Hi everyone I am Kanaya, son of a chief from the Maasai tribe. We are one of the biggest and last indigenous tribes left on the planet. I live in Tanzania in a very remote place deep in the bush, about a 6 hour drive from Arusha. In our area we have all the typical animals you imagine, from elephants to lions. When I was young I even had to fight a lion in self defense. Some months ago we started a social media project, to share our lives and connect with people from the world. We call ourselves the Maasaiboys and you maybe have seen the video where we tried Pizza for the first time which got very viral. We plan on doing more videos where we experience and react to stuff that is new for us or where take you on cool adventures in the bush.
Here we took you along our special ceremony

We hope to spread more compassion and happiness in the world, to get our kids a better future. If you want to see more from us, then check our profile for the social media links!

Please feel free to ask us anything!

Proof: Here's my proof!

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algoporlacara1796 karma

How do you think your tribe has adapted to the modern world, if it has?

Do you think it's been for the better or worse?

Thank you guys! Unique AMA

real_Maasaiboys3688 karma

We have mobile phones so we can communicate better. We have instagram and connect with cool people from all over the world. We can have solar so have light at night. A lot of improvements in life but I also worry for the future that our tribe and the culture slowly get lost. Many Maasai now go to the city for work and slowly slowly loose Maasai values for western, money can also cause a lot of problems. Let’s hope we can be good example using technology and social media in a good way for the tribe, and for the world.

xmashamm624 karma

How can you reasonably protect a culture that is predicated on pre technology lifestyles, while also incorporating modern technology - without dramatically changing that culture?

real_Maasaiboys2753 karma

I don’t get really your question, but I hope this helps. If we use mobile phone to talk, solar to have light in dark end electricity, motorcycle for transport, it dont change our cultures much. It just makes easier for our lives. But when people move to cities to work, and only start care for money and themselve then it starts to get very bad.

velvetrevolting197 karma

Does Instagram and other social media change your culture?

(I have been/came to the Maasai Mara in 2019) you all were very hospitable it was a beautiful experience. I said to myself while I was there, "humanity Will survive".

real_Maasaiboys285 karma

In some ways it does yea, Maasai learn new things from other cultures. That’s very nice thanks my friend

Brother_Glass238 karma

Are there Maasai values that you think the western culture could learn and benefit from?

real_Maasaiboys111 karma

Yes definitely!

umpkinpae206 karma

People’s relationship to money is the cause of many problems all around the world. I would love to hear more about your perspective on how it changes values and culture.

Edit to not upset grammar people.

real_Maasaiboys648 karma

In Our culture, sharing is very important and thinking about other people. With money often people change and care more about themselves often. You get addicted to it and especially for Maasai, suddenly having and everything can be difficult to cope with.

D-utch3 karma

Can you link the Instagram account(s)?

real_Maasaiboys2 karma

Check my profile

PotentialOrchard-40 karma


real_Maasaiboys219 karma

😂 you want maasai women or chicken?

rileyoneill770 karma

How often do you see the large animals? Are they problematic for your tribe or cause any sort of daily issues or do they mostly ignore you? When you fought off the lion did you have to kill/injure it or did you scare it into running away?

real_Maasaiboys1972 karma

They have become a lot less and avoid our villages more, but we often see elephant poo. what we see often and is problematic are the hyenas who often come to get our cattle. For that we have dogs who warn us. I sadly had to kill the lion with spear, it is important in that moment to stand strong and face the lion, never run.

djsizematters794 karma

Fascinating. This is the best AMA I think I've ever read.

real_Maasaiboys768 karma

Thank you, glad people enjoy

OneLostOstrich96 karma

Americans and Europeans, well the whole world outside of Africa actually, only know Africa and specifically the Maasai from what they see on TV. Basically, all they know is big scary animals, famine and disasters. Decent normal happy people living normal lives makes terrible TV. It's really important that you are doing this media project since you can educate the rest of the planet about your way of life.

