EDIT: That was great, everyone. Thank you for being 99.999997% dick free. Gotta run to an event now but hope to do another AMA soon. So Say We All.

I've never done one of these before but Tricia (https://www.reddit.com/user/Tricia_Helfer) and Katee (https://www.reddit.com/user/Katee_Sackhoff) told me I HAD to and you never want to piss off those two...Loooooove you girls.....

A lot of you will know me from roles other than Chief, and I'm happy to talk about those too. Ask me anything!

My proof: https://twitter.com/theaarondouglas/status/918868171020558336

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mistersavage1007 karma

Hey what was the trait of Chief’s personality that taught you the most about yourself?

theaarondouglas1010 karma

My gods man!! It's 9 am... gotta ease a brother into this...


I love the passion of the Chief and understanding when and where to direct it. Chief and I are actually quite similar, other than the fictional part. The further I am from the show the more I realized what I learned from the writing, particularly the writing for Chief. It's like many of these writers knew me better that I did myself.

That and Chief allowed me to meet some very cool people. Friendships I cherish to this day.

Thanks Mr. Savage

KristiLynn629679 karma

Love you! Such a joy so see you in Dirk Gently. Do you ever get frustrated being so closely associated with just one character, no matter how awesome that character is? (I tend to yell “it’s Chief”, no matter what show you are in)

theaarondouglas982 karma

I will NEVER tire of people yelling Chief to me. I love it. I connect to the character and the show but the fact that so many people out there do as well is incredibly humbling.

ishtaracademy594 karma

Did you ever get sick of the BSG writers screwing Chief over? Did you ever want to tell them "rain on someone else a while"?

For those unaware...

I mean... his girlfriend is the first undercover Cylon found, and she tries to kill Adama. Then she is killed, he is sad, yet everyone is happy she is dead (and despite her being a Cylon, he lost his lover in Boomer). Then Chief had to see his girlfriend's doppleganger join the crew and start screwing his friend Helo. Then he dates Cally, has a kid, has to lead the resistance and kill friends, make hard decisions. Then he finds out his son isn't even his son and Cally screwed Hotdog, then Cally is KILLED. Then he finds out he is actually a Cylon too, and that another Cylon is the one who killed Cally, throwing his entire life thus far into a mess (as well as all of his feelings about Boomer).

My favorite part about that entire thing was the ending: fuck this, I'm going to go found Scotland. The man embodies the flavor and reason of scotch, so I was glad he decided to just go die alone in a swamp haha. It was fitting for the fact that everyone, over and over, screwed him over.

theaarondouglas757 karma

No. The worst thing that can happen to an actor is when they just write you the fill in the blanks stuff. Exposition to explain something to the audience. Or everything is happy and easy. I love the challenging stuff.

Tournament_of_Shivs486 karma

Why does IMDB say your trademark is "Deep Raspy Voice" as opposed to "Realistic Eye Movement Conveying Thought and Emotion?"

Unrelated: Do you ever feel typecast?

If yes, follow-up: Based on what characteristic?

theaarondouglas353 karma

you should tell IMDB!! HA

Living in Vancouver I typically get cop, lawyer, FBI.. etc.

I enjoy it when I get to do something else

Like Gordon Rimmer Gary Heller

dkl415354 karma

One of my favorite moments from BSG was Tyrol's "Mario Savio" speech. https://archive.org/details/MarioSavioSpeechInBattlestarGalactica

How intentionally tied was your performance to Mario Savio's speech? How intentionally tied was the writing?

theaarondouglas342 karma

Completely. David Eick wrote that for me with that speech in mind. I watched the Mario speech 100's of times. David wanted the tenor, tone and pitch to be close to Mario's. I love that speech.

in-a-darkened-room331 karma

Hi!!! Firstly I have to say that I’ve never felt so much sympathy for a fictional character as I felt for the Chief. Something about your acting tricked some part of my brain into believing he’s a real person I think, so well done!

Okay, questions: What did you think of the BSG storylines about the gods, prophecies, and long-lost temples? And if the Chief ever got lonely in prehistoric Scotland, do you think he’d have tried to form a meaningful friendship with the bears? Thank you!

theaarondouglas330 karma

I loved the way Ron merged the faiths, the myths, etc into the story. I believe it helped our audience identify a lot more with the story and the show. Chief loves all animals but as many of you know... In the wild only a Bear can truly love a Bear.....

