Joanna Angell

is an American alternative pornographic actress, director and writer of adult films. She uses her real first name of Joanna for her stage name.

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all the time. people have brought me lemons to conventions to sign.

It's pretty strange considering that was a scene from like, 6 years ago! I wish my more recent scenes could be as popular as that one (they can be found on . I should probably make a sequel to it one day.... Like I just got out of prison for stealing lemons. A "where are they now" type documentary! hahaha

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I should join the anal olympics!! =)

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you should copyright this now!!! This is revolutionary!! How did you ever think of it? hahaha

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I have had sex with a few co-workers off camera. Mostly females. Um, yeah... pornstar's are generally better in bed than others, however, sharing an intimate moment with someone you have strong feelings for is something that can not be compared to any sexual encounter I have had with anyone in the industry. But just on a physical level, I have had amazing sex with pornstars, and we are professionals, so we are pretty good at what we do. I mean, I am pretty good at doing my own laundry... but when I drop my dirty clothing off at the laundromat down the street- I don't know what the hell she does but, it's something I can't seem to do myself no matter what! She is a laundry pro. I can't compete with that! hahahaha make sense?

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the mask on my left arm! It has "so it goes" underneath it. It's a quote from a Kurt Vonnegut book. I got it when I was 19. I had just gotten a security deposit back from an apartment I lived in and used it immediately on a tattoo!

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I have been part of the punk/hardcore scene since I was 14 years old. I was a vegan punk activist chick in college- with multicolored hair and tattoos, I wasn't a blond haired, fake breasted fitness model, or a sorority girl. So when I started a porn company ( in my college years , I made it a reflection of who I was and what I thought was sexy.

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Honestly, I wanted a fun job, and I wanted to work for myself. The sex and the fame was not on my mind when I first started the company. There are certain types of scenes I wouldn't do, or produce because I am not personally comfortable with them- however I do know that all porn is consensual so I don't find any of it degrading. Off camera, I think anything that is not consensual is degrading. Feminists who protest the industry probably watched one porn clip once that they didn't like, and did no research on anything, and are just re-hashing something they heard someone else say. In a nutshell, I think they are pretty stupid.

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This is hard for me to answer, because I mostly write my own scripts for my own company. A few months ago, when I was having severe writers block I asked my friend for some help (who I happen to know is a really good writer) and now we work on scripts together, or I call him if I don't have time to write something and am on a quick deadline, and I give him a rundown of what I want. I have never bought a script from anyone- truthfully, I think you just have to become friends with a director in the industry. Or- you can do what I did, and write a porn, find some money, and just make it yourself!!

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I was nervous- and I still do get nervous before scenes, even to this day...because I want to do a good job! I'm sure it's how like, an athlete feels before they play a game, or a musician feels before they play a show... no matter how long they have been doing it. But I definitely was never shy my first time on camera, and I am not now.

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It's a reflection of who I am! And I wanted to be me!