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imbecile485 karma

How often are you still called a lemon thief?

Joanna_Angel479 karma

all the time. people have brought me lemons to conventions to sign.

It's pretty strange considering that was a scene from like, 6 years ago! I wish my more recent scenes could be as popular as that one (they can be found on . I should probably make a sequel to it one day.... Like I just got out of prison for stealing lemons. A "where are they now" type documentary! hahaha

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Joanna_Angel66 karma

no problem! =)

ashmaht111 karma

I want to write porn. Legitimately. And I think I have a great idea for the industry. I have a degree in screenwriting but I don't know how to break into porn specifically. Any advice?

Joanna_Angel128 karma

This is hard for me to answer, because I mostly write my own scripts for my own company. A few months ago, when I was having severe writers block I asked my friend for some help (who I happen to know is a really good writer) and now we work on scripts together, or I call him if I don't have time to write something and am on a quick deadline, and I give him a rundown of what I want. I have never bought a script from anyone- truthfully, I think you just have to become friends with a director in the industry. Or- you can do what I did, and write a porn, find some money, and just make it yourself!!

BloodyNora652 karma

I also have a great idea fro a movie.

Basically there's a hot girl masturbating on the bed, then some guy walks in and she sucks his dick. He then starts pounding the hell out of her and spunks on her face at the end.

Feel free to use it in one of your movies. I won't claim copyright or anything like that.

Joanna_Angel376 karma

you should copyright this now!!! This is revolutionary!! How did you ever think of it? hahaha

LessLikeYou62 karma

degree in screenwriting


ashmaht107 karma

What? Four years, thousands of dollars in debt, and I just wanna write porn.

LessLikeYou32 karma

I don't think you really needed the degree.

ashmaht80 karma

No one needs a degree in screenwriting. You go to make industry contacts, get choice internships, and justify spending four years doing something you love and building a great writing portfolio. By that same token, no one needs an English degree, or an art degree, or any film degree of any kind. No one needs to go to music school, no one needs to get a degree in animation, etc. You just spend those four years immersing yourself in it completely without anyone giving you crap for doing so.

joncmellentape18 karma

Isn't school a good excuse to do that? If you're lucky enough to have it paid or even get loans, it's four years of uninterrupted work. You're going to get crap no matter how you go about it. And you get to meet like-minded people who will probably help you in the future.

Joanna_Angel48 karma

there is a lot that goes into writing a screenplay. I happened to go to school, if you didn't , I would at least recommend taking a screenwriting class somewhere local. It's much harder than you think! Even if it's porn, It still needs all the same basic elements a regular screenplay has. Any of the screenwriters I know in porn who write the bigger adult features that come out did go to school, or take some kind of writing class.

OgGorrilaKing109 karma

What was it that made you do more alt porn than just regular?

Joanna_Angel117 karma

It's a reflection of who I am! And I wanted to be me!

LindsayMorton58 karma

When/how did you realize that it was more you?

Joanna_Angel139 karma

I have been part of the punk/hardcore scene since I was 14 years old. I was a vegan punk activist chick in college- with multicolored hair and tattoos, I wasn't a blond haired, fake breasted fitness model, or a sorority girl. So when I started a porn company ( in my college years , I made it a reflection of who I was and what I thought was sexy.

Immortalmortician87 karma

Do you ever sleep for fun with your coworkers? If so do you did pornstars are better in bed than regular folk?

Joanna_Angel294 karma

I have had sex with a few co-workers off camera. Mostly females. Um, yeah... pornstar's are generally better in bed than others, however, sharing an intimate moment with someone you have strong feelings for is something that can not be compared to any sexual encounter I have had with anyone in the industry. But just on a physical level, I have had amazing sex with pornstars, and we are professionals, so we are pretty good at what we do. I mean, I am pretty good at doing my own laundry... but when I drop my dirty clothing off at the laundromat down the street- I don't know what the hell she does but, it's something I can't seem to do myself no matter what! She is a laundry pro. I can't compete with that! hahahaha make sense?

analhobbit86 karma

Shit, for a second I thought you meant you go down to the laundromat drop off your dirty clothes and have sex with the laundry woman.. or man. And she/he does something amazing because you have strong feelings for them...