It's not that long ago in places all over the world where people raised cattle in the wild similar to how the Maasai still do.

Now, it's time for a question from me. What have you enjoyed most about this project? What do you think the most important/worthwhile thing is that you have learned from it so far?


real_Maasaiboys151 karma

I learned that good things take time and you should never loose hope. At the end things played our different as expected but still good.

rileyoneill191 karma

Are the hyenas a risk to children in the village? Do people usually stick to groups when leaving the village? How large is the village? Does it have any sort of fencing or something to keep animals out?

real_Maasaiboys319 karma

The hyenas come at nights so the children are safe inside, the village size varies depending on how big the families are, yes we have some natural fencing, but nothing very strong

cannabination665 karma

This is amazing, best of luck on your mission!

How much interaction do you have with your national government? Do they respect your tribal independence?

real_Maasaiboys1153 karma

There are even some Maasai in government, however in last times there was a lot of problems with government, as there are evicting thousands maasai to make place for a hunting safari park. There were many protests and fights.

spellbreaker571 karma

What are you most looking forward to trying next as part of your social media campaign?

real_Maasaiboys1325 karma

I wanted to watch a video from the most expensive house with my dad and react to it, it was all planned and the estate agent who made the video also loved the idea. Sadly my father got very sick since then and we couldn’t do, but I hope soon

habshabshabs704 karma

I hope your father gets better soon my brother 🙏

real_Maasaiboys1592 karma

Thank you, a funny story. Once I visited a big town with him. We walked next to a clothe shop with manakins with clothes on. He greeted each one of them 😂😂

BravesMaedchen452 karma

Did he do it to be funny or because he thought they were people? I can see him greeting them and then thinking, "What is wrong with these people?" Lol

real_Maasaiboys705 karma

A little of both😂

oreoloki450 karma

Maasai got dad jokes too lol.

real_Maasaiboys444 karma

He is so funny

gdj11164 karma

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Reactistan where tribal villagers try food from all over the world. Something similar could be fun where people in your tribe try different foreign things that they’ve never even heard of.

real_Maasaiboys358 karma

We want to do that and cool videos from our village and film adventures we have, and comedy

Hargelbargel528 karma

I'd like to hear how dating works. Like when a boy or girl gets a crush on someone, what is expected of them?

And what personality traits are considered attractive in women or men?

real_Maasaiboys730 karma

Traditionaly speaking,The warriors age approximately 16-23 dance with the girls the same age & they 'flirt' by pointing their spear or stick at the girl they like..... But traditionally the parents choose the bride for the warrior, of course now things are changing and people choose who they like to marriage themselves mostly

CherryCherry5113 karma

Is female circumcision still practiced? What is the reasoning for it? Do males get circumcised too? If this subject is too much to talk about, that's ok. Love your channel! So interesting!

real_Maasaiboys82 karma

Read my answer above

Handeatingcat145 karma

"Typically, Maasai girls are circumcised between the ages of 11 to 13 and soon afterwards married to a man chosen by her father in exchange for cattle and cash." - Massai girls education organization

Website seems legit but I'd love to hear from the source about this.

adventuressgrrl17 karma

I lost interest in this AMA as soon as I saw that. I’ll circle back around to see if it gets answered, but this has always horrified me on every level.

Paridae_Purveyor51 karma

It's a horrific thing, and people seem to be upset at the question asker for being very pointed and aggressive about getting an answer for it. It's serious, nothing wrong at all asking about it.

real_Maasaiboys184 karma

It’s an important question but it’s never good to be aggressive and judgemental if you want to create change, you have to be understanding and friendly.

real_Maasaiboys45 karma

I answered my friend

baronvoncommentz16 karma

I don't think this will be answered, because it will dip into women's rights - which he has neglected to answer. We can see one answer below (broken link, should be: https://maasaigirlseducation.org/the-need/the-life-of-a-maasai-woman/).

We hope to spread more compassion and happiness in the world, to get our kids a better future.

Except for girls and women, apparently.