-Untitled-310 karma

What's your all-time favorite BSG episode and why?

theaarondouglas641 karma

Apparently it aired on the Syfy marathon last night... or maybe tonight. Flight of the Phoenix. We shot it in chronological order and the director, Michael Nankin, took me aside before the shoot and went through his thoughts about the ep, character, etc. It was an amazing experience. And then to finally have a scene with Mary......


davec79287 karma

What's your favorite thing that you stole from the set of BSG?

theaarondouglas637 karma


Everyone's chair backs My BDU's My Orange JumpSuit Dog Tags A pistol

Wait... is NBCUNI on this thread?

I took NOTHING!!

But Tahmoh did.... thief


Starhazenstuff268 karma

What was your thought when you realized, “Holy shit this is one of the best Sci Fi’s of all time?”

theaarondouglas325 karma

I still haven't realized that!

I thought they say NO Spoilers!!


I am so incredibly proud to be a small part of this amazing show.

stroempen218 karma

Are you also into bears and beets?

theaarondouglas415 karma

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

ThePorjaxian187 karma

Hi Aaron! Thanks for doing this AmA. Big BSG fan and loved your role there, I also loved your short role on Stargate SG-1. Can you tell us about the time you rescued Kari Byron (/u/realkaribyron) at Comic Con from being trampled, what happened? (source: https://twitter.com/KariByron/status/918648660484702208)

theaarondouglas353 karma

Man I love Kari....

I saw her across the room. There was at least 17 Klingons, 37 Death Eaters, 127 Walking Dead, 318 Stormtroopers and a Tribble.

It was just me...

They were all pushing in towards her. I had to act fast and boy did I!!

It's on video somewhere.... I'm sure it is...

That's what happened right Kari?

Jericho_the_Red175 karma

Galactacon in Seattle the other year was a bust, but it was great to see you at the impromptu gathering at the bar in downtown Seattle. How was that experience?

theaarondouglas301 karma

There is NOTHING better than a #FindChief event.

We need more of them.

zigwhenzag168 karma

Is this when you leak there will be another BSG? I really hope it is!

theaarondouglas276 karma

I can neither confirm nor deny that there is another BSG experience in the works....

Froyo_Baggins123154 karma

I treasure BSG. Galen is such a perfect flawed character. I laughed and cried with your character at times. Where in the production were you told that you were one of the final five cylons?

theaarondouglas190 karma

Right before we started shooting that ep.

Also the full story is in many places online. I told it at the BSG reunion at SDCC this past year.

Just_A_Che_Away151 karma

Hey, you played my favourite character on BSG! As an actor, is there any role or project you would love to get involved with?

theaarondouglas314 karma

I would love to do a period war film. WWII or Vietnam or something like that. If anyone is listening...... hint hint hint

DaStompa146 karma

Are you going to paint more models with Adam? It was a good time watching you two shoot the shit for like an hour!

theaarondouglas195 karma

I sure hope so!

Love that man

politeandnotgay139 karma

How was your experience as "the slowest man alive" on The Flash? Is getting lobotomized by Tom Cavanagh as fun as it seems?

theaarondouglas180 karma

Tom is the best. Great guy and he delighted in killing me....


OyeYouDer109 karma

Dude! My girlfriend and I just realized it was you in Dirk Gently! Solid performance! Did you wind up with jaw problems having to talk like that for the show?

theaarondouglas123 karma

Ha... Not jaw but my back. That posture almost killed me.

Lerg-105 karma

Thanks Aaron for doing this! Met you a few times at DragonCon, and you've always been accessible, friendly, and genuinely seem to embrace us crazy fans. :)

Question: If you hadn't been cast as Chief, what other character would you have most enjoyed playing?

theaarondouglas281 karma


Not Gaeta, too much tech talk Not Apollo, too much gym Not Helo, too much rain running around

Baltar.... Definitely Baltar.

Supershorty1298 karma

Hi Aaron, Which actor (including yourself) on BSG were most like their characters personality-wise, and vice versa? Thank you

theaarondouglas214 karma

Hogan and Tigh

Same exact guy!

MrGurns92 karma

If you could have one role in any upcoming movie, which role in which movie would that be?

theaarondouglas305 karma

Chief in the new BSG movie

vectorgeek84 karma

How did your BSG experience prepare you for other acting rolls you had after the series ended?

theaarondouglas277 karma

Be good to people. Don't be grumpy on set.

