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As far as I am aware, the "safest" the world has ever been was at 17 minutes to midnight.

How do you expect to be taken seriously when your organization has claimed that the world is on the brink of destruction for over 70 years?

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With three cities in the nation’s top 10 for homeless populations (LA, San Diego, & San Francisco), what is the state of CA and the city of LA doing to assist these people in such a way that they could lead normal lives again?

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What if I’m young, healthy, and don’t want to pay for health insurance?

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“I used to be in a cult” is apparently too casual for r/iama

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Yep, they moved the clock away from midnight- 17 minutes from midnight. I think the end of the Cold War should warrant a couple hours.

And on that note, it’s currently closer than it ever has been. Is the world really closer to global destruction than it was at the height of the Cold War? Of course not.