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Random question, I know, but did you ever watch the show Firefly or it's sequel movie Serenity? If so, what did you think of them?

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What are your "head canons" or unofficial beliefs about what happened that day? Like for example it's not confirmed by George Lucas, just your fan theory.

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What can the average Redditor do to help not only your people, but all Native Americans?

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For some reason I read this as old Ben Kenobis voice

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How accurate is the film Dantes Inferno, if you've seen it? In particular a scene where they are trying to cross a lake and the volcanic eruption has turned the lake into acid that is eating into the boat and kills the motor and they're trying to row across as quick as they can and the grandma steps out to make a desperate attempt to push them to shore, the acid eats her legs away and mortally wounds her

Would any of this be at all realistic?