And we're only getting shot with cameras... There are people out there doing much more important things. But honour the people who watch by giving them something amazing so they can escape the difficulties of life.

princepsdinus76 karma

Hi Aaron, first of all thank you for doing what you do: I love your work so much!

Chief Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica is probably one of the characters who goes through more stuff. Is there a part of his life (like being chief and involved with Boomer, being head of the Union and of the Resistance on New Caprica, being one of the final five...) that you found most fun to play or challenging to portray?

theaarondouglas145 karma

It was all pretty fun, emotional, trying and beautiful. The death scenes were gut punching.

Every Single Frakking One

mwillis9668 karma

Hi Aaron! There are many evolutions of Chief through the series. Which stage of Chief did you resonate with most? Which did you enjoy the most and why?

theaarondouglas117 karma

Hi Mandy!!!

When he finally found out about the Cylon thing. I really got to stretch my legs and twist his response into a 'the universe totally makes sense to me' now.

The8thDoctor67 karma

Hey Aaron.

Thx for doing AMA.

It's implied that Tyrol became the King of Scotland.

What's will be his first invention?.

Bag Pipes. Kilts. Whiskey.

theaarondouglas151 karma

Whiskey.... We cannot live without water

NDaveT67 karma

BSG had so many great actors. I'm just going to ask about one of them: what was it like working with Edward James Olmos? How many Miami Vice jokes did he have to put up with?

theaarondouglas118 karma

None really but Eddie did have great stories from Vice.

Cant_stop-Wont_stop59 karma

Hey Chief, I'm a fighter aircraft maintainer. Thanks for making maintenance respected and badass. Every show with aircraft and fighter pilots always glamorizes them and completely glosses over the hard work that gets put in to make those pieces of shit fly.

What was Edward James Olmos like off-camera? He always had such a fatherhood role in the show and he so easily dominated that role and completely oozes charisma, sitting down for a glass of whisky and a cigar with him sounds like exactly how he spends his time.

theaarondouglas69 karma

You have one badass job. Thank you for your service.

Assburger_King58 karma

Random question, I know, but did you ever watch the show Firefly or it's sequel movie Serenity? If so, what did you think of them?

theaarondouglas121 karma

I am going to get killed for this but I have not seen these...

Or Dr. Who...

Synystermuskrat58 karma

Hey Aaron! Thanks for doing an AMA.

I actually worked on Dirk Gently in lighting for a couple episodes but I was always too nervous to say hi.

Do you like it when fans approach you, including in the work setting? Or is it more of a on the street kind of thing?

theaarondouglas97 karma

Always come up and say hi. I love meeting people who were influenced by my work

CobaltAesir56 karma

Hi Aaron, I think you rocked in your role in Dirk Gentley. You barely even looked like you! What was it like to have to walk and move hunched up like that and to wear those huge glasses all the time? Did you get any back problems?

theaarondouglas60 karma

I love that they let me play, for the most part.

Those glasses kept falling apart and we only had the one pair

Oak98750 karma

What other things have Tricia and Katee told you to do?

theaarondouglas115 karma

Not Safe For Work

GeodudeRocks79050 karma

Thanks for making me feel like a star! In 2014 you came to Salt Lake Comic Con. I was cosplaying as the Black Knight from Monty Python and you came rushing out of your meet-n-greet both to snap a photo with me. It feels pretty special to say that an actor wanted their picture to be taken with me. Thank you for that awesome experience. https://imgur.com/ay2NnPq

What's your favorite Monty Python skit/movie?

theaarondouglas59 karma

Oh I remember that costume! You looked so great.

Holy Grail for sure.

Twit Olympics

robbdire48 karma

Seeing the set of BSG, with all the Vipers etc, what was your favourite part of that particular set, and what "souvenir" did you take home?

theaarondouglas101 karma

Walking in, seeing the life size ships for the first time will be a memory that never fades

Booshambles46 karma

Hello Chief, I am a huge fan of BSG and wanted to know 2 things

Where you happy with the way your character evolved towards the end of battlestar?

Also you were a henchman in XMEN2, was that role bigger but cut in the final film, any stories from the set?

theaarondouglas111 karma

I love the storyline of the Chief and I love his ending.

That shooting scene, 11 seconds in the film, took 8 days to shoot.