EDIT: I take back my comment on the lack of answering, you are right. I should not jump to conclusions or speculate. I look forward to your answers.

EDIT 2: Let's wait and see I guess. Some downvoting and "I will get back to this". I want to take OP earnestly. But a PR push for the tribe talking about a horrible record of women's rights... I really wonder what answer there is aside from "I personally will work for the rights of girls and women". There is no excuse for their status quo.

EDIT 3: More links:






(The original wasn't my link, I copied it from another comment that messed up the formatting, to make sure it was easy to click on.)

EDIT 4: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/xgocac/we_are_from_the_maasai_warrior_tribe_and_started/iotsxxi/

real_Maasaiboys723 karma

Now to this difficult topic,please read till the end. Both man and women get circumcised in Maasai culture for the ones who don’t know, without you cannot marry. There are now changes happening and this ritual will stop and be forbidden. Now are the last generations that will be doing it. I know it sounds brutal but there are many things your „tribes“ do and did we find brutal to. Changes take time and it’s important we all learn to not judge so quick and have respect for each other. One should not judge another without being in his shoes for a day, like in the saying. Please let me know if you have further questions

spiritualized-240 karma

Male and female circumsicion is no way near being close to the same thing.. Comparing them is extremely ingorant. Do you even know the impact it has on a vagina to go through that? What heavy side effects it has? The changes in their sexual life through life?

real_Maasaiboys636 karma

That’s why I said don’t judge so quick. I never compared that or said that it would be the same and I am well aware of the problem trust me. But sad that you have to call me ignorant when I am here trying to create change in my tribe. I hope we all can learn here to be more respectful and understanding

xXludicrous_snakeXx269 karma

An incredibly good answer. Acknowledging the problem, dealing with the complexities of relative morality, looking to confront and improve your People’s way of life. All very difficult.

Respect to you, sir.

real_Maasaiboys220 karma

Thank you, my friend

nessbound26 karma

I know you probably aren't on anymore, but sending love from my family in Oregon, United States. My son had no idea there were still tribes and we are huge fans! Being closer to family and to the earth is beautiful. Stay safe out there!

Also if you have time to answer, how old were you when you had to defend yourself against a lion?

real_Maasaiboys54 karma

Yes Very very late here now, appreciate the support, i was 18 i think. Greetings to America and your son !

real_Maasaiboys270 karma

Sad that you take conclusion so fast, I will get back to this difficult topic, let me take care of easy questions first. And I mean all kids please.. especially girls.

MacerationMacy443 karma

Thanks for doing this! What’s the best and worst reaction you’ve had to your social media campaign?

real_Maasaiboys1169 karma

A lot of love, some tourist even recognise me which I found so funny. Sadly also some racist comments and big pages stealing our content and lying. But we try to focus on the good things and are happy for that!

nowayguy332 karma

Are you hiding a secret high tech city behind a forcefield?

real_Maasaiboys562 karma


WarGawd315 karma

I'm impressed by your English. Being so isolated, where do you learn and practice it to such an extent?

real_Maasaiboys493 karma

When I was young I was sent to school and learned there, but I didnt like it so I went back to my village. Later then I took English class again.

Sparklypuppy05240 karma

What do people from your tribe do for fun or as a hobby?

real_Maasaiboys460 karma

We do maasai dancing - we don't really have much hobbies - but I like football & comedy - i watch on YouTube because we don't have tv.

real_Maasaiboys340 karma

We do maasai dancing - we don't really have much hobbies - but I like football & comedy - i watch on YouTube because we don't have tv. The children they like to run around & jump & climb trees & learn all about our culture. Boys make bows and arrows, girls love to make jewelry also.

frodosbitch209 karma

How is climate change affecting tribes in your region?

real_Maasaiboys416 karma

A lot a lot, this year a lot of our cows died in drought. Very few rains, hard times

voltism200 karma

How important is storytelling in your tribe?

real_Maasaiboys314 karma

Very! We always tell a lot of story’s, funny ones or where you can learn with the elders.

drblobby194 karma

What does your diet look like today? and how has it changed over the years?

real_Maasaiboys362 karma

It changed alittle, before it was a lot more meat. Now we also eat more grains and ugali. We still love meat and also eat some parts raw, we also drink cow blood and milk still.