Joanna_Angel95 karma

hahahaha well, that's a good plot for a movie!

Erosindra83 karma

The first time you were in a porn video where you had to have sex with someone else, were you shy about it or did you have no problem with that and just went right into it?

Joanna_Angel125 karma

I was nervous- and I still do get nervous before scenes, even to this day...because I want to do a good job! I'm sure it's how like, an athlete feels before they play a game, or a musician feels before they play a show... no matter how long they have been doing it. But I definitely was never shy my first time on camera, and I am not now.

LindsayMorton68 karma

I definitely would consider you an athlete.

Joanna_Angel388 karma

I should join the anal olympics!! =)

Rude_Information72 karma

First off, you're fucking awesome. I love sexy tattooed ladies. I'm pretty heavily tattooed myself. What was your very first tattoo?

Joanna_Angel188 karma

the mask on my left arm! It has "so it goes" underneath it. It's a quote from a Kurt Vonnegut book. I got it when I was 19. I had just gotten a security deposit back from an apartment I lived in and used it immediately on a tattoo!

tantpiss64 karma

As a queer lady who has a hard time wading through all the horrible "lesbian" porn, I thank you kindly for giving me a tremendous amount of lady boners.

Joanna_Angel82 karma

thank you very much! I appreciate that. All of our lesbian scenes can be found on


ah10288658 karma

How much preparation is there for backdoor action?

Joanna_Angel108 karma

I stay away from certain foods the day before and the day of- and then I um... clean my insides for about 20- 30 minutes. It's kind of a nice routine, I don't really mind it!

Joanna_Angel56 karma

hey everyone- I have to run out for a bit but I promise I will answer your questions later. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you!! Thanks for all the fun questions =)

odywho55 karma

How is Jason Ellis off the air?

Joanna_Angel80 karma

he is? maybe he is just on vacation?

Quismat52 karma

How is Jason Ellis off set/camera?


Joanna_Angel67 karma

hahahaha OH I totally misread the question.

He is basically the same to be honest. He's a really awesome, really insane person. He doesn't really hold much back on the air so... that's really just how he is.

a_plan_so_cunning48 karma

What drew you to the industry in the first place. Do you consider what you degrading? What if anything would you say to feminists who protest against the industry? Thanks :)

Joanna_Angel128 karma

Honestly, I wanted a fun job, and I wanted to work for myself. The sex and the fame was not on my mind when I first started the company. There are certain types of scenes I wouldn't do, or produce because I am not personally comfortable with them- however I do know that all porn is consensual so I don't find any of it degrading. Off camera, I think anything that is not consensual is degrading. Feminists who protest the industry probably watched one porn clip once that they didn't like, and did no research on anything, and are just re-hashing something they heard someone else say. In a nutshell, I think they are pretty stupid.

YouBredRancors55 karma

Just for the record not all feminists protest against/hate porn. Many believe that it can actually be empowering since it shows women enjoying their bodies and embracing their sexuality.

Also, not all people that protest/hate porn are feminists.

We watched feminist porn and discussed it in my Gender and Society class in college. It was an interesting day.

Joanna_Angel39 karma

I am aware of this. I took a feminism class in college, and we did discuss pornography. I also get interviewed all the time by people in college writing essays on Feminism and porn, and I have spoken at several colleges as well.

japanesedudegirl41 karma

I think you are the Mel Brooks of the adult industry. Well done!

Joanna_Angel24 karma

thank you!

Mindfart41 karma

Are lesbian porn generally faster to shot then straight porn? I saw a video of a male porn-star ranting about how its not very glamorous because there is downtime quite often. Just wondering if its the same with lesbian porn also. Thanks for the ama also!

Joanna_Angel78 karma

yeah. when you're making a movie there is always some downtime- no matter what is going on in it. Talent who complains about "downtime" on set should probably go work a real job for a while, and get a reality check.

Bucky_Ohare39 karma

What was your favorite shoot?

Do you have a favorite partner?

If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, to do whatever you wanted, what would you do and where?

