nicknames?

mistersavage1841 karma

Adam Sandwich.

shiruken660 karma

What has been your favorite interaction with a comic-con attendee while disguised in costume?

mistersavage819 karma

Too many to count. Loved heading to Crunchy Roll last month here in the bay area. So much awesome cosplay diversity!

scifigi369545 karma

Hi Adam! I've watched myth busters since I can't remember when, love seeing you on YouTube and kickin' it with Micheal.

Now that Elon has gotten SpaceX up out of the gravity well, will we ever see you up in space doing new crazy stunts on the ISS, The Moon or Mars at some point in the future?

mistersavage1102 karma

If Elon asks, I'll go.

BlackHawk8100447 karma

I am making edits as I go, as I am in high school heading to CAD class now. Anyway, hey Adam, been a fan of your works since early Mythbusters when I was a wee lad. What are your thoughts on augmented reality? Have any interest and/or are you going to be getting a headset? https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/536-bbbr

mistersavage583 karma

I'm sooper excited about AR. I've seen Hololens and Magic Leap (don't ask me anything!) and I can't wait for that future to come!

fpp2002382 karma

Can you get an updated “Google Street view” done on your shop? I would love to see all the new things you have added since it was done originally.

mistersavage663 karma

It's funny should say that, I was just thinking that it's time to upgrade the street view of my Cave. I'll get on that

Sttommyboy359 karma

Adam, what has been your favorite cosplay to do at a con? And, was it your favorite because it was the most fun to build or wear?

mistersavage737 karma

Totoro and NoFace from Spirited away. The response people have to those characters is an anti-depressant.

those_pesky_kids357 karma

Hi, Adam!

I'd like to ask a more taboo question if that's alright - how do you derive your income? Royalties from reruns, speaking commissions, ad revenue, etc.? I'm so fascinated by the work you do, and I've always wondered how it is financially sustainable.

mistersavage621 karma

That's a myth to bust: I make nothing in residuals from MB. That's standard on Cable.

McHerwig326 karma

Is working with Michael Stevens really as promising as the memes about him suggest?

mistersavage517 karma

Totes magotes

not_nsfw_throwaway284 karma

Is your surname really Savage?

Did you ever think of becoming a punk rocker?

mistersavage401 karma

It is! It's a good Irish name.

Deemonica274 karma

Hey Adam, a couple of years ago my husband and I caught the Mythbusters tour in Buffalo NY and loved it. Any plans for more live shows?

mistersavage410 karma

Yes!!! I'm touring in Nov/Dec with Michael Stevens from Vsauce. Check out braincandylive.com. Come and see us! I'm very proud of the show we've made.

getwreckedeh240 karma

Hi Adam, been a fan for years.

Do you miss working with the mythbusters family?

mistersavage504 karma

Yes. You have no idea. We had the best crew in the world.

adventurousideas208 karma

If you were secret wars'd off to a battle planet where you had to fight off against large ambulatory sandwiches, what kind of sandwich would you most and least want to engage with in battle?

mistersavage757 karma

Put down that bong.

Doctorgear63205 karma

It's been a while since you did the video on dovetail joints, I was wondering if you'd had any more success with them since then?

mistersavage322 karma

Ugh, no? I've been doing more finer woodworking lately. We'll have a lathe wood turning video on Tested soon!

justsomewhitedude170 karma

How's your day Adam?

mistersavage212 karma

My day is going great! How's yours?

Octopus72161 karma

What was the best interview you have ever done while doing your podcasts?

mistersavage223 karma

The stuff I just did with Syfy (Rick Baker, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Frakes) was so amazing for me, and so fun to do. I hope I get to do more of those. I've been doing a lot of interviews lately, and I really enjoy it.

Buzzkill424131 karma

Hi Adam, thank you for taking the time to do an AMA. I just have one question: running zombies or slow? I need to know.

mistersavage219 karma

I like fast zombies.

hokieseas117 karma

Hey Adam, love what you have been up to and sharing with people since Mythbusters ended.

I am curious, out of any of the tasks, builds, or things you have set out to do, what was one thing has made you have to take a big step back and really think outside of the box or the normal way you might do something to figure out how to accomplish it? And how did that work out?

mistersavage162 karma

This is a lovely question. The answer is that this happens all the time. I can't call specific examples because I'm always trying to push my skills and boundaries further. farther. You know what I mean. The buddhists call it "watching the watcher" from what I understand of the dharma (which isn't much). i try and take that meta-view of things all the time.

superfredge99 karma

Hello Mr. Savage! I've loved Mythbusters since I was a small kid and so I ask you: Was there ever a time on Mythbusters where you thought "What we're doing is absolutely batshit insane" or "This show isn't worth it" (for when you were a "test subject")? Thank you for your time and your seemingly endless talent and humour. :)

mistersavage143 karma


Flor3nce245692 karma

You're a Dad!?

Had no idea. This is news to me. TIL!

mistersavage202 karma

I have twin 18 year old sons.

HoldMaahDick68 karma

Adam, do you still keep in touch with Buster?

mistersavage158 karma

Sort of. One of the mementos I kept from the show was Buster's butt. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/819691966124261376

mistersavage61 karma

Sorry for dipping in and out so much, Just completed a huge LEGO build for Tested AND I'm interviewing Andy Cruz from House Industries WITH JJ Abrams tonight onstage here in SF and I'm furiously finalizing my questions for the night. Hi!

chrispy196553 karma

I caught the full eclipse this year. It was a very moving experience. Did you see it and what did you think?

mistersavage78 karma

Yes! I watched the eclipse with my boys from our roof, which made it a really special experience. https://twitter.com/donttrythis/status/899674629299552256

darthmarius2948 karma

Hey Adam, thoughts on the new blade runner movie? Are you a fan of the more action packed approach or the old slower style?

mistersavage108 karma

I'm not sure how you can surmise any of that from the trailer. I'm SUPER EXCITED About BR2049.

mcloide10 karma

Hey Adam, big fan. I'm a father of 2 girls and I would love for them to at least have some knowledge or interest in Engineering (or Soft Engineering) even if they don't go for the engineering field. How could I make engineering fun for them?

mistersavage48 karma

Don't force it upon them. Just let it be around them. They'll get passionate about the stuff that matters to them. That's what i've done with my kids.