Hugh Jackman is the nicest man you will ever meet.

magylo46 karma

Was Chief the origin of Santa?
as in, Chief makes things very well, created a race of beings, had a traumatic estrangement with a child, desired to live alone in the north, and like the raiders Rudolph has a red nose.

theaarondouglas65 karma

He wasn't...

Until now......

I like where your head's at.

kthrace2244 karma

Hi Aaron, thanks for doing this AMA. I am opening a deli and would love to know what your favorite sandwich is?

theaarondouglas110 karma

I am a lacto ovo vegetarian but I LOVE a really great egg salad sandwich. If my body would allow me to I would CRUSH a Reuben...... Or a Beef Dip Pastrami on Rye Corned Beef was my go to when I was a kid.

yemmlie42 karma

Love your work, you were my favourite character on BSG! I guess to turn this into a question: Do you approve that our two whippets are called Cally and Chief?


You're the one on the left looking nervous of getting a telling off.

theaarondouglas34 karma


love it

TrixieVanSickle42 karma

welcome to Reddit! Thank you for doing this AMA!

I've seen pictures of your adorable dog on your Twitter feed, can you tell us about your cute furbaby?

theaarondouglas181 karma

His name is Archer, he's chocolate Lab and he's a year and a half. He's my bestie and I love him. I wanted a brother and sister so I could call them Archer and Lana but my wife said no... just one.

I wanted to yell LANAAAAAAA from the front door and make her come to me..... next time...

cool_creeper50038 karma

What inspired you to be an actor?

theaarondouglas93 karma

It's literally the only thing in which I have even the smallest ability.

springhorton38 karma

Hi Aaron! Do you ever work with new filmmakers and if so, what should one do to catch your interest?

theaarondouglas64 karma

Call my agent.

I love working with new filmmakers... They're lest jaded HA

thecommanderking37 karma

Welcome to Houston! There was some spooky level fog this morning. Were you worried that you woke up in the zombie appocalypse?

theaarondouglas60 karma

I haven't opened the curtains yet....

I think I will stay in today....

thelonegoldfish35 karma

Have you played the Battlestar Galactica board game by Fantasy Flight? Did you play as Chief?

theaarondouglas45 karma

I have not but something I think I need to change

michelle_adfans33 karma

Comic book publisher, editor, and writer Joe Pruett from AfterShock Comics is currently on tour doing in-store signings. You are joining him tomorrow for a signing in Texas. How did this invitation come to be? And should we be reading anything into this? Are you interested in pursuing a side-job as a comic book writer?

theaarondouglas46 karma

Joe is signing Saturday evening at Space Cadets Collection Collection and I am joining him as a guest. Joe and I are working on a few projects and soon we will be able to tell the world. I am really excited to get into the comic book world.

krystynlo32 karma

How do you know Adam Savage (https://www.reddit.com/user/mistersavage)?

theaarondouglas62 karma

Through BSG and then hanging out and being silly together. Genuinely one of the finest humans I've ever known.

watchitbub31 karma

Every show that films in Vancouver features obligatory scenes of actors running through a forest. As a Vancouver actor how many times have YOU been filmed running through a forest? Any tips for new actors running through a forest for the first time?

theaarondouglas41 karma

pick up your feet and watch out for bears

PM_me_ur_swimsuit31 karma

What's the most challenging role you had?

Are there any you're bummed you missed out on?

theaarondouglas55 karma

I'd say Chief was the most challenging. There was so much emotion both on and off screen for me, especially at that time in my life. I've had a lot of roles I've missed out on that I wish I had gotten but then I wouldn't have the career I do now. If I don't get something I know it's because something else is meant for me.

Zer0Summoner31 karma

I had to convince my wife to watch BSG, but she ended up loving it, and by the end she decided you are her celebrity cheat. So my question is, if I were going to make any of your female costars my celebrity cheat, who would you recommend?

theaarondouglas105 karma

Doc Cottle

mwillis9631 karma

One more from my husband...when Chief had time off was he a metalhead? If Chief were in a band which instrument would he play? Would he be a Dave Murray or Adrian Smith fan?

theaarondouglas59 karma

This is the most difficult question anyone has asked. He's a total metalhead. He'd be a drummer. But Dave Murray because Chief loves the gallop in the songs.

jsabo29 karma

I still remember meeting you at ComicCon '06, when you wandered up to the autograph area, and were immediately swarmed by folks.

