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Why can't you get a licence? (other than the obvious Asian jokes)

Edit: Apparently because this causes terrible eyesight, could you not get something like laser eye surgery?

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Mining has computers, as do sanitation, custodial work, oil fields, construction, mechanical work, maintenance, carpentry etc etc. The problem is that literally all of it can, and probably does, use computers to make things more efficient to some degree.

The insane "hacking" laws in the US boggle the mind. Especially in a day and age when literally everything is connected to the internet.

I mean, you have to email in your resume to the majority of work places, you also need the internet to even find those jobs in the first place.

It's astoundingly narrow minded to prevent people from using the most powerful resource ever built to find work.

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So they only pay you once the movie makes money? If that's so you better be ready to never get paid, even if it "makes" millions.

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The better question to ask is what do we do about the highest rungs of our society being involved in human trafficking, sex slave rings etc. Every time an investigation starts, it generally starts with the low level people involved, but those investigations are regularly shut down once they get to people that play in geopolitics.

If we actually wanted to stop this kind of thing, we'd need to weed out those at the top of society that are involved first.

Since the investigations are cut short, obviously some fairly powerful people are involved. And powerful people very much do not play by the rules that normal people play by.

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Almost like it's just a bunk marketing term that doesn't mean anything at all.