Gothmog_LordOBalrogs203 karma

Could you possibly do a video with some elders cooking famous recipes like a maasai cooking show? That would be awesome, I would definitely watch that

real_Maasaiboys252 karma

Yes why not? We will do so many cool videos if we have setup everything good( wifi etc)

saltymermaid8191 karma

What does a typical day in your life look like?

real_Maasaiboys375 karma

It depend on your age and roles, we will do a day in the life video very soon. I always have to take care of a lot of stuff in the bush and help people with problems, some take care of children, some of cows etc

Soulbossanova9179 karma

Hello! What you're both wearing is beautiful. Is that everyday wear or just special occasions? Thanks 🙂

real_Maasaiboys238 karma

Normally we don’t have that much jewelry and the silver one is more for special occasions haha

baronvoncommentz178 karma

Hi, can you speak to the rights of women in your tribe?

Do you practice female circumcision? Are women allowed to get abortions or use birth control? Do women have the same access to education and career opportunities as men? Do women get the same say in society as men? Do they have the same right to free speech? Can a woman decide who she marries? What is the minimum age for marriage?

real_Maasaiboys92 karma

I will get back to your question soon

FLAlex111111 karma

Watched your videos, this is awesome that you’re sharing your community with the world!

Q: What video idea would you most like to do?

real_Maasaiboys146 karma

Thanks my friend, generaly i want to show more from our culture and lives to people, but I also want to do a video where I show my father the most expensive house is usa and he reacts!

probablyagiven68 karma

You might consider that people are far more interested in the different aspects of your culture, and your day-to-day life. The things that are valued, the different gender roles, the hopes and dreams that people in the tribe might have, and how mindsets and personal philosophies differ from your tribe to the industrialized world. Watching you react to pizza is interesting, but im so much more interested in what you know, and what you can share, versus seeing you react to our junk.

real_Maasaiboys114 karma

Yes I know, but filming in the bush is a big challenge. Electricity problems, wifi etc, but we are trying to do more and slowly getting more money to invest

TooLazyToBeClever41 karma

Is there a place we can help invest money? A Patreon or website that we can donate to? I'd love to help, and I think this type of sharing I very important, especially in terms of fostering compassion.

real_Maasaiboys32 karma

Check my Instagram, you can support us there! That’s very kind

AnotherAnonGringo23 karma

Get Elon Musk to send you some Starlink Satellites!

real_Maasaiboys39 karma

Is it true he has 300 bilion dolar?

TechnicianFit642024 karma

All the assets he as are valued at 300 billion, he doesnt have that money literaly and even if he tried to convert his assets to money, he would get way less then 300 billion unless he plans it and takes severall years to do it

Are you guys receptive to tourists and how should we procede to do it? Thanks a lot!

real_Maasaiboys31 karma

We would love for people to visit but we don’t have the best infrastructure here to make it easy and comfortable for visitors sadly

snapple_man102 karma

How do you feel about homosexualism? How are gays treated within the tribe?

real_Maasaiboys327 karma

Its a very difficult topic you know, especially in Africa. I don’t have a problem with it, they are also human beings. but you can’t expect all cultures in this word to just adapt to western one, things need time. We have a lot of problems here and our life’s are so different from one another.

Ldn_brother96 karma

Do the Maasai believe in a single God or many Gods or no God?

real_Maasaiboys280 karma

Many Maasai are Christian becouse of missionaries, but still have high respect for our traditional beliefs. Our god is called enkai or ngai, we believe he gave us the cows, so we take care of these lands and the nature.