You were gracious enough to take the time to talk to everyone, which really impressed me.

With everything you've done since then, are you still able to just sort of wander into a crowd of nerds, or have you become too recognizable to get away with it?

theaarondouglas42 karma

Depends on where I am. But regardless, I'll always wade in. People are amazing

For the most part

angelkirie28 karma

Hi Aaron! If you had to live on one beer (or brewery) for the rest of your life, which would it be?

theaarondouglas58 karma

a very hoppy IPA

projectvko28 karma

How do you take your coffee? I adore you.

theaarondouglas48 karma

double double

slthomp227 karma

Are you a cat person, a dog person, or a frakkin toaster lover?

theaarondouglas74 karma

B and C

Cats are creepy

HalfBakedTurkey25 karma

What's your fondest memory growing up in New Westminster? I currently moved there for work.

theaarondouglas24 karma

Queens Park Arena

eviljobob25 karma

Hi Aaron, What is your favourite episode of Red Dwarf? And have you watched any of the new series (12) yet?

theaarondouglas41 karma

The Rimmer song is still the best

l2apathy24 karma

Yo! I remember seeing you appear as all these characters on all these shows and movies and always thought to myself that you were seriously underrated. Just throwing that out there. When you appeared as Chief is BSG it blew my mind. I thought to myself "Why such an insignificant role again!?" However after watching the show and seeing how important of a role you played I was super happy. So yeah, just saying I think you are awesome man.

I guess my real question is do you fight for roles and try to get the big ones? Or more of a "This character looks cool, I'll do that"?

theaarondouglas25 karma

I'll work whenever someone asks

eno_tinu24 karma

Hi Arron. How is your modelling cave coming on?

theaarondouglas57 karma

It is stalled as I am busy with other things but I hope to get back to it soon. I just need Tricia to come over and then it will truly be a modelling cave......

Riddla2623 karma

Ah damn, I guess I missed it.

I just wanted to ask when your good self and Adam Savage going to quit the foreplay and team up to do more model building videos with you and Adam as regular hosts and a 3rd guest celebrity builder each episode on Tested?

'Cause bro, that is a bomb idea if I say so myself. This video of you doing exactly that has 1.2 million views on it's own and it is awesome. The models are great, the planning is great, the building is great, the painting is amazing, the conversation flows easily and is massively entertaining, they're not afraid to just have the sounds that are there present, it's not over edited to focus on the jokes or the stories. It's like two mates that just happen to have amazing lives and meet amazing people spending an afternoon. I reckon an easy 5 million people on YouTube would be all over that forever.

theaarondouglas24 karma

I don't know who you are but.....


Someone listen to this person. I would do this in a heartbeat.

that_is_so_Raven21 karma

Do you watch Breaking Bad?

theaarondouglas35 karma

Loved it. Love Better Call Saul. Amazing show.

YoBuckStopsHere21 karma

Cally's death tore me up. Do you think that was one of the many reasons Galen ultimately settled far away from the others?

theaarondouglas49 karma

One on a VERY long list of people being poopy to Chief

Slanderpanic20 karma

I just rewatched The Plan yesterday. Did Edward James Olmos give you any ribbing over smooching his wife?

theaarondouglas37 karma

No, but he gave it to her for getting to smooch me...

Polterhorst20 karma

Greetings from Europe. When and how did you find out that your BSG character was one of the final five? And what was your reaction?

theaarondouglas30 karma

That is a long story. But a good one. Google me and the Final 5 Story and you will see it recorded from a few dozen cons.

respectfulpanda19 karma

I guess comments have to be questions. Soooo, i love your work and the question is, now that Netflix is going to focus on Canadian content with a Netflix Canada org, what are the chances your already in discussions with them? :)

theaarondouglas24 karma

Not just yet but I have a few projects I'm hoping to pitch soon.

serveux17 karma

Can we get some more videos with you and u/mistersavage just shooting the shit and building models? That video was super chill and fun.

theaarondouglas32 karma



celloandbow16 karma

Which superhero do you wish you could portray and why?

theaarondouglas36 karma

As a kid I loved Aquaman. I want to be able to talk to sharks

1deadeye116 karma

Hi Aaron. If you had a pontoon boat, what would you name her?

theaarondouglas39 karma


illiniman1416 karma

How was the role of the Chief originally explained to you before you started and how did it differ from what the character eventually became?

theaarondouglas32 karma

Chief of the Deck. That's it. Then they decided to keep me and it took off from there.

