Hello! It's Joanna Angel here. You probably recognize my name from fine films like Jews love Black Cock, or Rock and roll in my Butt-Hole. But today I am here to talk about my very first novel! A choose your own erotic fantasy called Night Shift. Just remember everyone- there is no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid people... with questions. I look forward to talking to you ;)

Proof: https://twitter.com/JoannaAngel/status/961361099818901504

You can buy my book here! www.bit.ly/nighshiftJA

thanks everyone I am going to sign off now- that was fun ;)

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KylerForYou20 karma

What is the worst fan interaction you have ever had?

Joanna_Angel107 karma

I wouldn't really call this an interaction and I wouldn't call this person a fan but someone sent a large package to my mothers house- with both my name and her name on the package (no clue how they got all the info) and it had Christian bibles and wooden crucifixes in there with a letter of how I needed to find Jesus and he will forgive me for sinning. It was so inappropriate and creepy. And like- we are Jewish. My mother's literal worst nightmare would be me finding Jesus!

ElJacinto15 karma

Maybe a weird question, but how did your family react when they found out about your career choice?

Joanna_Angel37 karma

They were not thrilled and they were pretty confused. I felt terrible for them really- they were great parents and they did everything right and I know they were questioning where they went wrong. My dad made me promise that I would finish college no matter what (I had a few classes left at that point) so I made sure to do that.

1800fullytorqued12 karma

Hey Joanna! Burning Angel was the only porn I ever paid for. It got me through a whole deployment!

How often do people tell you that you look like Sarah Silverman?

Joanna_Angel24 karma

Thank you very much! They tell me that like... literally almost every day. I wonder how often people tell her she looks like Joanna Angel? hahaha

john403039 karma

Any chances for more work with Ivy Lebelle? She's my favorite upcoming star :) I do enjoy seeing you two together through social media

Joanna_Angel12 karma

Yes of course I LOVE Ivy. She is legitimately one of my closest friends in the industry and you will certainly be seeing more of her in the future on BurningAngel.

john403036 karma

Hell Yes!!! Loved her recent POV scene you did of her for BurningAngel :)

Joanna_Angel6 karma

Great! I am glad ;) what other girls do you like! It's always good to get input!

john403031 karma

Other girls? Hmm Ivy lebelle :P lol but love to see Karma RX and Hadley Viscara

Joanna_Angel4 karma

Karma is great! I will look up Hadley!

WingsOfIndifference9 karma

What are some DO’s and DONT’s that a fan should know if they spot you in public?

Joanna_Angel27 karma

Just say hi, ask for a picture, compliment me and walk away hahaha. That is ideal! Enough attention to put a smile on my face but not too much where it's overbearing.

stalinBballin8 karma

Hi Joanna! Congrats on all of your success and hope all your future endeavors do just as well. What albums or bands have you been really enjoying lately? Excited for anything that’s releasing soon? Any genre. Thanks and have a good rest of your day!

Joanna_Angel22 karma

The new-ish bands I have been listening to lately are Ghost, Youth Code, and Prayers. I know they aren't brand new but that's new compared to me listening to The Bouncing Souls or Pantera or Slayer hahaha. I also really love Dimmu Borgir, and Behemoth. I like a mix of punk and metal!

LanceBarney6 karma

Recently saw ghost when they toured with iron maiden. I was pleasantly surprised by them.

Joanna_Angel8 karma

I was at that show! Honestly it was better when I saw them headline a show. They did way more on stage! And it was weird seeing them outside in an arena when it was still light outside- I felt like they couldn't fully do their thing.

unknowndread1 karma

Glad to hear you enjoy Dimmu .

Joanna_Angel1 karma

I am open to other suggestions of metal bands ;) Is there anyone else like them who isn't them! hahaha

unknowndread8 karma

What's your favorite thing to do when you aren't writing or filming ?

Joanna_Angel11 karma


showandtellerd8 karma

What inspired you to tackle a novel?

Joanna_Angel18 karma

I've always wanted to write a book! Really- ever since I was younger. My passion has always been writing. I was part of several different writing workshops ever since I was in like middle school. I self published a small zine of my poetry when I was in college, I went to open mic nights a lot.... and I attended the Naropa Institute one summer while I was in college just for fun. I didn't do it for the credit. Naropa is a writing school that was founded by Jack Kerouac.

Brian_Wallace6 karma

Since you're an accomplished director and own a movie studio, do you want to adapt your novel, "Night Shift" into a movie?

Joanna_Angel14 karma

I would love to adapt this novel into a movie, but I would prefer it to be like an R rated movie in a theater and not a XXX movie. I will patiently wait for that phone call from Paramount hahaha

malcontented6 karma

If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me?

Joanna_Angel8 karma

ha ha ha

Brian_Wallace4 karma

Was it tough keeping track of your character's plot lines? Did you have a flowchart?

