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This got buried, but it's a great analogy and I really think the LBRY guys need to address this concept before they'll ever gain real traction on the platform they're trying to push.

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How did you feel after knowing that not only did you grow up past the Great War, but that you actually were of age to know and experience the real effects of WWII. Did you actually join any of the women's manufacturing movements? (rosie the riveter, etc, the drive for a female workforce)

Also, I'd really like to hear your take on both the desegregation events and Suffrage movements! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, happy B-day (soon!) :D

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What was the one part of the job that took the most "getting used to" for you?

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Thank you for doing an IAMA, btw. It's a small world, but so many different ways to look at it. Your profession is full of intricacies and "mystery" to those of us outside it, it's really cool to hear answers from someone actually doing it.

Oh, and what's your favorite breakfast cereal?

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Your job was to send dick pics to this guy?!

Not judging but... wow... that's probably above and beyond the call of duty. Was it to get more evidence, or was it specifically something the client was looking for?