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I enjoyed the humor in your books. Have plans for another, sir?

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Were there ever any 3rd party edit/change to shell that made you think, "Why didn't we think of that?"

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From Steelbeak to Arthur to Major Glory.. What a range you have! Do you actors ever crack each other up the 1st time you use a new voice while doing a show?

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Are there any plans to allow insurance companies to operate across state lines? My company has groups whose members live just across the border in an adjacent state. We cannot simply ask their PCP if they would accept our rates. Instead, the member's claims go though a 3rd party like Multiplan. BC/BS gets around this by renting their provider networks between the states at sweetheart deals and pricing the competition out. A company like Coca-Cola with plants in several states can have BC/BS of Tenn, but the members are in GA, AL, and MS. I doubt their lobbyists will allow this to change.

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Does it just feel weird knowing that the signals you are receiving and analyzing happened so long ago?

Side question: Do you have insurance against Mike Tyson? :)