OkCampaign843394 karma

Hi! If we would drive our expedition truck to your village, what would be really appriciated to bring to the village? Paper, pens, coca cola, lighters or something else? Best regards Michael

real_Maasaiboys249 karma

School books & pencils for the school. The kids love balloons & bubbles. For the mamas soap & chai & sugar which is best to buy locally. Clothes are always good - hoodies, shirts

chefschocker8187 karma

Do you have “interventions” with tribal members that get lost in the “Western” world? If no, are they lost until they find themselves? If yes, what are some strategies you use?

real_Maasaiboys140 karma

We always have a lot of meetings for everything. Sometimes things like this are also discussed in meeting, when there are problems with certain people. These meetings with the elders and chiefs are very important and we do very often and long.

OrbitronFactory84 karma

When kids in your tribe play, are they inspired more by traditional aspects of life as in hunting, etc. or more modern stories from the predominantly western entertainment industry such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.?

real_Maasaiboys157 karma

A lot more the traditional, we don’t have tv here so they don’t know these things

elscottt82 karma

Thank you for doing this! I love your videos! I saw the one of you all partying and someone drank too much. I’m curious what sort of alcohol the tribe drinks- is it something you make?

real_Maasaiboys128 karma

Beer, gongo, konyagi, some People make gongo or beer here

jabby_the_hutt290180 karma

Hello! What is something you’ve seen in western culture that seems completely barbaric and strange to you?

real_Maasaiboys363 karma

Invading other countries and killing so many people! Forcing believes on other people as missionaries have done here. Not saying we are perfect, but yeah

habshabshabs78 karma

What's something about Maasai life that you think might surprise people from the west?

What's the biggest challenges your tribe has faced in the past few years?

What is the biggest success story from your tribe?

I hope everything is well with you, greetings from Honduras 🇭🇳

real_Maasaiboys111 karma

There is a lot that will surprise them 😂 but for me it’s hard to say i don’t know what they think of us you know. We face many challenges, especially climate and drought, corruption and eviction. It will be a difficult future for us

BelterLivesMatter69 karma

How is your access to non-routine medicine outside of antibiotics and vaccines? (i hope there is no issues with those) For instance, getting screws installed due to a bad break, autoimmune disorders, or chemo treatments? A lot of these treatments cost more than most of us will earn in a lifetime and insurance can be a battle even with western jobs.

real_Maasaiboys147 karma

Yes that is a big problem. Hospital bills are very high here, in my family many had heart disease and needed operations, to pay we had to sell many cows. We definitely need better system here and more doctors.

InternetLoveMachine67 karma

I hope you don't mind if I ask some existential questions.

What would your fellow tribespeople say if they were asked "What's the purpose for living?"

What do you honestly believe happens after death? I'm not interested in old stories unless you truly believe them. For instance I was raised christian and they're taught about fluffy clouds and pearly gates after death but very few people actually believe that's what happens.

real_Maasaiboys79 karma

The old Maasai believes are, that there isn’t a real afterlife as you have in other religions, after you lived a long life you will be at peace for eternity. It seems scary doesn’t it, but in a way also beautiful I think.

real_Maasaiboys56 karma

Purpose of living is alittle different for everyone of course, the Maasai believes are that god has gave us the cows so that we take care of the lands and nature.

TheBagman0750 karma

What food do you just not like?

How does your tribe deal with petty squabbles?

What’s the best part of your day?

real_Maasaiboys144 karma

Maasai haaate fish, its the worst for us haha.

yophil48 karma

Hey I’m Canadian and have some Masai family member in Tanzania! Are you near Arusha ?

real_Maasaiboys64 karma

6 hour drive my friend

Muppet_Cartel47 karma

How does your tribe settle disputes, and how do they deal with people who violate tribal laws?

real_Maasaiboys90 karma

We have a lot of meetings with elders and chiefs to talk about everything

kJer40 karma

What are your jobs and work like in tribal life?

real_Maasaiboys101 karma

Some Maasai go to the cities for work, some also work as tour guides and for tourists. Traditionally man take care of cattle, defend the homes, elders take care of problems and things. Women build the houses, prepare foods, take care of children.

uReallyShouldTrustMe40 karma

Is there a similar but distinct tribe that lives near you? If so what are the major differences?

real_Maasaiboys69 karma

A lot a lot of tribes, some different, some very similar. Things like what they eat, clothing, ceremonies can be similar or different

mr_lp38 karma

Hi, wonderful AMA. When I was in Tanzania I came across a lot of Maasai working the tourist trade. Selling stuff on the beach, etc. Always saying that they were Maasai from far away.