Joanna_Angel50 karma

These are my favorite shoots! This was my Hanukkah Gangbang and this was one of the dirtiest scenes I ever did- it is like 45 mins of just anal! hahaha and this one has me getting in a big fight with my blowup doll, which is just awesome

I like all the guys I work with. I don't really have a favorite. If I could go anywhere in the world, hmm.... I would probably just go hang out with my friends and family in Brooklyn, and get some good food, and some good wine. I am pretty easy to please!

warmfruit38 karma

i once saw you in the burbank airport and thought "i think i know that girl from dana (dearmond)" then i went home and saw you in a porn. it was rather amusing to me years ago.

also, love when you are on the jason ellis show.

keep up the good work.

Joanna_Angel29 karma

haha thank you very much. Burbank is a really awesome airport!! =)

senore_wild37 karma

Sorry me and my gf were drunken baffoons when you came down to London, Ontario for shock stock (oh man, we were way inappropriate). . . . though we wish you could have performed instead of getting shut down!

keeping in the spirit, what would you say is the most inappropriate thing a fan has ever done?

Joanna_Angel49 karma

I appreciate everything my fans do, If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here. So I am not going to make fun of them! To be totally honest, I really never got anything inappropriate from a fan. If something offends me, I just politely say no, or no thanks, or sorry I can't do that.... and people usually respect that.

SpenceMasta32 karma

You end up in a decent greek diner at around 1-3 am in the morning, what DO YOU order?

Joanna_Angel48 karma

definitely breakfast. pancakes, eggs over easy, toast, and hashbrowns . YUM. Breakfast is awesome.

y0jimbo15 karma

Eggs over easy -- Do you put them on the pancakes or eat them on the side?

Joanna_Angel39 karma

sometimes I like to get the yolk all over the place and just have yolk drip all over everything while I eat it hahahaha

Wesside25 karma

Are you married? If so how does he feel about it?

[edit] spelling/grammar

Joanna_Angel64 karma

I am not married. I won't lie, being in a relationship while you are in the industry is a tough thing. Most people are not so cool with it. It's a rather depressing topic in my life! hahaha I would rather not think about it.

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Rude_Information28 karma

She's Jewish, if memory serves.

Joanna_Angel72 karma

yes! that is correct! I am most certainly Jewish. If you don't believe me, you can watch my famous Hanukkah porno video! (if you are over the age of 18) hahaha

Dookiestain_LaFlair24 karma

Do you like anal sex? Would you deny a guy anal because his penis was too lage? Do you view abnormally large schlongs as something to be feared or a challenge to be conquered?

Joanna_Angel56 karma

If I hated anal sex, I would be a miserable human being- because I definitely have a lot of it on camera- and to do something that often that I hated, would totally suck! I have never denied anyone with a penis too large, and I am not scared of them. It's not even a challenge, it's a very nice treat!

grosstyl19 karma

Has being around sex so much in your professional life diminished your sex drive in your personal life?

Joanna_Angel57 karma

no. I get more excited about sex now than I ever did. I come home from a shoot incredibly horny, and I always get excited to show off things I learn on camera, to someone special off camera.

MrBtothaB13 karma

I'm moving out to Tulsa b/c I found my soulmate, and we happen to have the same mindset on everything, including our taste in sex and kink.

  • Am I stupid, or should I finally do something for myself in life?
  • How do you view kink in the adult film industry, specifically for your company?
  • How do I talk her into 3/4/more-somes?

Joanna_Angel41 karma

I don't think you're doing anything stupid at all! It sounds very romantic. I am glad you guys found each other. doesn't really produce "kinky" porn, if you mean like , stuff with latex or hardcore BDSM or whatever. There are a few other companies who only shoot that stuff, and that is not us. Just on a personal level, I think some of the BDSM stuff gets a little out of hand- and it ceases to be sexy to me, however, it's different strokes for different folks and I know that is shot for a very particular audience.

If she is your soulmate, than it shouldn't be so hard to bring up. But you should move out there and fuck her brains out alone for a couple months first. I think if a couple is going to have other partners- they need to really be connected sexually first, or else it can get messy. So wait a few months to bring it up! And I'm sure it will be lots of fun.