RuthlessNate5614 karma

Mr. Douglas, always loved you in BSG but you were almost unrecognizable at first in Dirk Gently! I saw your name in the credits of the first episode but didn't spot your blink-and-you-miss-it first appearance. Then when you finally spoke I had to do a double-take just to make sure it was you.

When prepping for that role, what inspired Gordon Rimmer's weird accent you used? I got the sense that Gordon's enunciation became clearer after he burned all his Lux Dujour paraphernalia. Was that intentional?

theaarondouglas17 karma

I read the script and realized that

  1. This show is fantastically weird and that the characters should be as well. Grounded in as much reality as possible but with a little weirdness.

  2. I decided I wanted strange hair, a walk, a speech, 80's creepo glasses.

  3. Presented the walk and talk to producers on day one and Max and Dean Parisot said "We love it!"

  4. Lux is still Lux but he's trapped in that body but as Lux emerged more and more as the season went on I wanted him to come through Gordon and override him more and more. So that's why Gordon would drop the voice and stand up straight sometimes, just a little and only for short bursts. Flashes of the Lux.

spookyspooky14 karma

Hi Mr. Douglas,

I am a big fan with a few questions

Why is Chad the worst?

Does Russ actually do anything?

What will Marian be for Halloween?

theaarondouglas25 karma

If you have to ask why Chad is the worst you don't know Chad.

He's a sharter for one. Thinks he's Matt Damon. Can't hold his booze. Damn him and his handsome face!

Russ is completely useless.

Marian will cosplay as Wizard...Heavy emphasis on the pointy hat

emsydi13 karma

What has been your favourite convention experience?

theaarondouglas26 karma

I've had 100's. I love meeting fans, having a pint and talking the show, sports life, whatever

Pharius13 karma

Chief, I’m rewatching the series right now. How long did it take to grow that sweet beard on new caprica and why did they make you shave it off? I get why Adama lost the Stache, but that beard was glorious and necessary.

theaarondouglas27 karma

I grew it on our hiatus and when I returned for season 3 Ron saw it and asked if it was real. Of course. Can you keep it for a few eps? Of course again.

I loved it.

joeception12 karma

Hey Aaron, Chief was such a solid character in BSG for almost the entire series until he found out he was a cylone (went to depressive mode). How did you feel about Chief's decline and the end of his story?

theaarondouglas35 karma

love it. love it all.

Screw you both I'm going to found Scotland!

RedditUser42712 karma

Star Wars or Star Trek?

theaarondouglas31 karma

Star Wars

But love Trek

fluttika11 karma

Are you a SciFi fan?
Fav shows?
Have you seen the Expanse?
I consider it to be on par with BSG.

theaarondouglas24 karma

I have not seen the Expanse but I hear great things. I'd like to get on that show for sure.

I love scifi Star Wars Red Dwarf Time Bandits Westworld

So many to list

--_l9 karma

Question: What kind of bear is best?

theaarondouglas12 karma

That's a ridiculous question

1deadeye16 karma

Hi Aaron, love the Anthrax shirt. What are your thoughts on the John Bush-era Anthrax? I like Belladonna, but something about those John Bush albums always hooked me in.

theaarondouglas10 karma

I love all of Anthrax. Anthems of my youth

Anywotsemporium5 karma

I gotta ask, did you get to keep anything from the show? Except your own likeness of course 😀

theaarondouglas9 karma

There's a list further up somewhere

limbodog5 karma

What’s your favorite Anthrax song?

theaarondouglas6 karma


shivan215 karma

Hi Aaron, are you a DIY man?

theaarondouglas7 karma

Very much so. I love to tinker

Darrens_Coconut4 karma

I just wanted to say that Chief is one of my favourite characters in BSG. The leadership, humanity and toughness when it's required, you did an amazing job!

What did you think about the character when you first heard of the role?

Edit: removed extra word.

theaarondouglas7 karma

He wasn't then what he ultimately became.