I was always curious, are they real Maasai or are there impostors too?

real_Maasaiboys64 karma

There are fake Maasai to of course, but also a lot real ones do that.

Studoku33 karma

What's the biggest misconception you've encountered from people about tribal societies?

real_Maasaiboys74 karma

Some People in internet couldn’t believe that we have shaved beards for example 😂

EthelMaePotterMertz31 karma

Is it true that the cow is not killed and that they take some blood through a small cut?

real_Maasaiboys43 karma

Yes it’s true

EmeraldIbis30 karma

I visited Serengeti National Park a couple of years ago on a scientific field trip, and got the impression there's a lot of tension between the Maasai and the other more Westernized Tanzanians. Could you say something about that?

My feeling was the Tanzanians view the Maasai is being very backwards. I didn't meet any Maasai to get their impression of mainstream Tanzanian society though.

real_Maasaiboys62 karma

We face many problems with Suaheli, as they are farmers and our cattle often damages their fields. The government often sells our land to them so conflicts get more… its very sad I have had very bad experiences with some

kJer27 karma

What are your favorite things to do?

real_Maasaiboys67 karma

I love being with good people, laughing watching comedy and football. So many things I could write

reem260726 karma

hello! the project of connecting a warrior tribe to the rest of the world through the internet sounds like an extremely difficult change, do you have some stories about how the transition went? and as a bonus question, does your tribe have stories which are passed down between generations? if so, are you willing to share them?

real_Maasaiboys52 karma

Yes we have a lot of problems with wifi and electricity and we don’t have the money yet to get it sorted, but slowly getting better. There are many stories of course! Love to sure some in later videos

Colorlessxsky23 karma

What are some traditional dishes your tribe eats? Do you have a favorite one?

real_Maasaiboys40 karma

A lot of special meats and ugali, which many have in Africa. Maasai really love milk with cow blood haha.

breakfasteveryday21 karma

What is your goal?

real_Maasaiboys102 karma

I want to make the world a happier place, and spread smiles.

IronFrogger21 karma

I've been donating to the "lion guardians" project. Are you familiar with this project and what do you think about it?

real_Maasaiboys25 karma

Yes I heard its cool

opticalshadow18 karma

Greetings, very interesting project you have. My question, what kinds, if any, music have become popular with your tribe as phone and wifi give you more access?

Best of luck to you, your people and your project.

real_Maasaiboys22 karma

There are many traditional musicians we listen to , but also international or african

Master_of_Fuck_Ups15 karma


Been subscribed for ages love your vids!

What is the procedure when somebody dies in the tribe. Burial? Cremation? Any rituals?


real_Maasaiboys42 karma

Thank you! Yes we have little special ceremonies, But we don’t bury the body, we Burn or leave it for scavenger animals.I have heard a religion in Iran did the same thing. Only elders and chiefs get a burial as a sign for special respect.

ModernApple15 karma

I saw you guys have a GoFundMe, is this your primary source of income for your social media endeavors? Any other source of revenue? Have you thought of starting a Patreon page?

real_Maasaiboys32 karma

We are planning to sell our handmade jewellery one day, let’s see

mathew_n_stuff_like13 karma

Do you get many visitors from around the world? I would personally love to visit and stay with a maasai tribe for a week or 2!

real_Maasaiboys31 karma

In my village very few, it’s not a real tourist area like serengeti

________912 karma

Your Instagram is so fun! Thanks for sharing your experience with the world.

