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Remember this moment.

Social media echo chambers build up stereotypes that we force onto others.

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Discovery has promoted the hell out of your show, and it has a huge fan and fanart base.

What's the strangest place you've seen your likeness?

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So to make sure I understand, someone that is fat but with remarkably good cardio stands a better chance against an equal zero-body-fat lifter and all-body-fat dude?

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I was thinking of the furniture movers I used to work with.

They were all generally overweight, some extremely so. But they could also deadlift a refrigerator and run up and down stairs with 50lbs on their back for 4 hours straight.

Then they'd drive to BK and house 3 cheeseburgers for lunch.

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Well that first bit doesn't make sense. Are you paid in any way per-download of Endless? Because millions times zero is still zero revenue for your company when the product is free.

What is the biggest source of revenue for Endless right now? App store commissions? Data sales? Ad sales? Corporate consulting?

I'm genuinely curious. Trying to start something like this is always very interesting to me.