Team_Horus3 karma

What song have you been listening to on repeat recently?

theaarondouglas7 karma

George Michael Kissing A Fool

Elvis Long Black Limo-True Love Travels a Gravel Road

Everything Maiden, Anthrax and Ozzy

Mozart to start my day

seismicor3 karma

Hello. What is your opinion on the new TV series Star Trek: Discovery?

theaarondouglas4 karma

Haven't seen it yet but I am really excited to. My friend Ted works on that show and he's a great guy. I won't know what to say to him if his show stinks.... HA

Enyk3 karma

Wife and I are catching Dirk Gently finally. Yes, I know, we're a wee bit behind.

So, exactly how big was the chart or how long was the explanation to everyone involved of what the fsck was going on in that show?

theaarondouglas3 karma

Max would answer any and every question we all had. I knew from the start what was going to happen. He has the whole thing in his head.

Scirocco-MRK12 karma

You bring a lot of intensity to your characters. What role, no matter if it was a single episode, has been your favorite since BSG?

theaarondouglas4 karma

Gordon Rimmer

rich1152 karma

What trait or moment of the show would you say was pivotal in it being a great tv show?

theaarondouglas5 karma

Ron's vision. David's steering. Michael Rymer's directing. All of the writers My boy Mark Verheiden

glorious_cheese2 karma

Viper or Raptor?

theaarondouglas3 karma


About_Three_Fifty2 karma

Hello Aaron! When were you told that your character in BSG was infact a !!SPOILER!! cylon !!SPOILER!!? Were you surprised when you found out?

theaarondouglas3 karma

check the BSG reunion panel

xizore2 karma

Loved you in the last season of Dirk Gently!

Any chance of coming back in some capacity for the next season?

What about villains do you enjoy as an actor?

Was there anything you wanted to do with Gordon that didn't quite fit?

theaarondouglas3 karma

Gordon is done. I like a grey hat villain. I like to play crazy people because they don't know they're crazy.

They loved Gordon at first, then hated him, then loved him again so I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes. I just kept doing Gordon as I saw him and Rob fought all of the battles for me so I could make Rimmer Rimmer.

TrixieVanSickle2 karma

one more from me: What's your favorite thing to eat when you're in NYC?

theaarondouglas4 karma

Anything Italian

VoteForRollins1 karma

Who do you like better.. Joey Belladonna or John Bush?

theaarondouglas1 karma

Both awesome but I know Joey so I have to go Joey.

Great guys all of them

Mjolnir121 karma

Did you ever watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which Ron Moore also worked on? A lot of the BSG elements (like darker story and political intrigue) are present in it, so I'm wondering if you or any of the other BSG actors had been exposed to it before the show started (or after).

theaarondouglas2 karma

Yeah, I love Trek. I don't know if anyone else watches it.

ghidorah2211 karma

What was the island the chief settled on at the end of BSG? I've heard theory that it was either Vancouver or Great Britain.

theaarondouglas4 karma

What has become Scotland

ExskweezeMe1 karma

Aaron, Battlestar Galactica is one of the greatest shows to ever air on television. I'm not exaggerating! My question is when did you find out you were part of the final five (was it not until you read the script, or did they give you heads up) and how did you feel about it after all those years?

theaarondouglas2 karma

google BSG reunion at SDCC. I answer that very question on the stage in front of Ron and David.

the_costello_show1 karma

Hey Aaron, loved you in the role of Gordon Rimmer on Dirk Gently. Honestly, you played that role almost too well... only now did I realize I knew you as Chief. Thanks, man. Brilliant stuff.

Ok, so you've played roles in two series (BSG, Dirk Gently) that had plot lines where I had no idea where they were going... or where they'd end up. As an actor, how far do you know in advance where the story is headed and how does that affect your approach to the role? Are your motivations clear from the beginning or do you discover them along the way?

Thanks, and keep up the great choices in roles!

theaarondouglas2 karma

Depends on the show. They either give you the arc or sometimes don't.

ImitateOblivion1 karma

Which one of your co-stars did you have a crush on most?

theaarondouglas2 karma

Aleks Paunovic


Long time BSG fan, loved your role in Dirk Gently, totally amazing!

My question is sort of two questions, sort of one question: What would your dream role of all time be? For example if you could go back in time and play that one character in that one movie, what would it be? Or similarly, what's the character/actor you saw in your youth that made you go "well damn I gotta get in on this acting business".

theaarondouglas2 karma

Something in The Godfather.

Al Pacino in And Justice For All

Tom Hands in Saving Private Ryan

Ralph Feinnes in Schindler's List