Joanna_Angel5 karma

I did have a book map that I made! It wasn't that hard to keep track of the plot lines as all of them were vastly different from one another, so once I got in the zone of one it's like I forgot the other ones existed. But what was difficult was when I finished one "path" I would get kind of depressed abandoning that particular character and needing to go back and get in the mainframe of someone completely different. It's like I needed to eat a piece of literally ginger to cleanse my pallet and start over and engross myself into a totally different story.

VideoPunks4 karma

What's the hardest part of owning your own porn company? (No pun intended...or maybe)

Joanna_Angel13 karma

Coming up with new ideas all the time, figuring out how to stay current in a market that is always changing.... the competition, the liability, hahah really everything about running a business is incredibly difficult! The sex is by far the most fun and relaxing part of the job ;)

asulf974 karma

Hi Joanna, I'm a big fan of yours! I went to the same high school as you, and I was just wondering what did you think of your time there, and if you have seen anyone from your past there and what they think of what you do for a living? Thanks so much!

Joanna_Angel6 karma

hahahaha who are you! that is pretty funny. I actually really hated it. I didn't have a good time in high school, I felt very uncomfortable there and it never felt like home. I can't blame the school, I was just like.... not ready to be a human yet. If that makes any sense! I had a great time in college and found myself, and my friends and figured out who I was. Most people who love high school turn out to be very boring adults ;)

asulf973 karma

lol its really just a coincidence, I didn't graduate with you or anything, although I do know a teacher who did. I remember I asked her one time how it felt to know a pornstar, but she didn't have much to say about it haha

Joanna_Angel5 karma

hahahahahaha which teacher!!!

BlueStoner694 karma

What's your favorite kind of porn to make? Like which do you enjoy most

Joanna_Angel11 karma

I like when I write a goofy but intricate story line- with really hot sex. If I can laugh at my own porn I get really excited. I mean, if you can't laugh at your own jokes... then who will! As for my personal gratification in sex scenes- I really do like a challenge. I love doing DP's or double anal, I get so proud of myself at the end of those scenes. It feels like you just climbed Mt.Everest or something when they are done.

cratervanawesome3 karma

Joanna, I know who you are thanks to the Ellis show. Been an avid listener since 09. How did you originally get connected with Jason and Tully?

Joanna_Angel7 karma

Its so hilarious to think of now! But I was originally asked to be on the Jason Ellis show in uh... 2007 I think? And it was an episode that aired shortly before Jason's first wedding! I was asked to go on and basically be an on air stripper for his on air bachelor party- and I clicked well with everyone on the show and just kept coming back.

bartgus3 karma

Can you suggest a video for me to fap?

Joanna_Angel6 karma

I think my favorite movie to date has to be Jews Love Black Cock. It just won an award for "Best Sex Comedy" at the AVN awards! I did two amazing sex scenes in that movie- one with Mandingo and one with Isiah Maxwell and Abella Danger.

But if you're the type who doesn't like a movie with a plot that would be a shame to watch! Because there is a lot of plot and it is quite good. So if you want a straight to the point sex scene to "fap" to then I would suggest my double anal scene with Steve Holmes, Markus Dupree and Holly Hendrix.

Brian_Wallace3 karma

Do you have a regular writing routine? Do you need quiet or do you listen to music?

Joanna_Angel5 karma

I write really well in coffee shops. I can't concentrate at home. And I absolutely need to be incredibly caffeinated when I write. I definitely lived off of Starbucks and Coffee Bean sandwiches in the time I wrote this novel.

theWet_Bandits2 karma

What’s the cheat code for Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? I have been stuck on Bald Bull for four years.

Joanna_Angel4 karma

I have no idea. If you watched the latest Ellismania you would see that I'm a pretty terrible boxer so- you don't want my advice on this ;)

KittyMcMeow2 karma

Ah!! Huge fan!! What’s next for you, anything different from acting and writing?

Joanna_Angel4 karma

I hope to write more books! I will see what happens I am new in the publishing world and I am thrilled to be here. I am not a porn chick who wrote a book- I am a writer who has done a bunch of porn ;) But I plan to continue to keep making porn as well. Both in front of the camera and behind the camera.

Brian_Wallace2 karma

You love punk and metal. What slower music do you listen to if you want to relax?

Joanna_Angel8 karma

Slower metal songs! lol like- Edge of the World by Faith no More? Or Come Clarity by In Flames! Sometimes I like to re hash 90's Emo music, like the Promise Ring or Sunny Day Real Estate.... or one of my all time favorite throwback bands is The Get up Kids. Or or or- sometimes.... i will put on even more of a throwback than that if I am really in the mood to cry and listen to old grunge like Pavement or Dinosaur Jr.

JustinisaDick2 karma

How did you settle on the "choose your own adventure" style for your novel?

Joanna_Angel3 karma

I think I answered this earlier but it was actually the publishing company's suggestion and I am very glad they did because I loved writing in this format. It felt kind similar to writing a book of short stories (not like I have written a book of short stories before but I have written short stories haha) - which was slightly less daunting to me for a first novel.

