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MrBtothaB20 karma

  • Was Out of Control even worth doing?
  • How much of Strange Brew did you base your voice for Bob & Doug for?
  • What are some things you would say to someone trying to break into the voice acting biz?

Lastly, I know your Red Wings bit the dust early again this year, but who do you have hoisting Lord Stanley this year?

MrBtothaB13 karma

I'm moving out to Tulsa b/c I found my soulmate, and we happen to have the same mindset on everything, including our taste in sex and kink.

  • Am I stupid, or should I finally do something for myself in life?
  • How do you view kink in the adult film industry, specifically for your company?
  • How do I talk her into 3/4/more-somes?