I am curious now that you've seen a bit of the world through the internet and travel, does any of that appeal to you? Fashion, many things to do and see, people to meet, experiences to be had, food to try, business to be done, non-traditional life...

Is this something that happens with young people from your tribe? Are many young people leaving the tribe for "modern" life? Or do young adults usually come back to the tribe after school and some travel and prefer the tribe "lifestyle"?

real_Maasaiboys21 karma

Of course it is happening and everyone of course is free to do what he wants in a way. However I think it’s sad if you forget who you are and where you come from. It’s good to find a balance so that’s what we will try to do

capable_duck11 karma

Do you have pets?

real_Maasaiboys55 karma

Yes we have dogs and cows, they are not pets as you have in west, but we feed them, we love them and we care for them.

capable_duck16 karma

Do you name your dogs like we do in the West?

real_Maasaiboys29 karma

I did, normally yes but maybe not all

AnonymousPerson411 karma

What made you decide to do this IAmA now? Has something significant happened recently?

real_Maasaiboys28 karma

A lot of people wanted it, and we liked the idea

Bronze_Addict11 karma

How big of a role does fishing play in your day to day lives? Do you have a favorite fish to eat or catch for fun? Do the rivers where you are from have the dangerous crocodiles and hippos lurking below that you have to watch out for? Thank you for doing this ama, it sounds like you guys have taken this internet media and turned it into some cool stuff.

real_Maasaiboys39 karma

Maasai actually hate fish a lot haha, we don’t live to far from Mara river where there are many crocodiles

uotunnson10 karma

Do you guys play videogames? If so, what's the most popular game/franchise within your tribe?

real_Maasaiboys41 karma

No my friend we really don’t 😂

RalphWreckedIt9 karma

Sopa and jambo!

Thank you for doing this AMA.

What would you hope people take away from this social media project? Awareness of the Maasai, more assistance for your ways of life, etc?

How can we help you be more successful with this project?

real_Maasaiboys20 karma

I hope we all can learn to that even if we are different in some aspects in the end we all are human and want to life a peaceful and happy life, I hope atleast you want that to 😂. Yes you guys in the west have some cool Technology and we walk around with swords and spears, but I you should never forget who you are and where you come from - Nature. How to help, just follow along our journey and share our project 🙏🏽

ElsonDaSushiChef6 karma

How do you have internet?

real_Maasaiboys6 karma

We have mobile data or wifi devices

stratjr1236 karma

How do you have internet and electricity if you live deep in the bush?

real_Maasaiboys30 karma

Suprising, we have mobile data here. But it’s not always very good so now I am in a town for better wifi.

stratjr12313 karma

Y'all get mobile data all the way in the bushes??? Damn sometimes i can barely get any bars in my house

real_Maasaiboys37 karma

In one village I have even lte 😂

DaddyCatALSO3 karma

Maasai wer e "the bad guys" in the movie *The Naked Prey*. Of course somebody has to be the antagonist, but is the portrayal in that film considered unfair in so many words?

real_Maasaiboys24 karma

Sorry I don’t know the movie

rahib232 karma

Do tourists visit you guys?

real_Maasaiboys5 karma

Very very rare, becouse my village is not typical tourist area

canna_caffeina4132 karma

Thank you for doing this!

Is there any dance or movement unique to your tribe? Any symbolic gestures that are passed down?

real_Maasaiboys6 karma

In our dances we jump a lot, generally jumping is something we love to do

0thethethe0-3 karma


real_Maasaiboys6 karma

I also would love to do that, we could talk about a lot of cool things. Let’s see what the future brings.

TheDornerMourner-8 karma

Why a social media campaign but not like, modern housing and medicine? Doesn’t the selective meshing of old and new culture feel… superficial? Dangerous? Idk

I’m not trying to be snarky sorry if it sounded rude I am genuinely curious how these topics are handled and what is considered too far a departure of culture and how that all goes

real_Maasaiboys65 karma

Well modern housing and medicine is great, but from where should the money come? That’s why we are doing this unique social media business