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Remember this moment.

Social media echo chambers build up stereotypes that we force onto others.

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Discovery has promoted the hell out of your show, and it has a huge fan and fanart base.

What's the strangest place you've seen your likeness?

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Basically, he put in his 2 weeks notice instead of spray painting "Get Fucked" in St. Peter's square.

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You are currently polling at less than 1% and don't even make the top three in any regions.

You don't seem to stand for any particular issue more than anyone else, and don't have a 'gimmick' policy to push like Yang's UBI concept that would be adopted by the party later on as American spends a few years thinking about it.

Your biggest claim is that you've won an election in a Trump State, and that you have a the best chance to beat Trump. That's Biden's whole platform, and polling says he has a fantastically better chance at beating Trump than you do. What do you feel you have that Biden doesn't?

What good do you feel you're contributing with your continued presence in this Presidential Race?

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If my 7th grade film knowledge still holds true, zero. But they would have gone through a ton of mashed potatoes that are good multiple takes.