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Wrestleboi1 karma

Any new projects we can look forward to? And who’s you’re favorite girl to work with?

Joanna_Angel3 karma

I usually walk away from every scene I do thinking "that was the best scene I ever did" I think every one I do is always better than the last one. Haha - But I would have to say in more recent times that me and Abella Danger probably have the best lesbian chemistry ;) and if I had to pick one of the best of all time it would be me and BellaDonna.

Brian_Wallace1 karma

As a fan of Margaret Atwood, what do you think of the television adaption of "The Handmaid's Tale"?

Joanna_Angel2 karma

I actually haven't watched it! Maybe I should! hahaha

soundbomb_1 karma

Any plans to do any larger scale bukkake scenes with your company?

Joanna_Angel7 karma

Not really! I don't think I could be in a room full of penises and NOT fuck them all. It just feels like such a waste. For that reason the bukkake was never really my passion in life!!

benjamin12541 karma

Can I ask for more proof then just a link to a Twitter account? Just saying that it doesn't say much and that it may not be you. You could be a bot for all we know.

Joanna_Angel12 karma

hello I am not a bot this is joanna angel - I am inexperienced with Reddit though let me know what kind of proof you need. And I will do it! I did just post on my instagram story that I was going live-

i just posted a video on my twitter - -


AlbertFischerIII1 karma

If porn movies had blooper reels, what would they show?

Joanna_Angel3 karma

These days? I don't know- a lot of people just on their cell phones.

benjamin12541 karma

What convinced you to get into porn and what convinced you to write? Also, thanks for the quick reply.

Joanna_Angel6 karma

When I "got into porn" it truly didn't feel like I was getting into porn- it felt like I was starting a business... and I got so caught up in all the intricacies of getting this idea off the ground that I forgot that it was something taboo to the public. When everyone around me was confused and even offended just after the launch of my website- I was taken aback. I was like- shouldn't you all be proud of me? I just did something! It's so hard to explain it was such a different time back then.

Anyways- once I already pissed off and shocked all of my friends and all of my family I was like well... I need to dive right into this. There is no going back! I need to make this amazing or I need to move away and take this down and never speak of this again.

And I have had a passion for writing really- my whole life. It always just came very naturally to me.

benjamin12541 karma

I'm glad you took both routes. Something scary at first and then rolled off into something even more fun and natural that just comes to you. I wish you all the more success. Congrats on the book! Bravo!

Joanna_Angel2 karma

Thank you I am so excited about it

conerap011 karma

Hi Joanna I have a few questions.... Regarding to your book..What inspired you in taking time to write a novel? (Congrats on that). Regarding to your porn career, Why there're no more BTS videos?,Where could I watch a photoset/magazine detailing your tattoos? (big fan of them lol)

Joanna_Angel3 karma

I am glad you liked the BTS videos! I liked them too. Really it just came down to budgetary reasons- the person who was dedicated to shooting and editing them I could no longer afford to have around. I do miss it! Maybe one day we can have it back.

DAN9911991 karma

Anyone in your immediate family ever compliment you on a performance?

Joanna_Angel11 karma

If you are talking about my actual fucking in my movies than no. The don't watch them. But they have mentioned that they are proud of my accomplishments! And they are certainly proud that I just wrote a book.

Brian_Wallace1 karma

Congratulations on being a published author, Joanna. Were you a fan of "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" books when you started reading?

Joanna_Angel4 karma

In all honesty I hadn't thought about "Choose your Own Adventure" books since I was a kid! My publishing company (Cleiss) made the suggestion to do that style of erotica and I was instantly inspired. After they talked to me about it I read Neil Patrick Harris' biography and I loved the way that he did his memoir as choose-your-own-adventure. So it got the wheels spinning for how to do my novel.

Brian_Wallace1 karma

Do you prefer writing short stories? Or longer pieces?

Joanna_Angel3 karma

I truly loved writing this novel- I got to really explore the characters and I felt like I went on my own adventure with these fascinating people. It's definitely something I want to do again!

sock20141 karma

Do you have any plans to use "deep fake" technology in a consensual way? Perhaps for genderfluid scenes or a clone orgy or...???

Joanna_Angel3 karma

I think theres enough I can do with real humans and I don't see the need for that. But perhaps I should have a clone on standby for those times when someone flakes at the last minute!!

Brian_Wallace0 karma

You're from New Jersey. Did you ever go to Adventure Park?

Joanna_Angel2 karma

I did not!

fartfacepooper-1 karma

Do you still talk to James Deen?

Joanna_Angel13 karma

That is an actor who died in the 50's ;) unfortunately I never met him!

Masseuse216-6 karma

Do you do private dates?

Joanna_Angel9 karma

no i do not.

GeneralInk-11 karma

But if, hypothetically speaking, you would, how much would you charge?

Joanna_Angel14 karma

I do not do them so I do not have a price